31 August 2005


So today I’m trekking off to Madison, SD, to witness the blessing of J-man into the world of priesthood, so to speak. I have priesthood on the brain because I went looking for a card yesterday and Hallmark had nothing for ordination. How screwed up are they? Anyway…j-man is getting ordinated and I’m heading to see him. It works out well because mom is following me back Thursday AM as the first leg of her trip to go see Monte, et. al.

I’m feeling a bit guilty that I missed e’s ordination this past weekend. I so wanted to be there. I hope you know I thought about you all weekend E & K. I’m sure it was an incredible experience and I can’t wait to see pics. :)

Thoughts of these ordinatings take me back to mikey’s – that was a beautiful service. I swear I teared up at least 20 times through the whole thing. Then when mikey and I went to yo’s that was awesome too. So many amazing people I know are bringing the word of Christ to all…it’s an awesome feeling, knowing that I know them. I’m honored to call them friends. They are truly doing something to help the world be a better place. Blessings to you all!

day 30

Woohoo! Another kickass night of running. A1 and I went out earlier so it was hotter so I sweated more. Yay. we did the stairs again though we were both hurting and tired from the night before. Ran for 20 minutes but slower than last night. Oh well. E had mentioned his dad talked him into a 5K in Austin – that’s so awesome and I’m so impressed. I haven’t done a marathon yet. I’m thinking I should find one to run, but right now I need to focus on my 1.5 mile in 11 days.

I’m not sure I’m eating well. That is an issue. Oh well…I weighed today and I gained 4/10 from Saturday…I could be gaining muscle but I’m not sure. Oh well…I’m still lighter now than I have been in 2 years. That makes me glad.

30 August 2005

day 29

Woohoo! I get a bigass smiley today for I not only mowed my damn lawn, but I also went running, and not only did I go running but A1 ran with me and we did the stairs and we ran the entire way around the entire park which is over a mile, but I think under 1.5 miles – still okay because, dammit, we ran the stairs! Cool. A2 walked behind us and directed us where to go so we would get the most for our workout. We need to get her a whistle though just in case. Like a1 and I were saying, we felt safe running at night, in the almost dark, because we were together, but a2 off by herself made us nervous.

29 August 2005


Months ago I began bugging my friend, Dana, about finding me a nice man with whom I could settle down and be forever happy. Blah blah blah. I wanted to get over D. and I thought this would be a good way since Dana is a good guy and hopefully would know other good guys. Dana used to, and continues to, constantly ask me if I have a boyfriend and since I know Dana is happily married I’m assuming he was just checking on my livelihood. He had said the only single guy he knows is his friend Ron. We started talking about a time to meet and how to go about it and, suddenly I was feeling nervous and overwhelmed and not so sure of myself (as usual) so I begged off – asking for a later time we could meet. Dana understood, thank goodness, and said he’d call me later or just stop by with Ron sometime so we could meet.

Today we met. (like you hadn’t guessed that was the purpose of this posting…)

Dana had called earlier this morning and said he had 4 dates lined up for me, so I asked if they were all with the same guy or different ones. He said, “who said they were guys?” haha. He’s so funny. So he brought Ron by during my lunch half-hour so we could meet and chat. Ron is really cute, killer eyes, awesome smile and about 5'3" or 5'4". Why, why do I have this hang up with guys shorter than me? Is it because I already feel freakin’ huge (I wanna be little) and so when I stand by someone smaller than me I feel even bigger. Guh. I had this same problem with Tony last month - of course he had said he was 5'8" so that was just blatant lying.

Anyway, I’m going to call Dana later and see what Ron thought of me. Haphazard meeting and all… As Ron said, Dana is a great instigator…but follow-through? Well, we’ll have to see on that one.

days 26-28

Another weekend down full of crap. Well, not completely. I think I had salad last night and I seem to recall some celery in there somewhere. Otherwise I had some eggs, popsicles, and some sugar free candy – probably too much of the latter two. Oh well. Saturday I was walking around the apartment while I was cleaning and realized I just am not hungry on the weekends. No, hunger isn’t the issue – I’m just ‘snacky’. Even if I sit down and actually have a meal, I’m still snacky when I’m home. It sucks. One person I know calls it grazing…I used to graze but that was more when I’d pop a bag of popcorn or have a bag of chips open and eat one every time I walked by the table – so of course I would make an excuse to walk to and from the kitchen any second I could. But now I just snack…it’s so bad. I’m beginning to hate weekends. I need the consistency of a job – but Lord knows I can’t work 7 days a week. sheesh.

26 August 2005

whining below...beware

I want to be little. Someone just walked by with cheesecake with cherries on top….mmmmm I’m jealous. My little salad with chicken chunks looks so pathetic but I want to be little. I think I might try the carbsense pizza crust this weekend. Maybe. It may be a bit soon for that. I just want to be little.


I had a thought the other day. I was in the bathroom in the occ with two other women. Well they had come in together, the whole “women can’t go to the bathroom alone” theory playing out in full-force. They were doing their thing and chatting away while I was chuckling at the situation. One of the women finished first and hollers out to her friend, “I’ll wait for you outside.” And I had this overwhelming urge to holler back, “Watch out for bears!”

(pause for confusion)

I don’t know why…I really don’t. one of those weird moments in life where you wonder just what the hell is going on in your mind and how ever can you overcome this moment and become normal again (that is, if I was ever normal to start). Strange. Maybe I just need a date.

day 25

I just realized that I passed the whole “21 days makes a habit” mark a few days ago. Pretty cool…so how did I celebrate last night? By having two 1 inch long, 1/8 of an inch thick French fries and they didn’t taste good. YAY! carolann and I met Kevin at figlio’s after our pedi’s and his haircut. Had a drink (I’m becoming a lightweight not having k&e to drink with more frequently and lord knows, I can’t drink at home because that’s SO not a good sign to drink alone), had 2 mini burgers (which really weren’t mini – I shudder to think of what their regular burger size would be) without the bun, of course, ...actually just ate the meat (probably good since I was needing some red meat) and the 2 fries. Yes 2! I was happy to note that the fries weren’t that good (actually they were delicious but I’m telling myself they were gross) but they were the perfect size. I at one point handed them to carolann so she could have them by her because, it wasn’t that I was hungry for them, but they were in front of me and I’ve learned that if I’ve eaten I just need to move what I’m not going to eat to the other side of the table or put it away – out of reach so I’m not tempted to ‘eat because it’s there’.

