29 February 2008

Crazy day

It feels like a Thursday.

Sorry, that really has no point here but I just needed to state it. I have been writing a lot lately. It seems my job has been centering more around writing than ever before. Of course part of it is because I'm helping with the paper more this month. My counterpart really wants it to be done on Saturday, but we seem to keep forgetting that one of the big stories this month is an event happening Sunday at 1. So it won't be done completely this weekend. However, we are so close and we have so much information, it's just insane.

My article, well one of my articles, has turned into a very long article so I've spent most of the day trying to trim it down. I still have some more trimming to do. It's a very informative article - proving that a recent work trip was really a work trip (a group went to Hawaii in January...let's just say those of us left were a little jealous). The problem is that with the pictures it's a page and a half and I only have a page to work with. I'm hoping tomorrow will prove that the article that's scheduled for a page and a half will only need a page and we can swap. We'll see. I'm not writing that article and the guy who is I'm betting hasn't even started it.

But today is a Thursday for me, or maybe even a Wednesday, since I have to work the next two days. It'll be good, a lot of things planned and a lot to accomplish.

Oh and today we said goodbye to another great person at work. Gerry (or is it Jerry - I saw it both ways but I swear he signed his emails with the G, not the J) retired today. He was always a card and a fun lunch companion at times. I'm going to miss him.

28 February 2008

Weird freakin' dreams

This morning I woke up with my head throbbing. When I finally figured out why I was totally confused.

See my head was throbbing because my jaw was completely clenched. My jaw was completely clenched because I had just woken from a semi-nightmare. Nothing like monsters or demons of the usual sort. No this one entailed a co-worker, whom I don't work with very often nor do I like very much, and moving huge desks and furniture around.

So it started that we were moving into a temporary location to work. The nightmare girl (NG here on out), another girl and me. We were setting up one room as our office and another room as our sleeping quarters. The rooms were filled with this big heavy desks like they used to have way back when. So we started moving things around to arrange it a little more sensibly. NG disappeared next door to arrange our sleeping quarters. I kind of got the office set up so I went next door.

NG had the room set up - but first, the room was a big rectangle with a wall in the middle kind of halfway through to kind of separate a back section. Think of the letter E. Anyway, I should also mention I was the supervisor and head of the section in this scenario. I walk in and see two twin beds - one with a super saggy mattress off to the left with the bedframe with bars going up about 4 feet in the air along the side. It was weird. It was also sitting next to the sink/counter sort of thing that was leaking water everywhere. How nice.

So I say thanks for setting it up and which bed is mine. NG points to the bed described above and I said, Oh really? Where's yours? We go around to the back separated room and there's a big queen size bed with big dark wooden furniture (beautiful). I got pissed and mutter some great obscenities (in my dream even!) and I stormed out and reset up the office with a new bed in there for me. Later I tried to give NG a bookcase and she looked at me and asked what books I had. I said they weren't too important so I can find a better place and I walk around a corner seeing a built-in bookshelf with all sorts of medical books on it, with NG standing there all smug. I got pissed again and I woke up.

I don't know why NG was in this dream (if you can call it that). I really have limited contact with her anyway so it makes no sense. I do understand the big, heavy desks and furniture. I have a lot on my plate right now: my work, the paper, an event that is happening next month that was just decided upon yesterday, all on top of me trying to get over February which sucked. It's just been a crazy week so I'm sure that's the main tension. Soon it'll be over and life will be back to order. I just have to ride it out.

27 February 2008

One other note

Debbie and I have been busy planning our summer trip to Ohio. I'm so excited for this because I get to see my boys play at Progressive Field and she'll get to see her boys (visiting) playing at the Reds. (I hung up my pennant today in my office - it is baseball season.)

Holy crap

Today - what a day. *sigh* At one point a co-worker called and was lamenting about how quickly the day had passed. I looked at the clock and it was 2:54 pm. Holy shit! I couldn't believe it! I had worked through lunch (well, eating while talking on the phone - covering the mouthpiece while chewing so as not to annoy my conversationalist) and had meetings back to back to back the rest of the day. Finally at 5 Boss2 walked in to vent about an issue at work and I was just blah - my head hurt (still does), I was hungry, thirsty and just couldn't focus. It took another hour, part of which was venting with a co-worker, before I felt back in the game to work.

It's a work weekend week so things are pretty intense. I'm working on the paper for and trying to write two articles and then sort how how to lay everything out in issue. Two weeks ago we thought we barely had enough for 8 pages, but now it's looking like we may have to cut items to make our 12 page limit. It has just been a whirlwind.

At least the weather was nice today so running around to my meetings wasn't as dreadful as it could have been in February. It felt like spring. Thank God for that.

26 February 2008

Work is great!

I love my job. However, I have no idea what I did today. I can't remember any real details - it just kind of ran together. I think there was typing, there may have been composing of an article, and there might have been some accounting of some sort (which sucks and probably why I've blocked out most of the day). But I loved it. Every minute was great.

I feel so much better when I have a purpose - and that's my problem on weekends. I don't really feel like I have a purpose during my off times. I used to not have much off time. At the old job I worked 5, sometimes 6, sometimes 7 days a week. Days were from 7:30 until 4:30 but if I didn't get out of work at 4:30 I usually stayed another 90 minutes to avoid rush hour (it'd be the same time frame to get home - I could either stay and chat with the awesome desk workers or I could sit in traffic and curse at fellow drivers and waste fuel). Weekends we always had an event or I was coming home for drill or what not. It's just odd to not really have anything going on.

So I've been looking at getting a part-time job. I started scanning the classifieds this weekend and what killed me was that almost every PT job stated "No weekends!" as one of its selling points. Yeah, not going to help me. I refuse to go back to fast food - I do not want to smell like grease again. 8 years of that was enough. I've toyed with B&N but I'm a little nervous about working at a bookstore. I know, I'm a freak but working in a place where (it seems like) intellectuals hang out doesn't fit with me. I am so not an intellectual anymore (ever) so I feel like I'd be out of place. Maybe not. Maybe that's where I should go. Maybe I could get as lucky as Miss Minnesota and become a coffee guru (which would be great since I don't drink coffee).

Or maybe I should be focusing on TC (that's the Twin Cities Marathon for any newbies here to this blog). Brookings is coming up soon too, but at this point no matter how hard I train I'm probably not going to do as well as I had hoped. But TC - ah, TC. That's a different story. I have an unique opportunity this year to improve and kick some serious Moe butt. I know what to expect now. I know the course. I know that the end is going to suck. But that's the thing: I know it, so now I can prepare for it. And because I know and I can prepare, training should be easier than last year. Last year I had no idea what to expect so I just ran, and ran whenever I could. Now I know better - I need to get strength training back. I need to eat better. I need to focus when I run instead of just lollygagging around.

