08 June 2009

Hair products rule!

It's amazing what conditioner can do.

Over the past few weeks my hair has taken a hit. Between multiple washes due to working out and playing in dirt, and not having my normal shampoo at work or at MS's, my hair has gotten really messed up.

Well this morning, I took a 20 minute shower (sorry, Earth), shampoo'd and conditioned my hair...twice (which made me sing Phoebe's song over and over again - "lather, rinse, re-pe-eat, lather, rinse, re-pe-eat, lather, rinse, re-pe-eat....as needed."). It was so nice. My hair was soft and buoyant (yes, I said it) and even had a bit of volume.

Too bad I spent three hours on a massage table and then 5 hours in a car so no one got to see it. :)


Kat said...

lol on "Sorry Earth".
I just chopped 8 inches off mine yesterday - myself! And then had a friend touch it up. My darned hair grows so stinkin fast, and it was feeling icky. Feels bouyant now. Ooh la la.

~moe~ said...

Nice! I did that last year and loved having shorter hair again (though in my world it's still long - but that's a whole other story). I took another 20 minute shower last night. My hair was hair sprayed and so tacky last night - ick! I had a great supply for my Hair Art though. :)