17 November 2010

The stars at night are big and bright

MS and I finally got a real vacation in this year. Well, he'd say we've had two since we went to Hawaii in January and did take a long weekend to see K&E back in May. But for me, this was finally a real one - it wasn't work related and it wasn't just a weekend, though it was a weekend. Anyway...

We headed down to Texas on Friday. K&E had moved there for new jobs and school, so this was our first trip to their new digs. We had talked about flying but because of the cost we opted to drive. Plus, MS has some Navy friends who live in OK so we were able to stop and see them too. It was a long drive though.

Friday night we had dinner with MS's friends at an Irish pub. The food wasn't that great but the fellowship was awesome. We met up with Brian and Belinda and their daughter and Mike and Kathy. 4 hours later we were able to head the rest of the way to K&E, getting us in around 1am.

Saturday E and his brother had a "thing" they had to do, so we and K took Nika to the park to play. I'm not sure who had more fun, Nika or MS. He had a lot of trouble this weekend getting "stuck" but Nika was quick to help out.

Saturday afternoon we went to the TCU vs SDSU game. It was the last home game for them before they made some major updates to the stadium. We got to go to a tailgate where we sampled some delicious chips that we need to find now. :) The game was a little stressful as TCU wasn't quite with it, but it still was a good time. K took a nice picture of Nika, MS and me (see bottom photo).

Sunday we went to an awesome restaurant called Gloria's. That was the best Salvadorian food I have ever had. I had the Pollo Asado Combinado so I could try plantains and yucca for the first time...not bad. It also had Mexican food so Mike had a big plate of yumminess as well. And it was just the right amount. I didn't feel overly full like I sometimes do, especially after having chips and salsa. Mmmmm

"Hey, Nika, pull my finger!"

Monday MS and I went to the Dallas Holocaust Museum. It was kind of on a whim because our original intention was to go to the Sixth Floor Museum, but as we were waiting for it to open we walked around a square and saw a sign for the Holocaust Museum. We, being the great planners we are, thought we'd do that first and then do the other one before we had to head back. Well, after 2 1/2 hours at the HM we realized we wouldn't have time for both, but the time was well spent. That was an incredible museum and we probably could have spent the entire afternoon there. So the Sixth Floor will have to wait until the next trip. We did see the Grassy Noll though, so I guess that's something. :)

After we got back I took some family pics of K&E and Nika so K can write their All Saint's letter. :) Then we went to Joe T Garcia's which, again and not surprising, had great food. I ate way too much here but it was so yummy. And the atmosphere! WOW! The building is a block long with a lot of outdoor/patio seating with fountains and heaters. It was great.

Of course we were sad to leave Tuesday AM but it was necessary. We had thrown Nika's life pattern out of loop for too long (not to mention K&E's as well). So Tuesday, after surviving rush hour traffic with an hour back up because of a multi-car accident, we drove back to OK to meet up with Brian and Mike again. Mike wanted to show us his place and I was in love. The pantry alone was almost enough to make me ask if he'd adopt me. It was huge! With a sliding door! And oodles of shelf space!! Then I saw the kitchen! *sigh* They're basement was incredible and gave MS and I a few ideas for our place too. It was fun to hang out with the military boys even though half the time they were using Navy-speak so I didn't quite understand what they were saying. It was fun though.

I can't wait to go back to visit them again and add in Ernie next time. We'll have to plan better. :)

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