And maybe that's a better part-time job than anything else this town could offer.

25 February 2008


You'd think with as busy of a day as I had I would have more to say but I don't. Well, excepting this: I get to go to work tomorrow! YAY! I'm so excited! WOOHOO! Things to do!

Oh wait - just thought of one: Happy Birthday, Sean Astin! *sigh* I used to have the hugest crush on Sean, especially after The Goonies came out. I would watch that movie all the time. Granted I had a mild crush on Josh Brolin too, but Sean was just so cute!

A slight tangent here but when Lord of the Rings came out my prof who I would babysit for (Dave) made me watch the first movie while he and his wife were out. His official words were, "The kids are asleep, the movie is set up and is 4 hours long. We'll be back during the final credits. Have fun!" And he left. When he returned he asked how I liked it.

I said, "It was okay, though very emotional at one point."
Dave, very excited that I liked the movie he loved, "Really, which part?"
Me, "Well, I almost cried when Sam fell in the water at the end and he said he can't swim."
Dave, "Really? Why would you cry at that?"
Me, "Well, I really like Sean Astin and if he were to die at the first movie that would suck, because I know you're going to make me watch the next two movies when they come out and I watch your kids and if he's not in the movies it's just going to be annoying."

Luckily, Dave laughed and didn't think me too weird. (No, I proved my weirdness later when I made a big fuss about reading books only in a certain format. That's another long story, which I've probably written about here but I can't remember when. Let's just say if I start a series in paperback, I have to finish it in paperback, and vice versa with hard cover. And yes, I know I'm weird. It's one of my few quirks...)

24 February 2008

I should be committed

Today was beautiful. Like JB, I usually have a warmer rule of thumb when it comes to exercising outside. But when it's 36 in February, sunny and no wind, you can't not go out and run (although me and my indecisive selves did take our sweet time deciding to actually do it - thank goodness it was still warm when I finally did go).

I did find some great things about running in the cold:
  • Less people on the bike trail (only 15 I encountered today)
  • Less goose shit to avoid (not that there wasn't some, it was just way less than it usually is in, say, August)
  • I started chilly but ended comfortably warm
  • The gloves from TC last October that didn't get any use that day since it was god-awful hot came in quite handy today...seriously - great gloves to wear when running
  • I got to use my iPod shuffle and it actually did help keep me motivated, not that I want to rely on that very often since most marathons don't let you use them
  • I really want a puppy to run with me, but that'll take a whole change of address and actually getting a dog which would be a huge step in itself
  • The fresh winter air is great for my lungs, though they do hurt a little right now - cold air and I don't usually go together well.
  • Endurox and warm showers after the run - yay for warm showers!
  • It does provide me a good time to think
Running today really made me think about commitment. You have to be committed when you go run...at least I do. I live on one side of the river that runs through our town. The bike trail is on both sides and occasionally you can cross on a bridge. But the trick is, once you cross and head out on that side you are committed to that run - you can turn around and go back to recross if you want, but then you're just doubling back and making your run longer. So you really have to be committed when you choose a path. Not all bike trails are like this but there are a lot of places on mine where this is the case - you pick one side or the other and you go.

Plus if you head out and run a mile or whatever, that's great, but you have to remember that you have to run back. That's such a big commitment in running - you can run a mile or 2 or 12, that's great, but you always have to come back (unless you're sneaky and hail a cab or something - believe me, I've thought about it sometimes).

But it's like running a marathon. Barring injury or illness, you start out running and you keep going until you've crossed that finish line - no matter how long it takes. You can run it all or walk part or walk it all - but you've made a commitment and completed it - holding up your end of the bargain you've made (generally with yourself). And if you can't keep your end of a bargain with yourself, how can you expect to keep one with anyone else?

Hopefully this will keep me motivated for awhile to keep running and keep my commitments I have with myself. I need to re-evaluate my goals: lose weight, start strength training, run every day, run and complete Brookings and eventually TC again. For now though, I'm going to go shower...I need to warm up.

23 February 2008

Found stumbling...so true

Friday recap

Yesterday was a good day. At work we had a VIP grace us with his presence and meet with our senior leaders. It was great. This man has been a favorite of mine for a long time and despite all his problems in life it was great to see him up and about. He had some health issues a little over a year ago and while he's still recovering it was great to see how his mind is still so alert and connected with everything going on. Inspiring, to say the least.

The rest of the afternoon I worked on the paper and did some basic clean up around the office. I didn't really want to be at work, but I don't have a lot of vacation time to waste just because I needed some mental health time. Plus, my mental health time seems to just have me sitting on my couch doing nothing anyway and I've done that all day today so I don't really need to waste vacation time on that.

Last night was great though. I got to see Sarah and Eric and hang out with awesome people for the night. We hung out and talked, picked on Eric and his wisdom teeth (or lack thereof) and watched two awesome movies: Becoming Jane and Martian Child. These were great because I love Anne Hathaway and I want to marry John Cusack. :) The movies really talked about relationships and the choices we make...both really centered around choice and who we choose to have in our lives and why. Anne's character had found her one true love but gave him up so he could support his family - and then she never married because her heart belonged to him. John's character chose a child to love despite the child's eccentricities.

It got me thinking about a lot of relationships I have. I am selective in who I share my life with. I try to find people who share similar interests and thoughts, but also those who are different - because, heck, debating is fun. I'm not sure where I'm going with this because it's hard to explain my relationships - but really how does anyone explain their relationships?

22 February 2008

I get to go play!

Tonight I get to play with Sarah. YAY! Some Sarah time is much needed. I can't wait!

Today was an awesome day, I have so much to tell you all, but it'll have to wait, because I get to go play with Sarah!

21 February 2008


Three years ago today I gave into peer pressure and started this blog. And in the Moe fashion, I even had two entries that day. If you are sick and tired of reading my ramblings, talk to J-man. It's all his fault. Little did he know the can of worms he was opening with encouraging me to start this.

It's sometimes fun to look back, learning from my mistakes and trying to figure out from the past what the next step forward will be for me. Three years ago I was in the cities, trying to figure out my future and lamenting the singleness that was me. I was on eHarmony then and eventually was 'matched' up with a local pastor who turned out to be a jerk. If you say you're going to call, call. If you actually do try to make plans with a seminarian (and you're a pastor at a church of similar religion background) don't plan the next date during Holy Week and assume she'd be free just because you have no responsibility at your church. Wow...apparently I'm still a little bitter about that one. Oh well. I'm not with eHarmony anymore - evil rejectors - so I don't think I'll have that problem again. (knocking on wood)

This blog has opened up a lot of different avenues and places on the web for me. I've found other blogs - some I really like, some that aren't so great. I've found friends, if I can call them that, even though I've never met them (though someday I'd love to meet you: Kat, Bethany, Andrea, Cate, ericjay, Mtanga, others). But this has also been a great way for me to stay in contact with my friends around the globe.

