21 December 2008


I've been waiting for this post all freakin' year.

When I started with Blog365 way back in January, I thought I was nuts. As the months went on and I had one more posts each day I was shocked that I had that much to ramble about. Of course then I looked in the mirror and realized this was me whom I was thinking about. Of course I had a lot to say...I never shut up. Or maybe I just didn't want to overstress my poor plant, Herman, with all the crap I wanted to spew out.

So I posted. And I posted. And I posted. And somewhere around May I started doing some math ("Math, we use it every day!" - thanks, Neil) and I figured out how many posts I'd need to do to achieve 603 or more for the year.

Why 603, you may be wondering? Well, if you look at my archives (off to the right there) and add up the posts for 2005, 2006 and 2007, 603 is how many I posted for those three years combined.

Today, I have achieved 603 posts for the year (sad, really) and I still have a few days left in December to surpass it.

What an odd goal to have. But hey, that's me! :)


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Kat said...

Congratulations, weirdo! =)

Julie said...

Yeah!! Congrats!! We all have to have those goals. I'm weird too. :)