25 December 2009

A Nika Christmas

Last weekend I headed to Sconnie to see my adorable Goddaughter and her awesome parents. K&E (the awesome parents) are my best friends and shockingly they still love me even with all the weird issues I've had. :) They put up with me and I love them all very much.

Our plan for the weekend was to prep for Christmas with all sorts of edible delights that are common in our families. So we started with lefse. E had some trouble finding the potato ricer but was quite excited once he did.

K's sister and I did a lot of the rolling out and flipping while K watched Nika and E tormented us. He took this photo saying, "I wanted to get Nika into the photo to aid in the cuteness." Nice. Like I'm not cute enough (though he's right).

Sunday Nika and I spent the morning together playing before we headed to E's church for services. We had some fun during breakfast, and she really liked her Santa bib.

My psuedo-art shot...I love this photo of her. I'd like to crop it down a bit, but I really love her sweet face here. :)

Sunday night we had a mini Christmas and opened gifts. I got Nika a few things - a Chatterbox Telephone (a nostalgic gift but K, E and I all loved it), some embroidered towels for her fun bath time, and a set of books that are a touch the art series. I love Starry Night...

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sconniebaby said...

hadn't seen the picture of Daddy on the floor yet, that is funny.