03 October 2009

25 1/2 hours

Just got back from my last "training" run before the marathon. I laugh at that because I just haven't been on a real training schedule the way it is. I tried earlier this year because KC and Joel were on one and I had convinced them to run this weekend too. They actually stuck to theirs (KC has more commitment ability to that sort of thing than I do). I, however, did not. I've been going with how I feel and pushing myself to run what I can and a little more.

So this week I've ran every other day, 3 miles or so. It's a tapering week and the weather has been crap but despite all that I'm feeling pretty good for tomorrow. The weather will be great, I have great supporters (both present and afar) and I'm excited to see how i do.

As of right now I'm not taking my computer with me so I'll have to blog and update everyone later. Pray if you're so inclined. Happy thoughts are also welcome! :)

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