That was the original purpose...though I'm not sure we ever stated it. A group of us were going to blog about our first years of call, while I stayed at the sem as the constant, and then we'd put together a book. We had a diverse group amongst our small circle and the book would have been really interesting. Unfortunately, as we got going we discovered we were too busy, too connected to the various calls, and just not as organized as we had hoped.

But that did lead me to writing and getting back into journaling of sorts. I don't write everything here for the reality of the fact this is public and a lot of my life doesn't need to be public - hell, I don't even tell my friends all the parts of my life. What I end up putting here are ramblings and pointed moments in my life I want to share with my friends whom I don't get to see near enough. The stuff I don't put here, well that's why phone calls and face-to-face encounters were designed.

Anyway...see I'm still rambling...the blog has been going for three years...hopefully I can keep this going for at least three more. (I'm open to topics if you'd like me to write better.)

It's all a game

Well, I'm at eBay currently bidding on two different pie birds. And I chatted with Sur La Table and changed my order to only one tart pan (saving money!). And tonight I played Bunco with work girls. It's just all a game.

Bunco is fun. If you've never played, it's basically a dice game and ours get really competitive. We pay to play and there are winnings for the night and then we tally the scores during the "season" and there's a final winner at the end of the year. Pretty fun. But besides being competitive, we get a little vicious. Tonight during one of the Bunco moments I caught fingernails on my hand which actually drew blood. Sucky. And because it's so cold and I have the worst circulation in my hands, the injury actually stings.

I have one other game in play at work. But it's a little complicated and until it's final I better not go into details. It's pretty fun though.

20 February 2008

Naughty pie baker

I'm terrible. I just ordered one of these. Well, actually I think I ordered 2 because I didn't get a confirmation page after I hit submit order...it just said my shopping cart was empty so I sent it through again. Oh well. It's not like I don't bake often.

But the bad thing is that I ordered this because of Alton. It's all his fault. The other night I was up late, flipping channels because I couldn't sleep. I stumbled upon Alton making an apple pie. I'm not obsessed with Apple Pie or anything.

Anyway, Alton makes his in a tart pan because then the sides automatically crimp and you can remove the whole pie from the pan and cut it easier. Interesting... I would think this would make it difficult to transport but since I don't usually share my pies anyway, I shouldn't have a problem.

The other thing Alton talked about on his show was using a pie bird to help with the steam issue in fruit pies. I don't have a pie bird, but I would love one. Does anyone know where I could find one? Or, if you're so inclined, my birthday is coming up and I'll just add that to my hope list.

19 February 2008

I get to work tomorrow!

I love my job. I think I've mentioned that a few times before. (Just a few.) I do love the concept behind the compressed week schedule. It's nice to have a three day weekend most of the time, especially during the nicer months of the year. But these long weekends when it's not the greatest of weather out just drag on. I suppose I shouldn't complain because there are people who had to work both yesterday and today, but I'm going to because everyone has a different perspective on things and this is mine.

I hate long weekends when I have nothing planned.

There's my problem in a nutshell: I need to make a plan. A year ago I was hanging with K&E - remember that friends? It was great...it helped the weekend pass by but with a purpose. And a great purpose at that. We should have done that again this year - what were we thinking?!

So I looked up the community education list for this spring off of the school district page. I'm going to print it at work tomorrow and see if I can find some classes to supplement my life. I did spend some time working on my PIF projects today. I have one completed and the other a third done. Two more to go after that and then I can mail them.

I wish the icky weather would go away. I really want to run outside but I hate running in cold weather...it hurts my chest to breathe in that cold crap. Warm weather come soon!

18 February 2008

I will stop talking soon...ha! You wish.

I'm running out of things to say. (I know, right? FINALLY!) Nah, I've been blogging everyday since November 1 (during NaBloPoMo). I started then just to be part of that group, but then continued in December, and then again in January and I've still been going. Oh yeah, and I started the NaBloPoMo for the whole year. And this weekend Mrs. K offered up to have NaBloPoMo each month now, starting in March, so I signed up for that too.

Maybe I just have an obsession with signing up for things.

These days when I have nothing to do - i.e. holidays - are more tiring than days when I'm super busy, I think. I took a 2-hour nap today, not because I was tired but because I could. And it was good.

I've also been watching the History channel today (a sure sign of a holiday and boredom). They had a thing on the President's - not just the two specific for today (Lincoln, Washington) but all of them. I learned a lot about some of these folks - like Arthur and Johnson. Interesting stuff, not that I can remember it now. Plus I'm watching the history of the joke right now. George Carlin kills me. I can't stop laughing.

Or I could just be delusional since I am tired (it's been a long day). I'll have to actually do something tomorrow.

17 February 2008

Recipes galore - all super easy to make

Girl's day today was great. I got up late so I missed church, and was basically an hour behind my scheduled plan of preparation. But I still made it fine.

I made the pasta/chicken/veggie dish I ate alone on this night. We also had salad and crescent rolls. But then for dessert, because I'm just that cool, I made the Norwegian Apple Cake (super easy to make and actually tasted good) and I made chocolate covered strawberries via the South Beach book. Yum (though I think I melted the chocolate too long - I'll have to work on that).

After we ate we just hung out in my apartment playing with the littlest girl and having a great time just chatting. It was a nice afternoon. I'm glad they all came...I'll have to arrange the next one soon.

And just 'cuz...here are the recipes:

Parmesan, Chicken & Broccoli Pasta (I think via Kraft's website, I don't really remember)
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 25 minutes
Makes: 2 servings, 2-1/2 cups each

4 oz. (1/4 of 16 oz. pkg) whole wheat spaghetti, uncooked (I used Ronzoni Healthy Harvest)
1/4 cup Kraft Light Zesty Italian Reduced Fat Dressing
2 cloves garlic, minced
1/2 lb boneless skinless chicken breasts, cut into strips
2 cups broccoli florets
1/2 cup chopped tomatoes
1/2 Kraft 2% milk shredded reduced fat mozzarella cheese, divided
4 tsp. Kraft 100% grated parmesan cheese

Cook spaghetti as directed on package

Meanwhile, heat dressing and garlic in large nonstick skillet on medium heat. Add chicken and broccoli; cook and stir 5 to 7 min. or until chicken is cooked through. Stir in tomatoes and half of the mozzarella cheese; cook 1 to 2 min or until heated through, stirring occasionally

Drain spaghetti; place on serving plate. Top with chicken mixture, remaining mozzarella cheese and the parmesan cheese.

