31 December 2008

Looking back at 2008

There is something sad about looking back on your life, and yet somehow invigorating. Of course it depends on what you see when you look back.

So I'm going to start simple tonight and go with my resolutions from last year:

* Buy the damn shredder (Did it! And I use it...occasionally!)

* Get rid of excess - excess anything: paper, clothes, stuff. Declutter your life! Give to Goodwill! (I did much better at this than I have in the past. I did take clothes to Goodwill and I need to do more. I have spent countless hours cleaning out boxes and papers. In fact, in our trash area in our garage there are at least three stacks of flattened boxes waiting for recycling.)

* Give to charities more than 2007 (I think I did this, though I didn't track it very well throughout the year, so I'll have to get back to you on this one.)

* Get an iPod shuffle for better running (I did do this! A green one, but I don't use it very much because I don't like running with music...it's too distracting.)

* Run your 2nd and 3rd marathons - May and October respectively (I almost did this one. I didn't make the May one - but I'm going to this year. But I did run the one in October AND I finished officially!)

* Knit blankets for Debbie (I'm pretty sure I did this, but I can't remember. I seem to recall giving her a few blankets. I probably need to do more.)

* Send PIF gifts and open it up again next year (I lost Heather's address and I'm still working on Bethany's! Bethany - I'm sooooo sorry I didn't get it to you before the end of November, but you will get it!)

* Smile and be happy - life is great and a gift. Enjoy it! (Well, life was up and down this year, but for the most part I really tried to do this.)

30 December 2008

Feeling blue

I'm really melancholy today and I don't know why. Well, I do but I can't do much about it.

So I'm taking an Internet break tonight. Normally, I'd check the blogs I read and comment. Or, like last night, I'd spend some time on FaceBook catching up with friends from long ago.

But instead, I'm going to veg and maybe read or write or something. See you tomorrow for the last night of the year.

29 December 2008

Not a good way to start

Okay, so I will say this much. Facebook is good for reconnecting with long-lost friends. Other than that, it's an addictive source of procrastinating genius.

Tonight I was able to connect with Chad, SaraYo, and my dearest friend Karla whom I haven't seen in years. Chad and I chatted for about 2 hours; Karla and I at least an hour if not more.

Oh, how I miss these folks. These were college friends who helped me through some of the tough times. Chad played my big brother in Pirates and Joseph (we both had the red hair thing going). Karla - sweet Karla - was always there for me, through thick and thin, the good and the bad. I miss her badly.

So to K&E and Amy who coerced me into this: Thank you. Despite the fact I'm still freaked out by the simplicity of stalking people this way, I really am glad you got me on this so I could connect with old friends. Thank you.

28 December 2008

OMG - what did I do?

I signed up on Facebook.

I'm not sure about this. I really like my life being just "Moe" here. Facebook is so much different. Granted, I have found a lot of people I haven't talked about in ages - even some from college I barely remember but as I look at their photos it's starting to come back to me.

It's just scary. I'm not sure I'm ready for this but I've been making all other sorts of changes in my life these past few weeks, I might as well make one more.

27 December 2008

Total cuteness

This is the cuteness with whom I spent the last few days.

Could life be any better?

26 December 2008

It's the house.

Yep. I've made a determination. It's the house. We crashed around 11 last night. I woke at 8:30, chatted with E&K for a bit, then sat down in the big cushy chair and suddenly fell asleep. I woke up 15 minutes later and decided this was stupid...I mean, if I'm going to sleep I'm might as well do it in a comfy bed.

So I went back to bed and woke up around 10. Sheesh.

The bad thing is that I have had a dull headache for the last two days, my eyes have been dry and then I'm tired to boot. Not a good combo. I'm not sure why my head has been aching...but it's not a good sign. Maybe it's a lack of caffeine or something. I'll chalk it up to that for now.

We went for TexMex for lunch which was super yummy. For once, I was able to eat good Mexican food...usually it's just nasty, but today's was great. Then we went to a local conservatory and checked out the plants. It was perfect. Nika loved that - seeing all the people and all the plants. So much to look at!

Tonight we just vegged and played some Mario Kart. Amused came by and played with us too, which was very fun. (Good to see you again!)

Now, I'm just tired and need some sleep before my long drive home tomorrow. I don't mind the drive, and I'm hoping to get on the road at a decent time so I can get some stuff done tomorrow night before the big family Christmas on Sunday.

I have pics to upload too. I'll get those tomorrow. :)

25 December 2008

So this is Christmas...

I'm spending Christmas with my family, K&E and Nika. I love these three. They truly make my heart feel full.

I drove in last night and met up with them at a great Japanese restaurant for hibachi. Yum! This was my first experience and I loved it. Then it was off to K's church for Christmas Eve service. Gary was preaching and he did a great job - talking about O Little Town of Bethlehem and how "the hopes and fears of all the years are met with thee tonight". This was so fitting for Christmas. All of our fears that we have - they continue to compound in this horrible economy but that's just a small part of it. But we all have fears - going to some place new, expecting a child (will it be healthy? happy?), going through troubles with family or marriages...the list goes on and on. But our hope is also met in Jesus and that's the key element. Our fears are there but our hope is too. Hope that things will work out and that Jesus will help us find the way. Amen to that as I know I need help in a lot of areas in my life.

This morning we opened stockings and E&K were so sweet in putting one together for me. I feel kind of bad about this because I'm usually the stocking queen and I didn't have anything for them. :( Next year.

Today was church at E's with a nice service followed by a cookie fellowship. Nika, K and I hung out in the back of the church and listened from there. It was so fun to sing hymns with K...she took the alto line and I was on the soprano line. It's so fun to sing in harmony on hymns that we know and love.

We came back home and E cooked up a fabulous Swedish Christmas meal: it was almost all white. We had mashed potatoes, turkey, buns, lefse, lutefisk (well they did), fruit soup (which was new to me and very yummy), potato sausage, and broccoli casserole. It was so yummy!

Then E was gracious enough to let K and I take naps. I was so exhausted and I'm not sure why. I think it's this house. I'm always sleepy here. I'm not sure if it's the air pressure here in the land of cheese and beer or just that I know this is a place I can relax and be myself.

