30 September 2008


I learned a few years ago from Lori and Julia that you don't call handbags "purses". I was a hick and didn't realize that they aren't purses anymore...they are handbags.

Handbag Planet is launching their website on October 15 and they are giving away a free handbag.

Now I'm not a big one for super dressing up, but sometimes a girl just needs to have something ready to go in case that LBD actually shows up in the closet and the Handsome Man finally asks her out and she needs to look hot. That girl is me. I need that.

So I'm posting about Handbag Planet's launch. Check it out for yourself and enter to win!

$5 Day 30

Last day. no one commented on yesterdays so I'm going to just go with $2 for the soda since I didn't actually eat the rest.

Today I had Kung Pao chicken which wasn't on sale this week so it was $3.

So for the grand totals: I spent $46.25 on lunch this month (thank God for free meals) and so I have $103.75 to donate.

once I find my checkbook I'll be mailing a check in to... wait for it...

Well I'm not positive. I have one place I want to send it and another I want to as well. But I need to do some checking. So standby...

29 September 2008

Dominating the airwaves

The other night I was on the phone with a friend and flipping channels while we chatted, as I usually do just in case our conversation hits a lull then I can talk about whatever I'm watching. My friend was watching Tru TV. I landed on PBS.

Luckily this was a good move. My friend G-man started a jazz ensemble which totally kicks ass. Dominant 7 (get it? ... well, music people would) is incredible and they had a concert televised on PBS. It was so awesome.

G-man was married to my friend N - actually I became friends with N because of G-man. He was teaching at my university my senior year, met me and said I needed to meet his wife. Actually, I believe we met when he came up to me and said, "You cut your hair. Why did you do that?" (I had taken off an inch - but it was pretty funny).

Anyway, G-man, N and I became good friends. They had newborn twin boys so I'd go over and help her with them. I totally fell in love with those boys. They were (are) adorable.

Well, the other night with this concert, G-man had the boys come up and play with the band. I'm not sure how many pre-teens can say they've played with a jazz ensemble, but they kicked butt. One was on drums, the other on trumpet and truly they played better than some music majors I went to school with.

It was fun to see them. And they really do kick ass. If you like jazz and/or trumpets, check out their CD. That would be the band's CD, not the boys. Theirs is in the works, I'm sure.

Venturing into unfamiliar territory

I made apple pie tonight.

As you know, I'm an expert at apple pie so this really isn't unfamiliar territory. In fact, it was quite delicious. I'm so damn good. I can't believe that three years ago I made my first pie and had no idea what I was really doing. Now, I have it down to a science, kind of like my chocolate chip cookies. I really don't even need a recipe anymore. I just know how to put it all together.

Well, I need a new challenge. So today I bought two pie pumpkins at the grocery store. I'm visiting a friend in a few weeks who hates apple pie. In fact he hates fruit pie in general, except for pumpkin (of which I reminded him it's a fruit too, but he said it's different).

So I need to learn how to make pumpkin pie. I don't do well with the can fruit (except for cherries...at least for right now). I want to make a true pumpkin pie so I've been scouring the internet for recipes and I think I've found The One.

Tomorrow night after supper with Mom I'm going to try this. I really need to try it before this weekend so I can have my taste-testers at work tell me how it is. Don't get me wrong, I do try my own baking, but it does help to have outside opinions. I did that originally with my apple and Aaron was so sweet in telling me the crust needed work. I have that figured out now too.

So wish me luck, and hopefully tomorrow night's pumpkin project won't be a total bust.

$5 Day 29

So I'm not sure what to do with today's. I picked up Taco Bell which was $5, but I was running one more errand which took much longer than I had planned. So by the time I got home and could eat the two soft-shelled taco's I had purchased they were soggy and falling apart. So I didn't eat them. I did drink the pop so that's $2, but I didn't actually eat.

So do I claim the whole $5 or just $2?

28 September 2008

But it is fall...

In another one of my great procrastination methods I got back into my knitting tonight. I have two separate baby blankets started and I really want to get them done, but in typing that I just realized I have two more PIF projects to start and finish before November. So I'm going to have to put these aside and start those tomorrow instead.

I shouldn't be knitting. I should be cleaning my house. For one, it's a mess. For two, I'm going to be pretty swamped until about the middle of October with a couple trips in the middle of that time frame. I hate coming home from a trip to a messy house so i really should be cleaning it up now. At least I still have tomorrow off so I can do a bunch then (even though I have a whole list of things I have to complete tomorrow already).

But today was good. I went to church and my "adopted*" parents, J&W, came and sat by me. That was fun, even though I really do like to worship alone most of the time. Big O was gone so Lon asked if I'd help serve communion. That was fun too since I haven't done that in a couple years. It's kind of energizing (that's not the right word but I can't think of it) to present the Body of Christ to someone. There were a few who wouldn't even look at me, a few who just took it like it was a chore or habit, and one guy who really stood out. He looked a little down on his luck (assuming here based on appearances which I totally should not be doing) and when I handed him the wafer and declared to him that it was the Body of Christ, given for HIM, he seemed to be very moved and touched. That meant a lot to me.

Communion has always been important to me. It's not just something that I have to do, because I don't, but it's such an amazing gift - one I just get to receive. No questions asked...it's just there for me (and you!). It's very powerful and moving.

Anyway, I came home and vegged and napped. A friend of mine and I talked til 12:30 last night and I was awake at 6:30 so I needed a little extra sleep. Then my sister and I got together for a movie and dinner.

This was fun. I rarely get to spend time with my sister - just the two of us. Usually mom's along or my niece. Not that that's bad, but it's nice to be able to just hang out with L. She and I didn't always get along, especially since she's 12 years older than I am and for the longest time I was a burden. She had to watch me when mom and dad went out (before she left for college), she had to walk me to school. I was the annoying little sister who tagged along and drove her nuts. For the longest time we didn't have anything in common.

That's changed in recent years and it's been really great to be able to have an adult relationship - where she and I can talk about anything and trust one another. She's currently holding one of my secrets and it's been really nice to be able to just share it with her.

Lalala...we went to see Burn After Reading, which wasn't quite what I expected but I did enjoy it. I don't think it's one I'll buy to watch again as I usually do, but I did find it quite pleasant. The chair was very interesting. :) Then we went out to eat at Granite City which is one of my favorite places.

All in all, a very nice Sunday. Though I should have gone running. Tomorrow it's a MUST!

*Adopted parents are not literally adopted. I often "adopted" my friends parents as my own, calling them mom and dad. J&W are parents from a high school friend. Kind of like Connie and Dan are my "parents" as parents of Tre.

$5 Day 28

I had a grilled cheese today for lunch so I'm going to go with $1.50 which seems a little high but should be close.

Not what I expected

Keith and I were talking a week ago about my calorie intake. I've been sending him my daily eats so he can see how and what I'm eating to determine if what I'm eating is helping or hindering me with my exercise program.

He had said that he didn't think I was taking in enough calories. I averaged maybe 1200-1300 calories most days. He thought that was too low.

What's interesting is he's probably right (well, knowing him...I'm sure he just IS right, not probably). Years ago I had met with one of my other trainers, Derek, who had said the same thing. He wanted me to eat more.

I'm always scared about eating a lot during the day. My grandmother was overweight and I've always had a problem with keeping weight off. There's the constant fear that if I take on more calories, that will me more weight.

I can't weigh any more than I already do. I have a requirement for my job. I'd have stricter requirements for a future position at my job I'm looking into. And I just don't want to be that way for me. I need to be healthy. I don't want to be overweight. Where I am right now is overweight and I refuse to go any higher.

So with all that said, Keith scared the shit out of me when he said I needed to take on more calories. He wasn't sure how many more and is working out a plan for me (in fact, it's complete but I can't open it on my computer).

So for kicks today I checked out this website and entered in my appropriate info. For my height, age, weight...I have to take in 2169 calories to maintain or reach my optimal weight.

Holy crap! 2169 calories! Even if you take off 500 calories, which is supposed to be the limit you remove from your needed intake when you're dieting, that's still 1669. DAILY. And I'm sure I'd need a little more since I'm running more frequently, and will continue to run through the winter and upcoming months.

Man, that just seems insane. The 2169 for sure, but even the 1669. I can't wait to see what Keith comes up for me. Should be interesting.

27 September 2008

Here's the thing...

"You have a freak flag. You just don't fly it." **

I should be running right now

But I'm not.

Instead I'm sitting on my couch, trying to wake up and get motivated. But I have been on my feet since 7 this morning (brief sit downs for lunch and briefings). I'm so very tired and yet I really need to run.

Maybe some food will help first.

$5 Day 27

Free lunch today. A bunch of local military folks returned this week and so I was helping with their in-processing - 10 hours worth. Joy. But TM bought pizza for the crew so free lunch today! YAY!

