30 June 2009


Yeah, I've been missing on the Internet lately, I know. But truthfully, I haven't really missed the Internet.

Don't get me wrong, I miss writing and typing out my life everyday, but I also know that people here haven't really missed me. It's not like I'm getting emails or comments wondering where the hell I am. BUT that's not to say I want them now...please don't. If you did miss me, thanks. but don't tell me that now.

I'm kind of back...at least I will try to be back more. I have a quick recap from last week so here you go:

Tuesday we went to a local monument which is always moving for me. There's a lighting ceremony at nightfall and it always makes me feel patriotic and remember why I do what I do. It's a great experience and one I really don't mind repeating every year.

Wednesday we headed to the local AFB and toured their Air & Space museum. Very cool, for the most part...at least the static displays were neat. We hung out at the local pool that afternoon where I proceeded to burn my feet - the tops only, but it still sucked. The counselors took each other on in a volleyball game that night, but my arm was still hurting so I just took photos. Then MS called and so we talked through our future camping plans and how he took on an extra shift at work so was working 3 days in a row.

Thursday we went to the local VA home and did some skits for the residents. Then off to a water park for more swimming...here I proceeded to make my burn a wee bit worse but the water did feel great.

Friday we were finished and I drove home. It was a long drive, but I was very happy because I got to pick up some DC with Splenda from Target (YAY!) and stopped at Cabela's for something for MS and some shorts for me.

Saturday MS and I took the day off from working and went to look for eyeglasses for me. My insurance sucks though so MS wants me to do more checking before I order any. I really didn't want to wait but it doesn't hurt to keep looking. Then we went to the campground we're going to go to to find a good camping spot. I'm really excited about this upcoming trip but I'll talk about that later. Then MS and I took his motorcycle into town and went to see X-Men Origins. Of course MS is into the comic book motion pictures, and I'm not really, but I could get there. I just need to catch up. It was a good movie though - highly recommended. :)

Sunday we needed to catch up on work around the house so while MS started laying the next base row for the retaining wall, I mowed the lawn (3/4 acre) with a push mower, no less. Tons of fun, especially when I got a piece of grass or thistle in my eye and couldn't see. Then I sprayed all the thistles in the garden and when I finished I sat and looked cute while MS continued on the base row. Then I got to play "glue girl" and help glue down the bricks (for stability).

All that was fine and good until it was 4pm and my legs started to tingle...and I realized that while I was adamant about putting sunscreen on my arms and face and neck, I completely spaced on my legs...which are now a lobster shade and hurt like an SOB. Oh well...I should know better but apparently the heat is getting to me.

Monday I had to work so I did. And then I started my training to be a Victim Advocate for sexual assault victims. Yes, another training...more like a refresher but it's good to have. Today was the same.

So there's your catch up and the end of June. I'll try to do better in July, I promise. :)

22 June 2009

Camp Monday 2

What a long day, but at least it's one more down. Today the campers arrived and I got to make picture ID cards with DJ again. That was fun and the whole process went much better than it has the last two years I've worked this camp. I'm glad for that.

Tonight NW and I headed back into town again - partially for a reprieve and partially because I needed some Mike&Ikes. :) I also needed to fuel the van since I'll be driving it to some of the events over the next couple days.

Campfire tonight, but the fire pit is pretty small, so I didn't really hang around too long. I did get to talk to MS tonight who was teasing me, his "lawn mower", for leaving him for a week 'vacation'. hahaha. I'm sure all will be made up to him when the lawn mower returns. :)

I also made my game plan for the week for running. I can run tomorrow because I can shower while the teams are doing their first hour of team time after breakfast. But Wednesday and Thursday will be rushed so I'll either have to run in the afternoon (not likely) or just pass it off til Friday when I can run again. Oh well...3 out of 5 is better than none which is what I usually end up with.

Yawning now...really need to get to bed.

Camp Monday 1

Ran this morning on the windy, gravel road with the nice incline and elevation this morning. Most of the counselors I'm working with here thought I was crazy but I need to get something in this week or I'll be hurting next weekend when I try to get out again.