We opened presents that E&K had gotten from their families they couldn't be with this year and now are watching Six Feet Under. Well, we're taking a break from the latter so Nika can eat and play and then go to bed.

But the best part of Christmas is what is shown below. I brought out two rings of spichamere (spelling may be wrong but this is how it makes sense to me). It's basically a ring bologna, like a summer sausage or something. It's so yummy and a Moe family tradition. So I broke it out this morning for E&K to try. Maybe I have them hooked. :) We'll see...

THIS is Christmas!

24 December 2008

Christmas Photos

So this morning I set out, ready to brave the Christmas Eve Day traffic and insane amounts of people at the mall (gasp) doing their last minute shopping. I set my jaw and ventured forward as only a determined woman could do.

And met - hardly anyone.

It was weird. The roads were almost empty of people and I was on the busiest intersection in America. It was great. I almost wish I would have waited to do all my Christmas shopping until this morning. Almost.

At the mall I dropped off the presents for the Angel Tree, shown below. And there I met a woman whose husband has been in Iraq for 3 1/2 years. This will be their fourth Christmas apart. Kind of scary and sad all at the same time. She was really sweet and told about her book that's coming out in January on their perspective with the war (he's a contractor - not military). So I wrote it down and I'll read it when it comes out and maybe write a review here.

But here, as promised, is the picture of the toys I got with $128 dollars that we collected. I think I did fairly well in shopping. It's tough when there isn't a specific list. What do you think?

And here's a tiny sock made especially for me by Angela at Fluid Pudding. She's so awesome. And how cute is this sock? I love it!!! I think I'm going to keep it hanging up all year long.

23 December 2008

Quote of the day

From my sister, in regards to men:

"They are more pleasant when they are lucid."

I love it. That ranks right up there with my favorite quote from Return To Me by Bonnie Hunt's character, "Hairy legs are your only link to reality."

love it.

Here's the full conversation:
Megan Dayton: Whatever you do, don't shave your legs.
Grace Briggs: Why?
Megan Dayton: Well, then you definitely won't let it go too far.
Grace Briggs: Megan! It's a *first* date!
Megan Dayton: Yeah, well, I married a first date, missy, and you know how it is. You're out with a guy, you find him attractive, and suddenly everything he says sounds brilliant. Hairy legs are your only link to reality.
Grace Briggs: I think you should needle-point that on a pillow.
Megan Dayton: Well, I just might! It kept me a virgin until... y'know, *whenever*.

Cop out

I'm so pathetic. I hate the holiday traffic and people being just stupid...everywhere.

This morning I went to work to take care of a couple things that had come up yesterday and to print an address label for my Godson out East's Christmas present (which he'll get around New Year's because I'm ever so timely).

Then it was quick run to Caribou for Keith's present, the PO for my package*, and Lewis to mail my Godson's present. Craziness!

After that I had an awesome 2 hour massage courtesy of the ever-fabulous Keith. *sigh* That was so incredible. And so needed. Wow. I just saw him two weeks ago and I couldn't believe how tense and tight I was. Sheesh. Holidays are killer.

I tried and tried to put it off, but eventually I just couldn't and I headed to Target to get toys for the Angel Tree. I was impressed with my prowess. I was in and out in 45 minutes with $189 worth of goodies ($126 for the Angel Tree, batteries and a few things I needed).

Target still needs to work on the "green bags" and packing. What an idiot. I have my Envirosax which have handles, but the guy made me hold the bags open for him so he could put the stuff inside. Uh... you have bag holders right there...can't we just slip them on? And then he had no idea how to put stuff in them so more would fit. I'm sure I pissed off the people behind me but if I had let him use the normal Target bags, I'd have at least double what I have now.

Enough of that. I should have gone to the mall and dumped the presents but I just couldn't bring myself to go. It opens at 8 tomorrow so I'll go then. I need to make sure all the tags are off first and I want to take a picture to post here and for the folks in our building to see what I picked up for the kids. I tried to stick with the $10 range for toys so I could get more and I think I did fairly well. I'll post a photo later.

*I got my prints from AFBlues today and they are awesome! I'm so stoked. So a shout out here to Farva because he sent me 3 prints because I was indecisive and couldn't decide between the Veteran's Day one or the fitness test one. God bless you, Farva. You're awesome.

Vacation time...and the livin' is easy...

Sing that title to "summertime" and it works better.

I'm on vacation! YAY! It's not like I've been working hard the last couple week, but I really am looking forward to being away from work for a little bit. Now, dear reader, don't think this means I don't still love my job. I do. I really do love my job, but I haven't been overly (re: at all) motivated lately so maybe I just need to get the vacation out of my system so I can get back into the swing of things next week.

So today I have a laundry list of things I need to get finished. I have packages at the PO to pick up, a few last minute presents to buy, a massage at noon, Angel Tree presents to buy, and packing to do for my trip. (and probably some minor baking to do too).

The bad thing is that I have to venture out to...ugh...dare I say it?... the MALL.


Okay...I am strong. I can do this. I can face the evil that is the (shhh) mall. Pray for me. Hopefully I'll survive.

22 December 2008

Two options; one decision

This morning I woke up with two options for this work week. I had already decided to flex my work week* and our big boss had given us an extra day off as well.

Well, I have an appointment with the ever-fabulous Keith tomorrow at noon. I had a couple options:
1) I could work all day Monday, half of Tuesday, half of Wednesday and call it a week.
2) I could work all day Monday, and take the rest of the week off.

On my way to work, I decided on number 2. It makes more sense. I'm going to head to K&E's on Wednesday so I can see my adorable Goddaughter over Christmas anyway, so to work half a day and then drive half a day...well, that's not worth it. And to work half a day tomorrow and then get a massage before having to run all my errands I have to get finished tomorrow...well that seems like I'd be defeating the purpose of the relaxing massage.

Boss1 came into work today, which surprised me, but when I talked over my decision with him, he actually agreed that would probably be the best. YAY! It's not like I don't have the comp time or vacation time to use...I have plenty. And this is really the last couple weekends for a real break until April where I can truly relax. After the new year, we'll be kicking it into gear hard core for a big work thing we have coming up at the end of March.