26 September 2008

Musings from an 8-yr-old

Well, to tell this story I have to start with the 10-yr-old. My nephew Zach is having his First Communion this weekend. This is a big thing in our denomination and tomorrow he has a 6 hour class to prep for it.

This week my sister bought him a new Bible cover - it's pretty cool...looks like a football with NFL on the front (New Found Life). He loves this and has been intrigued to read the Bible now...even in the middle of beauty salons while he waits for his sister to get her hair cut.

It's pretty cool, though my sister thinks it's a little humorous. He's reading Genesis and said to her the other night, "Did you know there was a kid named Er?" He kills me. So, being the OT major that I am, I directed him to one of my favorite passages (which is best read in the New Living Translation, because it's just more fun):

2 Kings 2:23-25
23 Elisha left Jericho and went up to Bethel. As he was walking along the road, a group of boys from the town began mocking and making fun of him. “Go away, baldy!” they chanted. “Go away, baldy!” 24 Elisha turned around and looked at them, and he cursed them in the name of the Lord. Then two bears came out of the woods and mauled forty-two of them. 25 From there Elisha went to Mount Carmel and finally returned to Samaria.

Zach was a little shocked that these kids got mauled by bears, but as I told my sister, this is a good lesson in not making fun of people because you never know when you'll get angry mama bears (NRSV) sicced on you.

But this is not the story I was going to tell. So Zach has First Communion this weekend and the other night he asks his parents what's in the little cups. My sister says that it's wine. "Really? It's wine?" he asked. My sister confirmed and my niece Emmy says, "Duh, Zach." She's so smart. :)

Quickly my sister notices that he's a little perplexed. She asks him if there's something wrong, he says yes. So she says, "What's wrong?"

Zach said, "Well, I'm not supposed to drink until I'm 21."

Emmy says, "Gee, Zach, it's just a little swig."

That's my girl! And now my sister knows which child will be giving her gray hairs early. Too bad my bro-in-law is almost bald already. He doesn't have much left to lose.

$5 Day 26

$2 today. I had leftover noodles, chicken and veggies - a very small amount which totally did not fill me up or keep me energized for the rest of the afternoon. So I was dragging all day. Still am, in fact. But now I have to do laundry.

25 September 2008

Time to purge

It's Discardia time again.

This is a very good thing, especially for people like me who seem to collect more papers and things than they should.

One of my great collector's items seems to be Email messages. This is so not a good thing. I have hundred's in my inbox at work. I'm never quite sure what to delete, or I get distracted by other tasks and don't get them deleted and soon more emails pile up on top of those I could delete and I don't see them anymore.

Until today. I finished one project I had to complete today and then I started deleting. I spent most of the day going through my inbox and ended up deleting 1,655 unneeded messages.

Yes, I wrote 1,655. This is just the first go through, though. I'm hoping to go through them tomorrow or next week and clean up a few more. Then, I have to start on my sent items and all my other folders.

This wouldn't be such a big deal, but our email server is going through a big change in a month or so where our email size limits will be diminished in a big way. My boss and I are a little nervous about this. He keeps almost everything too - having over 3,000 in his inbox himself.

At least it's Discardia and I'm taking full advantage of it right now. The next Discardia doesn't come along again until December. uffda. Hopefully I can keep this momentum going this weekend and I can clean up my apartment. Again.

$5 Day 25

Free lunch today too...well kind of. Jon and I took Chad out for lunch since it was his last day. My intention was that Jon and I would split the bill but Jon insisted on paying with the stipulation that he and I go out for lunch another time. So it's kind of free but I'll be paying for it later. Well...I'm still going for freebie today so that's a full $5 in the pot for donation for today! YAY!

24 September 2008

Do you need some pot?

Bethany paints some incredible pottery...and I love her work. I've purchased two of her pieces and I'm so envious of her talent. (Yes, just call me Ms. Green.)

Anyway, Bethany is helping Jill reach her fundraising goals for an upcoming marathon. This is so cool...for one, I love the pottery and two, I love other marathoner's.

So you can also donate to try to win one of Bethany's cool pieces. Just go here and donate!

Good luck!

No remorse

I left work early today.

*gasp!* I know... I totally left at 5 instead of 5:30. Craziness! But it was great. I wanted to leave at 3:30 but suddenly work got in the way so I didn't get out until 5.

So I came home, changed clothes and prepped to run. I didn't get to run at noon since we had a lunch meeting and my whole day was meeting after meeting after meeting. I'm surprised I even sat at my desk for an hour.

The run was great, I will say. This was better than I think I've ever done...honestly! I ran 6.5 miles. For the first 6 I walked only once for one minute.

Wow...this is amazing for me. I'm usually walking a lot more. Truly Keith is a genius with the gait he taught me to use. It's totally helpful.

So my recap:
Mile 1: 11:26:68
Mile 2: 11:57:75
Mile 3: 11:48:72
Mile 4: 12:16:91 (I walked the first minute of this.)
Mile 5: 11:48:44
Mile 6: 11:59:87

Then I walked a minute, ran up two huge hills (which took a minute), walked another minute, then ran 3:30 to my house. So that was about 6:30 for my last half mile.

Totally awesome feeling when I was done. Mentally, not physically. My ankles and knees are sore, but that's nothing a little Ibuprofen and a Guinness can't fix.

Mentally, I'm totally stoked. I had no desire...well, no need to stop to walk. Even walking at mile 4 during my turn around almost wasn't worth it because my legs tightened up right as I started to walk. Once I got running again my muscles loosened up again and things were great.

My breathing was good, too. I never really felt out of breath like I have in the past. Of course, I'm not talking to anyone, nor am I singing, while I'm running. My breathing is really steady and controlled while I'm focusing on my arm position and my quads and shuffling.

What can I say? I'm a happy camper right now. And I'll be happier in a moment when I break into my Guinness.

$5 Day 24

Despite the lunch meeting I had where I was supposed to RSVP to a $7 lunch, I brought my own and only paid $2.50. :) That's $2.50 more to my future donation. YAY!

23 September 2008


Here's something I was going to write about.

Last week I was talking with a co-worker who recently got engaged. She's trying to find a photographer and I gave a her a few ideas of local people and then told her if she really wanted to get the best she should hire Anna. I love Anna's work but I have no idea her pricing or where she's based out of. All I know is that if/when I get married I'm totally hiring Anna to take all my engagement/wedding/reception photos.

But (see tangent!) my CW asked me what my relationship status is currently. I hemmed and hawed and said I don't like to talk about it at work. It's not that I don't like her or don't want to share, but I just don't want to share. It's not that whatever my status is isn't important to me that I feel the need to hide it, it's the inevitable questions that follow and follow and continue to follow until you just want to smack people.

Because it's not questions from people I really care about or want to know all the intimate details of my life...it's questions from people I basically only know at work. So you get the question from Susie-May-down-the-hall, "So how long have you two been together? When are you going to get married? Has he met your family yet?" Blah blah blah...none of your business people!

But it's not just relationship. This happens to me with everything! I let slip to Deaner a few weeks back that I was training for the marathon - or attempting to train at the very least since I'm still extremely concerned for this event coming up in less than 2 weeks - and somehow the woman across the hall from him found out (they run together on occasion so I'm sure he told her).

Well, she asked me a few questions initially and I gave her a few answers hoping that'd suffice. But no. She came up to me today again, "So how's your running going? How many miles are you up to now?"

GUH. I don't want to go into my training procedures with her. It's my issue, not hers. (Only my trainer knows for sure!) So I just said, "Not as well as I'd like. Not as far as I should be. I don't even want to talk about it."

Which of course then triggered the, "Well your marathon isn't for awhile yet, so you have time to get your miles in."

Uh, no... it's in 11 days. "Well, it's coming up faster than I'd like considering my poor training this year but I'm going to run what I can and if I don't finish, then there's always another race." This is my mantra right now - or at least my saving grace because I really do want to finish.

What I hate about this is that I didn't want to give up this thought process my head is going through...especially not to Susie-May-down-the-hall. This isn't something I'm doing to try to impress other people or to make them feel sorry for me if I don't do as well as I want. This is MY goal. This is for ME and only ME. And having the feeling like I have to share what is mine is so unpleasant. It just left me feeling icky the rest of the day (luckily there wasn't much left).

I don't know. Some say you should share your goal because by telling others you have more people holding you accountable to your training and to completing your goal. It doesn't work that way for me. I have to tell as few as possible - the few I trust to tell me that I'm an idiot or I'm doing great or I should quit or I can make it. Those are the people I tell (and you, oh fabulous Internet - all 5 of my readers plus one stalker).

And those are the people I will tell how I finish. Sadly, I fear I'll get many questions when I return to work after the marathon. I'm not sure what I'm going to say. I guess it'll depend on how I do. :) Here's hoping for a great finish so I don't have to hide my head in shame.

