04 July 2010

Herman, revisited

A few of you know my Herman. He's been with me for many years. Technically, he's Herman II (like Audrey II but without the man-eating part) because the original Herman died in the 90s when I stupidly thought I could take care of him after the years of love my Mother had bestowed upon him. I loved him too much and he died in a week.

So when my last job decided to get rid of their service and Herman would have left with them, I asked if I could take on care of Herman and take him home with me. They agreed and since around late 2005 or early 2006, Herman has been with me.

When I first moved here I had to transplant Herman into a better planter because he was too big. Now he's gotten even bigger so he got a new pot last week. I wasn't sure if he'd take but he did! I'm so glad. So now Big Herman is kickin' it in a sweet big planter and looking good. I'm hoping he'll get even bigger. :)

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