09 October 2009

Horoscope yesterday

The poet Stephen Mallarmé wrote the following in a letter to a friend: "I don't know which of my internal climates I should explore in order to find you and meet you." I love that passage. It alludes to one of the central facts about the nature of reality:
The quality of your consciousness is crucial in determining whether you'll be able to attract the resources that are essential to your dreams coming true. In order to get what you want, you have to work on yourself at least as hard as you work on the world around you. This is always true, of course, but it's especially true for you now, Aries.

I'm taking an online class this month. I'm not usually very good at online classes, preferring to have the face-to-face contact with the instructor. But this isn't your typical class.

Mondo Beyondo is something I've written about before. Well this is a little different. The 5-week class gets a little more in depth to the world of dreams.

I'm not sure really what to say about this right now. We did an exercise last night that stretched me a bit, but I'm supposed to not blog about it and forget about it all since we'll be coming back to it next week. Weird, I know, but I can't really explain that.

I'm excited to see where this class leads me. It's already challenging my head and my heart. Hopefully I can continue to let both open to possibilities.

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