I have been impressed with me that I can just turn away at bread and pasta and stuff. I don’t crave it really anymore. I’m still loving chocolate, I don’t think I could give that up so thank God for the sugar free stuff. That’s been the surprising thing on this lifestyle change (not a diet…can’t call it a diet)…though I ‘can’t’ eat the things I normally used to I’m still finding things I like to eat with ease. It’s great. I’m learning to enjoy salad again. I’m learning to appreciate string cheese and veggies. Celery and PB are my friends again – and I’m not really getting bored (though I know I’ve said that a lot lately). It’s really not that bad. I think when I can go back to more carbs and I use my carbsense stuff instead, I’ll still feel better overall. I’m starting to get energy back now that my body has adjusted to the eating plan so jogging at night isn’t as bad as it would have been 2 weeks ago. Interesting. It’s kind of humbling but exciting all at the same time.

It’s funny to note that a week ago I was referring to myself as a 6 or 7 year old getting humored by my parents for wanting this unattainable goal. There have been moments this week, like when I was looking at my goal (k – you know the one) hanging by my closet this morning even, where I’m thinking I’ll never be small to fit into that. But it’s time to get over that. Not that I won’t still have those thoughts, because hell that’s just human nature in this day of age, but I just have to keep reminding me that it has been 25 days only. I have a while to go. It’s that whole instant gratification people want today which sucks. Just have to suck it up and actually work for something for once.

25 August 2005

day 24

Checked this morning and I’m 4/10 over what I was last Thursday. Maybe this whooshing thing is true. Just makes me want to work extra hard the next three weeks so when then hell week comes upon me it won’t be quite as bad – I hope.

Food was okay yesterday. I made my baked chicken with Dijon, teriyaki and cheese. Yummy! I think I need to lay off the need to have something different every noon. I was thinking about this last night. Dad had 2 bologna and cheese sandwiches everyday for lunch (plus some cookies in his lunch pail for coffee breaks and dessert) for years! I remember asking him once if he ever got bored with his food. He had said that he didn’t think about it…it was just fuel to get through the rest of the day. That makes a lot of sense. We had good dinners every night – for the most part – and if I can keep that up, changing up the dinner at night, then having the same thing for breakfast and lunch everyday shouldn’t be such a hardship. So there you go. It really made sense since after having my baked chicken last night, I didn’t feel so bad about putting together my standard breakfast and lunch today.

I’m about to embrace my dorkiness and state that I get another smiley sticker for my calendar! YAY! Ran last night around Powderhorn Lake again. Same amount around but this time I was actually able to run 2 times consecutively (yay!), then walked a bit, ran another half then walked the rest of the way. I also ran up the hill, a lot like the one outside NW, at the end just to work the calves a bit. I’m thinking I may try the stairs from hell that are there too. Seriously, lots of stairs leading up to this ledge by the street. I’ve been watching them as I’d pass them and they look okay, not deathly steep but steep enough.

24 August 2005

play quietly and spontaneously

Last night was great. After work I chatted with a cute boy for a little bit, had a great wedding walk-thru (it’s nice to have a nice bride again), and then off to the Guthrie for a play. Saw “The Constant Wife” by W. Somerset Maugham (spelling?). It was really good. It had been awhile since I saw a real play – no songs, no dances, just actors acting. I was impressed. For those who read this and are around, check it out. I thought it was worth admission. :)

I feel like there should be more exciting things going on in my life, but this week is just so nice and calming…so not like the bitch I was last week. I think it helps that it’s quiet here this week. First week starts next Tuesday so it’ll be insane then too. But this coming weekend is truly my last free weekend for a while. A1 and I are thinking of a movie on Friday since a2 will be out of town. That might be nice. It’s not supposed to be too hot so I’m thinking about finishing (continuing) the patio furniture. I really want to get that paint off and I haven’t worked on it in awhile. But the state fair opens tomorrow and I’m debating on going on Saturday to the fm107 booth to see ian and Margery. I haven’t seen ian in a long time so it’d be fun to see him again. But then again I hate the fair and I’m really not sure I want to spend the day walking around trying to find them – plus since it’s supposed to beeeeutiful this weekend it’ll be busier than crap there. Hmmmm. Tough call.

A couple of us were just talking about how this world has become so lacksidasial with planning. It seems with cell phones things can be done at the push of the button – you just call and it’s taken care of. What happened to planning? Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one who plans things anymore. (I know this isn’t true, it just feels that way) But I have to out of necessity with guards but I do with everything – I try to plan out my grocery list and when I’m going to go, I plan when I’m going to go home for guards and when I’m going home just to go home, I plan trips and vacations months in advance as best as I can, hell, I’m even planning my meals. maybe I’m just not spontaneous enough.

day 23

Not bad for day 23, but I’m getting bored with the food again. Not a good sign. Good thing I’m planning to grill up some good chicken tonight, or maybe I’ll do my old cheese and bake recipe instead. I haven’t had that in awhile. but I guess I did forget to have supper – well, not necessarily forgot, I did have celery and pb but I had forgotten to pack something a little more-so nutritious per se since I wouldn’t have time to go home before my evening plans. Oh well. I did have almonds in my purse for intermission last night. That was at least one step better to greatness. Ha!

I need to find some better options of things to bring along for lunch and such though. Sometimes it’s hard with bringing a cooler everyday, you can’t do anything to elaborate and it all has to fit so I feel somewhat limited. Oh well…I’m rambling. My dearest tre and I made a pact on Sunday when we had had our ‘lunch of resolutions’ to work out more. We check up on each other daily in general, but we chat about this now too. I’m so proud of her for getting up this morning and walking! YAY TRE! I have plans to run again tonight. Gotta keep at it when I can. less than 3 weeks before fit testing.

23 August 2005

day 22

Back to square one. I had some of my soy tortilla chips this weekend but I’m swearing off of them during the week – trying that whole phase 1.5 thing. If I’m good this week I might try the pizza this weekend. Went running last night around Powderhorn Lake. I’m not sure of the distance around it – there doesn’t seem to be an answer anywhere. I’m going to keep searching though. I went around 3 times, running 2.25 of those. Not bad for the first time out in months. Ugh. Slept like a baby last night because of it and I get to put a little smiley face sticker in my planner. :) I’m such a dork...

22 August 2005

weekend tidbits

So this weekend wasn’t the best, but wasn’t completely bad either. Friday was insane getting ready for the ctt group that was here plus the reception plus various other annoyances throughout the morning. I actually was relieved when I got in my car and proceeded to drive 4 hours at warp speed to meet mom for supper at OC’s. ahhhh relief for being away after a week of bitchiness. Dinner with mom was nice. I like having the quiet time with her alone away from everything. She went dancing and I went home and read my Glamour. :)

Saturday wasn’t too bad (except for the food, see below). The AM was fit testing which sucked. I haven’t been doing much for exercise in a while so I knew I wasn’t going to do well. So that’s my goal for the next 3 weeks since I have to redo it in September. Yuck. I’m going to try for the run instead of the step test. Then I don’t have to do the pulse test, I just have to make time, which if I start now and run and build up to it everyday I should be fine. I’ve done it before with Jay, I think I can do it again.

