31 July 2009

Where's my camera?

I really need to take some pictures this weekend. Yesterday MS and I moved another huge load of rock and finished up the retaining wall area and a little bit around the culverts. It was a very long day. I started it with a 6.29 mile run and then headed to the house to work. By 7pm I was spent but we had a bit more work to do. MS finished up moving the extra rock around 10:30, took a quick shower, then we took the Ditch Witch back to the rentall place.

Insane, we are.

But it's looking amazing! It's hard to believe that three months ago when we started dating the yard around the house was just dirt and thistles. Now it's grass, trees, sprinklers, retaining wall, rock, flag pole, garden, and more. It's incredible.

This should be a quiet weekend - just mowing and little things to do. MS leaves for a week long trip to visit some of his friends before they deploy for 6 months. I'm not going along on this one - I have work and a bunch of appointments I need to take care of while he's away. I will miss him though.

I'm so tired though...I've been dragging all day, so I think I'm going to go to bed soon and then get up and run. YAY for running!

27 July 2009

It's cookie time

It has been a looooonnnnnggggg time since I've baked cookies. I finally got my new stove Saturday, but I had to work all weekend so I'm getting to try it out tonight. It actually bakes at the temperature it says it is, plus the timer works and the cookies are turning our great!

Of course, now I have to divide them up and take them to work tomorrow. I've been promising cookies for awhile to people, so I need to make it semi-fair. I owe a few people for help they've given and I just want to get rid of them. I've had a few (to sample) and I made a very small batch (i.e. 24 cookies) of peanut butter with dark chocolate kisses for me and MS. Those are at least semi-healthy for me.

I shouldn't be baking though...it's very dangerous for me. I need to drop about 20 pounds. I went to a nutrition center today who specializes in Herbalife products and smoothies (which I love) and they did a wellness analysis. I'm a little over these days and despite working with MS on the house, I really need to drop a few. So I'm going to try their products (smoothies!) and P90X. It would be nice to be down at least 10 by the marathon, so that gives me two months for that, then another couple months to be down by New Year's.

It's not a bad goal, it's probably not realistic either. MS and I need to work together on this since we eat together so much. Last night we had supper at 9:30 just due to my actual work and his work on the house. Timing was late. We ate, we went to bed. Just not the best when we're both trying to slim down.

So anyway, I need to get some things in writing and make a plan. Hopefully it'll work.

26 July 2009

Long time...

Wow, I haven't blogged in a really long time. Sorry about that folks. The days have gotten away from me.

It's Airshow time in my neck of the woods and work has been really busy. I've been helping out with a couple of the VIP issues and special events which culminated last night. Today is the last day of the show and then it's clean up time.

Last night was awesome. I got to see a bunch of retired folks who came out for the special event (where we honored one of our own who has had an amazing career). The highlight, the TRUE highlight, was getting to see one of my dearest friends and mentors, RRR.

RRR and I bonded a few years back when I was filling in for a couple weeks during the summer. He and I sat down to talk one morning over soda and ended up talking for 3 hours, then on to lunch, and really became good friends. He has always been a great support for me and someone I value deeply.

It had been a few months since we had seen each other so last night's reunion was much needed. Luckily I was the first one of the group (his former co-workers) to see him and I got a big hug for it.

He made me cry though ("He gave me the puppy!"). He complimented me on my career, my person, and told me how dear a friend I am to him and how much he values me. I'm tearing up now because of it. He also told me to tell MS that he's a lucky guy to have me. :) (To which MS said, "Okay, tell him thanks.")

Anyway, last night just made me realize the importance, once again, of relationships. RRR has been retired a few years now, but he is still as important to me now as he was then...I just need to continue to let him know that. And I know he'll do the same.

21 July 2009

Tonight's Top Ten

I decided to shut off my TV a little while ago.

For one, there's nothing on.

For two, I wasn't really watching it anyway since I've been chatting with KB on FB most of the night.

For three, I'm still ticked that my super hasn't fixed my stove yet. Not that this is a big deal but I would like to make cookies but I don't want to have to push the button to stop the F-1 malfunction beep every 16 seconds.

