31 July 2008

Camp, Day 4

Yeah, so that didn't happen. I did get in without waking them up, but I didn't take out my contacts or change into pajamas. So my eyes are really sore today.
We're getting ready for the “dance” right now and I'm really tempted to pop out my contacts and just go with glasses, but I better not. My glasses are worse than my contacts right now.

Today was a good day to a point. We went to the Home to perform our skits. By this day in the week if we haven't done team photos I get really nervous. So I had the teams pose at the Home by some of their statues and they turned out really well. Maybe we'll be lucky and the helicopter we are hoping to get tomorrow (in place of Tuesday's fiasco) will show up and we can take them there instead, but I'm not holding my breath.

So while the teams were performing for the residents, I took pictures outside. We had lunch on the bus (well, the kids did – Nikki and I took a van) and we headed to another lake to swim and paddleboat. While that was happening one team at a time went up the hill to a ranch where they had an hour long trail ride. I thought this was really cool, but I didn't get to go along to take pictures so all I could get was the kids getting on the horse or getting off. Again, another photo op moment lost. Depressing for me, but what do you do?

After this Nikki, Casey and I took two vans and the Junior Counselors to another local visitor trap. I drove because Nikki wanted a break. So, in the fashion that is me, we were pulling up to a stop sign as we got to the location and I yelled out “Break check!” and slammed on the breaks. I'm still laughing about this now.

Everyone was pretty well protected except Jessica who flew toward the window but Nikki and I caught her. She busted out laughing. Nikki and I were laughing. Shane was laughing though he scraped his knee a little. Everyone else was fine but annoyed. In fact, Nikki told me later that one of the 'pretty' girls (she's a little annoying) said, “What the...” and then rolled her eyes. I'm kind of surprised they even got back into the van. I'm sure they'll report this to their parents and I won't be asked back but whatever. Nikki and I told Casey and she thought it was hysterical.

After the tour thing we went to DQ for dinner and then their group picture. I was kind of annoyed (again) by all the attention these JC's were getting because very few of them were really involved with their team, instead choosing to text or suntan or talk to each other. They didn't seem to get that it wasn't about them, it was about the other kids and by them not helping they made the camp more difficult and less fun for those who the camp was really for.

Whatever. Tonight is the “dance” and we have no karaoke machine or good sound system, so this will be interesting. For me? Shower time.

30 July 2008

Camp, Day 3

Wednesday, shag day...oh wait. Wrong moment. That's from Sliding Doors, and this is truly not a Sliding Doors week. Though it does feel like I'm reliving some of this crap again.

Today we had another obstacle course and training for the kids on camp. We canoed, learned to shoot rifles (pellets only), tie dyed (my favorite part and I have an awesome cloth), and played Capture the Flag. Lots of fun for the kids, but not all the best for photo ops – at least the shooting portion.

It was another long, hot day, adding to my candy striping tan. Honestly, the day seemed to go on forever. Jasper decided to head back to her office to start on our DVD project so I took an hour and burned to disc the photos I had taken so she had those if she wanted to use them.

After dinner, Mike, Nikki and I performed a skit for the kids. We did “The Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstein. The kids loved it. I had a blast, though the pictures Randi got make me look super fat so it'll be back on my running and eating program ASAP. I got to be the tree (keep in mind I'm 5'5”) and Mike played the little boy (he's 6'3”). We had fun though. There's a part in the story where the tree tells the boy to take her apples and sell them, so of course I had props – an apple for each hand. The kids loved this. I don't know why.

After we did our skit, the teams performed the skits they had been working on for each other. They'll perform them tomorrow at a local rest home but the room where they do that is so small that they don't get to see them otherwise.

While they did that Nikki and I ran to the big town for supplies for tomorrow night's dance. We were a little annoyed with this because it was our 3rd trip to town (well, Nikki's 3rd) and Sam's Club closed right as we got there. So we had to go to Wal-mart and try to improvise our list. During this Marty called to check on how the camp was going, so we met up with him at a local lounge to do just that.

