22 June 2009

Camp Sunday 2

Almost ran into a deer tonight. A small group of us headed into town to pick up a few things we forgot for camp (flashlight for me). As we were coming back up the windy, gravel, country road (which I will run tomorrow) a deer stood in our path. Thankfully he moved on and the buck with him stayed in the ditch area.

Later I had a nice chat with Mungie Boy about work. Sometimes it makes me sad and worried when we chat because he's so hurt lately by some of the situations he's been put in by our higher ups. Its scares me because I wonder if that's what the next 26 years of my work will be, or if I'll just be stuck in a dead end job like LF and never advance. I'm really worried about this.

I did get to have a nice talk with MS tonight. We're planning a camping trip so he called from work while he was checking some sites for us to stay at in a few weeks. Luckily he didn't book anything because I haven't gotten permission to take the days off from work yet. :) I'm not anticipating any big issues with the dates we chose, but a few smaller ones might raise an eyebrow or two. We'll see.

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