The road isn't quite a mile out but it was a good workout. Tomorrow I really should run it twice if I can hack it. The hills hurt. I only made it up 3/4 of the way before I had to walk on each of the big ones. I should be able to do better. I have to push myself tomorrow.

I was hurting, but it felt good too. So I'll be running again tomorrow. :)

Camp Sunday 2

Almost ran into a deer tonight. A small group of us headed into town to pick up a few things we forgot for camp (flashlight for me). As we were coming back up the windy, gravel, country road (which I will run tomorrow) a deer stood in our path. Thankfully he moved on and the buck with him stayed in the ditch area.

Later I had a nice chat with Mungie Boy about work. Sometimes it makes me sad and worried when we chat because he's so hurt lately by some of the situations he's been put in by our higher ups. Its scares me because I wonder if that's what the next 26 years of my work will be, or if I'll just be stuck in a dead end job like LF and never advance. I'm really worried about this.

I did get to have a nice talk with MS tonight. We're planning a camping trip so he called from work while he was checking some sites for us to stay at in a few weeks. Luckily he didn't book anything because I haven't gotten permission to take the days off from work yet. :) I'm not anticipating any big issues with the dates we chose, but a few smaller ones might raise an eyebrow or two. We'll see.

Camp Sunday 1

What a drive out today. I took a work vehicle, which is good for the gas mileage and wear and tear avoiding my car, but I hate these cars. At least I didn't have the big 15-passenger van - just a 7 person one.

But I had one funny moment on my way out...practically right out of one of those spam emails that my mother forwards to me all the time.

I walked into the bathroom during one of my rest/fuel stops. Nothing out of the ordinary, just a routine visit. But not two feet into the bathroom do I hear a voice from the first stall. I paused and then the voice spoke again.

"OMG," I thought, "Could they really be talking on their cell phone while sitting on the toilet? People don't really do that do they?" Apparently so...and the woman continued even beyond me leaving the restroom. Insane. I almost answered her questions a couple times but I figured she'd get mad and I didn't need to start anything tonight. :)

21 June 2009

Not even gonna....

So normally when I miss a day I post what I've written elsewhere and just change the date stamp. Well, I have been writing, just not here, but I'm too tired to try to catch up with all of those days, so you'll get a quick recap here instead.

Thursday, after a good day at work, SG and I went out for Mexican to catch up. I miss the days when we used to run together more often, but our schedules just haven't worked out and since I'm in training and she's not really, it's better for us to just get together and chat. It was a good time and I had a margarita even. :) Shocker, I know. MS was going to meet up with us but he was spraying down his mud-mower from that afternoon's adventure. But later that night he pulled out the firepit and we sat on his patio watching the lightening show up north and enjoying the beautiful evening.

Friday I worked half a day and MS and I took his mom with us on a Cabela's trip (this was after MS and I picked out new glasses frames for him...that was a trip and a half). We had a nice trip that afternoon, ran into one of my bosses at Culver's (haha), and when we got home he wanted to mow some thistles and I headed out for a run.

Saturday I had to work for a couple hours which turned into three and then longer as I had to go and mow Mom's yard. MS started on the retaining wall in the backyard which is a project of magnitude! Of course it didn't help he put the bricks upside down. :) Oh well. I came and helped a bit - shaved down and put in three bricks while he put up several levels of the wall and then realized that at least two of them weren't level, so I had to dig them out. We're keeping the one that took me an hour to get level - and hereby naming it the "Moe brick". We're going to write my name on it even (not that you'll see it. :)) But all that wiped us out - especially him and we crashed like bumps on a log.

Today I get to head to Youth Camp which means I probably won't be blogging for a week or so. I will do the mass update by day when I get back because I know I will be writing, as I do, during this time, but I won't remember everything like I did today. :)

17 June 2009


I really should have gone for a run tonight, but since MS decided to pick up a work shift I decided tonight would be a good night to catch up on some work projects. I did work a couple extra hours, but sadly I'm still very far behind.

I really wouldn't care, but I'm working at camp next week so I'll be out of the office for a week. Sucky. So I'm going to go in to work early tomorrow, because I can't work late (dinner with my running partner since I haven't seen SG in ages). Then it'll be Friday and Saturday I have to go in for an hour, but I don't want to go in for more than an hour. Ugh.