Critical Thinking

I thought I was finished. I had worked so hard...well I worked and completed my CBTs so I could be signed off on all my training and call it good.

Then, my trainer asks me about my RM3 training and my Critical Thinking CBT. Well, no, I haven't even started those because they are next on my list after all of these other required CBTs.

Well, sadly, my trainer wouldn't sign off on my training today...not until I complete RM3 and Critical Thinking. *sigh* So I pushed through the RM3 training during lunch (it's always fun to eat at your desk) and I'm now taking a break from the CT training.

This latest training got me thinking though...haha, get it? Oh, wait...now I can't remember what I was thinking that triggered me to write here.

OH! Creativity. That's the topic at hand. I'm not the most creative person in the world in the traditional sense of creativity (i.e. music, art, etc.) but I have my moments in that field. But creativity can come in other forms too - finding a new route to work when construction suddenly springs up overnight (as it often does in this area of the world), or discovering a new way to exercise (or even just implementing a new way of doing this), or even just figuring out how you're going to get everything completed in a day.

This still isn't quite what I was going to write about but I seem to get distracted easily these days. It might be the remnants of the jelly donut I had this morning for breakfast (can we just say, sugar shock? Holy crap, I was fidgeting the entire morning and couldn't sit still...scary).

Wow, I'm really on a tangent today. I was going to write a big paragraph here about how crazy it is the course has all these big, fancy words for the basic principles of critical thinking: talk out ideas, think about options, choose the best one. Why does everything have to be so difficult?

Okay, I'm not making any sense anymore. I need sleep. And probably a Guinness but not tonight. I'm saving that for tomorrow after I get a long run in. :) yay ;)

$5 Day 23

Kung Pao Chicken today, $2.50, with a yogurt...so $3.25, I think. :) Woohoo!

22 September 2008

What's your favorite treat?

Keith and I went out for lunch today at Starbucks. I just had a sandwich because, despite the fact that I had only had 2 cookies for breakfast and was starving, I knew if I ate too much at one sitting I'd get a gut ache for the rest of the afternoon. But Keith was trying to get me to eat more - yogurt or dessert or something.

I got to thinking about the desserts Starbucks was offering which just looked heavy. You know what I mean, heavy? Like they've been processed and baked and processed some more until they look like they could be paperweights.

My favorite dessert most of the year is ice cream - vanilla (I'm so boring). But I love vanilla ice cream...it's just too yummy. (Of course my absolute favorite is Baskin Robbins Daiquiri Ice, but BR closed down here years ago.)

But when I'm not in an ice cream mood my next favorite is Angel Food Cake. Yummmmmm. So I decided to bake one tonight.

And I've eaten half of it.

While drinking a Guinness.

Isn't life grand?

$5 Day 22

The masses have spoken (no, my three readers, I'm not calling you massive).
I will continue my $5 lunch donation plan here for the rest of the month, and I've decided who I'm going to donate to once the month has finish, but I'm not going to tell until later. ;)

So today is a freebie day for me because, as is becoming a precedent, Keith bought lunch today after our workout/massage. We went to Starbucks, which our chai was quite lovely - I'm thinking it was the protein kick we added.

Anyway, I learned something interesting today that I'm not eating enough calories. This is curious because in one way I'm not surprised, but in another way I'm a little scared of upping what I eat. There's always the fear of becoming huge and I can't do that. I guess we'll see what he comes up with for how many calories I should be eating instead of what I am. :)

Exciting, no? hahaha

21 September 2008

$5 Day 21

Okay, so I had toast with PB but I wasn't full, so I also had a SB Chicken Cesear wrap meal (which comes with jell-o!). So total today was $3.25.

Now, technically today is supposed to end the 21 day challenge. And my total is $73 to donate to a worthy cause...which I'll have to think of what that will be. But I'm also thinking I should keep this up through the rest of the month, just to make it worthwhile (not that $73 isn't worthwhile).

So dear readers, all 5 of you plus one stalker, what do you think? Should I keep going or donate now?

20 September 2008

$5 Day 20

Leftover Wolfgang Puck pizza...$2.50

Things going through my head during my 8 mile run this morning

- 3 minute quarters. 3 minute quarters.
- Wow, these shorts are really chafing this year.
- I wonder if they make Vaseline in little packets like ketchup where I could take them with me to reapply during the marathon.
- That bike is cool. Maybe I should get a bike?
- 6 minute half's. 6 minute half's.
- 3 miles down...good job!
- Hills are fun...to go down, but what a bitch to go up.
- I should have worn my fuel belt.
- Maybe I should have Debbie bring me grapes at our first meeting point. That might be good. And orange slices at the second meeting...that would be good too.
- I hope it's cooler that morning. But it's good I went out now when it's warm just to be used to it in case.
- Com'on, Moe. 6 minute half's...you can do it!
- Thanks, lady! (That's to the sweet lady who told me I was doing a good job at mile 4. How nice!)
- The south side of town is really pretty. How did I forget that?
- I smell. Wow. I need to find a new technical shirt. This t-shirt isn't cutting it.
- Get big bandaids, Moe. Your boobs deserve it.
- I hope I'm sweating off oodles of weight because I'm feeling quite heavy right now.
- Navy Seal cadences are great but they suck at the same time.
- I need to trim my toenails.
- I really should have worn my fuel belt. I could use a little Accelerade right now.
- Wow, I really may need to consider Boss1's suggestion of taking up biking instead. Those people biking look like they are actually having fun.
- Which makes me miss JB when we'd ask every EMT guy last year if we could have his bike while we ran the marathon. They always said no. I don't understand why.
- Or maybe I just need to find someone to bike along side me while I run. That would be good. Dolly used to do that for me and it was quite helpful.
- 2 miles to go. It's sucking right now but you can do it. This is a Short run.
- I really need to tie my shoes looser.
- I wonder if I should get new, lighter shoes or would that mess up my stride?
- I really run slow. And my shadow looks funny - like I'm a penguin or something. Waddle, waddle, waddle...God, I hope I don't actually look like that.
- I'm never going to meet a guy this way.
- Okay, one more mile! You're almost there.
- ooo! There's a hill! Going dooooowwwnnnn!
- Oh, crap. Going up sucks, but I will say running up the hill is much better than walking up. It takes forever to get to the top if you walk it.
- I see home! YAY!
- Okay...your time isn't great but you're getting there.
- SHOWER TIME! I totally deserve it.

Mile 1:
Mile 2: 12:02
Mile 3: 12:45 (walked for a bit)
Mile 4: 13:06 (walked a bit more, and water break)
2 minute break
Mile 4 1/2: 7:13 (walked, following a kid with a remote control helicopter which was going everywhere...I didn't want to get hit so I waited for a break when he had it off to the right and I still almost got hit by it. Also took a brief water break.)
Mile 5: 6:56 (walked again...trying to remotivate myself here)
Mile 6: 12:49 (not great, but not bad - minor walking and observing of the tall skinny guy running)
Mile 7: 15:57 (was doing okay but got stopped by a lady who wanted to see my t-shirt, thinking she had the same one on. we used to go to the same gym, not that I knew her but there was a moment where she thought she knew me...totally jacked up my game and mindset, not to mention my time. And then later almost got hit by bikers who went to my left but so close to my left that if I had jerked every so slightly I would have hit them.)
3 minute break - threw away garbage from the trail and water break
Mile 8: 11:40 (it always helps when home is in sight...maybe I should set up a hat with a picture of my bed hanging from it so I have something to run to...kind of like when farmers would hold an apple in front of a donkey to get it to go...yeah, that's an idea)

Total for 8 miles: 109 minutes which is an 13:45 mile or so, which is doable and finishable for the marathon but if I could go a bit faster and more steadily I'd be better off. Of course my 2 minute break at mile 4 where I stood around instead of moving forward would benefit me better in the mile by moving forward. And that 3 minute break towards the end won't be a factor either. I'm pretty sure I won't have remote controlled helicopters or crazy women or have to worry about garbage on the trail to distract me. I do hope I'll have more of the nice lady cheering me on, and I know I will because Debbie is going to be there and so will SJ. YAY!

Now I just need to get and keep myself in the mind game.

19 September 2008

This is why ESPN should show Indians games...

...or I just need to move to Cleveland.

This must have been a hell of a game.

And they still won.

Funny of the day

Again reminding myself that this month is supposed to be the month of "Ha!" for NaBloPoMo, which I seem to keep forgetting since it's end of fiscal year and everything is going crazy at work, here's my funny for the day.

I've been catching up on TV since I've been missing things lately. So I watched Bones from last week tonight. Bones is having a strictly sexual relationship with a guy Mark who is a deep sea welder. Of course Booth is a wee bit jealous, not that he'd admit it, and is asking all these questions and Bones is trying to explain and justify her relationship. She's also trying to prove just how cool Mark is (as most girls do when they are trying to convince themselves that the guy they are with is good for them).