For four, okay that just makes me laugh. For Four. :)

For five, I'm kind of bored tonight. MS is working another shift, picking up some OT to pay for gravel, so my night is empty. I remember when all my nights used to be like this...but I don't expect them anymore. I'm kind of sad.

For six, I'm waiting for the inevitable phone call that is sure to come. But another phone call has to be made first and I'm not sure if that's happened yet.

For seven, there's a band in the garage next to my building playing...or maybe it's at the nearby park. I need to check that. But they sound really good.

For eight, this reminds me of 4-H. Say it fast.

For nine, (NINE!) I really should be in bed so I really can get up in the AM to run since I didn't today. And tomorrow I'm going to need the extra endorphins because it's going to be a busy day. (And exercise gives you endorphins and endorphins make you happy...and happy people just don't shoot their husbands).

And for ten, MS and I are working on losing weight and getting in better shape. We both have a little work to do, so nine is important so I can do ten. :)

So to bed I go...momentarily. I should cut up my melon first, so I can have watermelon tomorrow... Or I can do that as a reward after my run tomorrow AM. No, I better do it now. So here I go!

20 July 2009

Running to the Cross

Back in the day, years ago we're talking (at least 9), I used to run in the mornings. I had a 2 mile route set up from my dorm room (I was in seminary at the time), around the neighborhood and then I'd finish up in front of the Celtic Cross* on campus. Once I was here, I would sit cross-legged (pun not intended) and have a morning prayer.

Tonight I wish it was one of those mornings. Right now, I just want to go for a run, work out all the things in my head, and then pray about all the mess that I have going on in my life and in the lives of my friends.

If you're in the praying mood, or of the praying sort, please send up a prayer for my friends, my family, and all those who need some strength today.

*The Celtic cross is a replica of the oldest cross in Norway, dating to around 1000 A.D. When a Viking chose to become Christian, he or she would erect a cross of stone to mark the spot of decision or baptism. After that, they would gather there with other Christians for worship until a church was built. These crosses still stand in Norway.

What are the inscriptions on the Celtic cross? On the top, the "Chi-Rho," the first two letters of Christ's name in Greek, and the "theta" from Greek word for the world gives us, "Christ as the light of the world". On the left arm, the "I" is from "ICHTHUS" or "fish" in Greek, an early Christian symbol, and "Alpha and Omega," Christ as the beginning and the end. The "VDMA" on the right arm is Latin for "Verbum Domini Manet in Aeternum," or "The Word of God Remains Forever".

Return to sender

Today I returned over $200 worth of clothes that I had hoped would work but just didn't.

I hate shopping, that's no big surprise, so I tend to do my clothes shopping online, usually from backcountry.com or steepandcheap.com, the latter of which has a new item every 20 minutes or so and therefore you have to purchase quickly. I like this because I can try things on at home and see how it really looks. On the rare occasion where I actually shop in person, I still take things home and try them on there and then return.

So today I returned a bunch of stuff and realized that two items I've been wanting to return and I just haven't gotten around to it, that it's been too long to send them back. Oh well...that's my fault. I need to be more timely and decisive with this.

But I'm excited that I stayed on task with the recent purchases so I can get my money back. Pretty slick and I'll have money back in my account to cover my groceries I bought today. YAY!

Now I just need to decide about the other one...

19 July 2009

Camping recap

So camping last week was a trip! MS and I had a lot of fun, especially with all the Daddy Long Legs that set up camp on our camp trying to edge us out. It was a nice getaway for both of us I think. Granted I'm a novice camper, but this was a great time and we plan to go again.

So to document - here I am on our hiking excursion:

This was our camp. Nice tent...

This was our meal one night. MS threw in potatoes, onion, garlic, carrots, spices and olive oil with some raw burger and cooked it like so. The seal with the fold on the tinfoil helped to create some nice steam so the veggies didn't stick to the foil very much. Really tasty too.

There's a happy camper...Guinness, food (notice the chips), and the recycling bag hanging from the tree.

14 July 2009


It's camping time. I will not be here until I return. :) Have a great few days!

