12 October 2009

Hopefully some questions answered

I've had a couple questions about KC's and my art project for Boss's Day. So here are some more pictures. We didn't take pictures while we were making them, stupid us, but maybe this will help.

Supplies for 6 cans:

glue gun/sticks
6 bags of bite sized candy (we used 3 musketeers)
6 mini cans of soda (we had diet coke and diet pepsi)
Curling ribbon - your choice of color - we used red, blue and lite blue
Hard, thin cardboard (we used a classification folder)
Small plastic beverage cups. The ones we used, when placed on the can (open end down) went about an inch over the top.
Scissors, pencil

This is what the top looked like at the end. This would be the bottom of the cup.

A side shot - you can see the cardboard and how KC glued the edges of the candy wrappers to the cup. The ribbon was curled on both ends (12 inches in length or so) and then glued in the middle with candy on top. Then the ribbon would pop out the edges. Go with spacing that works best for you.

See underneath how we glued the cup to the cardboard and that cardboard to the can.

And the finished product!

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