25 November 2010

A thanksgiving kind of day

It's Thanksgiving and MS is working. I hate days like this. We did both have yesterday off so we enjoyed spending the afternoon together. My former 1st cousin died last Sunday and his funeral was yesterday.* So we spent the afternoon watching movies and flipping channels on our extended cable (which I'm discovering is good and bad). I hate winter and the cold and wind and ice, but, as MS pointed out, it is good because then when we're both home we get to spend that time together instead of outside doing projects or yard work or stuff that has us "together" but apart.

Well, since he had to work and Mom is at her boyfriend's family (which, even after 16 years, sounds weird) and the rest of the siblings had things going on, we're having Thanksgiving tomorrow at YOB's. I offered to bring the pie, shocker, and so I made two pumpkin pies with a special recipe that I found online a couple years ago.

I have also been wanting to learn how to make bread. I learned eons ago back in Home Ec with the infamous Mrs. Wiese, but my attempts have always failed. So I thought I'd try again today since I had the time. They didn't turn out too bad, but I think I need to keep practicing, since practice makes perfect. My hope is that someday I'll get bread figured out well enough that it can become a staple - where I make it instead of us buying it. (healthier)

So it's been a pretty quiet day. Very cold and windy again outside, so I'm glad I stayed in. The rest of the weekend is supposed to be warmer so I'm hoping I can suck it up enough to get a run or two in. We need to decorate for Christmas yet, too. Maybe Sunday. :)

*Doug was my first cousin, Lorna's, husband. They had two kids around my age, so I kind of went to the funeral for them. Though he and Lorna divorced in the 80's I always liked Doug. He was a good man. He will be missed.

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