My alterations (of course - because I rarely follow a recipe): I don't measure anything. :) That's first. Then I used about 1 lb of chicken and a lot more spaghetti because I like leftovers. For the cheese, I used Kraft's Italian shredded mix already and I used a lot more than they stated and left out the parmesan because it's already in the mix. I also used more of the zesty dressing during the cooking - just to keep the flavors alive. AND I added basil and diced baby carrots.

Next: Norwegian Apple Cake (courtesy Taste of Home's 2002 Quick Cooking)
Ready in 1 hour or less (I found less)

3/4 cup sugar
1/2 cup all-purpose flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
2 eggs, beaten
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 medium tart apple, peeled and chopped
1/2 cup chopped walnuts
1 Tablespoon cinnamon-sugar (optional, but it really does add flavor so I'd recommend it)

In a bowl, combine the sugar, flour, baking powder and salt. Add eggs and vanilla; mix well. Stir in apple and walnuts. Spread into an ungreased 9-in. pie plate. Sprinkle with cinnamon-sugar if desired (trust me, you'll desire this). Bake at 375 degrees for 25-30 minutes or until a toothpick inserted near the center comes out clean. Yield: 8 servings (19 cents per serving - see economical too!).

My notes (natch): I actually followed this recipe (shockingly) however when I make this again I will add more apples and chop my walnuts a little more. My glass pie-plate worked really well for this, but it did seem to stick a little. Not sure if a little Pam would have helped or not - we didn't have a problem getting the pieces out but there was some residual stuff left. Anyway...my other observation was that the toothpick thing needs to be watched. I put one in after 25 minutes and thought it pulled out clean (it looked clean) but when I touched it, the toothpick was wet so I baked it longer. The bonus about this - super easy to make and really light feeling and tasting...not heavy like some cakes are (did I mention I'm not a cake fan?).

And one more: Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries (via The South Beach Diet)

2 squares (1 ounce each) semisweet or bittersweet chocolate, chopped
1/2 tablespoon whipping cream
Dash almond extract
8 strawberries

Combine the chocolate and the whipping cream in a glass measuring cup or bowl. Microwave at medium power for 1 minute or until the chocolate melts, stirring after 30 seconds. Stir in the almond extract and cool slightly.
Dip each strawberry into the melted chocolate, allowing the excess to drip off. Place on a waxed paper-lined baking sheet (or plate). Refrigerate or freeze for approximately 15 minutes until the chocolate is set.
Serves 2! That's 4 strawberries each! YUM!

My notes: I use semisweet chocolate chips (already chopped) because I always have these on hand and I rarely have chocolate squares in the house. I happen to have a shot glass my friend Tim bought me long ago that has ounces and other measurements on the side so I can measure out the chips easily. I also use lite cool whip and I use more than what the recipe says (of course). And I use vanilla instead of almond extract. I'm tempted to try peppermint but that seems a little odd so I haven't yet. But like I said earlier - really watch the microwaving. I had mine at 30 seconds today and the chips weren't quite all melted, but I put it in too long the second round and it got a little burnt I think...it still worked but it wasn't quite a smooth as I would have liked.

16 February 2008

It's meme time

So my posts are even starting to bore me. So here's a meme I did a long time ago via beege but never posted:

1. YOUR ROCK STAR NAME: (first pet & current car),
Mini. (I've never had a pet.)

2.YOUR GANGSTA NAME: (fave ice cream flavor, favorite cookie),
Daiquiri Ice Snickerdoodle

3. YOUR “FLY Guy/Girl” NAME: (first initial of first name, first three letters of your last name),

4. YOUR DETECTIVE NAME: (favorite color, favorite animal),
Black Turtle or Black Beagle (i don't have one favorite)

5. OPERA NAME: (middle name, city where you were born),
Marie Dells (it's actually Dell Rapids, but then it could be Spanish-like: Marie Del Rapids)

6. YOUR STAR WARS NAME: (the first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 letters of your first),

7. SUPERHERO NAME: (”The” + 2nd favorite color, favorite drink),
The Blue Guinness

8. NASCAR NAME: (the first names of your grandfathers),
Hans Melroy

9. STRIPPER NAME: ( the name of your favorite perfume/cologne/scent, favorite candy),
Sweet Pea Twizzler or Romance Kisses

10.WITNESS PROTECTION NAME: (mother’s & father’s middle names ),
Lee Ordell

11. TV WEATHER ANCHOR NAME: (Your 5th grade teacher’s last name, a major city that starts with the same letter)
Haycraft Houston (though I think I'd switch those – Houston Haycraft)

12. SPY NAME: (your favorite season/holiday, flower).
Fall Daisy

13. CARTOON NAME: (favorite fruit, article of clothing you’re wearing right now + “ie” or “y”)
Strawberry Hoodie

14. HIPPY NAME: (What you ate for breakfast, your favorite tree),
Waffle Oak

15. YOUR ROCKSTAR TOUR NAME: (”The” + Your fave hobby/craft, fave weather element + “Tour”),
The Running Thunderstorm Tour

Motivate me!

I'm feeling a little like a loser - it's beautiful outside today - 36 degrees (feels like 24) and I'm sitting inside. It looks a little windy but I should be going out and running. I have a marathon in May that I already signed up for but my training has been pretty non-existent. Not good.

I am gearing up for tomorrow though. The ladies in my family are having a Girl's Day and I offered up my tiny, yet humble, abode for us to visit. I'm making lunch and dessert and then, depending on the weather, we're going to go to a museum. Should be interesting. I spent the morning pouring through my recipe books trying to find a good recipe to make for dessert. I have the main course planned and I think I've decided on a Norwegian Apple Cake - but we'll see. I have to go to the store and if they have good strawberries (I know they aren't in season) I'm going to do something with them instead. We'll see.

Anyway, I'm trying to clean better than I did the other night and so I better get back at it. I hope you're having a good day!

15 February 2008

A funny...

It's funny how you mention you might be depressed and suddenly people steer clear of you and your blog (excepting you oh Cinda...thanks for your note).

Not that I'm complaining...I just find it a little funny how we like to avoid the tough topics. On a better a note, I'm feeling much better today. My sadness has really stemmed from some personal issues that have crept up in the past couple weeks - it's not that it's been looming over me or anything, and I think I'm on the upswing. The sun was out, it's supposed to be warmer tomorrow and so things are looking up. I get this way every year, I just don't always blog about it. I really think it's partly issues, partly V-Day (thank God it's over) and partly Seasonal Affectedness Disorder. We haven't had much sun or nice weather in awhile and I hate that.

