08 July 2009

Meeting day

I literally spent 3.5 hours straight in meetings, in uncomfortable chairs with only three 5-minute breaks. Blech. KC and I were so annoyed and hungry we bolted as soon as we could and went to Jimmy John's for lunch - (#12 Unwich for me).

After lunch we had our quartet practice. Have I mentioned I'm in a quartet? (trying to get a 5th, but we'll see.) Our quartet is pretty fun. We're all semi-music people (MB and I were both music majors in college, AES was a music minor and KC is MB's wife, so that works well.) We blend well and we have a few gigs coming up.

One is in a few weeks during the local Airshow. We have the national anthem gig for both days of the show and then a just one-song gig for a night event. But we also have one more confirmed booking and another penciled in for the fall. Pretty exciting for a group that has only performed together in public twice.

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