27 October 2009

Continuing a Clearing

My life seems to be consisting of creating a clearing and not much else these days. My decluttering process has been almost non-stop. I finally got through the papers and such in my living room, recycling oodles of magazines and papers, boxing and filing others and felt like I had made a lot of progress. MS was proud of me though my kitchen counter still irks him. He said, "You'd be shittin' kittens if that was cleaned off." He's right, of course, and I hate it that he's right. So that continues to be on my list.

But being the fabulous man that he is and anxious for me to achieve my goal of decluttering and sorting, he suggested that we bring home eight boxes from my Mom's over the weekend. Three of those have Christmas ornaments I'm going to sell; the other five were a treasure chest of sorts - full of papers and trinkets from my past, college and high school life.

It was fun to go through those boxes. I ended with two boxes of ornaments to photograph and eBay, a box of recycleables, a box for Goodwill or to sell or as White Elephant gifts and then three that I'm keeping for now. I've found that I have to go through things twice to really know if I want to keep them. It works, though time consuming.

My plan is to stop by mom's again this weekend and get another set of boxes OR I'll get some boxes from my storage at my apartment and go through those. I have books to sell from my collegiate days and I'd like to get those done soon.

I'm glad MS keeps nudging me in this direction. I'm not always good at jumping feet first into projects but with a little nudge I will take that step forward.

But this clearing process is wonderful. It's something I have wanted, nay needed, to do for so long and between Discardia and MB I've been able to take that step and continue forward. I'm really excited to whittle my worldly possessions down to the ones that are most valuable and to purge the rest (however I do that - selling, recycling, giving, throwing). It's cleansing, refreshing and oh, so needed.

Tuesday's random thoughts...

I keep thinking that it's next week instead of this week. It's like thinking it's Friday when it's really Monday. This is just frustrating. I packed extra clothes today for a meeting I thought I had tonight after work - turns out it's next week. Thank Goodness I didn't sign for time off ... I had thought about leaving after my 3pm appointment today and going home to get a few things accomplished before the meeting, but I don't have to now. Whew.

Other than that, life is great. MS and I had a great date night yesterday. We spent the day running, running errands, mowing the lawn, joining our phone plans, and picking out his Christmas present. I know that doesn't seem like much of a date. But then we went to my place, cleaned up and went to a local restaurant for dinner. It was such a nice evening, just spending time together talking. We need to have date night more often.

Okay...I really need to get my life together. I just found out that I forgot to forward an important email which is resulting in his being late on important paperwork. Not good. Granted I got the email when I was on vacation for 4 days when MS and I went camping, so when I came back I had 100s (literally) of emails to sort through, but still. This is very very bad. I need to purge not only my papers and books at home, but emails and emails at work and home. Suck.

Funny. My boss just asked me if he could go work out. Uh...duh. You're the boss! You run the place! Do what you want! :) Made me chuckle.

Feeling productive tonight at home! WOW! Trying a new cookie recipe that's supposedly a roll-out, but didn't roll out. Hopefully they'll spread out in the oven. Not sure, but trying them anyway. Probably will be trashing this recipe.

Getting a lot accomplished though, which is nice. MS is at work so tonight is all mine. I have this night and Thursday at my place before next week. We haven't been spending much time at MS's lately and I feel bad about that, so this weekend is all for him.

Back to work!

25 October 2009

A little behind

It's been a few days, obviously, since I've written. It's been pretty basic. Nothing really exciting has been happening. Well, one thing. K came to visit on an impromptu trip. That was fun. She and I and MS went out for dinner and then came back to veg Friday night. Saturday AM we got some time to talk and catch up a little more before she had to head out. It was so good to see her. Nothing like a reunion with friends to refresh my soul.

Saturday MS and I spent the day at my mom's, cleaning out her gutters and then fixing one of her breakers that has never really worked right. MS got to play electrician and I got to play electrician's helper. :) Always fun. We do make a good team.

Leaving Mom's though, MS thought we should take some of the boxes home that I have had at mom's for...well, forever. I took a few of the boxes of Disney ornaments that I want to sell on eBay and then 4 other boxes of stuff from college and high school.

I started going through those boxes last night and then all day today (6 movies worth). I've been able to toss some stuff, reorganize the boxes of books I want to keep, and now I have a little bit left I have to decide what I'm going to do.