Bones: "He can hold his breath for three minutes down there."

Booth, smiling suggestively, "Underwater?"

Bones: "Of course." Then gives Booth a "look" since he's still being all suggestive and she's just picked up on the joke.

Too funny.

This is going to be a rough TV season since a lot of my favorite shows overlap and I'll have to decide which to tape and which to watch. (Yes, tape. TiVo wouldn't work on my 1993 television set...I don't think it has enough connectors, and if I tried I fear it would fry my set something fierce). Luckily Tuesdays are looking pretty quiet so at least I can catch up on Monday shows on Tuesday and the rest of the week on Friday's or Saturday's.

Oh, my life is sad. Of course if I could find a guy who could hold his breath for three minutes at a time I probably wouldn't have this problem. haha!

$5 Day 19

I didn't eat lunch until 2 o'clock again. Sheesh. $2.50 for my Kung Pao Chicken South Beach meal. YUM!

18 September 2008

Catching up

The last few nights I've been catching up on my shows I've been missing the past few weeks: Bones and Prison Break. Man, these two shoes are insanely amazing. I can't even talk about it. Other than, Michael and Sara are so amazing together...where can I find my Michael? *sigh*

$5 Day 18

I'm getting a little to used to this whole "people taking me out to lunch" thing. EB took me out today and we went to Subway. I was really trying hard to not eat fast food this month, but would you turn down a free meal - and on free cookie Thursday? I think not.

So $0 today. I'm going to be able to donate a lot this month. WOOHOO!

17 September 2008

Running on empty

In light of my earlier post, one good thing came of it.

I had a good run today.

I haven't run in a week, so I'm falling way behind on that. But when I went out today, once I had warmed up, I was on a pretty good, steady pace. Well...not that great (3 minute quarters) but for a marathon, if I can keep that pace continuous, I should finish around 5:30, which would be perfect. It's all mental anyway, right?

Plus, I got to run off some steam. It helped, though it didn't really rejuvenate me as I had hoped. I haven't really been motivated this week. I think the lack of stress levels is problematic. Not to mention my mental state today was NOT good.

Hopefully a good night's sleep will help.

$5 Day 17

I didn't really eat lunch again today. I ran at noon and had some Endurox afterward to help my muscles to regenerate but that wasn't really a lunch. But it kind of messed up my tummy so I had some veggies around 3. Does that count?

Desperate need...

I'm in desperate need of a mental health day today (or at least a hug from an adorable 5-mth-old - Nika! Where are you?). I'm struggling with mother issues...again...along with guilt and obligation, all of which are weighing heavily upon me today.

So last night Mom and I went to Chicago. Mom was wise in that she scheduled this time with me months ago (mostly because we needed to buy tickets). It was a good show and I was pleased. It was nice to spend time with her, that is until she threw down the guilt trip gauntlet.

See, Mom dances. She dances a lot - like polka and square primarily. She has added to her repertoire a small group thing that meets on Tuesdays, I think, and they do some tap? or something to some different songs. Anyway, she talks about it but it's just in an offhanded kind of way.

Last night we're getting ready to go and she says, "If you're not doing anything Thursday night you can come to the Center and watch me dance." Okay, first...the whole "center" thing drives me nuts. It's like when she says she's dancing at the VFW on Friday night only she calls it just the "VF", as in, "I'll have to see who's playing at the VF because if they aren't a good band, I'm not going." Um... so they are just veterans who are foreign - i.e. foreign veterans? Nothing to do with being in wars? Really? Plus the "center" just sounds like she's going to some sort of old folks home or something (not that there's anything wrong with that).

Anyway...my second issue with this is that this is the first I've heard about it. My sister said something about mom inviting her and Em up but I thought that was last Thursday and on a drill week like last week I'm pretty much non-existent for outside activities. So the surprise was on me when it's this Thursday.

This wouldn't be a big deal but I actually have plans...which yes I could cancel, but I rarely go out and this is one of those things I'm trying to work on in my life. This is where I'm struggling, because when I said to Mom, "It's my Bunco night with the girls," she said, "Well I guess none of my children will see me dance then, because Emily has piano lessons and Kevin can't come down."

Suck...I hate this. I hate feeling guilted into being there. She swears she told me but I know she hadn't. It'd be one thing if she had told me about this last week so I could have put it on my calendar, and if she had said, "I'd really like it if you could be there," (that whole - asking and expressing what she wants would be nice) but this whole around about kind of asking and then the guilt that no one's going to be there, drives me nuts. And what pisses me off is I know I'll probably skip my thing tomorrow night to go because I feel obligated as her child to be there (especially since I know the other children can't/won't) but I'll be annoyed the whole time I'm there that I won't even enjoy it.

I know I should be doing these things because someday mom won't be around. But right now I'm feeling a lot of pressure that I probably don't need to feel or should feel but I do because I'm the one "in town". I'm the single one with no obligations and yet when I have obligations I feel guilty for having them. Maybe this is why I go back to the cities so often - so I can get away and out of town and not feel guilty, because let's face it - if I'm not here I can't be held responsible for not attending something. But maybe this is also why I don't make plans in town with people or date, for that matter, because if I do start to have a life suddenly things will be conflicting with other things and I'll be on the guilt thing again.

But that's beside the point, because I am here - in town - and I do feel guilty. And I know I'll go because that's just who I am. Luckily Bunco is a practice night, but it still sucks. I hate this feeling.

16 September 2008

A lot of thoughts today

So I spent a lot of time thinking today. It's been a really weird day.

First this morning:
Okay, so I'm writing this at 7:48 am today. I'll have to post this later because I don't get the real internet at work.

Anyway...I just have to vent because, according to weather.com, it's a balmy 46 degrees outside right now. Yeah, a bit nippy for a Tuesday morning. I was chilly on the way to work with my window down getting the fresh air. It's a nice fresh air, brisk and clean...a great way to wake up.

But just a moment ago, the Air Conditioner in my building kicked on.

Yes, I said Air Conditioner. Hello! It's 46 degrees out! We don't need the AC going. And I really don't need it because the vent shoots right down on me so I'll be freezing the rest of the morning. And I'm usually cold anyway because I don't have the best circulation in my body. This is not good. And people wonder why I wear long sleeves all year long...sheesh.

Then later this afternoon:
I'm trying to be very poignant this month about my shopping and spending habits - only buying what I really need or can really use, not gifts for everyone else that I can't afford right now. So I'm sticking with gas, food, and necessities (for the most part - I've had 2 extra purchases so far: a skirt and new water bottles which are awesome). So far I'm doing pretty well. I did buy my plane tickets so that raised my CC balance but I'm paying that part off this week so I can keep a better count of what I buy this month. I had a doctor's appointment and I'll have some drugs to buy toward the end, but overall it should be pretty low.

I desperately need this because my CC bills have been getting pretty high. I'm working on it though. Less buying, more giving! That's a good goal. I will say it's been helping my eating because I haven't eaten fast food since September 2 when Mom and I went to Arby's. Otherwise I've been eating at home or the one time with Keith to D'Amico's. That's a big change for me too. Healthier and cheaper in the long run. Very essential.

I'm becoming a bigger geek than I thought I was, but if it helps my pocketbook, I don't care.

And now?
I'm just tired. Mom and I went to see the stage version of Chicago which was really good. It was, as my father would say, "Like, yet different" from the movie version. I'm not sure which I liked better. There were a few songs tonight that could have slowed down while others really could have sped up or been cut all together. But truly it was nice.

And the shocker - this was the "culture" for some of the people in town. Well, at least it's something other than sports.

Now...on to bed.

Thoughts about work

I was thinking today at lunch, while I was working on a CBT, that I'm in a very different world that I used to be. Bear with me folks... I know the world is constantly changing but I'm talking about the one where I live and work every day - my life as I know it.

A few years back I was at a place where if someone left to get a new job, or to better themselves, it was seen as deserting and just an awful thing. Sometimes it was just sad and there were tears flowing and big parties when someone left. Now I'm at a place where people are constantly looking for that next new job, the new opportunity that will get them more money or new responsibilities or a new supervisor. This is a place where you are always looking up - how can I better myself. And it's encouraged!

I never felt that at my old job. I was in a position where I figured I'd be until either my supervisor left so I could move into her spot (and I ended up leaving before her) or something would come along and I'd move on. Eventually I took the steps to look for something else to better my life, something where I could find meaning again and help people. But it took me stepping forward and when I did I wondered what people thought as I left.