So I'm going to go to bed now. Wish me luck that I actually wake up on time and can get to work early in the morning. Lots to do and little time to do it. ;)

16 June 2009

Running a lot

Today work wasn't too bad, amazingly enough. I got a few of my projects started, not completely finished but farther along than they were, which is good. I have just this week to get everything done because next week is Youth Camp! :)

After work, MS came over and we went for a 4 mile run. This one was much better than yesterday. He had a little knee pain but we were able to keep a good shuffle pace going. I felt good so I was happy. Hopefully tomorrow's run will go as well.

Haven't had a chance to talk to my sister to see if Mom said anything about MS to her. There is some bad weather going on so she may not be online tonight. Oh well.

I have laundry going, so I have to stay up another hour or I'd be in bed. Tired, I am. Not sure why.

That's a topic - I have been quite tired lately. Yesterday when MS and I were running errands I kept yawning and just felt sluggish. Granted I had run 7.5 yesterday, but I shouldn't have been that tired. It was just constant. I slept well last night, so I shouldn't be tired today either. I am trying to ease out of my caffeine fix, so that could be a bit of it, but I just don't get it. Isn't running supposed to help me have more energy? Hopefully it's not something else.

Okay...work to do until my laundry is finished.

15 June 2009

Jump in head first

Okay, so I gave in this morning. *sigh* I'm so pathetic.

MS called after he got off work and suggested we get our run out of the way before it started to rain. I had already gone 2.5 but it had felt blah so I thought maybe if we went again, and this time I'd have a running partner, it would be better. Wishful thinking. It was still a blah run, but I got another 5 in and got to see two snapping turtles laying their eggs. :)

Anyway, after our run we were planning our day and Mom called. So MS answered my phone, as he is prone to do. Long story short, he made some comments about mom needing to take care of herself or she'd end up in the hospital and while he knows she likes the flowers she gets when she goes to the hospital, wouldn't it just be better if she stayed healthy and we gave her flowers anyway?

So while I was cleaning up after the run I decided to just get it over with. We headed out in the downpour to get some flowers or plant at the local grocer and stop by Mom at her workplace. When we got to the grocer MS said, "We're going to get wet. Is your mom worth getting wet?" He grinned and I smiled and said, "I'm going to go get something. You can stay here if you want, or you can come in. It's your choice." He came in. :)

We got to Mom's work and they met and all was well. I haven't gotten a report from her, not that I expect to get one. I'm hoping my sister will be online tomorrow night and I can see if Mom said anything to her, because I'm sure she did.

So slowly but surely we're making it through the Moe family - which is a lot. I have 3 siblings so there are 2 more to go. Not to mention the essentials like K&E. :) I did make a flip book of picture and stats with of the family so he can remember everyone and quiz himself on occasion. :) I'm such a dork.

14 June 2009

So here's a question

To all my readers who have or have had significant others worthy of meeting the family, when in your relationship did that happen?

Basically, I'm wondering when the right time is to introduce MS to Mom. Granted, they have talked on the phone a couple times (long story), but Mom laid into me yesterday that she thinks I'm embarrassed of her and that's why she hasn't met Mike yet. This kind of stemmed from Tuesday when we went to Emmy's game.

This brings up the ever-constant issue of my sister (or any of us) knowing something before Mom. It's annoying and frustrating. And I'm tired of tiptoeing around it all.

I'm not avoiding the issue, but I also am not jumping in both feet to bring MS around Mom. I don't know why...well, I do a little bit. If something doesn't work out between MS and I, I really don't want all the questions for the next 20 years about "why didn't you stay with MS?" "You know, he was really good for you?" blah blah blah. You think I'm kidding that my family would do that, but fact is they still bring up my college boyfriend Jim. UGH! I haven't seen him in almost a decade but it never fails that at some family event someone will bring him up. Hell, my sister and bro-in-law even brought him up when they met MS on Tuesday! WTF, people?!

So I know that's part of it. But I don't know. Any advice, o! brilliant ones? (that's you reading this...thanks).

13 June 2009

That's what I needed

I went to bed last night at 9:30. I woke up, with no alarm (Yay!), at 6:30. Yep, I needed that.