Here's one question for y'all: I have a couple journals from when I was 15 and then 20. Do I keep them or destroy them? Some of them really show what a pathetic little child I was, some of the entries are deep (after Dad had died), but some are just dumb. Not sure I need to keep them, but not sure if shredding or burning them would be like burning my past. In some ways that wouldn't be a bad thing, but yet I'm not sure that's what I should do. I'm conflicted. Three notebooks and I'm conflicted.

So tomorrow, the 26th, will be my 13th anniversary of having started my job. It's hard to believe it's been 13 years, but wow. It will also be 6 months since MS and I started dating so tomorrow night is date night. :) Should be fun. It will be more fun if I can get these boxes put away.

21 October 2009

Runner, I am

This morning on dailymile.com one of my training buddies wrote the following: Solid run at about 75% effort. Started out 45 deg. in light drizzle, last 6 miles were steady cold rain with nice cooling breeze. No ice bath needed. I am sure people thought I was crazy running out there, but it wasn't too bad. Note to self: purchase rain jacket today. Brrrrrrrr

I had to chuckle at that and wrote back to him, "You aren't crazy. You're a runner." (same difference) :)

I ran in the drizzle this morning, ending before the steady cold rain that he experienced. But it was great, other than having to clean my glasses every block. It felt good to be able to get out at 5:15, go for a short run up and down the city streets without a care in the world. The rain kept me cool, but not too much since it was 45 degrees. My legs felt great and I just wanted to run and run and run. Sadly, the clock was inching closer and closer to the time I would need to be home to shower and get ready for work. Sometimes work just gets in the way. I wish I had more flexible hours. :)

Which reminds me of the days when I worked at LS and I was splitting my time between two departments. Both of my bosses had a flexible schedule and neither were in before 9 unless they had some extremely pressing meeting. One would work later but both could also work from home if need be. Some days I wish I had that kind of schedule, especially when I'm having a great run in the morning before work. Maybe someday, but if I stay in this career field, probably not.

Baseball season is over

Except that this morning when I was running in the rain I kept smelling boiled hot dogs.

Let me tell you, there is almost nothing worse than smelling boiled processed meat when you're trying to run in a fresh rain (which smells awesome usually).

Blech. So tell me, what has been the worst thing you've smelled when running?

20 October 2009

Silence is golden

I was thinking about silence in church the other day. Silence is so precious. Not always in a good way, mind you. If you aren't able to hear something, that silence is overwhelming and frustrating and can leave you feeling helpless.

But at times silence is what is needed. God is prominent in the silence. When what's his name was looking for God - where was God found? Not in the noise, but in the silence.

I think about this when we seem to gloss over the silence in worship. There's a time, at least in our Confession & Forgiveness portion, specifically set for Silence for Reflection. This seems to last maybe 10 seconds (and that's generous) and then we jump into the confession part. Then there's time during the prayers where "time" is offered for people to offer up prayers to God for those they have in their hearts. 3 seconds...maybe 5.

I'm a big fan of the silence. Steve, one of my profs in seminary, loved the silence and really helped me to feel the importance of allowing people to feel the silence in the service. His thing was especially during the prayers that he would start to think of those who he wanted to pray for but by the time I was ready the pastor had already jumped back in, or he didn't even get that option because the 3 seconds turned to 1.

Once when I was substitute preaching at my home congregation I reveled in the silence. My mom told me later that people were very uncomfortable with it. I realized later, much later, that I should have explained it - why I was giving so much more time to the silence. I think people go to worship expecting to be fed, but don't realize that sometimes they have to take the spoon. And so when I let the silence open up for enough time for everyone to really think, it ended up being that they weren't really thinking about who may need prayers but instead wondering, "Why isn't she continuing the prayers?!?! What's wrong with her?"

I like the silence. It's good for me to own up to my sins to God in that silence of reflection and confession. It's good for me to remember other people during the prayers since so much of my life is focused around myself.

It's good to let God in during that time. It's good to just be and let the spirit of God wash over you in that Silence.

To quote Zack Siler in "She's All That" - "Be still. Be silent."

What's Opera, MS?

Funny moment last night...MS and I were watching TBBT and Sheldon was challenging Wil Wheaton to some sort of sci fi match up.

I don't really follow this stuff and at one point MS said, "We need to work on your Sci Fi knowledge."

And I said, "Okay, then we need to work on your opera knowledge."