13 July 2009

Emotional day

So it's been a whirlwind of a day. I got home from MS's this morning to curl my hair and get ready for a work meeting. That meeting was only supposed to be 90 minutes and Mom had agreed to wait for me before going to the funeral.

Well, the meeting ran over a bit and despite my speeding home (which mom said not to do) I was a few minutes late. Mom was ticked because we were going to be late (we had 30 minutes to go 3 blocks) and so she was already in a mood.

Well the funeral was fine. I sang a hymn which always feels cheesy to me...I really need to get some funeral repertoire set up for these things. But it worked and everyone (!) told me how great it was (which I hate).

After the funeral we did the family thing where I got to hang out and do the small talk thing with the family I never see. It's fine, but it's not like we're real close. Maybe that could be remedied and maybe it should be, but right now I'm just not there. Of course, it could have just been the day.

The rest of the day was ups and downs between planning, packing, shopping, etc for the camping trip MS and I are going on this week. We leave tomorrow and I'm super excited!

AND I got to talk with my OOB tonight which is always fun.

Okay...I need to pack. and sleep. The next few nights will be long in a tent, but it'll be great.

12 July 2009

Warm and fuzzy; morning cleaning

I'm someone who can be relied on. :) That makes me happy.
On another note, I got up this morning at 5:30 thinking I'd go for my 9M run, but it was windy and cool so I thought I'd just clean instead. Nothing like cleaning a bathroom to start a day.

Really I just need to find the bladder for my Eastbak version of a Camelbak. And MS is coming over after his shift this morning and we're going to run then, so it's all good.

And so I'm watching "Never Been Kissed" while I clean. My favorite line from Garry Marshall, "Ho---ly Shit! I don't even know my own kid." That makes me smile.

Okay, enough randomness...back to work for me. :)

11 July 2009

Running for the military

Today there was a Support Our Troops run on the bike trail in town. Donations were received for the military families and members in the area. I had the option to walk a mile, run a 5K or run a 10K.

Which did I choose?

Duh, of course I'm a glutton for punishment so I ran the 10K. Plus my training program said I needed to run 6 today anyway, and since I've been SO good at staying on top of that (not), I had to run the 10K.

It wasn't a bad run. The weather was perfect today so that helped. I had my chai before the race which helped with my caffeine need and though I came in DAL I still finished with a time of 69:30. This is only a minute longer than I ran the 10K in May and that one was without stopping to walk (I walked a few times today). So I'm getting faster maybe? That would be nice.

I just need to drop a few pounds and do some strength training. I think that would help. I have the discs for P90X now, but MS and I haven't started that yet. We're going camping next week so that's out. Maybe the next week...that might work. We'll see. I need to do something. I know it would help.

10 July 2009

Mungie Boy

Today my mentor retired from our workplace. We had a nice party for him. I laughed. I cried. I sighed. I chortled (yes, I chortled).

And I miss him already.

09 July 2009

Family Ties

I have a hard time saying no...especially to family. And the fact that I don't have an immediate family of my own, except for Nika and 'rents, doesn't really help me much in the "just say no" department.

I love my sister and brothers. I really do. I'm so blessed to have such awesome siblings. But sometimes...well every year around this time...things just start to irk me.

One of my brothers likes to go to Sturgis for the bike rally. Who wouldn't, right? Well this is all fine and well, except he has 2 kids - 6 and 2.5 years old - who can be a handful. Every year he has asked our mom to watch them for this week - a WEEK. Mom's all alone, has a job (which yes, we're all annoyed with because she's supposed to be retired, but I understand her need to do something), likes to go dancing...in short has a life.

Well, my brother gets ticked off because Mom hems and haws over this week about watching the kids the entire time. I don't blame her. Two kids is a lot to handle, especially at that age and even more so all alone. Which then brings me into the picture, since I'm the single girl with no life (supposedly), and so he then asks me to help Mom out that week. I have a job, I have a life of my own too. And it's not that I don't love my niece and nephew, but wow.