Of course when I left, I didn't make a big fuss. I'm kind of like Grissom in that way...I just wanted to slip out the door and not return. And I kind of did that considering the VP didn't send out a notice to anyone until the afternoon before my last day, though he had known for a couple weeks. A few people stopped by or sent emails, and that was all I really needed. I didn't want a bunch of people fawning about, or a big party with cake or whatnot that people only come to for the food. What I got were sincere goodbyes - people who really didn't want me to go and to those people I'm really sorry I left as I did. But I had to do it. If I had thought too much about it I probably would still be there.

What triggered this thought process is that a friend of mine out here got a new job. He'll be moving away as I did when I got my job. His supervisor is trying to plan a cake thing for him but sadly it has to be today or tomorrow, even though he's not done for another week and a half. But my friend is gone Thursday and Friday this week, house-hunting, and his supervisor is gone next week, so what do you do? That leaves today or tomorrow.

I'm excited for him - his new adventures and challenges ahead. A lot of people are now vying for his job because of the pay level and such. Right now I'm very content where I am, but I wonder if I should be keeping my eyes out more for my next step. I don't want to get lost in the shuffle by not applying for jobs and be stuck here forever, but I also don't want to be that gal who applies for so many jobs like I'm not happy where I am. Because I am happy - let's face it, you all know that I love my job. But sometimes I worry that I'm pigeon-holing myself.

Hopefully not.


In 11 innings, the Indians win it over the Twins! Awesome! Sadly, I missed most of the game, but the boys still won 12-9. Way to go, guys!

$5 Day 16

$3 - I had SB Kung Pao Chicken and a nectarine. Yum!

15 September 2008

Hanging over my head

I read a post this morning at Work it, Mom! which asked if stress could be good for you. The writer commented that she does her most productive work when she's under pressure.*

There's a lot of truth in this statement for me. I'm much more productive when I have a deadline and my stress level is higher. Having months to complete something with no real set deadline (deadlines I set for myself don't count because I can change those and I'm easy to manipulate by me) basically means it's not going to get done until I finally snap and want to shoot someone (usually myself).

This has been my problem with two of my projects right now. One is my CBTs - I hate CBTs. I'm much better as an in-class kind of learner. I learned a trick in high school from my awesome math instructor who told us that when we got to college the most important thing was to go to class. "I never studied," he said, "but I always went to class and paid attention." This was so true for me. I rarely did homework except for what was required, because I had so many other things to do (i.e. work so I could afford to go to college) and I still kept up my grade point average (3.65 ever semester but two, but there extenuating circumstances for those two).

My CBTs have been hanging over my head for the last year, well since November last year though I've been signed up for them since February 2007. I had also enrolled in another class last year that I had to finish by October 24 (which I did, on the last day of course) and so I didn't start these until November. Now I'm really on a deadline that I can't fudge anymore and so I'm spending oodles of time on them.

The bad thing is that this is now playing havoc with my other project: preparing for TCM. I have not been running enough and I'm rather fearful for three weeks from now. I believe I can finish, but my time will not be what I'd like it to be because my mind is not focused on this goal like I want it to be. And it's all my fault. I have relied too much on someone else to motivate me with running (i.e running partners that don't exist) and I have often set aside running for studying like I did today.

Today was the perfect day for running but did I go? Nope. I slept in (because I had to work this weekend and didn't get to any other day), went into work because I needed to finish some ordering and the project I'm working on as I cover for another section. I worked for three hours, came home and started studying again. I was going to take a break to go run, but realized if I did then I'd lose at least 90 minutes of studying if not more.

So I'm farther along in my one project which WILL be finished this week, but that doesn't do much good for my other project.

So my question - how can I better motivate myself with these goals I set for myself? I seem to set myself up for failure. Like TCM - I knew I didn't have a running partner this year and I knew I had a lot of travels that would take me away from my normal routine.

Maybe that's what I need - a better routine. I do really well with routines. Spontaneity is not my strong suit. Just ask my mother who bitches that she has to schedule, as she puts it, an "appointment" to spend time with me.

But I'm open to suggestions if anyone has some...

p.s. *I'm not a mom...I just thought the articles were good. :) I'm weird, I know.

$5 Day 15

I had my chicken with pasta and veggies today. Maybe $3. That seems high though, so let's say actually $2. Pasta is cheap, chicken was busted into three or four different meals and veggies are cheap. :) Okay, wait, let's compromise and say $2.50.

14 September 2008

Searching for a new me

Last week when I met with Keith he helped me to make a new plan for my life. Not only did he give advice on running but he also gave me a plan for the rest of me.

Part of that plan was to read a book each month and to join some clubs. I'm also supposed to go to the movies once a week with someone other than a family member. Well, I really wanted to alter this and swap the book and movie thing around, but oh well.

Well, yesterday one of my co-workers in another section invited me to his place tonight for a get-together. The section was having their once a year family/co-worker get together (did I say that already) and he invited me! This was nice, though I felt a little off because I'm not in their section so I always feel a bit out of place.

All day today the guy kept bugging me, "I really hope you come out tonight." "I'll get you directions." "You really should come out!"

So I hemmed and hawed and finally agreed.

I'm really glad I did. I had a great time. It was fun to hang out and just talk. I'll admit that he and I talked way too much about work, but I did get to meet EB's hubby and MG's kids (who were super cute). I also got to play a little pool with BE's boy.

The pool playing was a lot of fun. I miss shooting pool, and this kid (maybe 9 years old?) was awesome. He even had some behind the back moves he was using (and they worked - little punk). :) I wouldn't mind finding a place where I could learn a bit more or at least play without being too stressed about it.

Anyway. It was a nice night away from work and home. And the guy who invited me had a great place. The moon was so bright and he has a nice acreage where he's put in a pond which was so nice to sit by. I'd love a place like that.

Now I need to sleep. I smell like bbq smoke too, which I'm never a fan of. OH well.

$5 Day 14

Another free lunch day! And a free supper, for that matter.

Today's lunch was great - I had chicken and a meatball. YUM. Long story... sorry.

13 September 2008

Funny for the day

So here was my funny for the day, and I know you probably won't think this is funny but I find it hysterical.

I was talking with Brian and Eric this morning about families and kids and such. Eric was talking about his 3.5 year old son not quite understanding how to eat sunflower seeds yet. I said, "I'm still working on teaching my 10 year old how to eat those. My 10-year old nephew that is."

Eric said, "He's 10 now? Wow." I said, "Well he's 10, Em's 8, then there's the 5 and 2 year olds. And that's just the lower half. There are 4 more above them."

Brian said, "8 nieces and nephews? That's a lot."

I said, "Yeah, my siblings are...what's the word...very...um, prolific. Is that the right word?"

Brian said, "You mean they have sex a lot?"

I nodded as Eric started laughing and then I said, "Oh! I need to talk to Dean."

This caused both guys to bust out laughing even harder. I stammered and said, "No! I was thinking of fancy words and I have to tell him I figured out the hangman word for the day."

Eric said, "Yeah, that's not what I heard. I heard, 'a lot of sex, oh i have to talk to Dean.'" Brian chimed in and I shook my head laughing and walked out.

Of course then I ran into Jon who asked me about why I was laughing so I explained. He busted out laughing too and said, "I'll never be able to look at either of you the same way again." Sheesh.

To add to this, I walked out of their office and ran into Dean right away. I told him I figured out the word and we chatted about the young kids in Eric, Brian and Jon's office area - how bored they looked. So we decided to go in and try to cheer them up.

Of course, we walk in and Brian and Jon get these shit-eating grins and chuckle. Eric saw us and turned right around back to his office laughing.

So I had to explain to Dean. Luckily he thought this was hysterical too, so we all got a good laugh this morning. Much needed at 7:30, let me tell you. I probably should have just let it go, but since these three guys know me pretty well, they know the truth so it's just a joke that we'll have fun with for awhile.

The bad thing is, if this story gets out it could be detrimental. Not completely but our workplace has a tradition of making more out of things than there really is. Like assuming a guy and girl are sleeping together if they run together or go out for lunch...or even talk and joke around together. Nevermind that we all work together and we're a team. No, if you spend any time at ALL with someone of the opposite sex, you're sleeping with them.

The flip side to this is if you're not married and you're a woman, especially one in her 30's or 40's, you're assumed to be gay (not that there's anything wrong with that - except in my freakishly conservative world for most people around me they think it is).

My job amuses me to no end. *shaking head*

$5 Day 13

Free lunch again today. YAY!

12 September 2008

Longing for Dollar Dog night

I read this post today and remembered back to a night when JB, Megan and I with a bunch of other folks went to an Indians/Twins game back in the day.

As we were sitting there JB started asking what our songs would be if we were baseball players. Everyone was thinking and my first thought for myself was a total classic:

Brick House

Hell yeah, baby. :) This is totally my song.

$5 Day 12

Okay, so I know this takes a special kind of stupid, but I forgot to eat lunch today. So I guess my day would be $0.