MS looked at me and said, "I think we'll leave your Sci Fi knowledge just as it is." :)

18 October 2009

Crazy week

It has been very weird around here this week. I have been "cleaning". Well, cleaning as only I can. The nights I've been at home (i.e. not at MS's) I have been going through piles of papers and stuff.

Thankfully when I got home Friday I found a note from the apartment office talking about how they've cleaned the carpets and we need to help keep them clean (duh), but also that they've moved a recycle bin to each floor. YAY! They used to only be on the first floor which was a pain because I'm on a far corner so to walk all the way down to the main floor with all my stuff when i decide to clean was just a pain. Now I can just walk down the hall.

This was so beneficial this weekend. I filled half of the bin with magazines and papers. I filled a 13 gallon garbage bag with shredding. I have a shelf of white elephant gifts (or at least nice gifts that I have no use for anymore). And I have a box ready to go for building my running scrapbook this winter (I had a book, but I think it's too small so I'm going to get a bigger one and actually start this - I ordered a bunch of photos from recent races so I can help document).

I still feel cluttered but not nearly as bad as I did. It's a long process for me to go through stuff. I feel like I need to look at everything just in case I find something important. I know that seems stupid but it actually paid off when I opened my Xmas card from my mother from last year and found the cash she had given me. Yay! So I stick with my rule of going through everything.

It was kind of funny with K and Nika called on Friday night and K said, "You're just recycling all those magazines, right?" And laughed when I told her I was going through each one, tearing out the articles I want to read, and then I'll go through those later. I ended up, the next morning, taking all those articles I was going to read, all the exercises I ripped out of the women's health and old ones I had torn out the last time I did this, all the Runner's World except this year's and all the old O and Real Simple magazines and dumped them in the bin. I was never going to read them and it's just stupid for them to take up space.

So I'm feeling a bit better. Next up (once I get this cleaned up and vacuumed) I'll be going through my books...my boxes and boxes of books. MS thought the only books I was going to be selling are the ones I have in my living room. Um, little does he realize that those books barely crack the stack of books I own. I told him, "This is the bad thing about dating a girl who has a college degree and went to grad school. Lots and lots of books." Not to mention that I was always a reader. I'd like to get these sorted before J-term so I can get them up on the swap meet and maybe get some cash for next spring. If not there then I'll try maybe half.com or something.

I also am going to get all the boxes of Xmas ornaments I bought when I was in high school. I used to buy/collect Disney ornaments, but they are a little heavy to hang on my tiny 3 foot tree, so I've never put them up. I'm thinking eBay will be my best option for those.

So see, I have a plan. And I'm excited about this plan. I just need to stay motivated.

12 October 2009

Hopefully some questions answered

I've had a couple questions about KC's and my art project for Boss's Day. So here are some more pictures. We didn't take pictures while we were making them, stupid us, but maybe this will help.

Supplies for 6 cans:

glue gun/sticks
6 bags of bite sized candy (we used 3 musketeers)
6 mini cans of soda (we had diet coke and diet pepsi)
Curling ribbon - your choice of color - we used red, blue and lite blue
Hard, thin cardboard (we used a classification folder)
Small plastic beverage cups. The ones we used, when placed on the can (open end down) went about an inch over the top.
Scissors, pencil

This is what the top looked like at the end. This would be the bottom of the cup.

A side shot - you can see the cardboard and how KC glued the edges of the candy wrappers to the cup. The ribbon was curled on both ends (12 inches in length or so) and then glued in the middle with candy on top. Then the ribbon would pop out the edges. Go with spacing that works best for you.

See underneath how we glued the cup to the cardboard and that cardboard to the can.

And the finished product!

Why I love Kat

"Here's to a brand-spankin' new week full of amazing things."

Amen to that, sister. :)

11 October 2009

Messages from the Universe

Nothing a little hot glue can't cure

It's good to have artistic friends. They are a lifesaver.

I'm not completely inept, but making it work physically like it looks in my head has never been my strong point. Things just don't quite turn out.

But KC knows how things work best. So we saw these things in the grocery store the other day when we were out on another mission to put together Boss's Day gifts for our bosses (I have 3, she technically has 1 but sort of has 3 also). Well, I loved them but didn't really want to spend $12.50 a piece (plus tax) when I knew we could do it cheaper.

Well, it wasn't quite cheaper but damn close. Maybe $33 for the stuff we had to buy and we had some of the other stuff on hand. So maybe $6 a piece. And we got to spend some time together and I got to hang out with Carl (long story...that's for another day).