I have a couple beefs with this whole thing. One is that my brother hasn't talked to me in weeks, then suddenly he needs something (i.e. a babysitter) and suddenly he wants to chat. Another is that he's asking/demanding/expecting a lot of our mother without giving much in return. It's rare if he goes down to see her for more than an hour (Com'on kids, we have to go), but he expects her to drop everything for him. Yet another is that per the multiple emails over the last two weeks, he had planned three different trips - only one with his kids. I don't ever remember my parents taking a vacation on their own. We were always with them. And one other is that maybe, just maybe, he needs to think about taking this trip every year. Is it necessary? What about every other year? Do both he and his wife have to go? I don't know...she works out there and this year so will he, but he's going to have to realize that this isn't always going to work. guh.

I'm just annoyed and pissed partly because I get stuck in the middle - him bitching to me about mom and vice versa. I probably shouldn't be posting this but I'm looking for some guidance if anyone can help. I told him I would work it out with mom if she watches the kids that week that I would help, but I have obligations too and so I need to know soon.

Now if I could just be my sister and say no, things would be fine. But I feel guilty doing that when I know my mother can't say no. That's what's more frustrating is that I know she can't/won't say no and so she'll end up watching the kids and then I'll get the talk about how she feels she's being taken advantage of and so on.

i don't know...

It's kind of funny

So I said I wouldn't be blogging every day, and then I blogged thrice yesterday and here I am again.

Today was a very hectic day, but it's good. I at least feel like I'm getting things accomplished at work (except for coins! damn coins) and I feel like I have a purpose in life, even if it is just paperwork.

Found out that my mom's step-dad died today. I should be sad since he was the only 'grandpa' I ever knew (dad's dad had died way before I was born), but we weren't that close so...and I feel a little bad saying this...it's almost a blessing he's gone. Mom won't have that stress in her life anymore, which is really important.

Mom also ended up with hail damage totaling $4K or so and so once again she'll need my car while her's is getting fixed. I'm hoping this will happen next week since I'll be with MS. But with my luck it'll be the week after when I need my car. Ugh.

So Jenna, being the doll she is, sent me a prayer today:
"Lord, I ask that you keep Moe and her family in your hands. You are the one that provides peace, so Lord please let your peace and love surround them as they have many stressful things going on right now. I also ask for clarity of mind for Moe as she has a lot of responsibility on her shoulders. Lord, I thank you for giving Moe family but I ask that you would guide her in those relationships during this busy time. And Lord if possible please take the hail damage off of her mom's car! Lord we thank you for the life and love that you give us. In your name, Jesus, Amen"

Anyway, I'm really tired tonight. I worked late so I could get a few projects done. It helped but I'm still a little behind. Hopefully tomorrow and maybe Saturday and Monday will get me caught up before MS and I go on vacation.

Bed might be in order...

08 July 2009

A good reminder

Sunday morning after church, I met MS for a run on the country roads by his house. He had been watching the Ironman competition that morning so he was pretty gung-ho to run, and was Mister Chatty Cathy. Annoying. :)

But, his conversation and his talk about the competition reminded me of my post in April. I slept in this morning and took today as a rest day, but wow, I feel pathetic when I read about Team Hoyt.

I need to go to bed so I can get up and run at least 5 in the morning. Resting is good, but my excuses need to end. My marathon is in 88 days. I need to be running.

Meeting day

I literally spent 3.5 hours straight in meetings, in uncomfortable chairs with only three 5-minute breaks. Blech. KC and I were so annoyed and hungry we bolted as soon as we could and went to Jimmy John's for lunch - (#12 Unwich for me).

After lunch we had our quartet practice. Have I mentioned I'm in a quartet? (trying to get a 5th, but we'll see.) Our quartet is pretty fun. We're all semi-music people (MB and I were both music majors in college, AES was a music minor and KC is MB's wife, so that works well.) We blend well and we have a few gigs coming up.

One is in a few weeks during the local Airshow. We have the national anthem gig for both days of the show and then a just one-song gig for a night event. But we also have one more confirmed booking and another penciled in for the fall. Pretty exciting for a group that has only performed together in public twice.

