23 April 2005

bad blogger

A few of my friends have felt that they are bad bloggers recently. Erik started it, but then Erik always starts it. :) just kidding, Erik! But I find it funny Justin felt bad too, and now I'm feeling guilty for not writing in a week, too! I have a legitimate excuse, none of this senioritis stuff...I've just been out of town.

Last Thursday through Thursday I was at guards in exciting SoDak (as we SoDakian's like to call it). The first day was awful, I felt micro-managed and annoyed the entire day and then was told at the end of it that I just need to learn to let the stress roll off my back and learn to take orders (which they called 'suggestions'). I think I was just really tired after working 15 hours and then driving home 4 hours. But a hot bath and a rum and coke worked wonders! The rest of the time was okay. Our special edition of the paper turned out smashingly! (I'd show you but then I'd have to kill you).

Wednesday night I went to Lisa and Ryan's so I could give Emmy her birthday present(s). She was really cute that night and my nephew Zach entertained us all with statistics on the states. "Hey, Aunt Sara, did you know..." and then he'd start with whatever he had just read about the state of Alaska or Minnesota or South Dakota from his state coin booklet. That boy just sucks in information like there's no tomorrow. All while Emmy (im)patiently waits her turn to open her presents. Very cute.

So now today I'm working at the desk for a few hours and then heading to Mary's to watch Collateral with Nick and Mary. This and next weekend are pretty much my only weekends 'free' until Memorial Day weekend. But Jay's coming in the middle of those which will be good.

Oh! And today is Mikey Widner's b-day! Happy Day Mikey! :)

12 April 2005

Ice Cream!

Okay, so Karen rocks! She is so awesome! Karen was worried that I wouldn't get enough to eat for lunch today because the pasghetti I brought from home turned out to be a lot less than I thought it was, but nothing was really appealing in the caf so I just came to work and ate my noodles. BUT Karen just came by and brought me chips and ice cream! She's so great. She may deserve a raise. :P

11 April 2005

Weekend update with ... MOE!

Friday kicked butt! It was so awesome! Rumblings was just a hands down incredible show. The movement, the dancers, the soloists...wow! Tom Linker is an incredible composer too. It was great. I can't wait to go next year! Oh, and watching half naked men dance around in blue jeans was quite nice. :)

Saturday night was ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE! WOW! I love Britten's War Requiem anyway, but the tenor soloist really stole the show. James Taylor, not the pop singer, has this clear, smooth unlike-any-other tenor voice I've heard. He was so pure and un-nasal...it was beautiful! He could sing me to sleep anytime. In fact, as Beth and I used to say, I'd sleep with that voice. :) wow.

Sunday was good. Church went well and the C&S event went well too. But now today, I'm SO tired...I could have slept til noon...or at least 9 since sleeping til 7:30 is really sleeping in for me.

The rest of my week is really filling up...tomorrow night Mary and Mary Ann and i are going to the Guthrie for "As You Like It". I'm a little sad that Tom isn't here to go with me again. "AYLI" was my first-ever Guthrie show when Tom and I road tripped up to the cities my 2nd year of college. What a bonding time for us! He's so great!

Wednesday is choir again and Thursday I head home for a week of guards. Craziness. Oh well, today is Emmy's birthday so at least it's a good day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, EMMY BEAR! :)

07 April 2005

not much to say

I feel like I should have a ton to say, but I don't. I'm 30 now and life hasn't really changed like I thought it would. Well, maybe it has a little. I feel like I should be more responsible now or something. Of course I ruined that right away by ordering and receiving a Wonder Woman cami/panty set. Very cool. Maybe I need to move on and away. I've thought about just packing up and moving somewhere completely new and starting my life over, but the lack of stability freaks me out to no end and gives me an ulcer just thinking about it. I'm such a wuss.

Last night Debbie and I gave Mark a new purse from bust.com. Of course we thought it was going to be much bigger than it actually turned out to be, but I think he said he's going to use it for his sticky notes he needs for his organ music. We stuffed it with a "Hungry Hippos" toy I had gotten in my kids meal from Wendy's yesterday. It looked pretty funny, bulging as it did. I think Mark was a bit scared though when we said we needed to set up a meeting with him. Then yesterday before choir he said, "Are we meeting now?" and I said, "It's not really a 'before-choir' topic." He looked kind of nervous. I felt a bit guilty for torturing him that way but it turned out okay. The things we do.

Friday and Saturday Mn Dance Theatre is doing a production of Rumblings. My friend Debbie is part of the quartet singing along. It's supposed to pretty cool. I'm going on Friday. It'll be great! :)

Saturday night I'm going to see Britten's War Requiem at the Ordway. I've been waiting months to go to this. Alas, I'm going alone but at this point, I don't care. It should be fabulous. I still have 3 tickets I need to cash in for SPCO performances. Eek! I need to get those ordered so I don't waste my money I already spent!

So life is still going...nothing exciting as you see. But hey, it's my life.