So I curled the ribbon and KC did the gluing and I love them! We did two sets - three with Diet Pepsi for my bosses, three with Diet Coke for hers. The look pretty cool, I think. :)

09 October 2009


Just because I can... here's a photo of me after the 5:21:55 finish. My sunglasses are crooked, but probably because my ears are crooked. I'm a wee bit emotional here. I was so very happy! :)

Horoscope yesterday

The poet Stephen Mallarmé wrote the following in a letter to a friend: "I don't know which of my internal climates I should explore in order to find you and meet you." I love that passage. It alludes to one of the central facts about the nature of reality:
The quality of your consciousness is crucial in determining whether you'll be able to attract the resources that are essential to your dreams coming true. In order to get what you want, you have to work on yourself at least as hard as you work on the world around you. This is always true, of course, but it's especially true for you now, Aries.

I'm taking an online class this month. I'm not usually very good at online classes, preferring to have the face-to-face contact with the instructor. But this isn't your typical class.

Mondo Beyondo is something I've written about before. Well this is a little different. The 5-week class gets a little more in depth to the world of dreams.

I'm not sure really what to say about this right now. We did an exercise last night that stretched me a bit, but I'm supposed to not blog about it and forget about it all since we'll be coming back to it next week. Weird, I know, but I can't really explain that.

I'm excited to see where this class leads me. It's already challenging my head and my heart. Hopefully I can continue to let both open to possibilities.

06 October 2009

uh oh

This isn't good. I'm so not feeling it today. "It" being the desire to work. Yesterday I had it. Yesterday I had a goal and I wanted to get a bunch of things accomplished during a time when it was quiet and not so chaotic, but because it was an off day for the workplace a lot of my programs I needed to do said work were down. Today, it hasn't been chaotic but I don't have that get-up-and-go feeling. I have so much to do, what is wrong with me? Is it the impending doom of the meeting I have tonight? Is it the overwhelmingness of Mondo Beyondo? Is it the after effects of the mentor lunch (where I actually ended up being more of a mentor than a mentee)? I'm not sure. It could be all of those factoring together. Whatever it is, it's not good.

05 October 2009

Race Recap

Well the weekend is over and I'm very happy with how it turned out.

Saturday MS came over after work and was in a tizzy. He was running late and so he was a little frantic. It was kind of humorous. Even after I told him we didn't really need to leave until 9 he still was overly energetic. We finished packing up the car and headed out. I was tired and still in planning mode for the race so I wasn't necessarily taking the best routes to get out of town, but we made it. :)

Our ride to the cities was pretty uneventful. MS was studying for his class this week so we were going over stats. It's good that I have no idea what his job really entails because as I asked questions he had to explain it which helped him to study.

We headed straight to the Expo to get my race packet, had a mild argument about the $10 parking fee, and then headed in. Everything was Lime Green. Crazy. I was just in the mood to get my packet and go, but we did look at a few things because MS wanted to check things out. We got free socks this year, so I'm thinking I need to figure out some way to go again next year - maybe we'll get shorts and I'll get a whole outfit. :)

We had extra time so we checked into the hotel, grabbed a sub at Subway and then headed to the Twins game. Debbie and her husband met us there. MS had never been to the Dome before so this was new for him. We had really good seats thanks to the marathon special and the game was really good.

Debbie and John headed home and MS and I headed to the hotel to drop off a couple things and get some dinner. We were going to go to Outback since it was connected to the hotel, but there was a 45 minute wait, so I opted to go somewhere else. Another mild argument as MS kept saying, let's ask the hotel guy for places around here and I was standing there naming places off. We were both very hungry and a little crabby by this point so finally I said let's just go.

We ended up at TGIFriday's, which ironically is normally where I eat before running (or at least did last year), and we got right in and were served almost immediately. During dinner MS said he was getting a tickle in his throat and not feeling 100%. Not good. So we talked about that a little bit, then talked about tights vs running skirt for Sunday, and just talked.

Back at the hotel I set out my stuff for the morning and we set an alarm and were asleep by 9pm. I think we were both quite tired. He had worked the day before, as had I, and then the drive, the game - it just all added up. Of course I still woke up at 1:33 thinking I was late.

