28 June 2005

Talking out loud

I think I talk too much. I need to think more. Or just listen better. or something.

Months ago...well 3 or so...I was really in a mess, trying to figure out what I was going to do with my life. Now I'm 3 days away from returning to events and while I'm super excited about it - getting back to a normal routine with only one job during the day and keeping my mind somewhat on straight - I'm still a little apprehensive about it. I chuckle at comments made and the job issues we've been going through. We have too many people doing one job. It's true, and in the corporate world, someone would probably be gone, but we don't do that here. Which makes me wonder why and if I should leave? Am I staying again because I fear change so much? Because I fear the lack of stability? Because I fear losing benefits and not having dental? It makes me feel like such a chicken with no backbone. I feel like I should take a risk and move on.

But then the question comes up - what would I move on to do? "I'm trained for nothing!" I hear a voice cry out in my head. I can file, I can type - woohoo. I feel like I should be doing more, but then other days I'm very content doing the little I do here. But then I wonder if I'm actually content or if I'm just so lazy that doing the little bit I do do here that I'm feeling sufficient but really I'm being a total lazyass.

I don't know. Maybe I could advance here. There are ways I suppose, I was nominated for President but we all saw how well that turned out. :) Until then I suppose I can put up with mark asking me every other day when I'm leaving.

Drive home thoughts

Life is weird. I was thinking this last night as I drove home. Did God really intend for us to get up every morning and drive in a tin box, go sit in a plastic or metal box within a wooden or brick box, eat from a lunch box, and drive back home in a tin box surrounded by others in tin boxes? Was this really what God wanted us to do?


You gotta love Minnesota summer storms. Lightning, thunder, power outages...it's just a joy. Especially when your phone shorts out - again - and somehow a call is made from your phone to 911 so a friendly (we hope) neighborhood peace officer comes knocking, no wait... POUNDING at your door at 4:22 AM. It's such a joy when he shines lights in your neighbor's bedroom window, and then rings your doorbell but scampers off before you can see who it is through the peep hole.

Yes, friends, such a situation happened to me this fine morning. The A's and I were totally freaked out so we DID call 911, explained the situation and hung up. Then 911 called back and said that I apparently had made a call to them which was why they came by to see if anything was wrong. But when I went downstairs and checked my phone all I had was static - again. This is starting to get really frustrating. One more chance for these folks and then I'm going to go strictly cell.

But the storm was pretty cool. It was one of those few times I wished I had windows so I could have watched instead of just listening or having to go upstairs and open the door to watch. Oh well...someday I'll have a window.

Three afternoons to go...It's becoming a little surreal. I'm not sure what my life will hold when I'm finished in SemRel. It'll be odd not going across the street each afternoon, and though I rarely used them, since I eat in 5 mintues, I will miss the 90 minute lunches. ;) But it'll be good to get back to Events full time. CA and I have some plans of things we want to do with our department and sections. With me back full-time, hopefully we can do some of them and help put Luther on the map! :)

27 June 2005

Countdown begins...

...Or continues, rather. 4 more afternoons at Seminary Relations.

22 June 2005


Suddenly I have Garth Brooks in my head, "I have Friends in Low places..." but it is SO not fitting today. My friends aren't LOW. They are so cool! Tuesday night J, A, K, E and L and I all went out for supper, and then K, E and I continued on for a night of drinking and fellowship. Supper was great. L is just a cutie and SO like his father, which is a little scary :) . What's even more surprising is that K,E and I went to visit J last night at his workplace. OMIGOSH! I went out two nights in a row! And stayed up past 10:30! Whoa...the world must be coming to an end.

What was really amazing to me, not surprising though, is that these folks, these amazing individuals and couples are incredibly intelligent and venturing into a completely new realm of their life. They are taking the chance, heading back out in the world (not that they haven't been there already since these are the most level-headed people I know) and starting their lives anew. What's also wonderful is that they want to include me in their journey. K or was it E had a brilliant plan last night to begin a community of 6 people: J, E, K, J, E and me to have a joint journal in which we can comment and discover and discuss their lives post-seminary. They're including me which is great because then I can stay connected wtih them. It's amazing the plans that transpire over drinks at a bar. :)

Well...a couple blogs ago I mentioned I was going to take a step toward being my own person. Step one was telling Dana to hold off on introducing R to me (he's been trying to set us up for the last couple months but schedules just haven't worked) - but the main reason on holding off is because I just need to be me for awhile... Step two was ordering my tickets for next year. I ordered my season tickets for the Guthrie - 5-play packet plus Macbeth and Measure for Measure. A chunk of change, but I think for 12 months of entertainment prepaid it actually will be good. Plus they are assigning me a night so it will be on my calendar and i can't back out! YAY! I also got the 4-pack for the SPCO again, but only because they gave me 3 vouchers for the tickets I didn't use last year. So 7 tickets at about $17 each, too good to pass up. Step three is going out more. Obviously I'm doing well so far this week. I also found a music/movie night at district del sol which I'm planning to partake in.

It's an exciting time...one part-time job will be done in a week and I will be free of all extra activities associated with it. Freedom is coming! I feel like Paul Revere - "Freedom is coming! Freedom is coming!"

16 June 2005

Story Time

3 Musketeers were walking along one day and they came upon a stump. On the stump sat two hotties named Sara and Theresa. “Oh joy, oh rapture! We at last have seen true beauty! (they were looking at Theresa) Our lives will never be the same!” they said to each other.

The first turned to Theresa and said, “Oh beautiful fair maiden, what can I do to win your hand?” Theresa looked up at him and said, “Well, strange man with a feather in your cap, I love whipped up fluffy chocolate. Do you think you could find me some?” The Musketeer waved his feather and said, “your wish is my command.” And POOF! He became a big barrel of whipped, fluffy chocolate.

The second Musketeer looked at Theresa (Sara was starting to feel a bit put off but no matter, she loved Theresa more than these three guys anyway) and said, “Oh beautiful fair maiden, what can I do to win your hand?” Theresa looked up at him and said, “Well freaky man with a sword in his belt, I need some hard chocolate to help transport my fluffy chocolate, can you help?” The musketeer drew his sword and nicked his finger. “Dammit!” he cried, and immediately stuck his finger in his mouth to stop the bleeding. Somehow he waved the sword around and he turned into hard chocolate.

The third Musketeer, having watched in horror at his friends who turned themselves into a delectable treat for Fair Theresa (as she was becoming known) turned to Sara and said, “Hey baby, I have a Harley out back. Wanna go for a ride?” Sara contemplated this for a moment, for the Musketeer was ever so ruggedly handsome with short black hair and deep chocolate eyes and strong hands and shoulders and arms that she just wanted to be wrapped up in. But the more she contemplated the more the chocolate began to melt, for it was a hot day, and she said, “Well, baby, hot as you are, I could really use a Strawberry Daiquiri instead.” And she grabbed the Musketeers fancy sash and waved it around his head and the musketeer turned into a huge blender of Strawberry Daiquiri with lots of rum.

Theresa said, “Finally, our snack for the day arrived! Who the hell were those guys? The waiters?” Sara said, licking her fingers of the whipped fluffy chocolate and sipped her strawberry daiquiri, “Who the hell knows but at least they taste good!”

Moral of the story: Never tempt Theresa or Sara with wishes when they are longing for chocolate and rum.