But the rest of Saturday was nice. Family Day at Tea park and pool. That was fun. Lisa, Ryan, Emmy and Zach came up from Alcester and mom came down for a day of fun. It was perfect weather for walking around but a touch cool for the pool though Emmy and I went down the slides as much as we could until they got hardass on us and told us she was too short. Whatever. The kids had fun, the adults got tired, but all in all a nice day.

Sunday was another short day. Church, brunch, emails, retention interview with Kristi and then preparing for next month a bit. Lunch with Tre was great. It’s always super fun to hang with her. The drive home seemed longer than usual but was till the same amount of time. Odd. Went to church at Central. I love the Evening Prayer service. It’s so nice and calming. Aaron was singing and made me cry with my favorite song “Give Me Jesus”. Man that boy can sing, and he has the perfect voice for the song. *sigh*

Pretty much a wasted but good weekend. Of course it’s never wasted when you spend time with family and that was nice. We missed Kev, Joey and Jake, but Joey had to work and Jake wasn’t feeling well. :( maybe next time.

days 19-21

Food this weekend did not go well. After having salad with mom on Friday night and my standard eggs on Saturday morning, everything went downhill. Guards had ‘brunch’ both days for the ‘noon’ meal so instead of salad, which I was hoping for, I had mushy eggs and bacon which I literally had to squeeze the grease from. Then it was all juices and melons for other options. I had to drink something so I had a little bit of milk but guh. It was family day weekend so that meal was pulled pork, chips, baked beans and desserts. Oh so great for the diet. I had about 12 beans and pulled some of the pulled pork from the sandwich and ate that and one bite of the carrot cake which actually made me want to throw up. Yuck it was just gross. After the long day I stopped and got popsicles and weight watchers fudgsicles (which aren’t as good as the popsicle brand) and had those for supper.

Sunday was just as bad…egg mush again for breakfast, then I went to OG with Tre. I usually just get salad but I found a chicken/veggie meal but of course it came with pasta but kudos to OG for offering whole wheat pasta as an alternative. So I got the low-fat, low carb meal. Not bad. I had a couple of the bow-tie pasta but it wasn’t really that good (not the taste, I just kept hearing the numbers tick away of the amount of carbs I was ingesting) so I didn’t have much of it. Not bad. Then drove home and had cheese and celery/pb on the way. Missed supper last night too. Weekends are so bad. I need to work on that.

I will say that I have been doing this for 3 weeks (officially) now and I am feeling better about myself. I don’t miss bread as much as I thought I would though OG was hard yesterday as I love their breadsticks but I’m not really missing it otherwise. Hopefully I’ll keep going down and will do better with this weekend thing. This week could be whoosh week. I hope so since weighing in this morning sucked. We’ll wee what happens.

19 August 2005

day 18

I’m beginning to hate this. This week has totally sucked for food. Went out with carol last night to the Machine Shed. Good eats – had half a steak, some cole slaw and cottage cheese. Carol had the other half, mashed potatoes and corn. Very funny to look at our food choices…or at least what we could eat. This running around all afternoon to check on things does not help my eating. I need to figure something out if this continues. Ugh. Plus I feel fat and bloated and icky today. i feel like I’m never going to be skinny, or thin or less than what I weigh right now. It seems like such a pipe dream, one that your parents pat you on the head about when you’re 6 or 7 when you say you want to be an astronaut and go to Mars and they say, “of course, honey, you can do anything you set your mind to,” but then turn around and chuckle at your youthful notions as your brother begins to beat you to a pulp because, ‘man, you’re already from mars.’ Guh. I hope this passes because this just makes me crabby.

18 August 2005

memo in red

I made a gluten free cake last night for carolann. It’s not bad but not fluffy – ‘dense’ was the word Leland used to describe the cupcake version. I think the cake will be better. But we’ll see. It’s really for carol since I made it with actual sugar instead of splenda because I was concerned about the outcome. She hasn’t tried it yet but we all need it this week.

Carol and I somehow ended up on the same cycle so we’re both PMS-ing together this week. it’s great. We should send a memo to the offices around campus so they know that bitchiness may ensue due to both of us being crabby and hormonal at the same time. Too funny. I could just see the memo now:

Notice to Staff/Faculty:

All staff and faculty of Luther Seminary are to be aware (beware) of last minute room and event requests during the week of August 15-19 due to hormonal imbalances amidst the Event Services department. All disturbances should be resolved by Monday, August 23, but caution should be taken, at least through the 25th. Thank you.

Oh and yes, it would be in red to help the delicate nature of the days be evident.

day 17

Not so good yesterday. I’m not drinking enough. This week has been awful. On top of being PMS week (sorry men who read this) but it’s also been the most stressful week of the summer. Ugh! This event this week is killing us all. Plans weren’t thought ahead, people planning aren’t available for discussion (ever, it seems) and so now we’re completely in crunch time. On top of which everyone wants to book for the fall so it’s just nasty.

Now that’s not completely sb stuff but I think it effects my situation today. Gained back a pound point 6 today. That so does not make me happy (see I knew weighing twice a week would bit me in the ass some day) but looking at this week it makes sense. I haven’t been eating right – my water intake has gone WAY down, my food intake has been screwed up because of meetings and not having anything with me or just being so exhausted at night that the last thing I want to do is make a salad or grill up chicken – popsicles baby. They’ve been my friend but they’re becoming my downfall.

This coming weekend will be rough, I know. It’s family day at guards and the menu is pulled pork sandwiches, baked beans, chips and orange drink. Blech on all counts. My family doesn’t know about the sb thing so packing a lunch will be funny since they have no idea what’ll be going on when I whip out my celery and salad. But I’m going to struggle my way through and then Monday start back to phase 1 and do the best I can. that’s all I can do at this point.

17 August 2005

one last look at the canaanite woman

Mary Hinkle Shore has her own blog, which is quite a blessing if you have a chance to read it. She included a letter to the Canaanite woman. Quite a nice look at the text.

Let's do it for our country - oh the places we could go

I love when people call and ask for a number of a staff member, which I’m not supposed to give out but I’m feeling generous today even though I’m in the most bitchiest of moods ever, and I give it to them and they say, “Is that what’s on the web page?” well, yes ma’am it is. “Well, are you sure that’s right because I just called it and got Hamline University and they said that number wasn’t correct.” Well, ma’am, I’ve been dialing this number all day for this man and it seems to be going through, I’ve checked my directory and it is accurate, again the number is: blah blah. Ma’am would you like me to connect you? (pause of disbelief – by her, not me) “Well, we can try it,” in the nicest, most non-believing tone of a woman expecting to get Hamline once again. Oh the things I could have said! That could be a great Dr. Suess book. (by the way…it went through – oh AND I tried just dialing the number that is listed on the webpage, and Oh, yeah that one goes through too)

I’m hunkered in here at the InfoDesk today. Boxes galore are surrounding me. I feel like I’m a guest star on Grease 2 where they go into the bunker and sing “We’ll do it for our country” only I don’t have a man with me nor will the sirens be blowing to simulate a nuclear attack so I won’t get to ‘do it for my country’. Sad, sad am I. But seriously, am surrounded by boxes of projects. Got another one today. At least this one is do-able today. The other one will take a bit longer, so we’re going to move those down to the hole until we get the rest of the materials.

