11 October 2009

Nothing a little hot glue can't cure

It's good to have artistic friends. They are a lifesaver.

I'm not completely inept, but making it work physically like it looks in my head has never been my strong point. Things just don't quite turn out.

But KC knows how things work best. So we saw these things in the grocery store the other day when we were out on another mission to put together Boss's Day gifts for our bosses (I have 3, she technically has 1 but sort of has 3 also). Well, I loved them but didn't really want to spend $12.50 a piece (plus tax) when I knew we could do it cheaper.

Well, it wasn't quite cheaper but damn close. Maybe $33 for the stuff we had to buy and we had some of the other stuff on hand. So maybe $6 a piece. And we got to spend some time together and I got to hang out with Carl (long story...that's for another day).

So I curled the ribbon and KC did the gluing and I love them! We did two sets - three with Diet Pepsi for my bosses, three with Diet Coke for hers. The look pretty cool, I think. :)


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~moe~ said...

They really turned out well! KC's a genius, but they were much easier than I thought they would be. And now I have my gifts for Boss's Day complete. I'm early this year! YAY!