29 December 2008

Not a good way to start

Okay, so I will say this much. Facebook is good for reconnecting with long-lost friends. Other than that, it's an addictive source of procrastinating genius.

Tonight I was able to connect with Chad, SaraYo, and my dearest friend Karla whom I haven't seen in years. Chad and I chatted for about 2 hours; Karla and I at least an hour if not more.

Oh, how I miss these folks. These were college friends who helped me through some of the tough times. Chad played my big brother in Pirates and Joseph (we both had the red hair thing going). Karla - sweet Karla - was always there for me, through thick and thin, the good and the bad. I miss her badly.

So to K&E and Amy who coerced me into this: Thank you. Despite the fact I'm still freaked out by the simplicity of stalking people this way, I really am glad you got me on this so I could connect with old friends. Thank you.

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Kat said...

an addictive source of procrastinating genius." - That's APT!

Come find me on there. I'm an addict too, but it's also VERY cool, I always know what's going on with people. So many people update their status there, I love it. Re-connected with an old friend there too, you can see our pic in my weekly winners post. Haven't seen her in 10 years, so that was very cool.

But... an old ex found me there, and has been trying to friend me... I set my profile so that only "friends" can see it. Freaked me out that he could be looking at my pictures and stuff. He's kinda weird.

How are you, Miss Moe?