Anyway...good day today at work. I actually was motivated to get some things done. I found a list I had been looking for, and I got a lot of stuff filed. And now I have a 4-day weekend (yes, you're allowed to hate me). We work a compressed schedule so on federal holidays that fall on a Monday, we also get Tuesday off. We still end up working 30 hours the rest of the week, so it's not like we're shirking our duties. And next week's 3 day week is already slammed with things to get done. It'll be good to be busy again.

So that's today so far. Who knows, I may be back.

14 February 2008

Boys are coming over...

I'm patiently awaiting the arrival of my nephew and bro-in-law. The weather in this state sucks so Ryan and Zach are coming up to visit for the night (really, just so they can make their plane on time without having to get up at 3 am and battle crappy weather). So I had to do a quick clean of the house, vacuum the floor and shove things in corners so they don't find all my weird things.

It's kind of nice to have the diversion tonight, especially since I've been thinking back on all my past relationships today - like JT who dumped me after a year so he could date the first woman he met at grad school, or DE who after 6-months I discovered was actually married (though he still denies it anytime I run into him), or J who just wanted sex, or the countless other crushes and dates where they said they'd call but didn't or I thought were nice but turned out to be assholes or timing just sucked all together. I just can't seem to find a good one to stick. Maybe someday.

For now I'm watching old Friends episodes and enjoying Hershey's kisses - did you know they have cherry cordial kisses now? Can I just say, yum? On another note - I've been on a total cherry kick lately - Lite Cherry Pie Filling is damn good. That's all I'm going to say about that.

Picture Day revisited

Cuz I know just how much you all love me and can't get enough...here's the picture I talked about at the end of last month. Kat, I can't find all my elementary pictures, nor do I have a scanner...so those will have to wait. Sorry!

13 February 2008

It's like riding a bike

Tonight I did something I haven't done in a very long time. And while it was hard, boy it was good.

Yeah, right...I wish. HA! Sick minded people - get out the gutter!

No, tonight I sang at church. Anthony called me yesterday late afternoon and sounded like crap. He's getting all the crud (as my mother calls it - see I really am turning into her) that everyone else has. So I ran over to his place and got the music for what he was going to sing. He's a tenor so we can usually share stuff...it's nice. Plus I got to see his wife and adorable little boy, which is always fun.

So I took an hour today and came home to practice the song - over and over and over. It was one off the Wow 2005 CD, which I had never heard of. It was nice and fit amazingly well into the texts for the night. I was happy and I only screwed up once (which I think I was the only one to notice) so that wasn't bad either.

Church was nice tonight. Sometimes I like Lent. It's a time where you're allowed to be crabby and sad because, hey, I gave up happiness for Lent. But church was calming tonight...I actually felt a calmness come over me during the service (after I sang, of course). But then I get back into the car and everything comes flying back.

So I'm going to try to center myself back into church tonight and see if I can get my calmness back. I'm also going to make a quick batch of cookies, because that does make me happy.

12 February 2008

A Mildred kind of day...week...month...

I'm going to blame my aunt on this one - the aunt who was a hypochondriac, that is. I'm feeling like self-diagnosing myself today, because I think I'm playing with a fine line of depression. Not the full-blown 'holy crap I'm depressed' kind of depression, but more the atypical depression where at times my mood is lifted when hanging out with friends or hearing good news, but then I slip back into the void.

I really started to wonder this weekend when I was holed up - which I do love being alone - because I was spending a lot of time sleeping. Granted I haven't been sleeping very well in the past few weeks anyway so I needed to play a little 'catch-up', but to spend 3 days inside and taking lots of naps, having no desire to knit or bake cookies (though I did do both - I just didn't enjoy it like I usually do), and feeling pretty sensitive to a lot of issues (i.e. bawling at movies like The Longest Yard) makes me wonder.

It helps to be out in the world today with the sun shining, but I know I'm not my usual happy-go-lucky self. Maybe part of it is the exam I had to pass today (which I did) or maybe it's something else. I don't know. Maybe it's just because S.A.D. is two days away and I'm still feeling like crap regarding that fabulous holiday.

And I don't know why that's hitting me so hard this year. Hell, I've been single for awhile now. Of course last year I could chalk it up to 'being new in town and not knowing anyone' but this year...well, now it's just my own fault, because I'm just not date-worthy I guess.

I don't know...these are two sites that have some good info. I'll have to tap into the self-help one, I'm thinking.

11 February 2008

What are you doing?

Okay, so since my last post once again showed the sad, single woman that I am, I'm going to take a change of pace...my question to you all is this:

What are you doing for your loved one on Thursday? If you have a significant other, wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, whatever - what are your plans for Valentine's day?

Let me live vicariously through you. If you don't want your S.O. to know, post anonymously. I look forward to reading all your plans.

A Happy Madison Production

Actually, it's not a Happy Madison production, but I've been watching so many Adam Sandler movies lately it's stuck in my head.

Nah, today I've thinking a lot about the coming Thursday. Yes, Singles Awareness Day is once again upon us. Or Valentine's Day if you're so inclined.

I hate this coming day. For one, yes, I'm single so it's just another reminder that I have no one in my life. For two, it's over advertised (there have been valentine's on the shelves since Christmas). And for three, why WHY do we need one day to tell someone we love or care about them?

The latter is the biggest thing to me. There is so much hype and expectation around this one day that it seems like the sentiment doesn't feel true – it feels like an obligation. One shouldn't feel obligated to show love to someone or obligate someone else to do the same to them.

If you really love someone, if you really care about them...show them now! Don't wait until Thursday. Just do it. Hell, do it every day. Do it when the moment moves you. Do it when it's least expected. Do it when they are on your mind because they just are, not because of a stupid holiday coming up.

And this isn't just a romantic love, it's for everyone. If you have friends who mean a lot to you, tell them. If you are thankful for people in your life, thank them now.

I'm awful at this. I often feel like I take my few friends for granted. I hardly ever call up K&E or J-man or Tre or JB or the countless others running through my head right now. But I love you all and care about you so much. You are in my thoughts all the time and I wish I could show my appreciation for you every day.

And it's more than just those currently in my life, I'm also thinking about all the friends I've had and lost for various reasons – some because of moves and life changes, some because of fights or arguments, others just because of various circumstances and our relationships have had to end. Despite whatever the reasons we're not friends now, I still thank you all for everything you have given me. You have helped me to shape my life and become who I am today.

10 February 2008

ISTJ or ISFJ, what are you?

Cold weather is great in that I have caught up a lot on sleep lately. I curled up on the couch this evening, watching The Longest Yard on TBS and suddenly woke up to Rush Hour 2. Joy. My neck is twisted but I kept warm and it was a nice nap.