I've been really tired lately. I know that not really having a day without obligations since June 1 hasn't helped. Between work and traveling, I've just been slowly going insane. So sleeping soundly without the jerking awake to the loud, annoying alarm really helped this morning.

There are a lot of things to accomplish today though, so I better get started. :)

12 June 2009

Back on the trail

Last night MS came over after I got off work and we ran 4. It was a little rough and I made him promise to make sure I don't take a week off from running ever again! We also made another deal on my therapy, so I have to keep up on that too.

Overall it was an okay run. 46:10 which is way slow for me these days, but I had a stitch, which I shared with MS too *grin*, and had to walk a bit.

Today I needed to get some miles logged so I ran 6. Not bad again. Still out of shape and I haven't been eating well. I ran it in 66:15 and all my splits were under 12 minutes, so that's good.

I came home and decided to make some tea because I haven't been drinking enough water, just soda for the caffeine lately. I think this will help a lot. Tomorrow I need to run another 3 (maybe 6) and Sunday is a 9 mile day.

I love marathon training. :) Yes, I'm insane.

11 June 2009

Take 'em all down

I woke up this morning thinking about KC and my apartment. God bless her, I love her a lot. She's been a great friend, but she has me wondering just where I am in my life sometimes.

The other day she came over for a rare, brief visit (so I could pick up a heating pad and she could have some ice cream) and she saw my TC poster on the floor. I've been meaning to swap that poster for the Ella one that's currently on my wall (framed of course).

She said, "Another poster?" Uh...
"Moe, you're an adult now. You need REAL art."

I can't afford REAL art. But the stubborn, annoyed girl in me woke up thinking I should just take down every piece of fake art on my walls. They'll be pretty bare, but maybe that's for the best.

Of course I also look at my apartment and think I need to pack up all my books, because they don't really show my intellectual side or whatever, I should buy new furniture because everything looks like college furniture. Or maybe I should just wipe out my entire apartment and start from scratch.

10 June 2009

So thoughtful

Last night while we were driving home from the game, MS and I were talking about my schedule. Things have been really hectic lately and I have hardly been at home. After my diatribe for about 10 minutes, MS finally said, "Something is going to have to give."

My question is what though? I'm not giving him up. I can't give up running (though this is the one that has been falling aside). I can't give up my nieces and nephews, though these are falling aside too. And work? Hell no. I really have to keep working and I'm so behind on projects.

My projects seem to keep getting farther and farther behind. It's not good. I'm at the point where I'm toying with going into work this weekend (which is something I haven't done in a long time).

Anyway... MS called tonight while he was at work and suggested we go running on my bike trails right after work so we can have more time to veg tomorrow night. I'm really excited about this idea. I miss my bike trails, so this is almost as good as a Christmas gift. :) He is pretty thoughtful, isn't he?

But I must to bed. I'm incoherent these days.

09 June 2009

The next step

Tonight Emmy had a softball game. I had half-jokingly suggested to MS that we (WE) go to the game together but wasn't really sure if he would go.

I called him an hour prior, because it takes about 40 minutes to get there, and he was at Lowe's though he said he had planned to go, but didn't think it started until 6. Well, yes, it starts at 6, but in a town 40 minutes away. Whoops.

Well, we made it to the game, albeit 30 minutes late. That was okay though. It was probably for the best since he was meeting the family.

My sister approved, my bro-in-law was indifferent (as usual), my niece said, "eh.", and my nephew said he thought he was cool. Interesting reactions for meeting a guy all of 30 minutes, but that's okay. There will be other times.

MS and I had kind of a date after that, which was nice. We went to a local bar & grill, which I will admit I was nervous about. Shockingly, it was really good. I was pleased at least.

A good night really. And another step down. Next one - meeting another sibling or mom. Eek!

08 June 2009

Hair products rule!

It's amazing what conditioner can do.

Over the past few weeks my hair has taken a hit. Between multiple washes due to working out and playing in dirt, and not having my normal shampoo at work or at MS's, my hair has gotten really messed up.

Well this morning, I took a 20 minute shower (sorry, Earth), shampoo'd and conditioned my hair...twice (which made me sing Phoebe's song over and over again - "lather, rinse, re-pe-eat, lather, rinse, re-pe-eat, lather, rinse, re-pe-eat....as needed."). It was so nice. My hair was soft and buoyant (yes, I said it) and even had a bit of volume.

