11 November 2010

Veteran's Day Mash Up

For a holiday I did a lot. :) Normally my holidays are days to curl up and watch movies or something.

Instead, I got my comforter dry cleaned, caught up with some billing paperwork with my dentist, went to work and got a few last minute things completed, had lunch with Bridget, got a new haircut ("I have bangs! My hair is so now."), shopped at VS, checked out some new pillows and priced out the better ones to pick up next week, went to Target and survived, picked up a new tire gauge, bought popcorn (mmm...Poppy's), had supper with Mom, picked up some groceries (forgetting the sugar...again!), and fueled up Morty. THEN I got home and put the comforter in the aired out duvet and put it on the guest room bed, did a load of laundry and now, once TBBT is over, I will be getting ready to go see the Nikanator.

I'm tired. Now I need popcorn. But a few more chores to be done first...

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