Cold weather days where I stay holed up in the apartment are nice. I love being alone. DebB and I were talking about this last week - we were talking about the MBTI test that it seems everyone takes at least once in their life. (I've taken it at least 4 times. I've come to hate it.) I'm always an "I" which people do not understand. She is, too. People look at us (separately) and would think that we are an "E" because of how we act in public and our abilities to get up in front and lead a group. But in reality we both re-energize by being alone.

It's so true. In the past week I've been told that I'm hyper, way too energetic and at one point a co-worker even took my arm and told me to settle down (I felt like a child at that point - thanks, mom. gee, I was only dancing to the music that you were playing, hello...it's really all your fault). The thing is, I am energetic in groups, I can get hyper and maybe I do get so excitable that I seem overwhelming. I think part of it is that I start to feel like I have to be a certain thing in a group, because when I'm not...when I'm the calm self I usually am, people think something is wrong and I hate getting that question. It's about as bad as being told I sound crabby.

But my point is, that even after I'm told I'm hyper or energetic or need to settle down, I can't until I'm alone. Everything just builds and builds until I feel so full that I just get exhausted and I'll sit alone and everything just drains. It's almost a literal feeling of draining the excitement, the hyperness, out of my body to where I can be me again. There are times when even this won't help - that's when I run.

I haven't been running as much lately. I went out once last week (actually outside! YAY!) and it was nice. It wasn't cold like today so it felt pretty good. I did hit the treadmill a couple times, too, and I'm really out of shape. I'm thinking (i.e. knowing) I need to hit the gym harder and sooner. The Brookings marathon is coming up way to quick. Damn me and my pre-planning by already signing up and paying for it. What was I thinking?


There's nothing more to say here. Karen said it all very well. Amen.

Damn it's cold

I woke up this morning to an apartment only 65 degrees and it steadily went down. Luckily as I was getting a paper, the maintenance guy was walking down the hallway and asked if I had heat. Apparently my apartment is notorious for the heat not always working. It was only 2 months ago that I had to deal with this same problem. Sheesh, the things you learn a year after you've lived someplace.

It's still freaking cold here. I hate winter. I hate winter. I hate winter. I'm just going to hole up today, maybe make some cookies or pie and curl up in my blankets. Thank goodness for blankets.

09 February 2008

Feeling blah

yeah, so i know i was a little bitter on that last post. I hate making plans and having to change them, especially for weather. it makes me feel like my mother and i hate that. I'm too young to be my mother yet.

But I did get a lot done today on my studying. It's not as bad as I originally thought. But it still bites. I'm going to take the night off and watch some stupid movie and veg. that should be fun.

I hope all you in the cold are staying warm. For those of you in warmer temps - enjoy. I'll try to hate you too much.

Stupid weather

Today I'm supposed to be going to see Sweeney Todd and I so want to, but my friend emailed and said the weather is supposed to be horrendous - no, he said hideous - and so maybe we should re-group. I'm actually toying with not going, but I don't want to eat the tickets OR miss the show. Dammit. I hate winter. I'm not sure what to do. Logic would say to eat the tickets and just stay home, but my pocketbook is telling me to get my ass in gear and get going so I can get up there. shit. Check back later for more updates. I'll figure something out.

Update 7:57am: Another thought - if I stay home today I could study all day which would probably be the smarter thing to do. Because if I go, I lose all of today to study, plus part of tomorrow for driving back. That would leave half of Sunday and all of Monday to get anything studied and I have to pass on Tuesday...that more than anything is leaning me towards not going at all...but man, I hate not using tickets I've spent money on already.

Update 10:59am: Okay, so my massage has been cancelled and Debbie, sweet but ill Debbie, emailed the theatre to see if I could get a voucher instead. She said the weather has turned even in the last hour in the cities and is bitterly cold. Her mom even said the roads north of town have closed. So it's looking like I'm not going. I'm going to call the Box Office in an hour and see if they'll give me a voucher for tickets or something since I live out-of-state. Cross your fingers!

Update 1:48pm: Yep, I'm staying home. No vouchers for the tickets but they'll put me on their VIP list for special events. That's something I guess...and probably better than I deserve. Oh well. Time to grab some food and get studying since that's my bonus for being here. Have a great day!

08 February 2008

Book Meme

One more before I hit the hay... this from Kat.

The Rules:
Pick up the nearest book of 123 pages or more (no cheating!)
Find page 123
Find the first five sentences
Post the next three sentences

My book choice (I have several books nearby, but this one stood out) It, by Stephen King.

"I have to," he said. There was a hutch on the far side of the room. He went to it, took a bottle of Glenfiddich from the top shelf and poured himself a drink.

And because that probably was an obvious choice for me, here's another: 1776, by David McCullough.

Large numbers of troops were quartered in vacant buildings and many of the finest mansions. ("Oh, the houses of New York, if you could see the insides of them!" grieved another resident.) King's College, west of the Commons, one of the largest, handsomest buildings in town, had been taken over as an army hospital, once the library books were removed, lest the soldiers burn them for fuel.


Okay, so I'm tired today. Last night after a long work day, a group of us met up and had a few drinks. Well, actually - they all drank, I just wasn't up for it so I had diet coke. I tell you that stuff can hit you hard, especially after not eating a real supper (unless popcorn counts, does it?).

It was a lot of fun. Between picking on Dino and Mungie Boy and their ever present blackberries (which Dino still hasn't figured out that I was the one who called all those times, even though it was Mungie leaving the messages), trying to fend off Abe explaining the ins and outs of deer hunting with a bow, and Marty and John threatening to bring 'movies', popcorn and drinks to my place, I had a blast.

Marty is hilarious and he has this infectious laugh that you can't help but laugh along with - even when he's pulling his stupid (and very innocent though they don't sound like it) lines like "would you like a little German in you?" or "would you like a little captain in you?" (long story). After I had left the bar, and told him that if he came knocking on my door I was calling security he still stopped by and knocked. At first I yelled out (laughing to myself) "I'm sleeeeeeping." But I knew he was going to do it again, so I stood by the door and watched out the peephole. (this is better in person) Suddenly I see this arm reach up and his head pop into view as he's giggling like a school-girl looking down the hall to see if anyone is watching and he knocks and runs. Heavens. You'd have thought we were in junior high. It was hilarious. I should have called him in the middle of the night and woken him up, but I'm nice so I don't do that.

But then again, I am vindictive sometimes and so this morning as they asked me how I was doing I said, "Man, I drank too much last night" as they are all popping tylenol and water. "Shuddup" I got in return. Oh well. We had fun. I should probably do that more often.