Too bad I spent three hours on a massage table and then 5 hours in a car so no one got to see it. :)

07 June 2009

Sunday will never be the same

Today was a great day. First it was casual day at work (for a donation, of course). We ended up raising over $2000 for a great cause. I'm really excited about that.

Second, we got out of work early. Third, I got to go to the Cities and stay at my normal hotel (which is awesome as usual). And then...

Then I got to spend the evening at the Guthrie with Keith and Linda. SO much fun. We saw the latest Tony Kushner piece "An Intelligent Homosexual..." It was good, very deep and exhausting, actually, but good.

Tomorrow? 3-hour massage. Ahhhhhhh

06 June 2009

That didn't work

So my plan last night as I went to bed (late again) was to get up at 4:15, change and go for a 5 or 8 mile run at 4:30 so I'd still have time to shower for work.

Yeah, I just got up and it's 5:40. Crap. Now my schedule is all off for training (already!) and I have 13 miles to get in over the next two days. It doesn't help that a) I have to work and b) the weather stinks today. I'm hoping that tonight it will calm down a bit so I can get my run in (and convince MS to run with me). We shall see.

Tomorrow is the same problem only I have only the AM before work as an option because I have to head to the cities. Crap. Maybe MS was right - skip the play. Except that I can't because I've already paid for the ticket, changed the ticket and added 2 for Keith and his wife. Stupid planning on my part.

Crossing fingers somehow I can make this work.

05 June 2009

Notes from today

Two quotes that made me smile today:
"Those guys are on crack...divine crack." (KC referencing the Veggie Tales guys)

"I encourage your craziness, because it makes me feel less crazy. Just do it! I would do the jiggly dance of joy for your benefit, but alas you are way over there." (again KC, thanks dear.)


I really need to rein myself in here. Today I was sitting at lunch, eating my delicious chicken, and thinking, "I really want to go run again." Ugh. What is wrong with me?! I ran 1.5 this morning (in 14:10 - that's a 9:26 pace!!!!) and today is supposed to be a rest day! I know I'm scared that if I take a day off from running I won't go back. I've done that before and it's so hard to get back into the swing of it. Granted I had taken 2 weeks off after the DNF marathon and surprisingly this week's running has been going really well. I mean, I remember when I couldn't run a mile without stopping to walk at least once if not more. Now I'm running 5 or 6 at a shot without question. But there's always that fear that if I stop I won't start again.

But maybe my mindset is better right now. It helps that MS is training for a Tri so we're both kind of in the zone on this stuff. He's back biking and swimming, which he loves, and I drag him out to run with me on occasion. But I know that I, personally, have a goal. My splits have been really good this week, and if I can keep that pace up I'd be finishing TCM in 4:39. A new goal. Wow! I am going to stick with the 5:30 mark for right now, but it's interesting to think about the possibility that a 4:39 could happen. And with the training schedule I have, provided I stick to it, and P90X starting around the corner, it's a strong possibility. Holy crap.

"They" told me when I bought my first pair of Brooks that I would run my first marathon, finish, collapse, cry like a little girl, and then want to see if I could run it faster. I hate it when "they" are right. Here I am, pushing myself through the dog days of summer again, just to see if I can finish faster than last year. Seriously, what is wrong with me? :)

And then there's this quote: "It is important to keep the marathon in perspective. Running does not have to be the controlling element in your life, but if you become a marathon runner it probably will be, for a while." ~ Marc Bloom, The Runner's Bible

Maybe I will go run again. Or maybe I'll just get up at the butt-crack of dawn and run instead. That would work.

Why I run

A brief list...
1) I have to for my job. We have run requirements at work I have to meet.

2) I really do have to for my job. If I don't run, I don't exercise and I have to stay at or below a certain weight for my job, and I could stand to lose a bit.

3) I have to for my friends. There was a time when I didn't run and work was super stressful. My friends told me later that they didn't want to be around me because I was so moody. Since I have started running my outlook on life has improved and overall I'm a happier person.

