29 November 2010

Procrastination coming back to bite me in the ass

Since 2007 I have been participating as "photographer" for one of our kid camps we hold for work. Our employees and other employees around the state can send their kids to this camp for a week to learn and have fun and blah blah blah.

Well, this year there were two camps...one for 10-13 year olds and another for the older teens. I was excited to do this again because it gives me an opportunity to play with my camera and experiment with my limited photo skills.

Normally, there is an intern who helps with the photos and with putting the newsletter/yearbook together that gets sent to the kids. Well, this year, due to budget cuts, there was no intern so it all fell on me.

This wouldn't be a big deal except my time after the camps is busier than snot with my real job. And add on it my personal life of prepping for races and moving in with MS and vacations to see awesome people...and time has quickly passed and the yearbooks are not done.

I finally got a deadline from the head of the department last week...but sadly it's for next Friday. I have a conference Wed-Fri so those days are out. Which basically left this past weekend. As of right now, I have half of one done. Uffda. I have a lot of work to do today and I'm struggling. ugh.

25 November 2010

A thanksgiving kind of day

It's Thanksgiving and MS is working. I hate days like this. We did both have yesterday off so we enjoyed spending the afternoon together. My former 1st cousin died last Sunday and his funeral was yesterday.* So we spent the afternoon watching movies and flipping channels on our extended cable (which I'm discovering is good and bad). I hate winter and the cold and wind and ice, but, as MS pointed out, it is good because then when we're both home we get to spend that time together instead of outside doing projects or yard work or stuff that has us "together" but apart.

Well, since he had to work and Mom is at her boyfriend's family (which, even after 16 years, sounds weird) and the rest of the siblings had things going on, we're having Thanksgiving tomorrow at YOB's. I offered to bring the pie, shocker, and so I made two pumpkin pies with a special recipe that I found online a couple years ago.

I have also been wanting to learn how to make bread. I learned eons ago back in Home Ec with the infamous Mrs. Wiese, but my attempts have always failed. So I thought I'd try again today since I had the time. They didn't turn out too bad, but I think I need to keep practicing, since practice makes perfect. My hope is that someday I'll get bread figured out well enough that it can become a staple - where I make it instead of us buying it. (healthier)

So it's been a pretty quiet day. Very cold and windy again outside, so I'm glad I stayed in. The rest of the weekend is supposed to be warmer so I'm hoping I can suck it up enough to get a run or two in. We need to decorate for Christmas yet, too. Maybe Sunday. :)

*Doug was my first cousin, Lorna's, husband. They had two kids around my age, so I kind of went to the funeral for them. Though he and Lorna divorced in the 80's I always liked Doug. He was a good man. He will be missed.

21 November 2010

Not sure where to begin...again

Finnegan, begin again...

Have you ever had that problem where you've stopped doing something because other things got in the way but when you get to the point where you need to restart the thing you had stopped that you don't know how to start again?

So I ran the TC marathon in early October. I took some time off to recuperate, mostly because I hadn't trained well enough so I was a hurting unit. Then I decided that since I was going to move in with MS that maybe packing and moving boxes would be a good thing to do. So every extra moment was spent doing that which took me to the beginning of November.

Then I had nine days in a row of work which were intense and sucky, though good. So with all the extra time with work, running took a backseat. Then MS and I took a vacation, which was much needed, but despite the nice weather in Texas, I didn't run there either.

Now we're back and it's been a few days of recuperating from vacation. So now I need to get back running and working out. And I'm not sure how to start or where to begin. I had thought about pulling out the tights today to get a run in, but MS said the roads were slick from ice and to stay home. Of course, I'm supposed to meet up with Bridget to give her some bars for her PTO meeting tomorrow...but we'll see. I'm, wrongly, hoping the roads are a bit icy so she'll say no to me having to meet up with her, but I also hope they're okay so I can get rid of these bars. :)

But how do I start up again? It's cold out, so running is not a simple thing these days - you have to plan and dress and coordinate so you don't freeze your butt off or any appendages for that matter. It's not as simple as lacing up your shoes and stepping out the door.

I know, I know...I'm making excuses. I could run on the damned treadmill, but I hate the treadmill. But maybe that's what I have to do to do something. I do want to start the 100 pushups challenge and 200 situps challenge. MS wants to start up P90X again, but that's an early morning or late night. I don't know what to do...

For now, since I haven't done a damn thing this weekend (we got full cable at the house, so now I have my TBS and TNT back...good but bad) I need to get my getting-fatter-by-the-minute ass off the couch and clean the house.

17 November 2010

The stars at night are big and bright

MS and I finally got a real vacation in this year. Well, he'd say we've had two since we went to Hawaii in January and did take a long weekend to see K&E back in May. But for me, this was finally a real one - it wasn't work related and it wasn't just a weekend, though it was a weekend. Anyway...

