26 December 2008

It's the house.

Yep. I've made a determination. It's the house. We crashed around 11 last night. I woke at 8:30, chatted with E&K for a bit, then sat down in the big cushy chair and suddenly fell asleep. I woke up 15 minutes later and decided this was stupid...I mean, if I'm going to sleep I'm might as well do it in a comfy bed.

So I went back to bed and woke up around 10. Sheesh.

The bad thing is that I have had a dull headache for the last two days, my eyes have been dry and then I'm tired to boot. Not a good combo. I'm not sure why my head has been aching...but it's not a good sign. Maybe it's a lack of caffeine or something. I'll chalk it up to that for now.

We went for TexMex for lunch which was super yummy. For once, I was able to eat good Mexican food...usually it's just nasty, but today's was great. Then we went to a local conservatory and checked out the plants. It was perfect. Nika loved that - seeing all the people and all the plants. So much to look at!

Tonight we just vegged and played some Mario Kart. Amused came by and played with us too, which was very fun. (Good to see you again!)

Now, I'm just tired and need some sleep before my long drive home tomorrow. I don't mind the drive, and I'm hoping to get on the road at a decent time so I can get some stuff done tomorrow night before the big family Christmas on Sunday.

I have pics to upload too. I'll get those tomorrow. :)

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