So as of right now, I'm on vacation for a week. I love it! I really enjoyed my weekend. Of course it was nice that we had freezing cold temps so I could just stay inside. It was awesome. And the weather is starting to warm up, so that's good too. It's good to have time off, though I hope I'm not at a place next Sunday where I don't want to go back to work. :)

*We normally work Tuesday through Friday but we flexed to work Monday through Thursday, thus having Thursday and Friday off for Christmas. By flexing, the extra day off, explained in the other sentence, gave us Wednesday off.

21 December 2008


I've been waiting for this post all freakin' year.

When I started with Blog365 way back in January, I thought I was nuts. As the months went on and I had one more posts each day I was shocked that I had that much to ramble about. Of course then I looked in the mirror and realized this was me whom I was thinking about. Of course I had a lot to say...I never shut up. Or maybe I just didn't want to overstress my poor plant, Herman, with all the crap I wanted to spew out.

So I posted. And I posted. And I posted. And somewhere around May I started doing some math ("Math, we use it every day!" - thanks, Neil) and I figured out how many posts I'd need to do to achieve 603 or more for the year.

Why 603, you may be wondering? Well, if you look at my archives (off to the right there) and add up the posts for 2005, 2006 and 2007, 603 is how many I posted for those three years combined.

Today, I have achieved 603 posts for the year (sad, really) and I still have a few days left in December to surpass it.

What an odd goal to have. But hey, that's me! :)


The world is all about perspective - how you see things at the time you see them.

Dave had this post today about a soldier in an airport holding it together for his family who were scared and sad about his leaving for duty. It made me think of so many of my friends, and even me when my brother had to go overseas, when they had to deal with this with their family member.

It sucks having to say goodbye to someone whom you hope to God that you'll see again, but in truth it is so out of your hands that you have no idea what will happen, you just have to hope and pray for the best.

But oddly enough, this post made me think of even the mundane we face every day. Last week I met a guy who works highway construction. He told me a story about one time where he was working at an intersection in town and an older gentleman - he guessed maybe 75 - drove by flipping him the bird and calling him a fcukface - screaming this as he drove by.

Why? What were the workers doing? Fixing the road so there wouldn't be accidents? Helping to create a better place to drive? Why the need to flip them off and yell at them? I just don't understand that.

Yes, it was probably mildly inconvenient at the time, but looking at the bigger picture, the work they did really helped that area out and now it's a great place to drive.

The guy I was talking to said that no one appreciates road construction workers. I said, "I do." He called me a liar (with a grin, thankfully), but I do. Truthfully, initially I'm mildly annoyed but then I think about the shitty roads that we have and the fact they are actually working on them to make them better it's so much more important than the fact I have to take a little more time to get where I want to go.

So perspective. I'm working on this myself, taking that extra 10 seconds to think about something and the situation before I blow up. Taking a little extra time to think about why the road construction is happening right now, why Starbucks seems to take 20 minutes every morning to make one cup of chai, why things aren't going my way.

It's because I'm not in control, and I won't be about everything. I can only control what I do and how I act, and if I can do my best to keep my head level and keep my head in perspective, that will help me and hopefully others who observe me.

20 December 2008

I'm bringing sexy back.

Well, actually I just reclaimed my table.

For months I've had a puzzle on my table and it's looked like this:

Truly, it's about time I either shit or get off the pot with this project. If you see in the picture, there's a card in the upper left corner. That was from early March. and it hasn't improved much since.

So I decided to break it down and put it all back in the box. I tried to keep the bigger sections together, and I did sort of, but some of them fell apart. That's okay though. Someday I'll have a separate table just for puzzle projects and I won't have to worry about it.

I just wanted my table back. It's time. I need to be eating at that instead of on the couch or leaning against my kitchen counter. I want to go back to sitting and enjoying my meals. I deserve that much at least.

Thank God Discardia starts tomorrow. I really am feeling the need to purge and clean so it's right in line with this holiday. If you'd like the schedule, see here.

I'm also needing to wrap presents. Our family Christmas get-together was supposed to be tomorrow but now is postponed until the following Sunday. Thank goodness for that. But I want to get the presents wrapped so I don't have to worry about that the rest of the week. I have everything, so I just need to do it.

It's been a pretty quiet day otherwise. With the weather being as it is, it's nice to just stay in and veg. And maybe eat a little dinner at my table. That'll be nice.

19 December 2008

Rough start, better end

This morning did not start out well at all.

I woke up and checked on the magnets I made for my bosses. Well, the glue didn't dry clear like it was supposed to, so the picture under the plastic was covered with a white film. Dammit. So I quickly got ready and ran to the grocery store to buy wine instead.

At 6:47 I showed up at the checkout lane and the woman said, "I can't sell this until 7am." shit. I was a little annoyed because the store has the beer covered up with a big sign that says, "No Beer Sales 2am-7am", but the wine is right out in the open with no sign. Yeah, I suppose logic would tell me that wine would fall in the same category, but at 6:47 when I'm already late for work and still very tired logic does not work well for me.

So at 7 on the nose I checked out having called Boss3 (miss-dialed) that I would be late and headed to work. I showed up and Boss1 was not happy, but I told him I had called but had mistakenly called Boss3 instead of Boss1 (numbers right next to each other).

But today was party day and so no one was motivated to do anything. I had a nice long chat with my friend BlB, ate krumkake, had a MocMuffin for breakfast, and just kind of relaxed. Our holiday party was okay. I didn't really feel like mingling so I just kind of stood around and talked to whomever passed by. It worked.

We also took a collection for the local food shelter in town today and, of course, because I work for Boss1 I was in charge of the final collection. We ended up pulling in about $775 which was good, though I think we could have done better. But maybe that's just me and my desire to give away things.

After work I got to chat with Debbie who helped me out with a problem I was having, went to Lowe's and got paint samples for mom (part of her Christmas present), then to B&N for books for my nephew, then Target for a few other items, and finally the grocery for some food for tonight - one of which was pizza which I burned.