Sunday AM - RACE DAY!!!! I was surprisingly calm. It shocked me a little bit. The biggest conflict was trying to decide how I was getting to the train. MS finally decided for me that he would take me. I was hesitant on this since he hasn't driven in the cities before and while it was a direct route he was adamant about using the GPS which I knew would take him a weird route. Oh well.

After MS dropped me at the train it was back to the pre-race routine. I got to the dome, snagged the bathroom early, and then found a corner to focus. I stretched, I prayed, I stretched, I ran the race in my head, and I meditated a bit. At about 7:30 I drank my 5 hour Energy (yes, these work) and finished off my second 12 oz glass of Accelerade. I dumped my trash and headed out to the corrals.

It was chilly out and luckily MS had loaned me his under armour for the start of the race. I knew I wouldn't need it much after 3 miles. And of course, I was right.

I started in the corral by the 5 hour pace team so I could kind of stay with my pace. The national anthem was wonderful and again, I just felt calm. It seemed normal that I would be there to run this race that my longest training run was the half 3 weeks ago. I felt okay, I knew I would hurt at the end, but I felt confident I would do well.

So the race began. I started out at what I thought was a conservative pace. For the first time I actually saw the flag for mile marker 1 and I was at 10:34 - right on my normal training pace. Odd. Mile 2, which includes the nice Hennepin hill was 10:19, 10:36 for mile 3, 10:29 for mile 4. I was feeling good. My thoughts were basically from Joseph (a runner in town here who is on dailymile and had sent me some words of wisdom before I left) "Start conservative and stick to your pace. Save something for St. Paul." I was doing really well.

Debbie and MS met me between 4 and 5 as usual. I think I shocked Debbie. I tossed MS's shirt and my headband and gloves to her but her face was just in amazement. I know this was faster than I have ran the other two marathons and I think it caught her off guard. The next mile was 9:51, but I wonder if they had the mile marker in a wrong place, but I'll take it anyway. I know I had a surge of energy after dropping my extra load and having seen my cheering section.

After that my pace went down, as I expected but I still stayed steady. I won't bore you with those here. MS and Debbie met me at two more stops. Just before 13 I stopped and stretched with them and had a couple bites of PB&J and some Accelerade to keep me going. My 13.1 time was 2:27, which made me very happy and I was on track for my 5 hour time. I actually kept that for quite a ways. It wasn't until after mile 21 or 22 that I really dropped back. At 18 they met me again and I took a bit of a longer break to stretch and have some oranges. I still felt really good and I was excited I was probably going to make my goal.

Overall I pretty much only walked through the water stops I utilized (which weren't many since I knew when I'd see Debbie and MS) and then after mile 20 when I hit a couple hills and needed to stretch as my legs really kept tightening up. I ran a lot more of this race than I ever have, and the few times I walked I didn't walk long, just enough to recoup a bit and then started up again. And when I did start up again it wasn't overly hurtful where I had to force my legs to go, they were just a little heavier than normal and sore, but expected, not too much though.

So I ended up running in strong. I got a little emotional when I realized I could make 5:21 chip time and less than 5:30 gun time. MS had found a spot along the last .2 (the ING Sea of Orange) and was cheering for me. That and my time got me so choked up I stopped breathing for a moment - not a good idea to not be able to catch your breath when you have about 500 feet to go.

So I finished and I am really happy with my time. 5:21:55. I dropped 39 minutes off last year's time. I ran more than I did last year. I felt stronger and more prepared, though there's always room for improvement. I dressed right this year and the weather was great. My support team on the sidelines were awesome. Debbie had a great shirt that I'll post a picture of once I can get a copy from her. MS took pictures along the way and had an obnoxious cowbell that I could hear at least a block away over the crowd. It was all great.

Some thoughts I had :
- "Wow, it really is more crowded the faster you run." (I had told MS that things usually thin out by the time I get to mile 2 - well that's when I used to run slow. It was pretty packed most of the race.)
- "Wow, I'm running and a lot of these people aren't." (I really pushed for me to run more and keep focused - plus when I walked my legs would tighten up more. At one point I passed three guys and one of them said that he found it interesting that he felt the pain more when he walked than when he ran.)
- "There is no hill." (I have to use this when I come up to a hill, and it generally works for me. I can push through the hills and run them. The only one I didn't run was the really steep one at 21. That one is just too much. But I ran once I got to the top.)