16 August 2005

tuesday night ramblings...

Today was a good day overall…especially relating to events. I was able to sit in and be part of a couple meetings dealing with this event this weekend. It was great to be included in the process (even though we’re getting really last minute now!). I really enjoy the process of putting everything together – the brainstorming of ideas – the planning and eventually the execution of it all. Unfortunately I won’t be here for most of the execution this weekend since I get to play weekend warrior but still…


It is weekend warrior week…that’s fun to say. Family day, though, so it won’t be too painful. This year it’s half a day at the Tea water park…didn’t know they had one…with the whole fan-damily. The R’s, the H’s and mom. Should be a good time. Although it’s also fit testing weekend, not that I’ve gotten a letter telling me that’s what I have to do but whatever. Oh and we’re getting out early on Sunday. That’s a good thing. At least this month I can stick with my plan of preparing a bunch of meat and food on Sunday night for the first half of the week. And I’ll be able to go to church at 7. YAY!


Morty got his first oil change today. That was fun. I got a big star on my service sheet for ‘traveling the farthest’ today. HA! My car is registered in SD so of course it show’s that address. They actually thought I drove up just for the oil change. Oh well…in some ways I did I guess. I did get to meet the service manager today because of it though. :) too funny.


This is all just so random today…sorry. I’m working the night shift for once. It’s kind of interesting to be back at the desk in the quiet of the evening. Plus it gives me a chance to go through the closing check list and see what’s missing and what needs to be done – plus how long it would/should take each night. Gotta whip these kids in shape this year. :)


I’m thinking of joining Bally’s. I found one on Sunday near my house. I know we have a ‘free’ gym here and that might work too, but since I’ve changed my thinking on eating, maybe it’s time I change my thinking on working out. Bally’s I could hit after supper (when it’s usually slower anyway) and not have to deal with the crazy LS people :) but I would really have to be focused on going after supper. That worries me a bit but since I used to think I couldn’t survive without pizza and I’ve now gone almost a month without a slice, maybe I can work out after supper and make the change there too. My big thing used to be that once I was home I didn’t want to leave again, but that’s all a load of crap and I know it. If I go home at 5, home by 5:30 I can grill, do dishes, make lunch for the next day and head to the gym around 7 and still be home by 8:30 or 9. Plus they open at 5 so I could essentially go in the AM too (without fearing I’m waking up the Stub guests). I don’t know. I can do a 30 day trial where I can use it 3 days a week, but I’ll have to see if that’ll be worth it. Hmmmm… (oh and they have a deal right now $18 a month for 18 months. Not bad really.

days 15 and 16

First day of phase 1.5 went well. I ordered my carbsense stuff – pizza crust, pie crust (for tiny pies!), and tortilla chips. Hopefully they’ll be good. The day went pretty well for food. Thank goodness you can have eggs as much as you want – I love eggs and egg whites are really up my alley. Mmmm and popsicles and fudgsicles. mmmm

Today was good but kind of off over all. Had an appointment in the am so I ate at home (odd – it felt like a weekend) then c and I had a lunch meeting. I found a really good salad at Ruby Tuesday’s – the Skinny Salad…dressing is on the side and it has grilled chicken, cheese, chopped tomatoes and lots of lettuce. Yum. But then we were running around the rest of the day. Finally got to eat at 6:30. I had remembered cheese for my purse this morning but forgot for the afternoon. I’m going to just keep almonds or something in my purse all the time.

Sooooo, so far it seems to be going well. I’m going to have to try my pants on that are sizes smaller than what I wear now. Not sure it’s the best time to do that…maybe too soon, but I need to see where I am and where I can go.

15 August 2005

days 12, 13, 14

One more pound down. Again I worry about weighing twice a week, and this morning was a little worrisome since the weekend wasn’t the best. Someday this’ll bite me in the ass. But since July 11 I’m down 10 pounds total, acc. to myfooddiary.com, so it’ll be interesting to see my family this weekend and see if they notice anything different. They haven’t seen me since July 4th so I wonder if I look different. I don’t feel like I look different but 10 pounds is a nice chunk to lose. Haha…nice pun.

Technically I could be in phase 2 today. But alas, I think I’m going to stay on phase 1 a little longer – or at least phase 1.5 (maybe). Friday went well, even with the multiple units of alcohol in my system from oc’s with jb – oh and the wingy (miss you e!) and veggie & dip tray. I did learn why alcohol isn’t recommended during phase 1…damn, no carbs or bread to suck up the alcohol and whoa can you get a buzz in a hurry! :)

Saturday went okay. I stayed home all day, had my meals as I could (should!) but also had only diet coke to drink and lots of popsicles. Sad, really I’m sad. Sunday was similar except for less popsicles and I had some steak for dinner. (E – can you send me your tricks because mine turned out too done. It was still good, but I can’t quite figure out how to grill it right. Can you help?)

I’m getting addicted to the sugar free popsicles though. They are SO yummy and it’s so hard to believe they are sugar free. I wish I could pack them to take to work with me but maybe that’d be going too far. It’s probably good I’m not sitting at home everyday – I’d go through a box every week! As it is now, it takes me 2 weeks. haha

12 August 2005

'It's like a kind of torture...to have to watch the show'

I’m feeling old. Years ago, when I was in college and very active in theatre (i.e. Masquers group) my friends tried to educate me in the world of Monty Python. They couldn’t believe a theatre person had never seen Holy Grail and “omigod you need to see it”. So the group arranged a ‘screening’ of it for me a brian’s house. They were all excited because they, of course, loved the movie. Well I sat down, ready to enjoy and 2 minutes into the movie they were reciting all the lines, so much so that I couldn’t even understand what was being said. So I bowed out that night – which may have pissed them off – but I figured I’d rent it and come to understand it better later.

Well Wednesday I bought the Special Edition of the Holy Grail so I could fill a (so-called) gap from my youth. I sat down to watch it last night and, you know, I just don’t get the humor. Yes, it’s funny to a point but I didn’t quite get the knock-down, all out laughter that had ensued when I watched it in college. Maybe I’m just getting old. Or as Tre said, maybe I just didn’t have the right amount of alcoholic intake to enjoy it. I’ll have to work on that this weekend. :)

But then again, maybe it’s just one of those movies that the first experience is what makes it funny. I find some movies extremely funny that I know others wouldn’t – like Paramedics, My Blue Heaven, Spaceballs, How I Got into College, Plain Clothes, Mannequin, Dream a Little Dream, etc – well basically tons of cheesy 80’s movies.


