22 April 2012

Party and a Concert

Today we headed south to celebrate my niece Emily's birthday. She's 12 now... it's crazy how quickly she had grown. Nothing exciting at the party, just some fun time with family.

Tonight though, I met up with Erin from Sem and took KC along to see Sara Bareilles in concert at the Pavilion. I've listened to her but never really diligently, so I only knew a few of her songs. She is pretty impressive though. The concert was fun - it was nice to see Erin again and it was great to hang out with Casey for the evening, even impromptu as it was.

05 April 2012

Missing firsts

Today my adorable Goddaughter, Nika, is receiving communion for the first time. She's almost 4, so I know for some folks this may seem way too soon, but I trust her parents and I believe in my little girl that she knows what's what, probably better than most adults.

I really wanted to go down for her communion, but alas, work/life/etc all kept it from happening. I feel awful for missing it. I love you, Nika!

03 April 2012

A perfect day

Today I took a day for me. I went to class, which was a great upper body day, then went home and showered and relaxed. I met up with SBK and Bridget for lunch at Chevy's where I got a sombrero with my dessert.

After that, wearing my new favorite shirt, I headed to the movies and saw "The Hunger Games" all by myself - and maybe 3 or 4 other people. It was funny when someone looked at my shirt and it took them a second to realize what it was about. At first they thought it was an AA shirt (because of the 'sponsors' and the '12'), until they saw the parachute. :)

This turned out to be one of the best days ever. I really need to take more days off midweek. :)