Decision made

I really like blogging. I do. It's very helpful for me to write down what I did for the day and how I was feeling and see the changes that make me who I am.

But blogging every day is just not feasible right now. I'm not always home, I don't always have time, and sometimes my material just isn't fun.

So I'm just going to update as I can and when I can. Hopefully it won't be months on end like I have been in the past, but it probably won't be daily. Sorry, readers.

06 July 2009


Yesterday started out a bit rough. MS and I ran 5.4 in the morning and the first half went pretty well, until I started getting nauseated and tingly.

Mistake number 1: not drinking enough in the morning. I started to get dehydrated. Not a good thing.

Mistake number 2: not eating enough in the morning either.

Mistake number 3: running in direct sunlight - no shade on some of those country roads.

Mistake number 4: being a girl and not able to strip down to nothing. :) I took off my shirt since i had my good sports bra on, but I was still hot, then cold, then hot. Not a smart move.

After the run, MS made us eggs for lunch. We both had a ton of gatorade and fruit too. Surprisingly it helped. The rest of the day went well. We put in a few more fence posts for the garden, ran into town to pick up the one we were missing as well as more concrete for the posts, then back to the house to finish it all up.

I also re-potted Albert from work. He was really full of roots, so I'm a bit worried. Hopefully I didn't mess it up, but he went from one plant to 4. They seemed okay this morning but hopefully they'll take.

Last night we sat around the fire pit and watched some of the fireworks from area folks. We shot of a couple Roman candles and called it good. It was a beautiful night.

I also called K&E to say hi and catch up briefly with them. It's always fun to catch up with them, though I am a bit sad that E is building the deck without me. :(

And K
- MS was just being a dork...he does want to meet you, (he has a one track mind some times and we had just been talking about the concrete for the patio) and we're planning on August at least for a day...probably an up and back, so we'll have to figure out the best day to make it work. I think he works that Tuesday and Thursday, so maybe Monday or Wednesday?

Today it has been good. Slept in, went for a wet, drippy run (from me, not rain). And now I need to iron my uniform and head back to MS to help with the retaining wall. Zach has a game tonight too, so hopefully we can make that as well. :)

Busy times, they are.

05 July 2009

Mistake in judgment

So last night was much better than I had thought. Mom picked me up and we headed down to my sister's. I thought it was going to be a bigger bash (hence all the pies and the fruit salad I made), but it turned out to be just the 'rent-in-laws and us. So there was a lot of food, but still a good time.

The nice thing was when we pulled up Zach & Em came running to the car to greet us. It was kind of sweet. I know this summer I have not been around as much as I have the last couple (re: MS), so it was nice to know they still like me and want me to be around.

Zach and I played a little one on one (as little as possible since I was in flip-flops) and then we ate. After we blew off a few fireworks and Em and I put on our "fireworks show". She's quite the performer. I was just happy to blow a few things up.

So it was good. I always do that...hate going somewhere and then end up loving it.

Now it's off to church, a run and then helping MS out on the yard. It's going to be a beautiful day. :)

04 July 2009

Bad sister

This is going to seem really bad, but I kind of wish I didn't have to go to my sister's tonight for the holiday. It's not that I won't have fun, or that I won't be welcome. I'm just tired and not really in the mood for people.

It's a known fact I'm not a fan of crowds. JB could attest to that whenever she would try to get me to go to the great MN get-together. And not that tonight will be a crowd, at least not until we go into town for the fireworks display.

I don't know. Maybe it's because MS is working and so it's like I'm single again - making pies and fruit salad and things for no one in particular - which is a lie because they are for family and then MS tomorrow, but it just has that feel. I'm sitting at home on a holiday, shredding papers, going through NLPs and baking. Could that scream "single" anymore than it already does?

On a good, or less pathetic...well maybe not... how about just on another note - this morning I went into work for 3.5 hours and got a lot accomplished. Not everything I needed but a lot. Tuesday should be less hectic, but I probably missed something crucial so we'll see.

OMG someone cheer me up! What is wrong with me?!?!