I just received season one of The Muppet Show in the mail today. 4 discs, 604 minutes of pure joy coming my way. It’s very exciting. I remember watching episodes with the family when I was really young, and then reruns when they would occur. Ah, the fun. I mean, really, what could be more fun than watching Statler and Waldorf criticize every moment on the show, or the Swedish Chef, or Doctor Bunsen Honeydew and Beeker? Exciting times.

calling all smart computer wizards who know blogs

i need some help. this wysiwyg action for this blog has been great but now i want to expand it a little and i’m not sure how. i’d like to set up links for some of my entries – like my sb ones for sure – to put them in a separate archived folder. (so it says at the bottom – link at whatever) i’d also like to include some links of interest on the side but i’m not sure how to go about that. Does anyone know?

day 11

Last night was a bad night. Uffda. I hope it doesn’t set me back too much. Wednesday I had read that I could have 30 pistachios versus the 15 almonds or cashews. So I bought a bag. YUMMY! I love pistachios. That’s a danger, though, because last night while I was waiting for my balsamic chicken (in the book) to finish cooking I had some. Then after supper I was still a little hungry so I had more. NOT good…way too many pistachios. On one hand, at least it wasn’t chocolate or sugar or chips, but man…that was so not good. I have to divide those up tonight into little bags of 30 and allow one a day. Grrrr at me.

Otherwise the balsamic chicken from last night was divine! MMMMM so yummy. I kind of like this program because to curb my boredom I’m kind of forced to make different kinds of recipes – which are easy to make, it’s just a trick to actually taking the time to prepare since the last two have required at least some time of marinating. And the recipes turn out great! I love these chicken options! I’m going to try the turkey roll ups tonight. I didn’t get the Boston leaves because that seemed odd to me so I’m going to try normal lettuce and I hope that will work.

11 August 2005

an icon passed

Last night I watched the special on Peter Jennings (Peter Jennings: Reporter). Wow…he really was an amazing journalist, anchor, and apparently writer – I’m going to have to look up his books when I’m done with John Adams. One of the folks speaking about him said Peter was the perfect person to cover the 9-11 attacks because he was always so stable. It struck me that he really lived up to his title as “anchor”. I remember watching him at times during the coverage and he was always calm and stable, even in the scariest moments, while the nation was trembling.

It struck a chord with me when they showed some footage of his time in the Middle East – specifically Jerusalem and Bethlehem. They spoke of how he would go out and find the simplest stories that had a broader and deeper meaning than just face value and how he would draw that out for the American public to see. I wish I had that talent…That was something I wanted to work on when I was in Israel last year but with the animosity I was getting from one person on the trip it made it a little difficult. Plus I just wasn’t as prepared as I should have been.

Joel always told me that if I wanted to be a writer I needed to write. I think I mentioned that once before on this blog way back when I started, but seeing the PJ special really brought it back. A goal for the fall perhaps…

day 10

I really shouldn’t do this, but I weighed again this morning. Another pound down. I guess as long as it keeps going down, weighing twice a week isn’t bad. I shouldn’t though, because that one week I plateau I’m scared I’m going to give it all up. Found sugar free Twizzlers last night. Mmmm And I had a dream that I was eating the sf fudgsicles and loving them but then I actually finally looked at the box and it said they had 38g of sugar. Scared the crap out of me so I had to double check this morning…*sigh* no sugar.

Yesterday was better for food, but I’m finding my nighttime is harder than last week. I don’t have food for supper at home. When before I’d just throw in a pizza or have a grilled cheese sandwich, now I’m trying to find salad – which once a day is about all I can eat of that or I get bored – or eggs or chicken or something. I just realized I could have had tuna and I probably should have last night but oh well. I’m marinating chicken right now for balsamic chicken from the book for tonight. I hope it turns out. I really do because earlier this week I heard myself say, I’m bored with my food. Not a good thing. That was when I tried the gingered chicken (which is almost better cubed and heated up to put on a salad, than just eating alone) and triggered again the balsamic chicken I started last night. I need steak. I’m going to HAVE to grill this weekend and then call E so he can walk me through his steps so it turns out nummy instead of charred.

I am making a list of all the stuff I have in my cupboards and freezer to take home next week for my sister or brother for their kids…like chicken nuggets – I can’t eat those so I might as well get them out of the house – as well as the pretzels, ‘normal’ pasta, etc. better to have it gone than hanging around.

Off to my virtual model so I can see if I am shrinking in size or if it’s just my imagination.

10 August 2005

day 9

Tuesday went much better. Though, I felt more hungry than usual, or at least more hungry than I have these past 2.5 weeks. I ate my eggs and was starving so I had some cheese AND peanuts before lunch. Lunch was a bigger salad than Monday but it didn’t fill me up so more cheese in the afternoon. That helped, and I was good the rest of the afternoon. I hadn’t brought my standard celery/pb so good thing I didn’t need that. supper was iffy. I wasn’t in the mood to eat, though I was craving steak but had totally forgotten to pick one up when I was at Rainbow so I had my leftover chicken salad, small salad, and jello/coolwhip for dessert. Then a fudgsicle later – those are soooo yummy.

Not sure why I’m suddenly more hungry than usual. I didn’t have my diet coke I usually have during the day, but drank my normal amount of CL plus some when I got home. Very strange.

09 August 2005

ostinato anyone?

my friend B is the best. she is so full of life and energy, you just can't help but smile when you see her coming. the past week or so she's been taking an Orff certification class so her comments and answers to questions now come in a rhythm and hand drums. it's great. "let's go to the movie show" i'll have that stuck in my head the rest of the week. or "sanctuary chancel; sanctuary nave" (if you need these sung out you'll have to call me...typing in rhythm is a little tricky) B is just a wonderful woman who has such a great life ahead of her. i'm really glad she's in my life. we’re trekking around lake como tomorrow, provided it doesn’t rain. very exciting!

my other greatest friend ever is Tre. i got to chat with her last night which was a lot of fun, as usual. she had some shocking news. her very own j-man quit his football team this week. the season’s just started but he seemed to have valid reason. but anyway…tre is awesome. she’s always a ‘pick-me-up’ when I need it or just someone to be stupid with.

Tre comes to mind whenever I think of B. Tre is a percussionist, or was in college. Ah, the memories of pounding our drum sticks on her practice pad in McWench Hall. Too much fun. Tre taught me a lot about rhythm (hey, I’m a soprano – the orchestra is supposed to follow ME) and drumming. Thank goodness for her or I would never have passed percussion methods. Though I almost didn’t...