See, I had a doctor's appointment this morning with my new doctor so I had toast with PB at 8:30 which is way late for me to be eating breakfast (but I also overslept so that would make sense). Anyway, I was finished with my appointment at 10:30 and headed into work where I started work right away - and took off running. I finally took a break at 5:30 to go to the club with Chris and I had a Guinness, which as we all know is a meal in itself. So yummy.

11 September 2008

Ha! for NaBloPoMo

Months ago when I got a promotion, my former supervisor gave me a joke-of-the-day calendar as a congratulatory gift.

Since September is supposed to be the month of "Ha!" I thought I'd put down yesterday's joke which did make me laugh:

A man visits his doctor and finds out he has only one night to live. He goes home and breaks the terrible news to his wife. She asks, "Is there anything I can do for you?"

He says, "I would like to make love with you one last time."

So they make love and fall asleep. At 1 a.m. he wakes her and says "Do you think we could do that again?"

She says, "Certainly, it's your last night."

They make love again, and again they fall asleep. At 3 a.m. he wakes her and says, "Do you think we could do that one last time?"

She says, "For God's sake, YOU don't have to get up in the morning."

"Number 52!"

So I totally want to get one of these for my office. It was pretty funny today when I had three people in my office, three more outside and two meeting with Boss1. They all wanted a moment of his time. It was fine until he tried to sneak out at the end of the day and I needed to talk to him.

Anyway, life was good today. I got a lot of purchases made I need to complete by the end of the week. I also helped my former supervisor with a project which was good. And I left only 30 minutes late instead of 90 minutes.

I was supposed to be studying tonight but I can barely focus. Not a good mental health day for Moe. Tomorrow I get to sleep in a bit (til 6!). I'm going to run extra in the morning since I missed my runs today...again. And then I have a doctor's appointment with my new doctor (thanks, Sarah!). Should be interesting, but in reality I'm just excited to have a morning off, even if it is so I can get poked and prodded by a stranger.

Oh and I made my final decision last night and booked my flights for my trip next month. Apparently my friend doesn't want me to drive for "so long", even if it would have been half the price and I like to drive. Oh well. I'm landing sooner than I had originally thought so we'll have more time together the first night. Not sure if I'll be alone the next day due to my friend's work schedule or not, but hopefully not. Cross your fingers!

$5 Day 11

Another freebie lunch day! BD is leaving our company and so we had a going away lunch for her.

I will say, these kinds of good-bye meal things are stupid. Everyone sits with their own people and no one really talks to the person leaving. Plus I just don't care.

10 September 2008

Quote from JG

"Louisiana is like having an asshole on your elbow."

A myriad of things

So yesterday I didn't have much to say mostly because I was so tired by the time I got home that I just had some edamame, blogged and crashed. It was nice.

But today was another crazy day. I got to work and took off running. We had our usual Wednesday meeting which went very well. Then Boss1 and I headed to a seminar where a bunch of state and local officials were doing a table talk/top (I always forget which it's really called) exercise of sorts which ran all day.

This was really interesting and vital for me. I usually work with media as a secondary portion of my job, mostly because I used to do this a long time ago, and so the exercise was really beneficial for me.

The exercise basically went in a non-linear form of what various agencies would do in the event of a bomb threat and an explosion at a specific location in our city. How would various elements respond? What would they do first? Is that the right plan or are there other options? Who gets tasked? Why? How? When?

So working with media has been interesting. My workplace for a long time has been anti-media. Meaning, "we're just doing our job, people don't need to know what it is we do." This is not the best approach. And many have also seen media as a threat, not an asset we can use to our benefit.

Today's exercise, thanks Mr. Smith, was great in that we were drawn out on what would we do. The bad thing was that I wanted to start from the beginning (which was what Mr. Smith wanted us to do) so I said that most likely the media are going to know more about what's happening than we will because they'll be tracing 911 calls and following scanners and probably will show up on our doorstep before we even have a clear view of the situation. The problem was, as I was trying to explain this, was that people were jumping forward in the scenario - farther than I had explained - and were discrediting me.

The good thing about all of this was that it made many of my higher ups much more aware of how we can be utilized. We're still not completely up there, but we're a lot closer than we were yesterday. And I was able to make contacts with a couple people in town who are also on the public information team so that's very helpful for the future.

So that was most of my day - working through this exercise. That left about two hours in the actual workday. I used one to talk through all my CBTs with my trainer, and she actually relinquished my requirements of the majority of them, saying I need to complete them eventually but my deadline isn't quite so pressing with those as I thought. So I'm down to only four or five CBTs I need to finish before our work weekend. Then my requirements should be filled, I can get signed off and all will be well!

The last hour I used to start projects. Yes, start, I said. I ended up working until 7:15 again tonight. I needed to get some major things accomplished so tomorrow won't be quite so hectic. Tomorrow the exercise continues with another scenario, so that day will be shot too.

The funny part was when Boss1 came through my office and knocked on my desk. I said, "'sup?" He smiled, shut my light off, and said, "Time to go home, Moe!" Hahaha. Then he smiled and turned it back on, knowing full well I'd be staying late.

The only bad part today was when Boss2 came in and asked if I was going over to our on site adult-beverage facility (let's call it a club to be simple). See, the exercise was having a little social hour thing for all the participants. Well, I had work to do so when he asked I said, "No." He said, "You really are anti-social, aren't you?"

Grr. I don't see this as being anti-social. First, I don't drink that often and people really look at you funny if you go to the club and don't drink. Second, the social was stupid since the exercise had ended 2 hours prior and I know very few people were going to stop over if they were going to have to buy their own drinks. Third, why do I have to go to the club to be considered social? Can't I just be me and work well with people at work?

I'm not a big fan of socializing with people I work with outside of the workplace. Does that make sense? I really prefer to keep work at work and everything else separate. Plus I spend enough time at work, I don't need to be drinking with them too. That's just me though. Besides, I do socialize with work people, but on MY terms not on theirs. We play Bunco once a month; I help with the family group; I occasionally go out to lunch with people.

Anyway, I'm home tonight, doing laundry and figuring out what I need to finish up for CBTs before I head to bed. Tomorrow will be an early morning and a long night, so I think I better go before I type too much.

$5 Day 10

Free lunch today again! WOOHOO! Sometimes these seminar type things really pay off. So I'm up to $31.75 to donate at the end of the 21 days.

09 September 2008


So this new plan Keith has me on is very interesting. I don't want to go into all the details yet because if I don't stick with it then I'll feel like an idiot.

But because I'm a geek I'm going to talk food for awhile. For those who don't care, just stop reading here.

For breakfast I had scrambled eggs (one yolk and 4 whites) which I carried to work with me. I also incorporated more fruit today - grapes, peach, yogurt with fruit, grapes tonight. It's weird. I was really hungry this afternoon but I didn't bring enough with me. I didn't get home until late tonight (after 8) and so my supper consisted of a piece of cheese, edamame and some grapes. Yum!

Okay this is boring. Sorry. I don't have much to say today. Let me think for a moment and maybe I can come up with something better...

$5 Day 9

$3.75 today. Wow...that's the highest in a while. I had a South Beach chicken cesear wrap (which includes jello!) and a peach. Yummmm!!!

08 September 2008

Nothing like a run in the morning

So I had my meeting with Keith today. And it was well worth the drive up, but I've never had a bad meeting with him so that's pretty much a given.

We started with a run around the local park 'track'. He wanted to observe my gait and see how I was running to make sure I wasn't overexerting myself. Shockingly (not) I needed a lot of help.

We worked a lot on my arm and hand location initially. I was was running with them down by my waist, which I thought was right, but it actually helped to do it the way he suggested with my hands wider and my elbows back more. "Elbows back, hands loose, shoulders down." This was my mantra for quite a bit.

Then we worked on my stride. Keith is more of a shuffle runner, which is a good thing for those in the higher weight range (i.e. me!). It helps to lessen the stress on your knees and has your quads doing more of the work, which makes sense since your quads are generally stronger muscles anyway.

With that stride we worked on hills - going up and going down. There's a totally different mindset for each and I was doing it completely wrong. But now I know the better way.

After we worked out I got my massage! YAY! I really think everyone should have a massage therapist full time working for them. Someday when I'm rich I'm going to hire Keith full-time to be my personal trainer and massage therapist so I don't have to just see him once a month or so.

Then lunch at D'Amico and Sons. This was such a great time, and delicious food. I can't wait to go back sometime.

While we were there we talked about a better plan for my work outs. Basically after a lot of discussion, we decided I'm going to try a new way and time of running, eat more veggies and fruit, and then add in more strengthening exercises. I'll talk more about the running thing later, if it works out. It'll be a big change, but more on that later.

