22 June 2009

Camp Monday 2

What a long day, but at least it's one more down. Today the campers arrived and I got to make picture ID cards with DJ again. That was fun and the whole process went much better than it has the last two years I've worked this camp. I'm glad for that.

Tonight NW and I headed back into town again - partially for a reprieve and partially because I needed some Mike&Ikes. :) I also needed to fuel the van since I'll be driving it to some of the events over the next couple days.

Campfire tonight, but the fire pit is pretty small, so I didn't really hang around too long. I did get to talk to MS tonight who was teasing me, his "lawn mower", for leaving him for a week 'vacation'. hahaha. I'm sure all will be made up to him when the lawn mower returns. :)

I also made my game plan for the week for running. I can run tomorrow because I can shower while the teams are doing their first hour of team time after breakfast. But Wednesday and Thursday will be rushed so I'll either have to run in the afternoon (not likely) or just pass it off til Friday when I can run again. Oh well...3 out of 5 is better than none which is what I usually end up with.

Yawning now...really need to get to bed.

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