01 June 2009

Another whirlwind of a day

It's good to get used to these early mornings, I think. Granted this was for another early flight, but I'll be using these for training in the coming weeks.

Another crazy drive to the big city, return the rental, flight, flight, lunch, and then home with Mom so I could mow her lawn. Crazy. Then I came home and showered finishing just as MS called to see if I wanted to meet him and his mom for an early supper. Uh, okay.

It was fun though. I so wasn't ready to meet Mom but it went okay I think. I'll have to ask him for the scoop tonight. After he took her home we did some pricing on some more items for our projects. Tons of fun and I really do love Home Depot. :) Ah, what a dork I am walking through that place with a little bounce in my step. Too funny.

Training for the marathon officially began today with cross training (mowing) and tomorrow I'm back in sneakers and running. I can't wait. I just finished Once a Runner on the way home and loved the book. Granted it's about a miler but the passion and drive and training necessity was all there. Hopefully it'll keep me inspired as these early weeks knock the crap out of me. :) It'll be great.

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Beege said...

Sarah and Linnea La-OVE Home Depot. Every time we drive past one, Sarah pipes up, "Go Home Depot, Mom?" When we announce we need to go to Home Depot, they couldn't be more excited if we'd announced we were moving into Cinderella's Castle at Disneyworld.

And I TOTALLY get it.