05 July 2009

Mistake in judgment

So last night was much better than I had thought. Mom picked me up and we headed down to my sister's. I thought it was going to be a bigger bash (hence all the pies and the fruit salad I made), but it turned out to be just the 'rent-in-laws and us. So there was a lot of food, but still a good time.

The nice thing was when we pulled up Zach & Em came running to the car to greet us. It was kind of sweet. I know this summer I have not been around as much as I have the last couple (re: MS), so it was nice to know they still like me and want me to be around.

Zach and I played a little one on one (as little as possible since I was in flip-flops) and then we ate. After we blew off a few fireworks and Em and I put on our "fireworks show". She's quite the performer. I was just happy to blow a few things up.

So it was good. I always do that...hate going somewhere and then end up loving it.

Now it's off to church, a run and then helping MS out on the yard. It's going to be a beautiful day. :)

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