4) I have to for my sanity. I used to go home from a stressful day at work and sit in my chair on the couch and just stew over everything that went on during the day, or I'd vent to my friends which I would feel guilty about later because they don't care about my little piddly problems. But when I run I can work out and stew while I run, which gives me momentum and a way to work out any issue I might have before I blast it at a friend or loved one. It also helps me stay calmer than I would be otherwise. Of course, now that I run I don't have as much stress from work to even stew about! :)

5) I need a goal. Because of #1 and #2, I have to have a goal to keep running. I'm really good at just sitting on the couch and not doing anything, but with a goal I have a little nudge that keeps me going. So I sign up for races. I know I'm not going to win, but I am competitive enough with myself that I will push myself to compete and complete it (and not be last, except that one last year). But I'm also not one to just sign up for a 5K if a 10K is offered (not anymore at least). I can't sign up just for the 5K St. Patty's Run when there's an Irishman to complete. I can't sign up for a 1/2 marathon if there's a full offered. It's that competitiveness in me. Or stupidity.

6) I do love to eat. With the amount of baking and taste-testing I do, if I didn't run I'd be 300 pounds. I'm not a stick by any means, but I do hold my own. I could stand to lose a few pounds, but who couldn't? But by running consistently, when I do stray and have a cookie or two (or six) I don't feel quite as guilty as I used to. And my pants continue to fit.

7) I feel better about myself when I run. Granted after I run I'm all bloated and red-faced and feel tight and sore for a few hours, but the accomplishment that I have completed - the miles I have logged (and you must log them...well, I must) - that's the great feeling that keeps me going.

04 June 2009

Run today

Today was a great run. Training said to run 3, so I did. And I ran it in 31:10. YAY! This is faster than the last two days. I'm so stoked about this. My times keep improving, so either my watch is screwed up or I'm continuing to get better. I'm really glad about this.

After I ran I ran into Deaner - not literally. He wants to do his fitness test for work tomorrow AM and so I'm going to facilitate, but I think I'm going to run it too. If it's good enough I may count it for the year (and maybe retest in August just for fun), but if it's not I'll count it as practice. We'll see. I'm feeling pretty good but I haven't done any crunches or pushups in weeks. I'm not going to do them now or I won't be able to move my arms in the morning, but hopefully I can push out enough.

Heading to MS's tonight. It's late but it'll be good to see him. He's planning to get up early tomorrow to go to the gym again. Look at us and our insanity. It's good we found each other. :)

Dream weaver

I dreamt about Ryan Garko last night. It was strange. He had longer hair, the top part pulled back in a mini ponytail to keep it off his face. But I was at the game with someone - maybe Debbie? - and we were sitting right by the dugout. A bat rolled over to us, as only a bat can roll, and Ryan came up to get it.

Then suddenly we were behind the dugout where there were rooms set up for the players - like mini apartments but not quite that nice. So we went into Ryan's and were talking to him about the game and I remember him talking about someone and I said, "that's your girlfriend?" He said, "Well yeah. We've been seeing each other for 5 or is it 10 years now." And I muttered a comment about commitment issues and then his parents walked in. We BS'd for a bit and then I woke up.

I don't get it.

03 June 2009


At noon I decided I should head out because if I didn't run at noon I wouldn't get it done today and training says it's a 5 mile day.

So I ran 6.

Well, almost. I don't think the markings on the road are right. I know they are up to 1.5 miles, but after that it's the old markings and I don't think I went quite far enough. But whatever. I finished in 63:39 and I'm happy with that. The 5 miles were around 50 minutes which is about 5 minutes faster than I normally run. The last 10K was 58 so I think I'm off a bit somewhere. Maybe I'll see if Tim Don will remark the road beyond the 1.5 mile point. It'd be nice to know where I am.

Tonight I went to a local counseling/help center for a volunteer meeting. At work I'm the sexual assault response coordinator as well as a victim advocate so I thought since we don't get many cases at work (not that they aren't happening, but no one reports) I would volunteer my time to help out in the community.

I'm excited and nervous about this. They want me to start now because of the training I had with work, but it wasn't like what they do. I may call the coordinator and see about shadowing sometime this month before the 3-day training at the end of the month. That might help.

