20 July 2009

Return to sender

Today I returned over $200 worth of clothes that I had hoped would work but just didn't.

I hate shopping, that's no big surprise, so I tend to do my clothes shopping online, usually from backcountry.com or steepandcheap.com, the latter of which has a new item every 20 minutes or so and therefore you have to purchase quickly. I like this because I can try things on at home and see how it really looks. On the rare occasion where I actually shop in person, I still take things home and try them on there and then return.

So today I returned a bunch of stuff and realized that two items I've been wanting to return and I just haven't gotten around to it, that it's been too long to send them back. Oh well...that's my fault. I need to be more timely and decisive with this.

But I'm excited that I stayed on task with the recent purchases so I can get my money back. Pretty slick and I'll have money back in my account to cover my groceries I bought today. YAY!

Now I just need to decide about the other one...

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