Percussion methods was taught by mr. pinerio. I think that’s how he spelt it. Who knows. He made the mistake of telling us a story about when he was in 7th grade and got to play with the 8th grade band or the high school band – something like that – because he was so talented. So the older percussionists would put him on bass drum whenever that was all that was called for. Then they would sit behind the percussion cabinet and heat up the metal mallets with a lighter. To make it even better they would put the mallets right by his neck or cheek then say, “Hey, Pinhead” and of course he’d turn then get burned. So needless to say my opinion of him wasn’t that high. Especially when the year before mr. reick had been there and I was so wanting to learn from him.

So anyway, I have two great pinhead moments: one was when we had to write a drum cadence. Ugh. I’m so not a composer but I threw something together anyway. It actually turned out okay but nothing like some of the others. And my best moment was my trapset final. It happened to fall the day after my 21st birthday (which I had to Close at Arby’s for the first time as Crew Leader alone and my stupid boyfriend refused to go out for one drink with me so I had to go with Barry instead and ended up drinking WAY too much Hot Damn and beer) when I was hungover – one of the two times in my life. Percussion methods was at 7:10am because pinhead had to be at work at 8 (his ‘real’ job). My test was at 7:30 (and I overslept). So I got there and played the two basic rhythms I could manage but when it came time to play the bossa nova I just looked at him and said, “No, I can’t.” he said, “At least try” and I said, “Look, I know I can’t play it, I’ve tried all week and I’m not feeling well this morning so I don’t think that’s going to help my odds. I’d rather not try and waste your time and the rest of the class’s time. But thanks.” He said, “you’re going to fail that portion.” And I said, “well at least that’d be honest.” And sat down. At least I think all of that went down. I do remember telling him I didn’t want to waste class time trying something I couldn’t do…some of the rest of my comments might have been in my head.

Do you ever notice how memories meld together like that?

day 8

Day 8 went okay. Standard eggs for b-fast; cheese for snack; salad with chicken for lunch; celery/pb for snack; then I had string cheese again around 5 while chatting with Bekah then went home to mow. OMIGOD…then I went home to mow. First it was humid and hot so I was sweating like a pig – well like a horse since pigs don’t sweat – but man, I felt so wiped when I was finished. E – you were right. Today I’m going to jog but man I’m a little nervous. After mowing, shower and water I had a small salad and a sf fudgesicle for the first time – YUMMY!

These are going to be pretty boring entries soon, huh, if I just keep listing my food which doesn’t seem to change from day to day. Oh well…i need to track it somewhere and like I said, you don’t have to read this. :)

08 August 2005

sb days - tough times

k asked me when it was that i was having a harder time than others. for many it is late afternoon/evening - right when you're done with work and you're home and snacking is a way of life. This is true for me, but i think my most difficult time is weekends - and not because i'm out doing things so i'm around 'junk' food but it's when i'm home doing little, relaxing from the long week. these are my tough times. these are the times when i'm reading or watching a movie (or three) and i'm just chillin' in my chair. these are the times when i tend to gravitate toward the popsicles or sf chocolate onlyl- like my first saturday on sb - unofficial saturday though - i didn't eat well because i was home reading the book(!) and relaxing. these are the days when I used to just have popcorn for snacks and pizza for supper.

weekends are tough too - or i'm anticipating they may be - when i have to go home for guards. travelling by car is 'snack-time!' guard drill weekends - especially the paper weekends - are stressful and end up being snackfilled and not good stuff - crackers, cookies, sunflower seeds, pop, pop, more pop, suckers, etc. that's coming up soon and i'm getting worried. this one won't be too bad at least for the office - but it's family day so it'll be a cookout at the waterpark. uffda. the first my family will see me since i've started and only lisa knows that i'm attempting this.

I guess I’ll just have to trust myself that I can do this, and I know I can. k&e are a tremendous support, too. Their support, even from afar, is a great help.

tired. are you?

First things first - e&k called me last night! YAY! that was too fun. speaker phone is such a joy. i may have to invest in one so we can all talk on one - plus winter's going to be coming soon and it'll be a tad chilly sitting outside with my cell. :) but it was great to talk to you both. i miss you! Hyde too! seriously, thanks for the great conversation. your support means so much to me - and having you as role models is great...i only wish now that i had started this last fall when you returned so i could have had you around the whole time. but it's okay. this way you'll be able to see the definite changes when i come to see you!

my weekend was good. friday jb and i worked a wedding rehearsal for two young persons getting married. that went well - quick as it was hot and i didn't really want to be out forever. i followed that with "wedding crashers" (again) with a1&a2. they hadn't seen it but it was that or murderball and i needed something really light that i didn't have to think through. we went to b&n afterward and walked around. i found a couple books for zach and emmy but i had left my gc at home so i'll have to go again (darn! - not).

saturday we had choir rehearsal for sunday's church services. that went well. it's always fun singing with a small orchestra. the instrumentalists were phenomenal. after that it was off to ls to work the wedding which worked out fine. one small hitch - i forgot to set up the communion stuff (which wasn't really communion in the sense i know it but whatever) but luckily they had a song right at the beginning so i snuck up and set it up. it worked.

these huge weddings just reiterate for me that i don't think i want that when i get married. i'm still all for the small ceremony, someplace intimate, with e presiding, k playing cello, my sister at my side, and our immediate families surrounding us with their love and support. what more could i ask for. :)

sunday the bach cantata's went really well, considering we only practiced a total of 5 1/2 hours before the services. debbie and i played cribbage between services. everyone kept making the money-changer jokes and such. blah blah blah.

sunday afternoon was great. i took a nap, then watched a couple, three, movies and just vegged while i was doing dishes and getting things ready for the day today. e&k called, as i mentioned, which was the highlight of the weekend. so fun. i can't wait to see them again.

but today now, i'm tired. e had told me, when i mentioned i was going to hit the gym today, that i would have less energy while on this phase. oh i think that's so true - i'm feeling that every morning (and night! I go to bed no later than 10 and I’m still tired)...this is one part i don't like about this program but i feel so much better overall. it might not be due to sb, but the last couple weeks i have had a real hard time getting up in the AM and have felt kind of sluggish throughout the day - or just unmotivated, not sure.

This week is so non-eventful it’s great. I have nothing planned for any of the nights, nor do I have plans for the weekend (save Sunday night when Chad, Debbie and I will get together after 7pm church). It’s so strange since last week every night was booked. This will be a nice change. All the more reason to start jogging at night and sit-ups/push-ups, as well. Guards is coming up again and I think it’s fit-testing month so I have to have at least some of my game on.

day 7

Sunday was an okay day. I ended up having string cheese for breakfast on the way to church since I was running late, as usual. But I did have my eggs between services. After church I made the gingered chicken marinade from the sb book and took a quick nap (yay naps!) while my chicken finished defrosting. Then a salad with some cubed chicken for lunch. The afternoon was bad – nuts, but more than I should have had; two popsicles (only 20 calories – I love them!). For supper I baked the gingered chicken instead of frying it…I don’t like frying things in my house because it spatters everywhere and makes the house smell…and it was yummy. I’m going to cube it up tonight for my salads the rest of the week. I had salad with the chicken and then jell-o with cool whip for dessert. That pretty much filled me up – in fact I felt like I had actually eaten too much.