Is it wrong that the one of the main reasons I'm looking forward to my camping trip coming up is so I can get more and updated pictures of me and MS? I'm such a dork.

Plan for the day

It's a holiday, yes, but I have a lot to do. I need to go into work and sort through my papers there. I need to get a run in. I need to make 2 pies and fruit salad. I need to continue to clean my apartment.

What a day. :)

Happy Independence Day!!!

It's good to be an American, despite the mess our country seems to be in.

03 July 2009

Maybe going about things the wrong way

This morning I went to MS's to help put in a few more of the fence posts for the garden. I kind of made a mess of myself but it was fun nonetheless. Lots of mud in the slight drizzle and then add mixing concrete to the fun and it was quite funny. Oh well.

The afternoon had me cleaning a bit more while MS hung out with his mom. So more things in the sorting boxes. Of course when MS came over and saw that he said, "You know it's inefficient to sort things twice." And while I normally agree, if I didn't compartmentalize these items (for more sorting later) it would still be a mess in my apartment, instead of just having a few boxes sitting out. So he said, "So what you really need is a file cabinet." Yep...that and an office so my file cabinet isn't in my bedroom or my living room. Someday maybe.

Tonight we're going to MS's friends place for sloppy joes (though I've already eaten). Should be fun. :)

02 July 2009

Attempting (once again) to declutter

Last week I got home from a week long trip back to my apartment which hadn't changed other than a little dustier. But for whatever reason, it was just driving me insane.

MS was there as I kept grunting and "ugh"ing and sighing as I do when I'm frustrated. He asked what was wrong and I said, "I just need to clean and declutter. It's driving me crazy." He said to take my time and get it done. This was Saturday AM at 10 when we already had a list of things to do. "Aw, honey, thanks, but that's more of a project than a few minutes."

He smiled and looked at my counter and then at the NLPs* around the floor and said, "Yeah, you need to clean that up. It's starting to drive me crazy too." And he's pretty easy going...so wow.

Well MS had to work today and I had the day off, so the last couple nights I set up boxes and today I started to clean. I have a lot of crap. A lot of little crap...little things that when I find them I smile and think of why I have whatever item it is, but then I wonder why the hell I still have it. I have papers everywhere because I get stupid mail and I insist on recycling or shredding, but it piles up when I'm not around. I have magazine subscriptions which are great but I tend to keep them because "there was the really good article" which I've never read and I wouldn't be able to remember where it was located if I had.

So my boxes are starting to get filled: file (medical, insurance, etc), work stuff needing to keep (pay stubs, important docs, etc), magazines (soon to be recycled), recycling (a box of its own), and receipts (which hopefully can just all be shredded but we'll see as I go through them).

It's a little overwhelming how much crap I have, but it'll be nice to get it put away. I also put my scrapbooking projects in a box. I really do want to do my running book, but I think I need to get a bigger book first and I want to get that organized before I start to glue. And I may just have to hire K to do it since she's actually talented enough with that type of project (or I'll just have to wait until winter). :)

Overall, decluttering will help. After my apartment today and tomorrow, I'll be heading to work on Saturday to do the same there. Hopefully by the end of Saturday I'll be feeling less stressed and more organized again.

01 July 2009

Office Space moment

I just had a total Office Space moment. I got a phone call from one guy saying he was going to resend the email that he sent me yesterday with an updated date change. I said sure, make sure the guy's title is right (he had promoted him inadvertently in the first email). So he said I'm going to just start all over and send you a new email. Okay. Cool.

Well then, his subordinate came rushing down (as she does) and said, "Warren hasn't sent you an email yet?" I said he's sending it now, I just got off the phone with him. "Okay well I need to talk to him about a date change." Okay...he just told me that but okay. Then SHE runs into another gal in the hallway who said she had just gotten done talking with Warren about the date change so Lady1 says, so you have him squared away? And Lady2 says, "Yep, Moe should have it in her inbox now." Then comes around the corner and says, "Did you get an email from Warren?" I said, he's resending it. She says, "He should be sending that right now." Ugh...

All for a date change that could have been covered with a phone call alone. ugh