03 July 2010

More proof I need to get organized

So two months ago MS and I went to Menard's to buy some oil and get a rebate form ($30 worth to be returned to us). I sent in my part a few days later and waited.

MS finally got his a couple weeks ago but mine never came. So I emailed the company and asked for them to look mine up. They have no record of it, so they told me to send in the original receipt, a copy of the email they sent me and they "would do their best to track it".

So I began the search. I don't track this stuff as well as MS does, so this was a struggle. I ended up going through all of my receipts in my "to shred/burn" pile and found 5 Menard's receipts...but none of the ones I need.

I could go to Menard's and print a new one but the CC I used to purchase it had it's numbers stolen a few weeks later so I shredded it. Ugh.

Luckily, I found a box with a bunch of receipts and there it was, right on top. So now I can send in the receipt for the refund request...again.

But this just proves that I a) need to spend maybe a little more time at home and b)I really need a file cabinet...really, really bad.

That's next on the list.

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