31 December 2009

Ending another year

Last night K&E came to town (YAY!) so we drove around a bit so they could see the sights and then we went to my favorite restaurant for dinner. It was so fun to go out with a couple (MS was my date, natch) and just have adult conversation all night. And the food...OMG! LOVED it! I had Elk, E had Buffalo, MS had walleye and I can't remember what K had but it looked delicious too. Then we finished it up with a slice of carrot cake and some egg nog creme brulee.

I was so excited to see them and it was great to have them here to have a chance to get to know MS a little bit better. We all had a wonderful time.

Now today is the last day of the year. I had great intentions at work but didn't quite make it. And tonight I'm call for TCC. I'm praying and praying that there aren't any calls tonight. Primarily because the reason for the calls would NOT be good, and secondarily - I'm so tired, I just want to sleep tonight.

Last night I woke up at 2, wide awake. I relaxed for about 20 minutes trying to fall back asleep when the coughing started. ugh. So I got up and tried some tea and being upright for about another 20 minutes and went back to bed. I finally fell asleep and woke up about 5, coughing again.

I'm really getting sick of this cold. It's just wiping me out. :( I know part of it is diet, so I'm thinking I'm going to start SB up again next week. We have our Christmas' this weekend so Sunday or Monday would be good.

And so I'm just staying in tonight. MS is working so I'm just trying to reflect on the year, do some laundry, and pray for no calls.

I wish you all a great new year's eve and a wonderful 2010. See you on the flip side.

27 December 2009

Christmas Present



Yes, my awesome BF gave me a TV for Christmas. (He got a welder and welder cart, so it was pretty even). I have finally upgraded from my 1993, 13" TV I have had since college. It wasn't that it didn't work. It worked just fine and fit nicely in my apartment. But now I have 32" of pure tv joy. I will say, it's nice to not have to squint to read the credits anymore. And it did give me a reason to tie up the cords in an organized manner in the back. When I moved in I just plugged everything in and called it good. Now things are a little bit better. :)

26 December 2009


I'm realizing today that we didn't take any pictures of us opening gifts. That's not good. So here's one of MS before heading out to play in the snow for the first time this weekend.

He got me my own set of snow pants and boots, too. I tested those out this morning and I think they're almost too warm. I got a little light headed a couple of times and had to unzip my coat. So now he's out raking the roof and I'm going to get our lunch ready. Another day hunkering down.

25 December 2009

A Nika Christmas

Last weekend I headed to Sconnie to see my adorable Goddaughter and her awesome parents. K&E (the awesome parents) are my best friends and shockingly they still love me even with all the weird issues I've had. :) They put up with me and I love them all very much.

Our plan for the weekend was to prep for Christmas with all sorts of edible delights that are common in our families. So we started with lefse. E had some trouble finding the potato ricer but was quite excited once he did.

K's sister and I did a lot of the rolling out and flipping while K watched Nika and E tormented us. He took this photo saying, "I wanted to get Nika into the photo to aid in the cuteness." Nice. Like I'm not cute enough (though he's right).

Sunday Nika and I spent the morning together playing before we headed to E's church for services. We had some fun during breakfast, and she really liked her Santa bib.

My psuedo-art shot...I love this photo of her. I'd like to crop it down a bit, but I really love her sweet face here. :)

Sunday night we had a mini Christmas and opened gifts. I got Nika a few things - a Chatterbox Telephone (a nostalgic gift but K, E and I all loved it), some embroidered towels for her fun bath time, and a set of books that are a touch the art series. I love Starry Night...

Merry Christmas!

MS and I are hunkered down at his house and we're enjoying staying in. Lots of movies, lots of relaxing (making up for summer), and apparently lots of snow. The driveway has some deep drifts, but I'm really not seeing all this snow we're supposed to have. I'm chalking it up that we're in the country so the wind is blowing it around, whereas in town I'm guessing it's stacking up since it has nowhere to go.

So today we're going to finish opening gifts, have some cinnamon rolls, bake some cookies, shovel or snowblow, and just enjoy the Christmas. My bigger question is whether we'll make it to my family Christmas tomorrow or if we'll be postponing (I'm guessing the latter). Or if I'll make it to the Cities on Sunday to see my friends T&E for their anniversary.

Well, hopefully something will work out. For now, I'm going to curl up on the couch, have some tea, and enjoy Christmas with my boy.

24 December 2009

Hunkered down

So there's this BIG Blizzard supposedly coming our way, so MS and I have hunkered down at his place (he has a nicer TV and a garage for both of us). It's pretty funny though, because the weather guys have been "claiming" that this thing of monumental proportions is coming but we haven't had much of any snow yet. MS keeps saying it's coming, but I'm not sure if I should believe him or not. My sister says that he's right this time. Crap.