But the blizzard is coming, the blizzard is coming so I'll probably be stuck inside the rest of the weekend and I'm okay with that. A friend of mine has some rental property that will need to be shoveled out so maybe I'll see if I can help with that, just so I get out for awhile. We'll see.

So for now, I'm tired and need sleep. Again. Sheesh...another lame post. Sorry.

18 December 2008

Thirsty Thursday

Did I tell y'all how Deaner was such a sweetie this week and brought me Diet Coke with Splenda from all the way across the state for me because the stores in this area don't sell it? Did I? I didn't? Oh, I'm so stupid. Deaner did this for me as a huge favor for me and I am so stoked. I love Diet Coke with Splenda. It makes me oh so happy.

Today I got to have lunch with RA again. That was a lot of fun. We caught up on all the gossip and changes in our lives (it's been a month or so) and had some yummy food too.

I'm trying to tie up all my loose ends for Christmas. The family is scheduled to have our get-together on Sunday so I need to get all my gifts purchased and wrapped before then. Luckily I'm going pretty cheap this year. I think the most I spent was on my Godson out East because he at least asked for something that I know how to buy. I'm going to get books for my youngest nephew, Emmy & Zach are getting the Wii Mario Kart, and I'm not sure on my youngest niece.

And then there's the adorable Nika. I talked with K&E today and I think I'll be swinging the little MINI East and heading to see them over Christmas. But I haven't figured out what I'm going to get her yet! Not good. And Debbie is another one. I have a gift for her but that's from the marathon that I never got to her.

On top of all that, tomorrow is our holiday party at work when we usually exchange gifts. I really want to get my bosses gift cards for Sportsmans Warehouse because I know they will enjoy those, but I have to keep it at a certain limit (which is pretty pathetic honestly). I always feel cheap when I give them their $10 gift and they are giving me something awesome. Boss2 and his wife gave me a Tastefully Simple gift box with caramel, Brownie mix and Pound Cake mix.

So I'm making magnets for my bosses. Boss4 already has a set from a few years back, but Bosses 1-3 don't so they are drying and hopefully will be set and not fall apart tomorrow AM or I'm screwed.

I also attempted krumkake tonight but, as usual, the first batch of the year was a little rough. I got enough for RM and some to share, but not much. Oh well. I'll just have to make more.

I'm tired. I need to go to bed now because I have rambled enough. Sorry this was lame.

17 December 2008

J-I-N-G-LE Bells*

I have had this song in my head all day! Or at least this phrase. It was great when TimDon turned on the stereo for our party but when this was the first song playing...ugh! I've been walking down the hallway all day singing, "J-I-N-G-LE Bells." Over and over and over again.

Oh well. Today's party went really, really well. I was so very pleased, and our white elephant gift exchange was a lot of fun, though took For-Ev-Er. Oh well. I actually got something semi-decent this year so that helped.

And we took a collection for the Salvation Army Angel Tree they have here in town. We decided this would be a good year to give back to our community so we offered up this as well. We have $118 so far, from about 35 people. Not bad. I get to go shopping on Tuesday to purchase the gifts and put them under the tree. YAY!

And tonight I have big plans and I can't wait to see how they turn out. Hopefully well.

*I actually wrote this Wednesday afternoon but barely got online yesterday so I'm backdating it and posting Thursday.

16 December 2008

Egg on my face

I'm so tired of the cold. I will say the snow coming down today at noon was really pretty...really pretty icky to drive in, but nice to see.

Tomorrow is our building party for the full-time workers. Because I caused such a to-do with the part-timer party on the weekend, I thought I better help plan this one. So we're, of course, switching it all up from the past couple year's.

Instead of a potluck of chili and soup and thousands of treats, we opted for a breakfast/brunch of sorts. We're having 3 kinds of egg bake, French Toast, fruit and OJ. I'm really excited about this. I love having eggs to eat during the day.

The other part of our party is to do a White Elephant gift exchange. Last year was my first time with this and there was a $10 limit. This confused me since I thought White Elephant was something you had lying around the house you didn't want anymore. Well, here people buy lottery tickets, or Bath & Body works lotions, or the like.

Well, at the part-timer party we also had a gift exchange where I was the proud recipient of duck eggs, non-alcoholic sangria, roasted eel, and some jelly grass drink thing. There were some other items but I don't remember what they were. The guy who had brought it wrote an elegant instruction on what to eat when. So I'm packaging it up again and giving it away tomorrow.

But, because people in our building don't really like these kinds of gifts and expect something nicer, I'm baking sugar cookies tonight to make up for it and then I'll frost/glaze them in the morning before I have to go in to work. I'm such a sucker.

But I'm cold, and my apartment is cold. And I'm tired. *sigh* At least I get eggs tomorrow. (Chicken, not duck)

15 December 2008

Something's wrong

Baby, it's cold outside.

My apartment is chilly.

Which means I should have the oven running to help with some heat.

Which means I should be baking cookies.

But I don't want to.

What's wrong with me?


Yes, ericjay, a lot of states have that saying, but it really rings true here, probably more so than Texas or Oklahoma though. ;)

It's freakin' cold here today. I hate the cold. The only good thing about the cold is that I (usually) get to stay in and curl up on my couch. I did this yesterday which was nice and I'd really like to do this today, but I'm having lunch with AES and Emmy and Zach's school Christmas program is tonight.

The bad thing is that doing basically nothing for too many days in a row leads to me forgetting what I've done. I just sat here for a full minute trying to remember what I did on Saturday and then I had to actually read my blog posts from that day to trigger my memory. Sad. It's sad really.

So I should maybe do something worth remembering today. And why not go for Mexican in the dead of winter with a friend. That's a good plan. ha.

14 December 2008


My day started early and I've spent the whole day in my apartment, mostly because the weather out side is truly frightful.

But I had a good day for the most part. I did five loads of laundry, made my bed with my new organic cotton sheets (which are super soft), put away all the clothes that have been laying around my house for the last few weeks (literally - I hadn't put away everything from my trip the week before Thanksgiving), and cleaned up my kitchen.

I didn't bake, but I'm okay with that. I watched a lot of old movies: You've Got Mail, The Truth About Cats & Dogs, The American President, Return to Me, and one other but I can't remember which one.

