19 April 2013

My brain hurts

I've been freaking out a bit this week. Last Monday, the 15th, when all the shit was hitting the fan in Boston, I realized that I have 3 months to Little Moe's due date.

That's three months to:
  • Get the baby's room ready
  • Gain some more weight (but not much more!)
  • Buy stuff for Little Moe so she won't be naked all the time (though if she's like her father, she'll want to be)
  • Figure out this breastfeeding stuff
  • Get some sleep before I won't be sleeping ever again
  • Exercise so I'm not a total pudge during delivery
  • Get all my projects done at home so I don't have to think about those when I'm trying to learn how to take care of Little Moe
I also have only three months to:
  • Figure out how much time I'm taking off of work (I'd like to take 12 wks, but I'm thinking I might do 9 full weeks and then come back half time for 3 more - I don't know).
  • Figure out who is going to cover for me while I'm gone
  • How to train said person or persons for basically everything I do
  • How to get them paid
  • How to sleep at night worrying about if they're doing it okay or not
  • How to sleep at night wondering if they're doing it better than me
The biggest issue is that I have no idea who's going to sit at my desk. My boss is all about stealing people from other areas, which is great, but my job is more than just sitting at the desk and answering phones. And it's not just normal projects, it's a bunch of little stuff. And if it ends up being not one person, but several, then there's little continuity, so whatever information I put together for them will have to be detailed and understandable and accessible. Right now I have a lot on a secured shared drive, so I'm trying to figure out what I can take off and put where, so whoever he steals from wherever can access it.

So do I make a list of "How to do Moe's job" in detail - down to the last step, or do I just say screw it, let them only answer the phones and let it the rest pile up and I'll do it when I get back? And if I do make a list - how detailed do I get? I'm also worried about my email, because I only have so much space and everything comes through me. We do have a telework agreement in place, so I am debating on bringing home the laptop, but not sure the boss will allow that (and I think hubby would disown me if I did).

On top of that, my backup for a lot of stuff may also be gone during the same time frame, which will really suck. That's still up in the air - and I'm waiting confirmation on that.

I'm seriously considering working a half day, at least, each week while I'm on maternity leave, just so I can keep up with stuff and check on things - even if it's a Friday afternoon when most people are gone, just so I can go through email and do the little projects that aren't bad, but are a little tough to explain.

I don't know. My boss doesn't seem too worried yet. But then again, he's better under pressure (I usually am too, but the clock seems to be ticking a little too fast these days).

Less than three months!!! AAAARRRGGHHH! I don't need this stress. Oh and add on top of that: I have my 2-hour glucose test on Monday and I have this feeling of dread that my doctor is going to want to put me on bed rest, which will really screw up my life. Praying that doesn't happen.

Anything else in my life that I can worry about? lol

02 April 2013

My friends are awesome

So today my friend Amy was posting on FB about her plight with her yoga class. I'm her biggest fan so I'm often encouraging her to run, walk, yoga, whatever. So I, of course, sent her some encouraging words and cheered her on to keep going.

Her response?

"I love you, Moe, but shut up."

I busted out laughing. In fact, when she followed it up with, "Just kidding! (maybe)" I was laughing so hard I had tears rolling down my face.  She's awesome.

Love you, Amy!

My girls: K, me, and Amy :)

24 March 2013

M's sleeping

I've been trying to keep two blogs as of late. M and I started one for us when we got engaged, and I'm finally caught up wit h that one, but I didn't want to give up on this one, too. I don't know if it's so I can still feel sort-of "me" even though I'm now part of this twosome, or what. But there are times when what I do is really just my thing, so for now I'm going to keep this one going.

The last couple weeks have been a blur. M's mom got sick - ended up in the hospital and then we moved her to a nursing home. He's been stressing a LOT with everything dealing with that issue, which in turn has caused me a bit o' stress, causing digestive issues. Last week I was home two afternoons sick and finally last Sunday I felt better. M got sick this past Thursday, much worse than me, and he's been down for the count the last two days. So after a long day of trying every remedy we can think of to make him feel better, I put him to bed and told him I'd sleep on the couch for another night (he's extremely worried I'm going to catch what he has.) I already told him he's not going to work tomorrow. We'll see if he listens. :)

Yesterday, in an attempt to do a few Moe things, I went for a walk/jog with my friend Sara. The weather was decent - 30 at 9:30am - and we had a group fun-run happening in town. I wasn't going to go but deep down I really wanted to see how I could handle it. I didn't run a lot but I did jog a little through intersections and parking lots, just to see.

Honestly, it felt really good, other than a little bit of belly bounce. I need to get a belly band or something to help hold Little Moe in place. My abs are basically gone since I can't do crunches or situps, so there's not much holding my abs upright when I'm running around. But the fresh air felt great, and the exercise was awesome.

I know they say prego's can run throughout their pregnancy if they've been running prior to getting knocked up. The bad thing is, I had taken a month off after my awful marathon, trying to get back into the swing of things when I did get pregnant. And suddenly I was exhausted ALL.the.Time. so exercising was the last thing on my mind. The last couple months have been awful for weather and, while I've done some yoga and elliptical, I haven't been consistent enough. (I really should move south for the winter so I can exercise outside where I'm most happy.) But now, the weather is getting better and seeing the runners out makes me itch to lace up the shoes. But now I fear I'm too late to start.

I don't know. I'm frustrated in losing myself a little with this new little person soon to be around. People keep saying my whole life will change, and I know it will, but I think I'm allowed a little grief at losing my non-mom life for a bit.

04 March 2013

Countin' the money

Today was my first official day of being an offering counter. Dave, Jess and I were on tap today. I got the updates from Jess on her ultrasound last week. She's had quite a life - a miscarriage and a stillborn on top of her other 2 kids - so the fact she's quite big for only being 32 weeks is quite concerning.

But we had fun. She's a card and so we had lots of laughs and kind of confused Dave. Oh well. We had one funny moment K&E will enjoy:

Church Secretary: "Moe?"
Me: "Yes?"
CS: "Do you want offering envelopes?"
Me: (quite in shock, but starting to chuckle) "Sure, that'd be great."
CS: "Well, I noticed that you have been using the kids ones."
Me: "I just use whatever's in the pew."
CS: "Well, this way you have your own and I'll just assign you a number. You can have envelopes, you know."
Me (as I looked at Jess and started to really chuckle out loud): "Well....I'm not really a member here."
Jess BUSTED out laughing
CS (a little flustered): "Well, you can still have envelopes. It's easier to track."

So I have envelopes now! Those, along with the ones for the other church that I used to frequent (Ole's church), should help me to donate somehow to the church.

28 February 2013

More volunteering

Last year, I got involved with my running pals in planning a 5K for a neighboring town. Sadly, due to work, I wasn't able to partake in the day-of activities.

This year, the same group is getting together again. Somehow, I've been handed the task of Facebook page management. This should be interesting. Granted, I'm on FB all the time, but I'm still trying to figure out what the Race Director's vision is for this. For now, I'll just keep working on it.

So Tuesday, I had lunch with the RD and Peter, whom the RD wanted to also do the FB updates. But since Peter tweets more than I do, he's going to take on the Twitter page and I have FB. The fun part is I'll have some giveaways and basically can put up whatever I want that's running or race related. It should be good.

Tonight, we had a full-on team meeting which was fun. Despite the fact that I'm not really running right now (which I do miss, and I am thinking of trying to take it up even though I'm at 20 weeks), it's fun to get together with runners. I miss these days.

I know I'm pathetic. I'm growing a person, I shouldn't be all upset that I'm missing out on things like running, but I am. I need to figure out some new release.