We headed down to Texas on Friday. K&E had moved there for new jobs and school, so this was our first trip to their new digs. We had talked about flying but because of the cost we opted to drive. Plus, MS has some Navy friends who live in OK so we were able to stop and see them too. It was a long drive though.

Friday night we had dinner with MS's friends at an Irish pub. The food wasn't that great but the fellowship was awesome. We met up with Brian and Belinda and their daughter and Mike and Kathy. 4 hours later we were able to head the rest of the way to K&E, getting us in around 1am.

Saturday E and his brother had a "thing" they had to do, so we and K took Nika to the park to play. I'm not sure who had more fun, Nika or MS. He had a lot of trouble this weekend getting "stuck" but Nika was quick to help out.

Saturday afternoon we went to the TCU vs SDSU game. It was the last home game for them before they made some major updates to the stadium. We got to go to a tailgate where we sampled some delicious chips that we need to find now. :) The game was a little stressful as TCU wasn't quite with it, but it still was a good time. K took a nice picture of Nika, MS and me (see bottom photo).

Sunday we went to an awesome restaurant called Gloria's. That was the best Salvadorian food I have ever had. I had the Pollo Asado Combinado so I could try plantains and yucca for the first time...not bad. It also had Mexican food so Mike had a big plate of yumminess as well. And it was just the right amount. I didn't feel overly full like I sometimes do, especially after having chips and salsa. Mmmmm

"Hey, Nika, pull my finger!"

Monday MS and I went to the Dallas Holocaust Museum. It was kind of on a whim because our original intention was to go to the Sixth Floor Museum, but as we were waiting for it to open we walked around a square and saw a sign for the Holocaust Museum. We, being the great planners we are, thought we'd do that first and then do the other one before we had to head back. Well, after 2 1/2 hours at the HM we realized we wouldn't have time for both, but the time was well spent. That was an incredible museum and we probably could have spent the entire afternoon there. So the Sixth Floor will have to wait until the next trip. We did see the Grassy Noll though, so I guess that's something. :)

After we got back I took some family pics of K&E and Nika so K can write their All Saint's letter. :) Then we went to Joe T Garcia's which, again and not surprising, had great food. I ate way too much here but it was so yummy. And the atmosphere! WOW! The building is a block long with a lot of outdoor/patio seating with fountains and heaters. It was great.

Of course we were sad to leave Tuesday AM but it was necessary. We had thrown Nika's life pattern out of loop for too long (not to mention K&E's as well). So Tuesday, after surviving rush hour traffic with an hour back up because of a multi-car accident, we drove back to OK to meet up with Brian and Mike again. Mike wanted to show us his place and I was in love. The pantry alone was almost enough to make me ask if he'd adopt me. It was huge! With a sliding door! And oodles of shelf space!! Then I saw the kitchen! *sigh* They're basement was incredible and gave MS and I a few ideas for our place too. It was fun to hang out with the military boys even though half the time they were using Navy-speak so I didn't quite understand what they were saying. It was fun though.

I can't wait to go back to visit them again and add in Ernie next time. We'll have to plan better. :)

11 November 2010

A sincere thank you

To all the military men and women who paved the way for those who serve to protect our freedoms today. God bless you all.

Veteran's Day Mash Up

For a holiday I did a lot. :) Normally my holidays are days to curl up and watch movies or something.

Instead, I got my comforter dry cleaned, caught up with some billing paperwork with my dentist, went to work and got a few last minute things completed, had lunch with Bridget, got a new haircut ("I have bangs! My hair is so now."), shopped at VS, checked out some new pillows and priced out the better ones to pick up next week, went to Target and survived, picked up a new tire gauge, bought popcorn (mmm...Poppy's), had supper with Mom, picked up some groceries (forgetting the sugar...again!), and fueled up Morty. THEN I got home and put the comforter in the aired out duvet and put it on the guest room bed, did a load of laundry and now, once TBBT is over, I will be getting ready to go see the Nikanator.

I'm tired. Now I need popcorn. But a few more chores to be done first...

Lack of writing

My life has been a mess lately! Well, not a mess, but a lot of work. Today starts a nice vacation which is greatly needed. Of course it's Veteran's Day, which is why I have today off. I'll take it. :)

So today, I thank and honor all those who have come before us...those men and women who stepped up to defend our country to keep us free and safe...those men and women who continue to serve in a time where the military isn't always appreciated as they used to be.