And I shouldn't be tired because I crashed at 11 last night but for whatever reason, I couldn't sleep. I'm sure it had nothing to do with the gallon of diet coke, or the continuing stress and pressure of the course test I HAVE to pass on Tuesday (and my studying hasn't been at all great this week), or the worrying about Debbie who's sick (get better, Debbie!) and countless other things on my brain. Yeah, I'm sure it had nothing to do with that. So I need to sleep because tomorrow...I...get...to...see...THIS!

I can't wait.

07 February 2008

Crazy day!

Holy crap...today has been absolutely insane...I don't even know where to start so I'm not even going to try. I hope all of your days were calm. Off to bed for me now.

06 February 2008

A little ash, anyone?

Tonight I went to the Ash Wednesday service. It was nice. I kept thinking about a post K had written maybe last year or the year before. It's pretty powerful when you hear the words. I kind of wish I would have been part of the service helping do the imposition of ashes...saying those words "remember you are dust and to dust you shall return" is incredible - it's incredible to just hear them.

It made me think about funerals and such. As my regular readers know I recently finished the Six Feet Under series (which I still have yet to mail to you K&E - hopefully NLT Monday) and they talk a lot about death and life throughout the episodes, natch.

The most prominent part that really stood out for me was the last funeral. Being in the job I am thinking about your funeral plans is kind of second nature...sometimes. You are constantly aware that you could be put in danger at anytime that could be potentially life-ending. It's not that we're morbid but we like to have our affairs in order. I got talking about this a couple weeks ago with some co-workers and it turns out one is on even ground with me - we would both like a green funeral - kind of like the last one in the series (I'm not going into depth just in case people haven't seen it yet).

I'm all for a military burial but do that and bury me under a shady tree, just me and a shroud and the ground. Plant daisies in the soil; place a flat, inscribed rock stating I am there. But just give me back to the earth. Ashes to ashes. Dust to dust.

Plus - I want it to be a celebration of my life...not some down in the dumps kind of thing. Remember if you switch the letters around in "funeral" you get "real fun"!

05 February 2008

I can't get enough

JB wrote about this the other day and since I've visited her site a thousand times to rewatch this video.

Here's a message from will.i.am from the site:

The Yes We Can Song
by will.i.am

I was sitting in my recording studio watching the debates...
Torn between the candidates

I was never really big on politics...
and actually I’m still not big on politics...
but 4 years ago, me and the black eyed peas supported Kerry...
And we supported Kerry with all our might...
We performed and performed and performed for the DNC...
doing all we could do to get the youth involved...

The outcome of the last 2 elections has saddened me...
on how unfair, backwards, upside down, unbalanced, untruthful,
corrupt, and just simply, how wrong the world and "politics" are...

So this year i wanted to get involved and do all i could early...

And i found myself torn...
because this time it’s not that simple...
our choices aren’t as clear as the last elections ...
last time it was so obvious...
Bush and war
no Bush and no war...

But this time it’s not that simple...
and there are a lot of people that are torn just like i am...

So for awhile I put it off and i was going to wait until it was decided for me...

And then came New Hampshire...

And i was captivated...


I reflected on my life...
and the blessings I have...
and the people who fought for me to have these rights and blessings...

and I’m not talking about a "black thing"
I’m talking about a "human thing" me as a "person"
an American...

That speech made me think of Martin Luther King...
and Lincoln...
and all the others that have fought for what we have today...

what America is "supposed" to be...

and truth...

and thats not what we have today...
we think we are free...
but in reality terror and fear controls our decisions...

this is not the America that our pioneers and leaders fought and
died for...

and then there was New Hampshire

it was that speech...
like many great speeches...
that one moved me...
because words and ideas are powerful...

It made me think...
and realize that today we have "very few" leaders...
maybe none...

but that speech...

it inspired me...
it inspired me to look inside myself and outwards towards the world...
it inspired me to want to change myself to better the world...
and take a "leap" towards change...
and hope that others become inspired to do the same...
change themselves..
change their greed...
change their fears...
and if we "change that"
"then hey"..
we got something right...???...

1 week later after the speech settled in me...
I began making this song...
I came up with the idea to turn his speech into a song...
because that speech effected and touched my inner core like nothing in a very long time...

it spoke to me...

because words and ideas are powerful...

I just wanted to add a melody to those words...
I wanted the inspiration that was bubbling inside me to take over...

so i let it..

I wasn't afraid to stand for something...
to stand for "change"...
I wasn't afraid of "fear"...
it was pure inspiration...

so I called my friends...
and they called their friends...
in a matter of 2 days...
We made the song and video...

Usually this process would take months...
a bunch of record company people figuring out strategies and release dates...
all that stuff...
but this time i took it in my own hands...
so i called my friends sarah pantera, mike jurkovac, fred goldring, and jesse dylan to help make it happen...
and they called their friends..
and we did it together in 48 hours...
and instead of putting it in the hands of profit we put it in the hands of inspiration...

then we put it on the net for the world to feel...

When you are truly inspired..
magic happens...
incredible things happen...
love happens..
(and with that combination)

"love, and inspiration"

change happens...

"change for the better"
Inspiration breeds change...

"Positive change"...

no one on this planet is truly experienced to handle the obstacles we face today...
Terror, fear, lies, agendas, politics, money, all the above...
It’s all scary...

Martin Luther King didn't have experience to lead...
Kennedy didn't have experience to lead...
Susan B. Anthony...
Nelson Mandella...
Rosa Parks...
Anne Frank...
and everyone else who has had a hand in molding the freedoms we have and take for granted today...

no one truly has experience to deal with the world today...

they just need "desire, strength, courage ability, and passion" to change...
and to stand for something even when people say it's not possible...

America would not be here "today" if we didn’t stand and fight for
change "yesterday"...
Everything we have as a "people" is because of the "people" who fought for
and whoever is the President has to realize we have a lot of changing to do

I'm not trying to convince people to see things how i do...
I produced this song to share my new found inspiration and how I've been moved...
I hope this song will make you feel...
and think...
and be inspired just like the speech inspired me...

that’s all...

Let's all come together like America is supposed to...
Like Japan did after Hiroshima...

that was less than 65 years ago...
and look at Japan now...

they did it together...
they did it...

"We can't?...

Are you serious..?..


Yes we can...
A United "America"
Democrats, Republicans and Independents together...
Building a new America

We can do it...

Please visit www.yeswecansong.com

Thank you for reading and listening...

