03 June 2009


At noon I decided I should head out because if I didn't run at noon I wouldn't get it done today and training says it's a 5 mile day.

So I ran 6.

Well, almost. I don't think the markings on the road are right. I know they are up to 1.5 miles, but after that it's the old markings and I don't think I went quite far enough. But whatever. I finished in 63:39 and I'm happy with that. The 5 miles were around 50 minutes which is about 5 minutes faster than I normally run. The last 10K was 58 so I think I'm off a bit somewhere. Maybe I'll see if Tim Don will remark the road beyond the 1.5 mile point. It'd be nice to know where I am.

Tonight I went to a local counseling/help center for a volunteer meeting. At work I'm the sexual assault response coordinator as well as a victim advocate so I thought since we don't get many cases at work (not that they aren't happening, but no one reports) I would volunteer my time to help out in the community.

I'm excited and nervous about this. They want me to start now because of the training I had with work, but it wasn't like what they do. I may call the coordinator and see about shadowing sometime this month before the 3-day training at the end of the month. That might help.

I'm home tonight though and doing laundry and making chicken. It's a good night. :)


Kat said...

You rock so hard. If I take up running, would I just collapse? Maybe I should start walking. I want to be tough like you.

~moe~ said...

You wouldn't collapse. You're a rock star too. You can do it! If I can, anyone can!

~moe~ said...

Edit - my last 10k was 68 not 58