It's been nice though. Despite the shitty weather, I really do love days like this where I just get to relax and veg. *sigh* Tomorrow is another day. :)


There's a joke in our state that "if you don't like the weather, just wait 5 minutes."

Actually, it's not much of a joke because often this is the truth. We have such dramatic changes in weather where you'll be toasty and warm one day and the next in parka's and awaiting the onslaught of snow.

That's today. Yesterday was in the 30's and nice weather to run (not that I did, though I should have). Today, there are blizzard warnings, 40-50 mile an hour wind, interstates closed, and, of course, snow.

The weather guys are having a heyday. They love this weather because they actually have something to report. This weather and when we're in the tornado season are their favorite's it seems.

Anyway, it's a snow day. I was supposed to go north to see my nephew's church Christmas program but my friend who lives nearby who was also going to attend texted me that it was or will be canceled. So I called Mom and said, let's not risk it.

So I'm going to do laundry, bake cookies, and clean. These are the days I love. :)

13 December 2008

Da Winnah!!!

It's no secret I read a lot of blogs. And when there are giveaways I usually enter but rarely, if ever, win.

Well, that changed yesterday. The awesome Jill at jillwillrun.com had a giveaway for Gracie's Gear.

GG is awesome, because it has another pocket to carry things and when I'm on my long runs I usually am bringing a lot along with me. I won one of their short tops which will be great.

I'm really excited. Thanks, Jill!

Oy vey

Today was one of those days. I swore to myself last night that I would not set an alarm because I just needed to be able to sleep for once. I woke up a couple times in the morning hours but didn't really wake up until my sister called me at 11.

Yes. 11.

I was as shocked as you may be. I never sleep this late but somehow I just needed it. I ended up talking to her for 30 minutes, then went online to buy a gift for my nephew and niece, then called my sister back so she knew I got it, then back online for some email and blog fun. Then Tre called and by now it's almost 1 and I really needed to shower and get dressed to face the day.

Did I get anything accomplished today? Not really. I kind of cleaned up my kitchen...sort of. I have a long way to go. I did pick up some groceries and ended up bumping into the parents of a high school classmate who asked if I was there with mom. Uh, no. I shop alone. Well, apparently mom was in the store too. So I called her and asked if she was stalking me and we ended up chatting for 30 minutes or so.

And now, I just finished chatting with my sister on IM for the last 45 minutes or so, which is just insane.

Apparently today was the day to talk. So strange.

I really need to do laundry and I really need to put clothes away and sort through things. But tomorrow I'm supposed to see my brother's family and see my 5-yr-old nephew in his Christmas program. If we do that, I'll probably hang out with Tre for awhile too. So tomorrow may or may not be shot. :0

My life seems crazy lately, which is odd since I have no life. Oh well. Maybe something will turn around. I can only hope.

And if you made it to the end of this post, I truly commend you because this was pure dribble.

12 December 2008

I want to sing and dance. I want to sing and dance...

I want to be a pirate in the Pirate of Penzance. Wear me silver buckle slippers and me tight shiny pants. (boom boom) I want to sing and dance.

Sorry. I have Ray Stevens in my head again. Though I like the actual record recording better (though I had it on a cassette tape - yes I'm that old. I still have the tape.)

Anyway, the symphony Holiday concert was great. I think Mom1 had fun, I know Mom2 did. I thought it was great. It made me want to focus on my singing again, because I know I could do almost as well as the soloist, though probably just as good if I had a little help. But alas...

I'm tired. I should be in bed. I need to go to bed. Okay. I'm going to go to bed now.


It's hard to demonstrate a mime on a blog. sorry.

I dressed like a mime today. I had on black yoga pants, a black jacket, black hat, and white gloves. HA! (White-ish shoes too).

I finally drug my sorry ass out for a run today. I didn't go for long or very far because I haven't done this in two weeks so I thought I better be easy on myself. But man, did it feel good! The temps were perfect for running - just above freezing, 34 degrees and very little wind. It was perfect.

I forgot how much I love the smell of winter. I came in and breathed in deep and could smell the freshness of the winter air. *sigh* I need to get out more. :)

So tonight I'm going with my mom and my adoptive mom (Tre's mom) to the symphony tonight. They are doing their holiday pops concert and it should be pretty good. I got free tickets through work so I'm not sure how good our seats will be but it should be fun.

And it's nice to be able to eat without wondering if I'm not following my eating plan. I'm so glad I stepped away from that for a little while. I'll be more mentally prepared to start it when I do because it'll be more MY choice than being told to do it. I think I'll be more successful.

Alrighty, I need to pick up my apartment a bit before Mom1 and Mom2 come over. Joy.

11 December 2008

Two great things today

1. I got my tiny sock! YAY! I'll post pictures once I can take a picture that turns out as well as this one did. I'm so excited for this! WOOHOO! Thanks, Angela!

2. Thank you, Sean. 'nuf said.

So much for self constraint

I'm ending the eating plan that I started yesterday.

Wow...that's a shocker, isn't it? Not. I couldn't do it. It was just too odd for me and it's just not the right time. I have too many events next week that I can't be only eating cottage cheese.

Of course I really do need to lose some poundage. It's not that I'm overly overweight, but I should be lighter. I need to drop sugar again, which will be really hard until all the krumkake is gone, and I need to go back to very limited whole-grain breads and pastas (not that I don't eat that anyway, but still).

I just need to eat better. Granted today was a weird fruit day, but I didn't end the evening well. I had popcorn and ice cream instead of chicken and veggies like I should have. But tomorrow is another day and I know I can do better.

And I will...but not for another week or so. :)

10 December 2008


I love Brian Benben. He is one of my favorite actors though he hasn't done much. But when he was on Dream On he was great.

He's been on Private Practice the last two weeks and I really hope they can make it work with him and Violet because he's great and really should be a regular.

Hoping tomorrow is upbeat

There is so much going on and yet nothing is going on.

Today I started a new eating plan but I don't like it. I'm so used to South Beach that to eat this way is extremely odd. Plus it's falling over the Holiday Party season which is not a good time to try to eat correctly. I have cookies to bake! I have new recipes to try! I have partying to do!

