25 October 2009

A little behind

It's been a few days, obviously, since I've written. It's been pretty basic. Nothing really exciting has been happening. Well, one thing. K came to visit on an impromptu trip. That was fun. She and I and MS went out for dinner and then came back to veg Friday night. Saturday AM we got some time to talk and catch up a little more before she had to head out. It was so good to see her. Nothing like a reunion with friends to refresh my soul.

Saturday MS and I spent the day at my mom's, cleaning out her gutters and then fixing one of her breakers that has never really worked right. MS got to play electrician and I got to play electrician's helper. :) Always fun. We do make a good team.

Leaving Mom's though, MS thought we should take some of the boxes home that I have had at mom's for...well, forever. I took a few of the boxes of Disney ornaments that I want to sell on eBay and then 4 other boxes of stuff from college and high school.

I started going through those boxes last night and then all day today (6 movies worth). I've been able to toss some stuff, reorganize the boxes of books I want to keep, and now I have a little bit left I have to decide what I'm going to do.

Here's one question for y'all: I have a couple journals from when I was 15 and then 20. Do I keep them or destroy them? Some of them really show what a pathetic little child I was, some of the entries are deep (after Dad had died), but some are just dumb. Not sure I need to keep them, but not sure if shredding or burning them would be like burning my past. In some ways that wouldn't be a bad thing, but yet I'm not sure that's what I should do. I'm conflicted. Three notebooks and I'm conflicted.

So tomorrow, the 26th, will be my 13th anniversary of having started my job. It's hard to believe it's been 13 years, but wow. It will also be 6 months since MS and I started dating so tomorrow night is date night. :) Should be fun. It will be more fun if I can get these boxes put away.


Kat said...

I thought, perhaps, that the title of this post would have something to do with how small your behind is getting from all that running. lol.

CindaRu and Dustin Too! said...

Journals. I have to admit. I had this same dilema when I moved the last time. I decided to burn them. This is a decision you can only make for yourself.
I decided the good things in them were part of me. The stuff that was dumb, or showed my awkwardness or how ugly I thought I was, etc. etc. I decided it was time to let that go. I had a lot of baggage in those journals and decided I didn't want to take it with me anymore. (well, let's face it, I brought a carryon anyway)
When you are ready to embrace the good in them and stop beating yourself up with the not so good. Then you will know it is time.
On the other side of things. Some people like to hold onto these to remember they aren't that person anymore or relish the process of becoming the person they have become. If that is you, you know you are to keep them. Good luck. I'm a bit sentimental, but I also knew that keeping them wasn't good for me. You will have to figure out what is good for you.