The rest of the night was okay. I chopped up my peppers for my eggs for the week; made my eggs for Monday; made the salad for Monday, etc. I think I’m going to have to make Sunday’s my day to coordinate my next few days. I need to make it a point to actually make my lunch the night before, not only for convenience but because I just seem to be lacking the energy in the AM’s. OH and I'm down another pound.

06 August 2005

day 5 & 6

friday was a pretty good day - day 5 that is - eggs, salad, cheese, celery/pb, etc. during the day. For supper I had three hard-boiled egg whites on the run, not the best but at least some protein before the movie where i had only a sf york.

today has been iffy. eggs for b-fast - normal - but lunch was not good. this afternoon i've been outside at a wedding so i haven't had time to eat properly - supper tonight will be iffy. probably a salad because i'm so hot and tired but i'm going to have to be careful because popcorn has been calling me. :(

05 August 2005

recess and boom

Now I remember why I hated recess. You had to be in the ‘in’ group as a kid to play the fun games. And if you weren’t (which I went in and out of the ‘in’ group because they were so fickle it changed daily, but more often than not, I was out) then you were off in a corner by yourself reading a book. Thinking about recess brought up a lot of memories. I remember playing on the “moon” with Else (it was the shadow of the water tower on the football field where we played). I remember getting a necklace from Dusty back in 4th grade (?) that he had made himself – it was a shell with a hole he had put in and then a chain – I think I still have that somewhere. We used to swing on the swings and every girl wanted Murph to push us because he could push us really, really high. Built in breaks – so fun. Touch football, hotbox (oh wait that was at Angie’s), sitting on the tanks, climbing the monkey bars…oh the memories.

So we had our own form of recess day yesterday. I think it went well. We took a 2 hour bus tour around
st. paul learning of it’s history. About 20 people were on the Victorian tour, the rest of us were on the Gangster tour – incl. me – which was a barrel of fun. George “Babyface” Nelson was our guide. Does it get any better? The actor was quite funny.

Lunch was good, as I described in Day 4, and then we followed it up with a ‘cave tour’. The Wabasha Caves have a lot of history packed into them, and our guide – a 12 year old with a desire to be the next Josh Hartnett – did his best to make it interesting. He lost his footing a few times on his ‘scenes’ but overall he did a good job. The best part was when we were in one of the caverns and he’s trying to tell this spooky story about how the ghost would come by and move his picture around if he didn’t whistle, etc, and one of our staff member’s cell phones went off. He got the best Jim Carrey face and said, “You get RECEPTION down here?!” It was hilarious. That was the best reaction to most anything I had seen in a long time.

The reason I really don’t like recess day is because everyone looks at it as a day off. This has never been my understanding and I’m a little confused by it. I was informed at the beginning of my job that Recess Day was a half day event, and the Enrichment day took up the other half (this was to replace the day long retreat that we used to have off site). So because I have thought this I came into work at the normal time – 7:30 – worked until 9 then went to get the buses ready to go and check on details. Recess finished at 2:15 and I went back to work…a few others did as well. But the majority of people went home.

This has always been my beef with this day. I feel guilty when I can go and others in, say the Bookstore, cannot because they don’t have the staffing to cover all their shifts. But those who can just close down their desk, office, shop, whatever – they just go home without a care in the world. Either it needs to be all for all or none. Either everyone should get to go on staff day and then take the rest of the day off /or/ everyone should get to go on staff day but go back to work afterward. And if we stick with this same policy then those who cannot go on recess day (not that they won’t but that they can’t) they should get a half day off some other time – or a full day since that seems to be the trend. The fact that it’s like a holiday for some but not others isn’t right in my book.

But then again, maybe it’s just my own issue since I seem to have a lot of them so what do I know.


Last night was great though…I took Carol to hear the Jaztronauts. We’re checking out different bands for an October event and I’ve been asking for them for over a year. J I officially met Joe and chatted with them about the event a little. Kevin came and Kevin’s sister and bro-in-law later to listen and then they were going to go out to eat. We also invited Rick and Nina. By 7:30 Rick showed – we were getting worried – but unfortunately the Jaztro’s were doing a lot of kid-friendly material last night since they were at a family gig. That was a little sad because I really wanted Rick to hear how they really are. Oh well…he seemed to like them anyway. Now it’s just negotiating the price. I love these guys and I hope it’ll work out.

Going to the Jaztro’s delayed my time in getting to the church for choir. I got there just as they were finishing up so I met up with Debbie and we headed to Boom! for drinks with the boys: Mark, Jeff, Paul, Mark, Tim. It was a good time though hanging in a gay bar isn’t usually my first choice. But Mark and I chatted quite a bit and bonded a little bit more.

day 4

day 4 didn’t go to badly, but a moment of badness. We had our staff recess day and I completely forgot we had ordered the Italian meal to go with the gangster tour – so pasta, bread, more pasta. Ugh. At least there was some salad – ceasar and a green salad with ‘shrooms (YUCK!) and green beans. So I took as much ceasar as I could, picked out broccoli from the green ‘shroom salad and took the green beans. I tried to scrape off the dressing as much as I could and didn’t eat the croutons (thank goodness I don’t like those anyway). That helped but I know I got way more than I should have, and the beans must have been cooked in some sort of weird butter/oil thing because though the bean was crisp they were kinda slimy on the outside. I had brought along my cl and cheese for the bus ride. That helped and when I got back I had celery with pb. That was good and I got back on track after that – salad with egg whites, chicken feta and little dressing for supper. Then dc and rum at boom with the boys.

04 August 2005

Hey J-man

I miss your ramblings too...hope you're doing well!

day 3

Yesterday went okay. i'm finding i'm not as hungry as usual but when i am i don't need bread or donuts or anything to fill me up. string cheese or even a few almonds can do the trick. i also figured out last night that i don't need to slather my celery with pb just to make it taste better - or taste at all - just a little bit on the tip for each big bite works great.

the only bad thing yesterday was drinking my 2 nalgene's in the AM then having my dc/splenda for the only thing in the afternoon AND missing an afternoon snack. i got home and i was starving - so the celery/pb thing and more cl helped. I waited an couple hours then had salad with chicken and feta - great supper! - then a sf creamsicle. The latter are really becoming my favorite thing lately. they give me the sweet i need but fill me up too. i should have waited a bit to eat it though because by 9 i was starting to feel the gnaw of hunger so i had a few peanuts - that might have been since i was preping everything for today.