Okay, the last one had to make a few of you scoff.

But the problem is, I'm feeling really flabby lately and I really do need to eat better. But I'm thinking I need to do what I know and trust. And I know and trust South Beach. It's not that I don't know and trust my trainer who advised me on this program, but I know that SB works.

So if my trainer approves, I'm going to take the next 11-12 days and relax and enjoy, and then I'll get back on SB around the 22nd. I might as well, I don't have anything else going on those next two weeks. :)

But to the topic of nothing going on, I have felt really unmotivated and tired lately. Boss3 stopped by at the end of the day and said he was feeling the same way. Not good. I don't think Boss1 has been his usual self either. We're not sick so I'm not sure what's going on with the three of us. It sucks though.

I desperately need to have some motivation tomorrow because I have so much work to do. Of course, that's part of what's holding me back. I hate having so much to do that I can't seem to get any of it done. But I have to tomorrow. It's becoming a necessity.



No, sorry folks, it's not one of my giveaways, but Design Mom is having one...or 12 actually.

Go here and partake in her 12 days of Christmas giveaway. This looks to be great! Enjoy!

09 December 2008

Snow tramp

It's snowy here these days. It all came down last night and so today the streets were a mess and made everything just slushy and dirty. I love snow, don't get me wrong, but I really hate the mess it makes on city streets.

My car, Morty, does not like the cold. I'm so glad I pay for a heated, underground garage at my apartment. My wiper fluid has been freezing up when I get outside so it's good I can use the overnight to thaw it out. I actually used snow at noon to clean off my window when I was in-between errands I was running over lunch.

So tonight, after I picked up a mini trampoline as requested by my trainer and some groceries for my diet plan also as requested by my trainer, I came home and hosed my car down. We're allowed to wash our car in the garage and today I was really thankful for it.

I love the Cities but they use a lot of salt to keep their streets clear. Unfortunately that all stuck to my car yesterday and clogged up in my wheelwells. Let's just say, Morty was a mess. But he looks a lot better now - cleaner and less goopy. Hopefully it'll help.

On the trainer note, Keith gave me a new diet plan to try. It's an 11-day on/3-day off thing. It's pretty cool though I'm a little nervous that there is a really limited amount of carbs on it. But that's probably a VERY good thing since I've been eating way too many carbs and way too much sugar lately. I need to stop and sadly, this isn't the time of year to do that, but I'm going to try.

The tram (tramp as I keep calling it) is to help me do calisthenics at home since I don't get to the gym very much. He mapped out some good things for me to do that I can do simply while watching my normal TV shows, which is nice.

So I promised him I'd try both for 11 days and see how it goes. I have to put the tram(p) together tonight so it's ready for me tomorrow.

I think this will be good. I need to focus on something good in my life.

08 December 2008

Mail call!

I love getting mail and the last few days I haven't really been able to check my mail because I've been working way too damn much. Today was a nice day off...Well, what the heck, let me tell you all about it!

So you know I woke at 4 and got on the road to see Keith. Well, I got there late because people don't know how to drive. Keith thought we were going to work out today too. Sheesh. I forgot about this and though I had my clothes ready to go today, I had forgotten them, my presents for Sarah* and Debbie and the cookies for Keith.

But he made me work out anyway and gave me some new calisthenics to do and advised me to buy a mini-trampoline and YakTrax (which of course I bought the wrong ones, but I'm going to try them anyway). I'll get the mini-tram tomorrow.

My massage was amazing. Keith is a pure God when it comes to massage. Even though there were moments where I wanted to just scream, I held on and now I feel great.

I headed back home afterward and the 4 hour drive back was a bit rough at times. I opened my window to stay awake and learned that popcorn is a great thing to keep me awake. That and the Altar Boyz soundtrack.

And when I got home, there were 4 boxes of fun waiting for me. I got the Air Force Blues book, new shoes that I'm going to try (they are lighter than my usual Brooks and I kind of like them, though they are last seasons (ASR) and I may just use them at home on the tram) for under $40, movies, new organic cotton towel 8-piece set (which was under $40) and new organic cotton sheets (also under $40).

I'm so stoked. First these were all items I wanted/needed AND they were on sale. Second, the organic sheets and towels make me really happy. And third, I love getting mail.

Then I went through the rest of my mail which is usually just junk. But today, I had a great surprise. Kat sent me a holiday picture-card. I love it!

I sometimes think I should do this, but pictures of me never quite turn out. I always look funny so I don't. But maybe someday.

Now, I must iron my uniform for tomorrow and go to bed. I desperately need sleep before starting another four days of work. Hopefully these won't be 14-hour days like last weeks. :)

*Sarah - I'm sorry I didn't get you called. I was so exhausted I would not have been good company. I do want to see y'all though! I hope Eli is doing well. Hugs!

Fun Monday!

Hey Mamalang...I didn't forget!

I'm new to this meme game of sorts but I thought it'd be fun to try. Mamalang is hosting this week, and she asked everyone to share their top three Christmas songs, and their favorite Christmas item.

Narrowing down songs is really hard for me but I'll try:

3. Anything by The Folkers
2. In the bleak midwinter
1. O holy night

My favorite Christmas item is the white yarn tree that I "stole" from our family. My mom and one of my brothers made it for Cub Scouts, I think, way back in the day (70s, maybe 80s if it was the younger-older brother) and it's been my favorite since. I have it up at work actually and love it.

There we go! Check out the other posters! Such fun!

"She's diabolical!" "She's insane."

Remember that line from In and Out? Somehow I'm feeling more insane today than diabolical, but you never know what the next 17 hours may bring.

Yes, dear readers, I am up again before 4 am, on my day off, the one day I could sleep in, though this time with a great purpose (not that work isn't a great purpose). I'm heading to see my fabulous massage therapist/personal trainer. YAY!

I totally need a massage today. Not that I really want to be up at 4 so I can drive 4 hours to see him, but it's always worth it. Had I been smart, I would have gone up last night but with the holiday season there were three events after work yesterday that I needed to be at (of course, I only made it to one).