Thank you, to a few: Kevin, Morris, Sam, Arnie, Elroy, Hans, Lane, Ron, Wayne, Eric, Sallie, Casey, Di, Ruth, Matt, Russ, Reid, Dean, RJ, Tom, Kristin, Bridget, Leroy, Joey, Jon, Brian, and so many more...

07 November 2010

Well, that's a total fail

So this month has already been crazy enough that I didn't succeed at NaBloPoMo. Silly me. Friday and Saturday were nuts though. This week has kicked my ass. I have been in bed and asleep before nine all week! I don't know what's going on ... if it's the weather getting colder, my job kicking my butt, or what. I just know, I have been tired.

Today is a short day at work at least. So I'm going to go to the grocery store to pick up "supplies" and then head home and have some baking therapy time. MS is working so it's just me tonight, which is good. I need a little me time. :) Not that I don't love having MS around, because I do, but it is nice to have some time just to myself. He gets his man cave...I get some nights to myself. :)

04 November 2010

Maybe 50 feet

I think other than going to lunch with my awesome sweetie today, I went maybe 50 feet from my office door...and that was only to go to the bathroom. Otherwise I was chained to my desk all day long trying to do all the paperwork and get caught up from the last two days of meetings and fun.

My sweetie has been wonderful these last few days, very supportive, having dinner ready for us when I get home, and taking care of me. He even made me tea to drink on the way into work this morning "to warm me up and keep me from getting sick". He's so wonderful and some days I really don't feel like I deserve his goodness, but I'm very thankful for it and feel very blessed. Love you, honey!

And since I'm typing this with his head on my shoulder, I'm going to keep this short so I can spend some quality time with him before I have to go to sleep. :)

03 November 2010

Meeting Wednesday

I hate Wednesdays. They used to be awesome when I worked at LS and the chapel service would have communion and the awesome sacristan's would bring me the leftover bread and wine for me to partake in the Eucharist and finish off the extras. :)

But now, Wednesday's = meetings. And it's not just one. It's 4. In a row. That go on and on. By 11:30 this morning I was cranky, hungry and crabby. But even the afternoon with no meetings is spent catching up...checking and answering the 9 voice messages, numerous emails and trying to finish the projects that need to be completed. It's frustrating.

These are the nights that I like to work late, but these are also the nights that I just want to go home. It doesn't help when the two people that just rub me the wrong way both came into my office at 4:30. I know they both mean well, but one is just high maintenance and the other is NOT clear in what she asks so when I try to explain to her she gets upset, answers back what she asked, which is incorrect, and then I have to explain it again. This goes round and round until I backtrack on what she asked, clarify what she actually has in her head that she's not saying but I'm finally figuring out, and then she can leave. Ugh.

I have 30 minutes til I can leave, but I don't know that I should. I have so much to get done and this mini-break of writing is a much needed release. Hopefully the next 30 minutes will be very productive. Crossing fingers!!!

02 November 2010

Closed Door

There are few rules in my office, which would make sense if you see the normal state of frazzledness that it embarks. But one of the most crucial ones is this: "It's not about you."

Yeah, it makes no sense, but let me 'splain. My office shares a door with my boss. Often people will go in to chat with him about very important and private matters. So they shut the door. For the first few months of my probationary period I would get very nervous. Did I do something wrong? What did I do? Crap, what's going to happen now? And so on...yes, I had a touch of paranoia.

Well, I have trained almost everyone now that when they close the adjoining door to lean in and say, "It's not about you." This works well. I can breathe a sigh of relief and they get to chuckle at it. :) Because honestly, it's rarely if ever about me. I'm a peon and not important to waste breath on. Plus if it WAS about me, they'd be pulling me in to the office too.

So today when Boss2 is meeting with a colleague and suddenly they shut the door, I get a little concerned. His door doesn't really fall under the "rules of the house" but it would have been nice. Especially since it wouldn't surprise me if they were talking about me. So my paranoia went up a bit. And especially when just before the door was shut my colleague stepped out and asked me which leadership program I'm attending next month and right after I answered, the door shut.

I hate this feeling. I know I shouldn't worry about it, but I do. It's just one of those things, I guess. I like them both and enjoy working with them, but when I'm not in the loop I get worried.

01 November 2010

It is finished!

Finally! The apartment is empty, save the vacuum and a few little things. MS wants to steam clean the carpets this week so I'm leaving that stuff until later.

After we finished up the crap at the apartment, MS and I went to Despicable Me. I was so excited to finally see this movie. It wasn't Toy Story 3 caliber, but it was freaking funny. "It's so fuzzy!"

So today starts NaNoWriMo, which I am thinking I'm going to attempt this year. We'll see. If I can keep up with this writing, I should be able to do that too, though the plot thing might be a little rough. We'll see.

But NaBloPoMo has begun as well, and here it is, my first post. On to the next!