26 July 2010

Great weekend

I had a great weekend. Despite having a cold ALL weekend long (I blame the deep tissue massage for releasing all the toxins I had held down so long and making me sick), I had a great weekend.

Sunday I got to hang out with the awesome Debbie. We hit GDC for some brunch and then we went to a mall. Yes, I said, "Mall". I'm so not a mall person but I survived and even bought some t-shirts at the Gap (gasp!) that were on sale for $10. I also found some new artwork to hang in my apartment.

Then I got to go to the Guthrie and see "A Streetcar Named Desire" starring Carlos from Desperate Housewives. It was AWESOME!!! Wow. Love it. Of course, now I want to see if Marlon Brando really did the role of Stanley justice or not. Then again, I'm not sure if I want to see the movie because that might ruin my experience of it - like watching the movie after reading the book. Hmmm... dilemma.

Today, cold still intact, I met up with AmyO from grad school and her daughter Sig. We headed to the local coffee joint and had a great hour and a half together. We've been trying for months to get together so this was perfect. So fun.

And now I'm home. The drive was good. I listened to NPR the whole way and got a little edumacated and was able to not crash every time I sneezed. I'm looking forward to a quiet night at home. I need some rest so I'm not sick all week. Too much to do at work to be sick. :)

24 July 2010

Alrighty then

It has been a very long week. So I decided to take a time-out and go to the cities for a mini-break.

I started the weekend running late, and though I should have made it to my appointment on time construction made me an hour late. Nothing like sitting on 94 between 35W and 280 for AN HOUR. wow.

But I had a great 2-hour deep tissue massage with the fabulous Keith. It has been 13 months since my last massage with him and with all the stress I've been going through I was so tight that Keith only got through my shoulders and back before my time was up. Not good. But I'm going to do my level best to get back on Monday to work my legs and back a little more.

We also tried some Kinesio taping. He's been trained and certified on it and thought, especially with my level of tension, that I could benefit from it. So we taped my right forearm, pecs and lower back. Monday we're going to retape those areas and tape my neck and shoulders. I hope it works...i'll try anything if it will help.

Tomorrow I get to see Debbie and go to some awesome theatre again. I can't wait. I need some culture. :) It's just nice to have a break for a while. Not that I don't love where I live, but everyone needs a break now and then, and I'm one who likes to travel, even if it's only a few hours away.

15 July 2010


After work yesterday I just wanted to cry. I was so tired, stressed, my body felt like it had been run over by a train, and I was looking longingly at my savings account wondering about just how long I could disappear to some foreign country before someone came looking for me or I ran out of money. I got a lot accomplished, but not all of the stuff I needed.

Part of my hang up is that I have to make a HUGE supply purchase for a couple people that just have not been high on my list lately. Some things they have done, or not done, comments they have made about me behind my back (blaming me for their mistake), have just left me with little desire to help them out with their stuff. Petty, I know. I’m being very petty. But part of the other side is that it’s a very complicated order and I hate when people make things complicated. I have to get it done today, and I know I’ll feel better when I do, but I’m just dreading every moment.

Life has been pretty stressful lately. Probably my own fault. If I could just master the duck concept I’d be fine. I’m still working on that though.

For now, I press forward.

08 July 2010

I Believe She's Amazing

A little behind

"At least I'm not a big one!"

I've really been wanting to write here more. I have been writing but on a different blog/journal to work through my therapy. It's pretty sucky, so I haven't opened that up to anyone really.

But since that's specifically about therapy, I thought I'd vent and rant about the rest of my life here. :)

I haven't been eating well lately, nor have I been running like I should. I have very few weeks left before the TC marathon and I have not been running enough. Which is NOT a good thing. And my timing has sucked. The last few days have been PERFECT weather for running and I haven't run a step. I wish I didn't have this aversion to running after 7:30 pm (especially starting after 7:30 pm) or running at noon in the heat of the day. It leaves me with early morning (which I'm usually okay with) or right after work (which hasn't worked lately).

And my eating has sucked - one meal a day with a few snacks as of late. not a good thing. I really need to lose some weight and not eating isn't helping. Blech.

And all this leads to not sleeping well either. I'm going to really have to work on all of this.

There's my vent/lament for the day. :)

06 July 2010


You know it's humid and you've been sweating profusely when you reach down to grab your legs to stretch and they go "squish" as water/sweat slightly sprays.

04 July 2010

Herman, revisited

A few of you know my Herman. He's been with me for many years. Technically, he's Herman II (like Audrey II but without the man-eating part) because the original Herman died in the 90s when I stupidly thought I could take care of him after the years of love my Mother had bestowed upon him. I loved him too much and he died in a week.

So when my last job decided to get rid of their service and Herman would have left with them, I asked if I could take on care of Herman and take him home with me. They agreed and since around late 2005 or early 2006, Herman has been with me.

When I first moved here I had to transplant Herman into a better planter because he was too big. Now he's gotten even bigger so he got a new pot last week. I wasn't sure if he'd take but he did! I'm so glad. So now Big Herman is kickin' it in a sweet big planter and looking good. I'm hoping he'll get even bigger. :)

03 July 2010

More proof I need to get organized

So two months ago MS and I went to Menard's to buy some oil and get a rebate form ($30 worth to be returned to us). I sent in my part a few days later and waited.

MS finally got his a couple weeks ago but mine never came. So I emailed the company and asked for them to look mine up. They have no record of it, so they told me to send in the original receipt, a copy of the email they sent me and they "would do their best to track it".

So I began the search. I don't track this stuff as well as MS does, so this was a struggle. I ended up going through all of my receipts in my "to shred/burn" pile and found 5 Menard's receipts...but none of the ones I need.

I could go to Menard's and print a new one but the CC I used to purchase it had it's numbers stolen a few weeks later so I shredded it. Ugh.

Luckily, I found a box with a bunch of receipts and there it was, right on top. So now I can send in the receipt for the refund request...again.

But this just proves that I a) need to spend maybe a little more time at home and b)I really need a file cabinet...really, really bad.

That's next on the list.