So really I'm happy I made the trip. It was a good plan for the day, though as I was driving home I realized I had a bunch of things I should have/could have been doing instead.

oh well! :)

$5 Day 8

Free lunch day! Keith took me to D'Amico & Sons for lunch. SOOOOO Yummy. But he bought because it was a working lunch, which I'm happy to oblige. :)

07 September 2008

Picture Day!

A couple weeks ago or so, I headed to visit K&E and Nika at the lake. We had so much fun! It was great to get my Nika fix and see how much she has grown since her baptism in July.

Where they stay there is a new pool so we took Nika there to swim for awhile. It was surprisingly cool that day with the lower temps and cool wind from the west. It was hard to believe it was August.

But we got a big kick out of the little lion we had with us.

"Grrr...I'm going to get you...or at least eat my hand! That'll teach you."

Today, I'm having a low key day. I need to run yet but the temp is only 60 degrees. While I love the cool weather, I'm just not in the mood to suit up to go run and sweat. Though the hot shower after would be nice.

I also am driving to the cities tonight for my meeting with Keith tomorrow. Baritonality was completely right that I need to let Keith live out his calling too. When I wrote Keith about my dilemma he said he still wants to watch me run and see how I'm doing with stretching and such. And like E said, if nothing else I can push through for a half marathon since I've already paid for the deal and see how I can do. Last year I probably should have quit after a half too, but I pushed through and finished, though way slower than I wanted. Maybe I can do that again this year and then figure out what I really want to do in life. That's a whole other deal.

So while I'm killing time, avoiding CBTs and trying to figure out what my life's purpose is, I decided to bake. 72 chocolate chip cookies and 24 pb with dark chocolate kisses. YUM! Now I have to divide them into groupings for people because if I eat all of them I'll be huge. And I can't be huge.

But don't they look yummy?

$5 Day 7

I had penne pasta and sauce last night for supper so I had the leftovers today. I really am a leftover kind of gal...what does that say for me?

hmm...well, let's not get too introspective today.

Basically the pasta was whatever I had had left in the box which cost $1.87 (on sale!), and I know I've made pasta at least 4 times from that box. So that's 47 cents for the pot, and since I had half today, that's about 24 cents. We'll say a quarter to be nice.

Then the sauce was probably about the same for the jar, and same cost so that's another quarter. Throw in a pinch of cheese - we'll call it another quarter, and lunch cost me 75 cents. I could add in the rest of my Diet Coke I had left over and we'll call it an even buck. How's that for a meal?

Sheesh, I'm starting to seem like Bob from my previous job.

06 September 2008

Decisions, Decisions

So I'm going on a trip in a month and I have to determine my mode o' transportation.

Initially I was planning to fly and my friend and I talked it out with possible timing and such but nothing was set in stone so I hadn't booked anything.

As I get closer to the deadline to book a flight (30-day window, according to Boss1 who travels all the time so he knows) I'm starting to wonder if it wouldn't be better and cheaper to just drive.

My friend lives 15 hours away, via car according to Mapquest. With my car's awesome gas mileage I could potentially go round trip driving for only $250.

Flying, however, the cheapest into an airport 3 hours away from my final destination is $279 and then rental car on that (because I don't think it's completely fair to expect my friend to drive 3 hours to pick me up) for $185 or $470ish. If I fly into my friend's towns airport then it's $430 but I'm also spending all freakin' day in the airport or on a plane anyway. Which is why if I'm going to spend all day traveling I might as well do it in my car, which I love, and I can go at my own pace and not have to worry about checking luggage or packing or other travelers (I'm not always a happy traveler).

But the cost and sitting all day doesn't sound that great either. And if I just fly into my friend's town then I wouldn't have to do that.

The bonus to having my own car, or renting one if I fly into the other city, would be if we get annoyed with each other I'm not stuck staying there the entire length of the trip. I could leave early if need be. Not that I'm really planning on this but it's good to have a contingency plan.

The other good thing with driving down, I could bring my baking gear so I can bake the pumpkin pie I promised.

I don't know. I should talk it through with my friend but we haven't been able to connect lately. Maybe tomorrow. Hopefully tomorrow so I can get my ticket purchased if I'm going to.

There you go, another rambling, random post for a Saturday.

On an unrelated note...apparently the street outside my apartment is THE place to party on weekend nights. There's quite a gathering outside again. Joy.

"Sounds like Johnny's getting laid!" *

There are fireworks going off tonight and I don't know why. What a nice treat for a quiet, calm, cool September evening. :)

*Johnny Dangerously

Wow...what a wasted day.

I slept in this morning again. I'm really starting to wonder about these meds I'm on. See, I have this great thing called a hypothyroid thing. So I've been on a synthroid kind of drug for...ahem...several years to control it.

Well in July I was running low so I went up to my clinic to see if I could get blood work drawn (as they do each year) and evaluated to make sure I'm on track. Well I got to the clinic and they had this handy dandy sign on the door in big block letters that said, "You must schedule your blood draws through your doctor first." or something like that.

So I turned around and left. Yeah, I know I should have probably stayed to see if they could make an exception or set up a time, but I was on a time crunch that day anyway. The following day I was leaving on my camping trip, which was the beginning of three weeks of insanity.

whatever, I figured I was okay. So on week three of insanity, I was heading up to help Sarah and Eric pack up their moving truck and called the clinic to set up an appointment.

Me: I need to set up a time to get my blood drawn for my hypothyroid.
Receptionist: Who's your doctor?
M: Well...Dr. K. (Did I mention that Dr. K left the practice? Yeah, that's the other problem.)
R: (dead silence) Well, who do you see now?
M: I don't have a doctor right now, I just need to get my blood checked because I'm out of pills.
R: Well you need to pick one because they have to evaluate it and there are a lot of people in line so can you just tell me who you want to go to? (She may have said please in there somewhere but I don't really remember)
M: Then I'll call you back another time.
R: (suddenly concerned) I can direct your call but you need to tell me who you want to be connected to.
M: I don't know if I really want to continue going to your clinic since I now live 40 minutes away and so I'm going to have to think on this. My worry is that I've been out of my pills for quite awhile and I'm sure that's not a good thing. But I'll call you back another time.

And I hung up. She kind of pissed me off with the whole "There are a lot of people in line" thing. Customer service has never been a great aspect of this clinic so I don't know why I was surprised.

But I am trying to find a doctor closer to my place and I did make an appointment the next week with Sarah's doctor for now next week. The only thing is, when I called they didn't seem too keen on checking my thyroid and really I would think that would be key when they are doing the fabulous yearly feel-me-up checkup. So we'll see what happens this week.

But in the meantime, I thought I'd try to get my prescription filled again so I could maybe get rebalanced out before I meet up with her. Last week Thursday I got them refilled, shockingly enough since the last time I tried that they wouldn't. So I've been taking them since and since I restarted I have had no motivation. I've felt lethargic and just not quite right.

SO today I didn't take it and thought maybe it would help. I have felt better today, not quite as lethargic (like wanting to take a nap every hour or so like I did last weekend). But that makes me worried too. Hopefully we'll see how this goes and my meeting with Keith on Monday will help me figure out if it's just a mental thing or physical.

This seems to be a very random, rambling post. Sorry. But this is how my mind has been lately. hmmm Maybe I just need to go to bed.

$5 Day 6

Leftover pizza today. I had made a Kashi cheese/tomato pizza last night and ate the second half today. Pizza cost $5 so today's meal was $2.50. Yay!

I'm also keeping a spreadsheet of what my lunches are actually costing me and what I'll be able to donate at the end. It's quite exciting. :)

But then again, I am a geek who finds things like this exciting.

05 September 2008

I'm confused, as usual

Now, I didn't watch McCain's speech last night because I'm really getting tired of the whole political game. It's driving me crazy really.

But when I read this headline this morning, I was really confused.

I mean, weren't we hearing about this already? From a different candidate? One who has been talking about it for a long while?

So does this mean McCain is actually jumping on the Obama bandwagon? Hmmm... That would be an interesting twist.


...was 14 years yesterday.

And I forgot until this morning.

Sorry, Dad. I still love you. Miss you.

$5 Day 5

I had this today. It was yummy. And the fact I paid only $2.50 for it (2 for $5 deal) made it even sweeter.

04 September 2008


Okay, so I'm supposed to meet with Keith - my awesome trainer and massage therapist - on Monday to help me determine where I am for the marathon which is coming up in a month.

Talking with E last week, who graciously ran it with me last year but proved his higher intelligence once again by not signing up this year, he advised me to go to the marathon and at least run the half and if I'm not doing well at that point, then drop out. But at least run the half. I've already paid the money to go, so why not?

I feel like I'm dropping on my commitments this year - or I've over committed myself so much that life is catching up with me. Like Chad and I talked about today, I shouldn't have signed up this year because I knew that I didn't have a consistent running partner to keep me motivated, I would be traveling a LOT this year, and not just for weekends but weeks at a time, and running would take a back seat to all this because it always seems to in my world, for some stupid reason. (And stupid it is because I love running when I do it...it's just getting out to do it without a motivator is hard).

