27 October 2009

Tuesday's random thoughts...

I keep thinking that it's next week instead of this week. It's like thinking it's Friday when it's really Monday. This is just frustrating. I packed extra clothes today for a meeting I thought I had tonight after work - turns out it's next week. Thank Goodness I didn't sign for time off ... I had thought about leaving after my 3pm appointment today and going home to get a few things accomplished before the meeting, but I don't have to now. Whew.

Other than that, life is great. MS and I had a great date night yesterday. We spent the day running, running errands, mowing the lawn, joining our phone plans, and picking out his Christmas present. I know that doesn't seem like much of a date. But then we went to my place, cleaned up and went to a local restaurant for dinner. It was such a nice evening, just spending time together talking. We need to have date night more often.

Okay...I really need to get my life together. I just found out that I forgot to forward an important email which is resulting in his being late on important paperwork. Not good. Granted I got the email when I was on vacation for 4 days when MS and I went camping, so when I came back I had 100s (literally) of emails to sort through, but still. This is very very bad. I need to purge not only my papers and books at home, but emails and emails at work and home. Suck.

Funny. My boss just asked me if he could go work out. Uh...duh. You're the boss! You run the place! Do what you want! :) Made me chuckle.

Feeling productive tonight at home! WOW! Trying a new cookie recipe that's supposedly a roll-out, but didn't roll out. Hopefully they'll spread out in the oven. Not sure, but trying them anyway. Probably will be trashing this recipe.

Getting a lot accomplished though, which is nice. MS is at work so tonight is all mine. I have this night and Thursday at my place before next week. We haven't been spending much time at MS's lately and I feel bad about that, so this weekend is all for him.

Back to work!

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