I'm home tonight though and doing laundry and making chicken. It's a good night. :)

Rocks and Wind

Yesterday everywhere was rocks. And wind. And wind with rocks. Ugh.

My niece had a softball game last night so I drove with the wind ranging speeds that would make my mother blush (or at least grip the side of the car and freak out at every bird or bug to pass by). I ended up only being 10 minutes late, and that was with hitting every red light and following a line of cars going 30 on a highway with no way to pass. Once I was free I was like the wind!

The game though, we had to sit facing the wind - as does the home team at that diamond. It hurt. My eyes were so red and watering. At one point I really felt like I had a boulder like the ones I've been picking at MS's in my eye. And it scratched and hurt.

Then it was back to the car, this time to drive into the wind. I kept my speeds down...a bit at least...because it was late and MS and I still needed to run for the night. Or rather, I still needed to run 3m for the day and he agreed to run with me. So nice of him, but he needed to get out too.

So we ran the gravel roads by his house. This is one good thing about country roads. You know that a section is a mile square, so from one corner to the next you get a mile and MS is .3 in from one road. So we ended up running 3.4, on freshly laid gravel no less. Nothing like running through piles of rocks, trying to find the grooved areas from cars just to run a bit.

It was a nice run. 3.4 without stopping except to turn around and at a pretty good pace (10:40) for me. It was a little slow for MS but he had knee surgery a few months ago and he hasn't run since January so this was probably good for him to ease back into it all. I was pleased though. It felt really good to get back out running and be able to keep up with conversation (except for the one mild hill I didn't realize we were on and I started singing Poison Ivy as a cadence and got winded - dammit, Jim!).

MS was a little worried about me because my face was RED. It always gets this way, especially when I overdress, which I did last night - stupid. The wind was chilly though and I overestimated it since the wind died down quite a bit the last mile and a half. Oh well. This morning he smiled and said, "You have your color back." Thanks dear. It will be like this all summer; get used to it.

I did discover that I really need to be in shorts more. My legs are sooooo white! Either that or stop shaving. :)

02 June 2009

The question

The question as of late is "What is wrong with her?" The 'her' being me, of course. :) MS had been talking with his friend this weekend about me and after the stats came out - 34, never married, no kids - that was the question that arose: "What's wrong with her?" MS said he was still trying to figure that out - hahaha. But this now has me trying to figure that out.

Of course I got the same question from my brother regarding MS this weekend, "What's wrong with him?" though I think it was phrased more along the lines of, "What's his problem?" But that's my brother. I could justify MS's so-called flaws that my brother saw though. And since I don't seem to have any which in itself is a flaw, it's understandable MS would have trouble answering that. (On a side note, my friend Joel thinks that MS's friend really meant, "How is that little hottie not snapped up?" :) hahaha

MS had told his friend that it's scary how much he and I think alike and like the same things. And it's true, though I don't know about the scary part. To me it seems pretty good that we are on the same page with a lot of things and that we can talk through our differences or our struggles with whatever project we're working on. And the fact I'm the first marathon runner he's ever dated seems to have a bit of an edge to it. :)

Whatever the case, maybe we're just two messes who work well together and there's nothing wrong with either of us. Maybe we've just finally found our niche. Or something.

01 June 2009

Another whirlwind of a day

It's good to get used to these early mornings, I think. Granted this was for another early flight, but I'll be using these for training in the coming weeks.

Another crazy drive to the big city, return the rental, flight, flight, lunch, and then home with Mom so I could mow her lawn. Crazy. Then I came home and showered finishing just as MS called to see if I wanted to meet him and his mom for an early supper. Uh, okay.

It was fun though. I so wasn't ready to meet Mom but it went okay I think. I'll have to ask him for the scoop tonight. After he took her home we did some pricing on some more items for our projects. Tons of fun and I really do love Home Depot. :) Ah, what a dork I am walking through that place with a little bounce in my step. Too funny.

Training for the marathon officially began today with cross training (mowing) and tomorrow I'm back in sneakers and running. I can't wait. I just finished Once a Runner on the way home and loved the book. Granted it's about a miler but the passion and drive and training necessity was all there. Hopefully it'll keep me inspired as these early weeks knock the crap out of me. :) It'll be great.