27 December 2009

Christmas Present



Yes, my awesome BF gave me a TV for Christmas. (He got a welder and welder cart, so it was pretty even). I have finally upgraded from my 1993, 13" TV I have had since college. It wasn't that it didn't work. It worked just fine and fit nicely in my apartment. But now I have 32" of pure tv joy. I will say, it's nice to not have to squint to read the credits anymore. And it did give me a reason to tie up the cords in an organized manner in the back. When I moved in I just plugged everything in and called it good. Now things are a little bit better. :)


Kat said...

Awesome!! Hope you had a great one.

Anonymous said...

Holy WOW. I knew the right person would come along and take away that little TV of yours...sigh. Retire it to the guest bedroom/kitchen...don't let it see the new TV, it might get envious. :) Merry Christmas!