But either way, it's Christmas time again and we're hanging out and relaxing at his house. I'm hoping to make some cookies later and get MS involved in the fun of cookie making. I have a feeling he might retreat to the basement, but we'll see.

So for now, I'm going to knit, bake and then hang out with my boy. Hope you all keep warm if you're in the cooler climates. :)

17 December 2009

Just in case you didn't think I was crazy enough...

I’m seriously contemplating something I never would have thought I would contemplate..EVER in my entire lifetime. It’s going to sound insane. People will think I’m crazy. My own boyfriend thinks I’m nuts. The only person who thinks I might actually do this said, when I told her, “You’re actually thinking about this, aren’t you?” I’m sure my friends would want me to see a doctor. I’ve already admitted I need therapy. But I’m actually contemplating this.

My brother has suggested we run the JFK 50 Mile.

Yes, that’s right. An ultra marathon. What’s funny is my brother hasn’t even completed a marathon, so an ultra the first time out of the gate seems insane to me. But I’m hoping I can convince him that a few other races prior to the event might be a good idea.

We had talked about this before, kind of in jest but thinking about it all the while. I hadn’t thought about the ultra in months until he brought it up again today. So I, being the internet nerd, went online to check it out. And actually, it’s kind of cool.

from one of the websites: “This race, in Washington County, MA, was inspired by John F. Kennedy’s support of Teddy Roosevelt’s assertion, that to remain commissioned, military officers should be able to travel 50 Miles, on foot, in less than 20 hours. This led to the first JFK 50 in 1963 which is one of the oldest Ultra Marathons in the United States.”

That “MA” should actually read “MD” since it’s in Maryland, not Massachusetts but who cares. I like this idea, that a military officer should be able to travel 50 miles on foot in less than 20 hours. It’s doable. One website even says you could walk it and still finish under the 14 hour time limit, and it’s true. A consistent 15 minute mile would get you there in just over 12 ½ hours.

Not that I’m a military officer but the idea of the premise is great. If you’re going to lead, you should be strong enough to do so. And trail running! How fun! I don’t get to do much, if any, trail running in these parts but it would be a great reason to go camping in some hillier areas to get some training in. It’s a great motivator for me to get a few more races in and to stay focused throughout the year, building up to the run. And a great excuse to eat lots of good holiday snacks when it’s over since I’ll have the holiday season following the grueling run.

Plus I’d get to run with my brother. Probably not side by side since he’s 6 foot so his stride would be a bit longer than mine, but he has said he’s slow so maybe. J Just kidding, brother. But it would be fun. It’d be a nice trip out east for a long weekend, I’d get to hang with my fam out there, and compete in something insane (which people tell me I do when I run marathons, I might as well up the ante). I’d also get to buy a bunch of trail running gear, and since I love shopping for running clothes and gear this would be super fun. And the challenge of not only the miles, but the differing terrain, is appealing, as is the questionable weather, the intensity of that many miles upright all without a nap, not to mention the recovery time.

I haven’t committed myself yet, but I am thinking about it. It’s a great reason to get into P90X (which I was supposed to do in November) and to really get out and run more (which I have great excuses not to these days) and an even better reason to eat healthier (which both MS and I need to do).

16 December 2009

Checking in

It's been awhile since I looked at the Mondo Beyond page but I felt compelled to do so today. MS and I are still going strong which is great. I'm really excited about our future together.

I do feel that I have been a bit unfair to both him and me with not dealing with my issues and conflicts and struggles with my mother. Truly, who doesn't have issues with their mom, but mine have continued to grow in the past few months. Lately, any little thing she says or does just ticks me off and I'm not sure why. I know part of my fear is that I'm going to turn into her as I get older. In fact, MS joked about that the other night, "You know, the good thing about all of this is that we are getting to see what we'll be like when we're that age." God help us. I told him it's his job to keep me from being her.

I'm not sure why some her actions, complaints, conversations irk me so. My friend K has suggested a time or two (or eight) that I should go to therapy. She went with some issues she was dealing with regarding her career and decisions and it's turned her life around. I know I need to, but I need to figure out how to afford it.

So I took that step last night and actually read my benefits for my insurance for 2010. I figure if I'm paying for it I should take advantage of it. I need to find a preferred provider and then call to see how many sessions they will cover.