04 February 2008

Ah, Mondays

Monday, Monday...Can't trust that day, you know. I was so exhausted yesterday that I didn't even watch the Super Bowl...I do know who won though. I realized this morning that my energy level was back up the last two days and I think it's because my boss is back from his little trip! WOOHOO! I'm not a very spiritual energy kind of person but over the past year working with this man I have really come to appreciate the energy levels that people bring to the workplace. He gives off an energy level that is just amazing.

or it could just be my continued fear of screwing up that keeps me motivated when he's around.

And I really wish I could bottle some of it so I could use it at home on my days off. I haven't done a thing today. I was going to wash dishes, and decided not to. I was going to make cookies, decided not to. I was going to go through all the papers on my table and counters and floor and decided not to. I have basically vegged today. It's been nice, but I could really use some energy. Maybe I should go somewhere and run.

And Happy Birthday, K!

03 February 2008

Speed typer

90 words

Touch Typing online

and zero wrong
I rock

But I know I can do better, so you know I'll be doing this a lot from now on.

Another whirlwind of a day

Once again things just flew by today. This morning's meeting began with a discussion on segregation. During our weekend work days we have chapel services (since people can't make it to church). Our meetings are where the Protestant chapel services occur so when I walked in this morning, everyone was sitting in chairs ready to go. So of course, I had to banter.

Moe - "Look at this! Everyone's ready for church! Awesome!"
1Sgt - "Well, except for the Catholics. They have to go across the street." (He's Catholic.)
Moe - "What is it with this segregation in worshipping? I just don't understand! Can't we all just worship together? What is so wrong with us?" *fake exasperation and crying*
1Sgt started laughing and said something I can't remember that just made us all laugh harder - something about not wanting to worship with us or something...

So then, just 'cause I'm evil, after we ran through the days events, I said, "Everyone have a great day! Church starts in 10 minutes, so just sit tight and things will get started shortly...that is of course unless you're Catholic ... then you have to leave because we're all about the segregation in worshipping."
Everyone started laughing and 1sgt put his hand up and said, "Follow me! Let's go!"

More comments ensued about how fun our morning meetings are now. *smile* I'm so glad people seem to enjoy them. I remember how they were before I started leading them - boring! We'd talk about what was for lunch, go through a couple things all deadpan and then head on our way. To be honest, half the time I never paid attention. I think people pay attention now just to see what the hell I'm going to say. And that's always a surprise - sometimes even to myself.

Anyway, the rest of the day was, like I said, just a whirlwind...one thing after another. Despite the start to the day, and the fact I spent most of it with a grin on my face, there were some stressful moments. But they seemed few and far between - and really things are only as stressful as you make them out to be. I really do try to just take in the situation, evaluate and then act on it.

But again, I realized as I was driving home that I must be a workaholic. 12 hours Friday, 10 hours yesterday (with one break) and another 9 today (with one break for brunch mid-morning). Crazy! I was really tired today when I got home. I want to go to bed now, but alas, it's laundry night. *yawn* well...maybe just a nap.

02 February 2008

Am I going to end up like this?

You know, I'm not a total idiot. I do love my job. I have a great situation going for me right now. But I always have this tiny fear that keeps creeping up when I get home and start thinking about things too much.

What am I going to do if my job suddenly makes me like this? (seriously, click on the link...you'll love it.)

Holy Hannah

It's amazing how things happen. I started today without a single thing on my schedule, but the only time I sat down to breathe was for 30 minutes at lunch. It was crazy. It began right away and just kept going. As we all met up together this morning for a quick meeting to start the day, I was rattling things off to a couple people and a guy eavesdropping leaned over and said, "Moe, how much coffee have you had this morning?" uh, none, I don't drink coffee. "So how much pop then?" uh, none, I haven't had anything to drink this morning. "So you're always like this?"

Okay, so I was a little hyper this morning. I was running late which always gets my heart pumping. At least I wasn't as nervous as I usually am for this meeting (I lead it) and later that day one person stopped by and said, "Wow, the morning has really gotten to be a lot of fun." My thought is, it's 7 a.m., no one really wants to be there (except me since I love my job) and so I try to keep it lively. One person stood up to read of a list of names who needed to meet with her today and she kept reading and reading and reading more names. When she had finally finished I said, "If your name wasn't called, could you raise your hand?" Everyone laughed as only 5 people raised their hand. whoops.

The rest of the day was a whirlwind. It was one thing after another - not in a bad way because it was really great to keep going - but after awhile it just gets overwhelming. But then I stayed at work tonight for an extra hour because I'm just crazy. Last night I stayed an extra 2 hours. (Am I workaholic? Yeah, probably.)

What a fun day though. I tweaked an article for Mungie Boy and watched a new work video on sexual assault. See I'm a Victim's Advocate at work and so RAC and I are always checking out the new videos and training that the higher ups send down. They sometimes put together some good stuff for our folks to watch, but we have to skim it before we send it out to everyone. The latest is really good, covering so many more aspects of sexual assault than previous ones.

After that it was just paperwork and helping other people and laughing and having a great time. At one point I was laughing so hard I couldn't breathe. But what fun. This is why I love my job.

01 February 2008

Best Quote

"I'm tired of reading Highlights for children. They always hide the apple in the bike." - Shawn Spencer, Psych

Confused as usual

One of my dear friends left a very poignant comment on my win-a-free-t-shirt post. He mentioned how he'd like to see me soon. I immediately felt bad because I was just in his neck of the woods last weekend and didn't even think to call.

Part of that is because I still have this feeling from my youth of not wanting to impose on others. I've always felt slightly like an outcast - even back in high school when we'd be riding the bus to and from games and the little freshmen girls were getting invited to parties right in front of me. I've never fit in anywhere, just have always tried to be myself and live my own life.

I think moving here has brought that feeling back. I head up to the cities often because I have tickets to the Guthrie (generally, that's the only reason). My boy-friends and Debbie and I almost always get together because, well, we just do. We were all in choir together so I'd see them at church and then we'd do brunch...yada, yada, yada. But my Luther friends...yeah, I've kind of fallen to the wayside on them.

It's not that I don't want to see them, but I know they are busy with their lives and I hate to be a bother. My weekends are sometimes quickies and trying to carve out an hour here for one and an hour here for another seems kind of rude in that I'm not really allowing a lot of time to reconnect and it feels like a revolving door of meeting up with people.

Does any of this make sense? I feel very disjointed on this.

Drumroll, please...

And the winners are:

Blog T-Shirt: JB

Change T-Shirt: CindaRu and Dustin Too!

Congrats! And thanks to all who commented. I wish I had prizes for everyone.

(And just in case you were wondering, I put everyone's name on the same type of paper and folded everyone the same way. This morning in my slumber I checked the original post to see if anyone else had signed up, but to no avail. So I drew two names.)

Keep checking back! Who knows if I may find something else for a give-away.