But I'm wondering if me going to see Keith on Monday is just going to be a waste of his time. And I don't want to waste his time. I know it'll benefit me, but I don't want to waste Keith's time. He actually has some value to his life whereas mine is just work and knitting.

I've been struggling with getting my runs in lately. And when I do get out to run it's been taking me 30 minutes to warm up, which wouldn't be a big deal if I had more than 30 minutes to run in the morning or at noon. And by the time night comes around, like tonight for instance, I don't get home until 7 and I'm starving so supper becomes essential, which means running is non-existent because by the time my tummy is settled it's after 8 and it's dark and unsafe in my neighborhood.

So I'm worried - not only that Keith will be wasting his time with me, but also that I'm deluding myself that I can even attempt to run half a marathon. Lamar told me today it's all a mental game. It is, right? So maybe I just need more motivation for my mental game. Any advice?

Terminal Depression

This was the health tip for the day (from myway.com):

Terminal Depression
Did you know that constant work at a computer can be depressing?

A Chinese study has found that those who spend more than 30 hours a week staring at the screen are likely to develop depression and obsession.

As reported in the Chinese-language journal Wei Sheng Yen Chiu, the study says the pattern gets worse with age, and spending that much time at a computer every week for 10 years is almost a guarantee of emotional problems.

So if you work an eight-hour shift, 9 to 5, be sure to turn the computer off on Thursday afternoon and take a long weekend whenever you can.

Oh shit. I'm screwed. But I do like the whole "turn the computer off on a Thursday afternoon" part. Maybe I could talk my boss into that every week. Especially since we work four 10's instead of five 8's. hmmm... I wonder.

$5 Day 4

Chicken, whole wheat noodles, and veggies. Approx $3? maybe? Even that seems high. Hmmm... Oh well. It was good though!

03 September 2008

Fall is here

It seems early, but I think fall has arrived. Of course I love this weather...the cool, crisp temps; the changing of the foliage; apples and harvests; and it's time to start baking again. YAY!

I finally have shut down my A/C. I'm really excited about this because I'm so sick of paying extra for that. I have fans and keep my windows open and it's actually chilly in my apartment right now - which just adds to my happiness since I can curl up in my blankets and drink hot chocolate without being seen as an oddity (like when I do this in July).

Plus, it's time to start knitting again. I have 2 PIFs to start, finish and mail before November when the PIF project should come around again. I'm excited though I never did receive anything from the one I signed up with last year. I'm bound and determined not to let my folks down. I did complete two of them and randomly drew names to send them off (the last one last week). So I have two more to go. I'm excited to start them, but that will have to wait a week.

I have to finish CBTs - and no, SJ, the meaninglessness doesn't end. But once I finish those I can totally start knitting again. I can't wait! And it's Apple Pie weather! And cookie weather! And pumpkin pie weather (which I need to learn to make)! I love this time of year!

$5 Day 3

Okay, I had my noodles, chicken and veggie thing again. I have no idea what this cost, but luckily, Mrs. Kennedy came to my rescue!

Instead of blogging every day about what I eat and trying to guess what it cost, I'm going to donate the extra of my "lunch costs" at the end of the 21 days and send it to a worthy place. This will work so much better for me. I don't eat out unless I have to (i.e. I'm with other people) and I cook in bulk so I never know what things actually cost. I'll just guesstimate and use the excess to donate!

Plus this will help me to donate more, which is one of my resolutions for the year anyway. YAY! Thanks, Mrs. Kennedy!

Though, because I'm weird, I'll probably still list what I'm eating just to keep with the plan. That way I won't forget to do it either. :)

02 September 2008

Wish me luck

Okay, so I haven't been doing well with this falling asleep at a decent hour nor waking at a decent hour (i.e. with my alarm, not 3 hours later).

So I'm asking for your happy thoughts that I'll wake up on time (if not a wee bit early, not way early, just a wee bit) tomorrow so I don't oversleep work. I need to get back on schedule. This weekend really screwed me up.


I don't give a flying...leap

AAAARRRGGHHHH!!!!! To quote Charlie Brown...

I'm working on my CBTs for work and can I just say that these suck? Thank you, I will.

These SUCK.

I don't care about motherboards and AMR/CNR and FDD and ATA and SATA, SCSI, and 16,000 other acronyms for crap that I don't ever use!

It'd be one thing if I used this stuff daily, or even weekly in my job, but I never use this. I don't fix computers. I don't rip them apart or do troubleshooting or any of this. That's not my job. I am an assistant. I assist my bosses! I type letters, I mail things, I'm a glorified scelectary (to quote Animaniacs)! Fixing computers? Isn't that what we have the IT department for? Isn't that why there are computer geeks (as I affectionately call them) in our workplaces?

Technically, my job is this, but it's only because it's evolved. When I first started in this career field, eons ago, the only thing we did on computers was learn to type. YES, TYPE. During my four week training, two weeks was typing (which I finished in one week and that was only because I took my time). The rest of it was learning how to send messages and type memos and letters and such.

In the really recent years, when I was in a different career field, things evolved to be more computer related. Great...you bet. I didn't care, it wasn't my job. But now I'm back in the field and it sucks, because my job - the one I do EVERY day - has nothing to do with computers other than to turn them on and access files and the like.

Yet, I have to take these courses to qualify for my job and I have to do it because otherwise I have to find a new career. This is not good.

So I'm trying to suck it up and deal, but this stuff SUCKS! I just needed to vent this out. sorry.

$5 Day 2

I picked up Mom at the airport today and she took me to Arby's for lunch. I had the "medium" roast beef (which is just wrong to the girl who grew up serving Juniors, Regulars, Supers and Giants) and a small drink. Mom had a Regular roast beef and water and our total bill was $7.02. Freakin' expensive. Why do I eat there? And the bun tasted funny, but I'm going to chalk that up to the fact I don't eat white bread anymore so it was weird, plus it was cold and didn't seem like it was really toasted.

01 September 2008

And people wonder why I like this team...

Cliff Lee has done it. He has pitched 20 winning games this season. How incredible is he and the team that backs him?

And to my family who are Brewer's fans and love their new Sabathia t-shirt, keep in mind who helped him to become who he is. :)

$5 Day 1

There's also another theme for the first 21 days. The new 21-day blogging challenge to run from the 1st to the 21st of the month. September's challenge is "Five-dollar lunch." Spend $5 on lunch every day for 21 days and tell us what you ate!

Okay...so today, I ate at home. Last night I had made a Gourmet Dinner mix - Chicken with rice and snap peas. It was pretty good actually, once I pulled out the onions. Anyway, the mix itself cost $5 and I have 3 servings out of it so today's meal was about $2.50 (when I add in my Crystal Lite to drink too).

Holy crap! It's September!

Okay, when did this happen? Is it supposed to be September already? I thought I had a month or so until September hit. I'm so not ready for it to be the ninth month of 2008. *sigh*

Well, I guess I'll have to suck it up and deal. Or as my father would say, "Deal with it, and move on."

I joined NaBloPoMo for September again. This month's theme is "HA!" as in jokes and such. Well, my life seems like a joke these days so let's just go with that for now. If I do find a good joke though, I'll be sure to pass it along.

There's also another theme for the first 21 days. The new 21-day blogging challenge to run from the 1st to the 21st of the month. September's challenge is "Five-dollar lunch." Spend $5 on lunch every day for 21 days and tell us what you ate!

Well, I signed up for it, though I try really hard to NOT spend money on food at lunch, instead bringing something from home. But this I'll make a separate entry so you'll see another one here momentarily.

Today was a good day, sort of. I don't do well with time off and no plans. I had called my sister yesterday to see if she and Emmy wanted to meet up and paint at 11 but she had plans for today. So since I had no plans, I stayed up late watching "Bill Cosby: Himself" for the umpteenth time, laughing my head off (Hey, here's my HA! for the day!). Then I slept in until 10.

This is getting to be a bad habit, this sleeping in thing. I don't like that I'm doing this. I feel like I'm pulling a Bob and I hate that. I did go up to mom's and check on her house for her and then ran on her treadmill for awhile, though she has no airflow by it so it was almost as bad as if I had been running outside in our 25 mile an hour wind.

I came back and started my CBTs that I have to complete this week. Some of them are so insane. I did get two completed tonight (this was with a lot of interruptions) and tomorrow I'm going to force myself to finish more. I should have been doing this all weekend instead of cleaning, but I need to clean too. Oh well...push through and get 'r done, as we say here.

Prison Break is back, too, which makes me super happy. This was an incredible season beginning. I'm really excited for this year. It should be pretty awesome.