27 October 2009

Continuing a Clearing

My life seems to be consisting of creating a clearing and not much else these days. My decluttering process has been almost non-stop. I finally got through the papers and such in my living room, recycling oodles of magazines and papers, boxing and filing others and felt like I had made a lot of progress. MS was proud of me though my kitchen counter still irks him. He said, "You'd be shittin' kittens if that was cleaned off." He's right, of course, and I hate it that he's right. So that continues to be on my list.

But being the fabulous man that he is and anxious for me to achieve my goal of decluttering and sorting, he suggested that we bring home eight boxes from my Mom's over the weekend. Three of those have Christmas ornaments I'm going to sell; the other five were a treasure chest of sorts - full of papers and trinkets from my past, college and high school life.

It was fun to go through those boxes. I ended with two boxes of ornaments to photograph and eBay, a box of recycleables, a box for Goodwill or to sell or as White Elephant gifts and then three that I'm keeping for now. I've found that I have to go through things twice to really know if I want to keep them. It works, though time consuming.

My plan is to stop by mom's again this weekend and get another set of boxes OR I'll get some boxes from my storage at my apartment and go through those. I have books to sell from my collegiate days and I'd like to get those done soon.

I'm glad MS keeps nudging me in this direction. I'm not always good at jumping feet first into projects but with a little nudge I will take that step forward.

But this clearing process is wonderful. It's something I have wanted, nay needed, to do for so long and between Discardia and MB I've been able to take that step and continue forward. I'm really excited to whittle my worldly possessions down to the ones that are most valuable and to purge the rest (however I do that - selling, recycling, giving, throwing). It's cleansing, refreshing and oh, so needed.

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