It's a scary step but I don't like feeling like this. I don't know why I get so annoyed with her. Part of it I'm sure I'm bringing on my self by not speaking up but when I do speak up she gets this hurt look or she gets pissy and snaps back at me.

Hopefully I can find someone to work with and work through all these stupid issues. I need to be fair to me so it's not weighing me down anymore.

04 December 2009


I am so tired. So very tired. Today was just long...loooooonnnnnnggg.

But it ended well. I got to hear/see Zach and Emmy's Christmas concert. It was really cute and Em actually wore a skirt! Shocker! She is such a tomboy but she's wonderful.

It was so fun to see them tonight. I miss hanging out with them. The holidays are good for that at least.

But now, I'm very tired and going to bed. good night...

03 December 2009

Tired of being the planner

I kind of vented quite a bit today to KC. We had to shop today for the holiday party we're having for work on Saturday. Somehow we have gotten stuck with planning it yet again this year. I really didn't want to have one this year because it's so much work and not many people can attend. Plus we wanted to just have a spring get-together when it's nice out and more fun to be outside.

But no, Boss2b decided we should have a holiday party (not that he'll be there) so we have been planning it. We have a potluck so people can just bring things but then we supplement it with a few other items to make sure we have something. But our planning process was so late this year so we don't have a very good count of how many people will actually be there. And KC likes to include the kids of our co-workers so that adds to it all too.

It's just frustrating because on top of all of this, my family can't plan worth crap. No one wants to commit or make a plan because "well, we'll have to see what's going on" or "I'm not sure if that date will work (if one is suggested) but I'm not sure what will. I'll have to get back to you."

It gets old. And I'm really tired of being the party planner. Especially when it's so discombobulated.

*Sigh* I'm just tired and disgruntled about my job and all this crap lately. It's the holidays and things are supposed to be fun, but I'm just not there today.

02 December 2009

It's snowing, take 2.

I have been having a hard time articulating what I want to say lately. I start out with one thing on my brain but it comes out completely different when I start typing. It's like my fingers don't want to comply.

So anyway, one of my thoughts about snow was that I really don't like it. It does seem too soon and I know that it's December and we could have had a lot more snow by now, but still. I want to run outside (funny that I want to do this now when November was beautiful and I hardly went out). And I don't mind running dressed up like the Bumble, but I'm just not quite ready for it.

But it is also nights like this, with the new snow on the slick streets that will get slicker as the night gets colder, that I'm so thankful for my awesome boyfriend. MS is an EMT/Firefighter and he's already been on calls for 3 cars in the ditch and one roll over. It's just 8pm and he has 12 more hours of work to go with this crap. But he's very good at what he does and I know that when he gets called out again he will be there to take care of whoever has had difficulties tonight. I'm very thankful for him, his crew, and the rest of the crews working as EMTs/Firefighters. And all those wonderful ER folks, and police officers, and everyone else who is out taking care of the rest of us.

For me, I'm going to do some laundry, maybe, nah...I'm going to take a bath and go to bed early. I haven't taken care of me in awhile. Friday I can do laundry and do the other stuff then.

To all of my readers (all 5 of you), please be safe tonight and always. Blessings to you all.

It's snowing.

And I'm sad.

I don't mind the snow but it just seems too soon. I was trying to remember today how I used to run all the time last year, but maybe I didn't run as often as I thought I did. I'll have to look back in my log.

Today was a busy day at work. It's Wednesday which means Meeting Day! I had four this morning alone. Then it was just the task of staying focused and completing some projects this afternoon. I got two finished, but I have two I didn't and I needed. So tomorrow will be busy again too.

So I'm trying to not bite my nails until Christmas (and hopefully not after that). I have a bad habit and I thought maybe it's time to not do it anymore. So I'm hoping that I can not bite them throughout the month and maybe that habit of not biting them will stick. I did take a picture yesterday, but it didn't turn out well. But hopefully I can take one on Christmas and they'll look a bit better. That's my hope.

01 December 2009

Last month

These are the days when it's really hard to go to work. I've had 6 days off from work (almost 6 1/2) and now I have to return to the grind.

This wouldn't be a big deal, but I really have to be focused this month. Focus focus focus. I have a lot I want to do, a lot I need to do and even more I have to do. My problem is my mornings aren't always productive because I just can't seem to get going.

I need to figure out something to help me along. It's too bad I've given up on the Artist's Way for this month. Maybe that would be helping me - 3 MPs every morning getting the crap out of my head so I can focus. Maybe. But usually for me I have all the crap in my head at night so maybe I need NPs instead.

Anyway, I'm back to the grind today, the last month of the year and a lot to do. Wish me luck!