01 October 2009

Better...let's hope it stays that way

Woke up this morning and my knee is feeling better. I went for a 3.3 run (part of my tapering) and it felt pretty good. Hopefully it'll stay this way. God and I had a long talk last night and I think I'll be okay. Of course God forgot to tell me to not overdress this morning when I went out for the run. It's warm out this morning! Sheesh. Oh well. I'm sure God told me, I just didn't listen. That's okay. A little more weight loss might be good - maybe it'll make me speedier. :)

On to work. I have a lot to do in the next two days - between my job and getting ready for my part-time job (as K called it once) this weekend I have a lot to accomplish. Let the lists begin! :)

1 comment:

Justin G said...

thinking of you and the "work" that lies ahead moe