06 October 2009

uh oh

This isn't good. I'm so not feeling it today. "It" being the desire to work. Yesterday I had it. Yesterday I had a goal and I wanted to get a bunch of things accomplished during a time when it was quiet and not so chaotic, but because it was an off day for the workplace a lot of my programs I needed to do said work were down. Today, it hasn't been chaotic but I don't have that get-up-and-go feeling. I have so much to do, what is wrong with me? Is it the impending doom of the meeting I have tonight? Is it the overwhelmingness of Mondo Beyondo? Is it the after effects of the mentor lunch (where I actually ended up being more of a mentor than a mentee)? I'm not sure. It could be all of those factoring together. Whatever it is, it's not good.

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