And I tried to go to bed at 9 so I'd at least get 7 hours of sleep, but I couldn't fall asleep right away - shocking, considering how tired I was/am.

So, despite the fact I have a very long Swedish massage on the schedule today - one that usually causes me to cry out in brief bursts of agony but sigh with relief after - I may sleep right through it all. As Keith said, "Tranquility will be yours!"

07 December 2008


Another work day, still super busy, but less crazy than yesterday. We had a ceremony this afternoon where one of our leaders talked about Pearl Harbor and the significance of today and the events effects on our world. It choked me up a bit though I did hold it in. Of course Boss2, as he usually does, had to point out that he thought I was going to get all emotional on them. Thanks, Boss2.

I was supposed to go to a concert with my sister but when I called her an hour before I needed to leave she told me that her hubby was going to go with her instead so I could just do my work thing. This was fine, initially, because I decided I'd just go home and try to catch up on my rest.

But, as is typical of my life and timing, I was walking down the hall to my office and NW stopped me and said, "You're helping with the Children's Christmas Party, right?" Uh, I wasn't going to but I suppose I can. I am kind of on the committee so I felt a little obligated, especially when she added that the folks running the party didn't have any volunteers to help.

Great. So much for my quiet afternoon. But as is me, I jumped in full-swing. I took care of the prize table and helped the kids pick out the prizes. Then when we were starting to clean up I stacked all the chairs in groups of 6, as is preferred. Then I took down the tables and stacked them on the carts. A few people were helping out too, but we really could have used some extra help.

Then SW started vacuuming with Big Blue (our super huge industrial vacuum) and I felt guilty because he's one of our top dogs on base and he's vacuuming! Ugh. So I finally convinced him to go home and I'd finish up. Then one of the gals who had planned the party stood around watching me (because she didn't want to leave me alone, not that she was helping). So I sent her home too.

Uffda. Here I was not planning to help and I end up closing the place down. Oh well.

So I need to make a small batch of cookies for Keith as I'm heading up to see him so I can try to work out the stress from last week. I can't wait. Sleep will be mine soon.

06 December 2008

Solo, Holiday

Crazy day again today (this seems to be a pattern lately?) though I did have 3 hours where I was able to just sit back and kind of do my work without a lot of stress. It was nice!

Of course then the afternoon hit and I skipped a meeting, skipped another both due to another meeting, then met the Governor, did a little ditty and then headed to the holiday party KC and I have been working on all week (and really since July).

The little ditty was the national anthem for a formal event we had this afternoon. I was a little nervous because I haven't done the solo gig in awhile (usually singing with the quartet instead). But it actually went really well. I was nervous I was going to forget the words, which is a downfall of overpracticing.

I was trying to find my starting note this afternoon before the event and if you've ever sang the anthem you understand there's an octave and a half you have to be able to hit. So I wanted to start low enough, but not too low, so I could be understood and still hit the high notes easily without screeching. I made it. :) But I practiced so much that I started to wonder if I was singing the right words in the right order, so I typed them up and clutched to them with all my might as I sang in front of the flag and 300 people. :) Nice.

Then it was holiday party time. It turned out really well and thankfully the mixed drinks were provided so I didn't have to pay for any of that (which was good since i had paid for all of the food we donated - hopefully to be reimbursed). I pleased a few of my co-workers when they discovered I was drinking rum and coke and not just diet coke. :) YAY! And believe me, I needed it.

Finally, though, I'm home and can go to sleep for awhile before I have to be back to work. I need sleep. It was a long day, though well-worth it.

05 December 2008


Bless you.

Just kidding.

Whoorl is back writing haiku's, partly because four people out of six said they'd keep reading her if she wrote haiku's, one of whom was me. :)

So she has 16 haiku's on her post today and, while I suck at it, I thought I'd write a couple here. Feel free to comment back with your own!

I'm very tired.
It's been a very long day.
I need to go sleep.

But, first I must blog
because I signed up for this
Blog 365.

I blog ev'ry day
It doesn't always make sense
But it's from the heart.

It's therapeutic.
And I need to write each day
to sort out my thoughts.

I would write more but,
I don't want to bore readers
who stop by each day.

So I write and write
Or I post a picture here
But now it's haiku's.

Okay I've done it
It's your turn to write one here.
Give me your best one!

04 December 2008

It's catching up with me

I'm happy to report that I slept in today - until 5:14. Then I got out of bed to check email and get ready for work.

Oh, but today my head was pounding all day because I'm so behind on sleep. And then I spent most of the day at a training that has very little to do with what I do but it's a requirement for my job. That's all well and good but it's keeping me from my real job (and it continues tomorrow). So I worked an extra 3 hours tonight so I could catch up.

Now I'm blogging quickly so I can go to bed. Tomorrow will be yet another long day with the training continuing and my last day to get things done before our work weekend.

We're having our holiday party this weekend (one of three) and KC and I have been busting our butts to get things together. All I can say is thank God we decided to do a potluck because if I had to take care of the food too, I think I'd have to hurt myself.

But thankfully it's potluck and almost everyone is bringing something. I think we'll end up with a lot of food which is always better than not enough. I just hope I can stay awake until the bitter end.

And if I'm hoping to do so, I better get some sleep now.

03 December 2008

Do you need some validation?

This is a little long, but well worth the 16 minutes. Don't stop in the middle! Watch it all the way through. And then go validate someone! :)

Thanks for the first look, Kat!


Good morning, dear readers. It's another early morning in the Moe household.

Dammit, Rachel.

Yep, her small comment that I'd wake up at 4:30 today came true again. Of course it was 4:22 and I woke up because I heard a shovel scrap the sidewalk outside. Great...did it snow, I wondered? And then I reached for my clock to see what time it was.

Grrr. This power of suggestion thing is starting to drive me nuts. And it only seems to be working for sleep!

But this is good, I suppose. With the snow, stupid people will be attempting to drive again (people live here all their lives but have to relearn how to drive in snow every year) and I can get to work early again. Probably a good thing.

Hope y'all got to sleep in a little bit more than I did. :) Let's just hope I stay awake today. Diet Coke...here I come!