Today will be interesting since we have the bus tours and then ITALIAN for lunch - crap. i wasn't thinking when i decided to start this week - oh well. We'll see how it goes!


Remember how when you were a kid you’d count down the minutes until it was time to go outside and play? Well today is our “staff recess day” where everyone skips work until it’s time to leave and then once it’s over they all go home. I, however, am dedicated and was here early today and working right up until we get on the damn bus and then when we return am working another 3 hours. Isn’t that great? We’re doing a Gangster or Victorian bus tour, lunch at the Wabasha Caves and then we’re doing the walking cave tour. Kind of cool – at least I hope it will be. I’m a little nervous. Heading up these great events is just daunting because if they suck, you know they’re going to come back on me. Shee-it.

03 August 2005

real life...it happens here (on occasion)

i've decided for those of you who read this - all 4 of you - and don't want to read all the sb stuff that i'll keep those in separate entries by days. real life will happen here. that way you can avoid my ramble about sb and just read the ramble i spew forth otherwise throughout the day. isn't that just a joy? doesn't that just make your life fabulous? ha!

First and foremost: HAPPY B-DAY BEKAH!

yesterday was a pretty good day, all in all. but i've been having some struggles i need to figure out how to fix. i go to bed at a normal time - really not that much later than i usually do - but getting up in the morning has been a struggle lately. my alarm will go off and i just don't want to get out of bed, so i curl up in the most incredible bed ever and then panic when i hear a beep and realize it's 6:50 and i need to be out the door in 20 minutes. panic helps me to move faster but there are certain things to accomplish every morning which just take a certain amount of time so it's becoming difficult. i don't know....i'll have to work on that one.

my other struggle is that i'm just not feeling motivated to work lately. last week was understandable with reset week and everything else, but this week - you'd think i'd be raring to go, but i'm just so not. it's not that i don't like my work but it's just not 'doing-it' for me lately. another focus to work on.

choir is going well. it's great to be singing again - though the Bach cantata's are not pleasant when you're a soprano. sitting on high e's, f's, g's and the occaisional a is not a cool thing to do - especially when you haven't really sung since April (and by 'you' I mean me). but they are coming together well and we have a few extra's in our choir that make it pretty fun. i hope they stick around - not all of them can as they have other committments but it'd be nice to add to the group. ethan isn't singing this summer which is a little sad since the eye candy would be nice but, eh, whadda ya do.

tonight jay is supposed to be in town. he has a meeting in rochester tomorrow so he's flying in today and then dinner tonight with me! sans girlfriend! yay! jay all to myself! i regret that during graduation i didn't get to see him as much as we could have, but i got to spend a great time with k&e and j&e and la so it was even better. but tonight me and jay. i need to pick his brain about some workout stuff - most importantly the best exercise/weights to lift to help avoid the granny arms - i've seen a lot of my friends (not you k - you did it right) who have lost a lot of weight but then end up with all the extra skin on their underarms - totally reminds me of Dot which is scary and I don't want to end up like that in the end. ;)

I'm getting crabby - the font thing is not working for me and i've fixed and republished this this 20 times now this morning. GRRR....maybe this one will help now. let's hope so. if not you'll have to deal with the large print...sorry

day 2

yesterday went much better on sb. i think i controlled the caloric intake of the 'fun' foods a little better - less sf chocolate and jello. In fact, if I'm remembering correctly, I only had one piece of sf dkch and then the sf creamsicle last night. not bad.

this is an interesting eating plan - it's not really that different from what i had been doing but the lack of bread and fruit is strange. tonight may be a challenge if jay and i actually make it to dinner and tomorrow when we choir folk finally do go out after rehearsal.

but so far so good. i HAD to know this morning and so since the reset began last week monday, i am now down almost a full 6 pounds (2/10 off of a full 6 pounds - but who's counting, really). i probably shouldn't have weighed this morning but sometimes that little bit helps.

hey sme - aka k - just in case you read this one...can you send me an email with how you did during phase 1? just curious - i need something to base off. thanks girl.

02 August 2005

Janice is in the building!

They're testing our fire alarms today. It's great. It sounds like Janice from season 1 of Friends when she's doing the fog horn "Ja-nice...Ja-nice" without the wabble tone. Just a beautifully, long nasal tone telling us to run - run for your life! Remember to stop, drop and roll if you need to!

Ooops. It just stopped - a choking off of Janice on the condom receipt slip from a later season (3?). Or maybe just a duck dying. either way...

01 August 2005

so far so good...

official day one is going well. not sure what i'm going to do for supper tonight but I'm sure I'll figure something out.

feet are weird looking. well, at least my feet - especially at different angles...man it looks like i have a board for a foot...with pretty purple toenails and a toe ring.

day 1 - officially

last week was a reset week - water/juice on monday, add fruit on tuesday, add veggies on wednesday - then as i said in a previous blog i broke down and had some cheese wed. night. so k suggested i start SB on thursday. well, officially i start today, but i did begin to do some sb things this weekend (like bringing string cheese and SF chocolate to the movies) and, after my reset week (which i had lost 4 pounds by thursday doing the reset) i not only maintained that 4 pounds off but also lost another .8 of a pound. i broke my plateau weight that i have been trying to break for months. YAY!

so today is official. thank goodness my sme said i could still have rum and dc this week (even though the book says no) - we have choir rehearsal all week and that, of course, means nights out. And thank goodness i can keep drinking my cl. if i couldn't do that, i wouldn't be making it. this'll be good. i'm excited for this. yesiree bob, i'm getting my life back on track...

they left...

last night i met up with k&e at mannings for a last night out. they brought me my office space and lock-n-lock container back, i brought them 'the brothers k'. after 3 drinks for k&i and 2 schooners for e, we headed to tim and debbie's where they and bekah were making mojitos (sp?). leland and jo came over too.

they're really gone now. i cried the way home last night and again for a bit when we had our last hug here (i had to stay somewhat stoic since i have to work all day but it's still sad). i'm sad that we won't get to spend time together. no more k or e stopping by the desk to say hi, no more bitch sessions over lunch while i'm on 'break' and k or e are actually working. no more drink nights at chianti or sweeneys. no more wingy together. :)

i don't know that i've had a relationship/friendship like this with a married couple - except maybe heidi & mike - where they are so loving and giving to each other but also to all their friends around them. they are so supportive and caring for everyone. sometimes a person is lucky enough to get that in one friend but to get it in two, wow. it's amazing. i'm not expressing what I really want to say so this doesn't really make sense. sorry.

despite my sadness, i'm really excited for them. they are making a fresh start - new apartment (soon to be house), new jobs, new state, new life. i'm very happy for them and can't wait to visit so i can see them continue to grow.

we've made a promise to stay in touch - either blogs or email or both - plus the occasional phone call and visit. october baby! :)