So that's the race. MS and I had to head back home afterward, so we went back to the hotel, showered, iced, removed my pace tats, I took a mini nap and he loaded the car up while I was sleeping - darn him, and we headed out. We stopped at Arby's for a quick bite as we were both starving. While we were eating he said, "Okay. I'll make you a deal. You can keep running these as much and as often as you want. But the first knee surgery you have, you're done." Fair enough. My knee was hurting on and off from about 18 on. It was the same pain that made me pull out at 13 at Brookings in May. But I have some exercises and therapy that I can do to help strengthen it and I think I need to incorporate some more weight training (and drop a few more pounds - I'm on the right route for that, but I have a little ways to go).

I'm moving okay today. I'm still sore in the ankles, a little bit in the knee, and in the hips. All in all a great race. I'll post pictures as soon as I can.

Thanks to everyone for your words of encouragement, support, prayers, love. I couldn't have done it without you.

03 October 2009

25 1/2 hours

Just got back from my last "training" run before the marathon. I laugh at that because I just haven't been on a real training schedule the way it is. I tried earlier this year because KC and Joel were on one and I had convinced them to run this weekend too. They actually stuck to theirs (KC has more commitment ability to that sort of thing than I do). I, however, did not. I've been going with how I feel and pushing myself to run what I can and a little more.

So this week I've ran every other day, 3 miles or so. It's a tapering week and the weather has been crap but despite all that I'm feeling pretty good for tomorrow. The weather will be great, I have great supporters (both present and afar) and I'm excited to see how i do.

As of right now I'm not taking my computer with me so I'll have to blog and update everyone later. Pray if you're so inclined. Happy thoughts are also welcome! :)

02 October 2009

1 day, 12 hours

Okay, so the countdown has really begun. It's closer every moment.

Today my friend SBK gave me an Edible Arrangement. This was an awesome pre-race gift because now I don't have to buy fruit for the weekend. :)

The logistics of packing is now upon me. I have my checklist and laundry in the dryer. I need to make cookies yet for Debbie. My confirmation packet and pace charts and pace tats are set out for tomorrow. Two days from now it'll all be over.

Boss3 was great today, teasing me about taking work off to run a marathon, but excited for me and promising to track my race while I'm going. Boss1 was great today too, wishing me luck and also saying he'd watch the race too. The finance office agreed to help me with a few work details over the weekend so I can go without worry. And my supervisor's meeting earlier this week has freed me from worry about trying to get some training done this weekend, because now they can do it with their peeps instead of me having to do it.

And MS has been wonderful. He came over to my place last night because we've been spending a lot of time at his place. He went through his checklist for the weekend, got someone to come in early for him tomorrow and is going to come straight here so we can head to the cities. He's giving up a weekend of working around the house (and Lord knows he has a list) to spend it with me, and he's not even complaining. I can't believe he'd do that and it's really overwhelming.

Well, back to my list so I can make sure I get everything accomplished and not freak out in the morning. I want to get a short loosening up run in tomorrow before we take off because the rest of the day I'll be sitting and I need to stay loose.

Hopefully I can get online this weekend. If not, I'll post on Monday with results. :)

01 October 2009

Weather girl

I am never more obsessed with weather than the week before a race. Yes, I start a week out, which this year MS thought I was nuts, but I need to plan. I need to look ahead and see if I'm going to have to bring long sleeves or short, tights or shorts, sunglasses or no. It's just the way I'm wired. I have to plan this out. I have my checklist and on it is "weather".

So for the last several days I've been on weather.com more than I'd care to admit. I'm checking the weekend forecast for not only home but for the race location too. I'm checking the hour-by-hour reports. I'm checking the 10-day forecast. Hell, I even checked the monthly forecast initially. So far things look great for Sunday. I'm really excited for it!

Now, on to the rest of the checklist...at least for an hour or so until I can check the new hour-by-hour report.

Better...let's hope it stays that way

Woke up this morning and my knee is feeling better. I went for a 3.3 run (part of my tapering) and it felt pretty good. Hopefully it'll stay this way. God and I had a long talk last night and I think I'll be okay. Of course God forgot to tell me to not overdress this morning when I went out for the run. It's warm out this morning! Sheesh. Oh well. I'm sure God told me, I just didn't listen. That's okay. A little more weight loss might be good - maybe it'll make me speedier. :)

On to work. I have a lot to do in the next two days - between my job and getting ready for my part-time job (as K called it once) this weekend I have a lot to accomplish. Let the lists begin! :)