02 December 2008


This was today's horoscope for me:

You may be tired of your current work routine and are less likely to be concerned about fulfilling your obligations. Today you are busy dreaming about a more perfect life that's far off in the distance. Don't worry about how you're going to get there. Just enjoy the mental exercise and when you're finished daydreaming, come back to the present moment and do something that can make a real difference.

This was totally how I felt today. And it scares me a little. There's a temporary job opportunity that has been presented to my boss for me and I'm just not sure what to do about it. I was hoping Boss1 and I could have talked about it today but he had a conference all day so I barely saw him. When we spoke briefly this morning I thought he might bring it up...it looked like he wanted it to but then he decided not to.

It was probably just as well because I'm not ready to talk. I don't know what to do. I had offhandedly asked my family about it this weekend and I received adamant "no's" to the suggestion.

There are pros and cons to it and I need to sort those out because there's a deadline approaching and I'm nervous. There would be a lot to do if I did this, and a lot of flexibility required on my part in letting go of some of my current projects (or getting them finished) so I can move on temporarily.

We'll see. I'll sleep on it all tonight and I guess I'll just have to see what Boss1 says tomorrow.


I'm waiting for the crash.

But surprisingly I have been feeling pretty good today. Work was work, and KC and I continued plans for the holiday party we are hosting this weekend at work.

We're doing things a little different this year. We have a budget of $4 per person and in the past we've always asked for people to bring something or donate $5.

I hate asking people for money (because sometimes people don't give but still take advantage of the party or event anyway). So I suggested we just have the full-timers bring food (potluck style) and the part-timers could just relax and enjoy.

So that's what we did, but apparently people don't understand the concept of RSVP. You know, where you respond whether or not you're coming so the party planners can have an actual count? So we're kind of scrambling to figure out if we'll have enough food.

Our main dish sign up has been slim to none so after talking with Boss2 today I decided I'm going to buy a ham and we'll have that. A local butcher gets them all ready, pre-cooked so all we'd have to do is heat it up this weekend. That works for me and then it won't be too bad for food with the rest of stuff coming.

I'm crossing my fingers this party will work out. We went a totally different route this year and I'm a little worried, but confident that most people won't really care. And if they do, they just won't come or they'll leave.

So that was the base project for the day and now I'm just waiting for the crash that is inevitable from this morning's wide-awakeness. :) Of course Rachel said I'll wake up at 4:30 tomorrow. That wouldn't be bad since I still have a lot of work to do.


My sleep patterns have been all jacked up lately and I'm starting to get annoyed. I can't really blame anyone but myself for today's awakening at 3:30 since I kind of told myself I wanted to get up at 3:30 so I could go to work early and get some things started/finished. Of course, when I woke at 3:26 I started laughing and rolled over and told myself I needed 30 more minutes. I woke again at 3:57 and laughed again. Wow, this power of suggestion thing really works. So I told myself 15 more minutes and then I'd get up.

I woke up again at 4:14. Crazy...seriously.

The bad thing is that I'm one who really believes in the "go to bed, get up at the same time every day" thing. I really try to stay as close to that as possible - varying usually only by an hour on either side. But two weeks ago I was in another time zone with different work hours which threw me off. Then last week was a short work week with six days off. Everything has been kind of jacked up.

Now this week is back to "normal" if there is such a thing. And waking up early today isn't a big deal except tomorrow will be rough as I'll want to sleep in. I just know this will happen because it's how I work. And I can't sleep in this weekend to "catch up" because it's a work weekend. And I can't sleep in next Monday on my day off because I need to be in the cities to see Keith.

Oh what a roller coaster!

But really, if this is the only thing I have to stress about...then my life is pretty good. :)

01 December 2008

Twilight Spoilers

Seriously, if you haven't read the book or seen the movie "Twilight", please don't read this. I don't want to be responsible for spoiling your fun.

Last night, after a great reunion of conversation and dinner with Karen, we decided to hit a movie. I haven't seen a movie since The Express (which was awesome, by the way) so it was good for me to get out.

Karen loved Twilight the first time she saw it and she really wanted to go again. I wasn't going to see it because I've read and loved the book and, more often than not, I'm always disappointed with the movie after I read the book.

Well, I wasn't horribly disappointed. I understand the changes they made - like introducing the truck, Billy and Jacob all in one fell swoop; the showing of the deaths of people in the area by the others; the use of the phone between Bella and her mom instead of email; and a few others.

But a few I just didn't like. Bella and her dad didn't eat out at the cafe - she cooked for him! Jacob warned Bella about Edward way before the end of the book (at least that's how I remember it). The whole Mike/Eric/Bella triangle wasn't played up as much as it should have been - not that it was crucial for the story but it was part of the story. There were 2 dances in the book - not one (though I can understand that one too - there's just too much to condense into 2 hours). And, of course, the house wasn't how I pictured it - actually neither house, Charlie's or Edwards were how I had pictured them.

The one good thing, despite not being how I had pictured him, Carlisle was HOT. Of course, I like Peter Facinelli and he fit the part perfectly - especially since he's Italian-American and a vegetarian. :)

Anyway, it wasn't as horrible as I thought it was going to be. It stayed pretty close to the book, though, Karen will vouch, there were several times when I was shaking my head that it wasn't right or would say so right out loud. :)

But still a good movie. I'm curious if they are going to do the next. But until then, I'm going to reread the book and see what else they changed (because I know they did but I won't do a complete dissection here).

Last month of 2008

Wow. It's December! I can't believe it. These last two months have truly flown by and I'm not ready for this yet.

December means end of year projects need to be finished. December means holiday parties at work, of which we have three. December means holiday shopping and stores where people are insane and roads where people are even more insane because they can't drive. December means cold and snow and more cold.

I'm not ready for the cold, but I'll deal with it. It's not that I hate winter. Christmas really isn't Christmas unless there's snow on the ground - at least that's my opinion.

So I put up my tree yesterday, I'm making plans for Christmas goodies to be made, and trying to plan out my budget for gifts (because I tend to go overboard which isn't a good thing for my budget).

And I have one more month of blogging every day. I hope I can make it! :)