21 November 2010

Not sure where to begin...again

Finnegan, begin again...

Have you ever had that problem where you've stopped doing something because other things got in the way but when you get to the point where you need to restart the thing you had stopped that you don't know how to start again?

So I ran the TC marathon in early October. I took some time off to recuperate, mostly because I hadn't trained well enough so I was a hurting unit. Then I decided that since I was going to move in with MS that maybe packing and moving boxes would be a good thing to do. So every extra moment was spent doing that which took me to the beginning of November.

Then I had nine days in a row of work which were intense and sucky, though good. So with all the extra time with work, running took a backseat. Then MS and I took a vacation, which was much needed, but despite the nice weather in Texas, I didn't run there either.

Now we're back and it's been a few days of recuperating from vacation. So now I need to get back running and working out. And I'm not sure how to start or where to begin. I had thought about pulling out the tights today to get a run in, but MS said the roads were slick from ice and to stay home. Of course, I'm supposed to meet up with Bridget to give her some bars for her PTO meeting tomorrow...but we'll see. I'm, wrongly, hoping the roads are a bit icy so she'll say no to me having to meet up with her, but I also hope they're okay so I can get rid of these bars. :)

But how do I start up again? It's cold out, so running is not a simple thing these days - you have to plan and dress and coordinate so you don't freeze your butt off or any appendages for that matter. It's not as simple as lacing up your shoes and stepping out the door.

I know, I know...I'm making excuses. I could run on the damned treadmill, but I hate the treadmill. But maybe that's what I have to do to do something. I do want to start the 100 pushups challenge and 200 situps challenge. MS wants to start up P90X again, but that's an early morning or late night. I don't know what to do...

For now, since I haven't done a damn thing this weekend (we got full cable at the house, so now I have my TBS and TNT back...good but bad) I need to get my getting-fatter-by-the-minute ass off the couch and clean the house.

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