Can I just say, that was an awesome time? Again, not sure we're supposed to do that, but we had such a blast. There was a biker and his new girlfriend sitting next to Marty when we arrived and Nikki and I started laughing. So I walked up and put my hand on his back and said, “Sorry we're late, dear.” Nikki did the same thing and we sat on either side of him. The biker goes, “Whoa man...you got two women? Can you handle them?” Nikki and I just shook our heads and smiled. So the woman said to me, “You must be his wife.” nope. So she said to Nikki, “Then you must be.” nope. We just work together, though Marty said we worked for him. I was supposedly his secretary. NOT. We put the lid down on that in a hurry.

But the three of us talked about camp and ideas to make it better and stayed way later than we had planned, to the point where our hour drive back was looking a little stupid to do. We toyed with getting a room, but decided that probably wouldn't be a good idea. So we came back.

Of course our cabin mates are all asleep so I'm not sure how we're going to do this. I need to sneak in, take out my contacts, change into pajamas and get into my bunk, all without waking them. Wish me luck!

29 July 2008

Camp, Day 2

Today was crazy busy. I hate doing KP. I just want to say that. Okay, it's said.
We took the kids on an obstacle course today and showed them some basic survival skills. It was a lot of fun, but not very well organized. Jasper and I were supposed to take the team pictures but the helicopter we were going to take them in front of was “broken”. That's in quotes because later in the day we saw it flying around the city. Hmmm....

Anyway, we ran out of water early, which is never good in 100 degree heat with limited shade. One group took off by themselves, with their very cool leader (not kidding here), and so we didn't get many pictures of them. Thankfully, one of the counselors had brought his camera for that group so I'm going to trade pictures with him later.

After a lot of stress with lunch, water, heat, kids homesick, blah blah blah, we finally left for the lake. That was fun, though I'm feeling quite hefty these days so I just stayed in my shorts and t-shirt. Probably a bad idea because I have a farmer's tan from hell. In fact, when Marty stopped by earlier in the day he made fun of my tan and made a comment about being a candy striper. Yes it was that bad. I did put on sunscreen, but I totally spaced on reapplying at noon. Oh well. I need whatever tan I can get.

We had dinner at the marina consisting of hotdogs, fruit, cookies and beans. Good times, good times.

Then we headed to one of our fabulous National Monuments. We go here every year and it is truly my favorite part of the week. Of course I'm a sentimental sap, so singing the national anthem, saying the pledge of allegiance, honoring our veterans, and feeling the history surrounding this place always makes me cry. It's really powerful. Di was telling me about the Easter Brunch/Program they have. I'm totally going to look into that for next year because I think that would be amazing.

The ride back to camp was uneventful, sort of. Rich, Nikki, Rachel and I hung back to talk and make sure we had all the kids before we left and we ended up falling way behind everyone else. We had our own van so we didn't care too much, but we got back way later than the rest of the group. Of course, we also stopped for some libation – one, I should say. It's a tradition that we go out for Rachel's birthday which always falls around camp time and we didn't get to go out Monday, so we stopped for one tonight. Tee hee. I'm glad we did. I don't think we were supposed to but it's something we needed. We'll see if we get caught.

28 July 2008

Camp, Day 1

Well, to finish up Sunday. Yesterday Casey and I drove all the way across the state to go to Youth Camp. This is an awesome program for the kids of our workers. It's a great time and the kids have friends for life.

The drive, however, takes forever. Normally this sucks, but Casey and I talked and laughed and contemplated life the whole way so the drive didn't seem to take as long. We came up with some great ideas for work, which I have to try to remember now – and I'm struggling to do that. I know they were great ideas, as Casey's and my ideas always are, but I'll have to work on this during the week.

Training kind of sucked, but whatever. Then we went out as a group (of volunteers, counselors and staff) for pizza. Some of the Vs, Cs and Ss had brought their kids along already so they came too. What wasn't fun was that there were so many of them. That's my one beef. I know they need to get to camp too, but it doesn't start until Monday and we have a busing system. Why can't they ride the bus too?

Anyway, we ended up having 17 pizzas and one kid ate about 1 and a half of that. Sad, really. The rest of the night was putting things together for the camp and relaxing a bit.

Today the morning was really boring. We had oodles of time, it seemed. Not sure why we need to come Sunday afternoon for training when we could easily do it Monday AM, but whatever. I'm sure it's just a case of “we've always done it that way.”

But this afternoon – wow! Kids came out of the woodwork it seemed. DJ and I worked on the ID cards for the kids and we had the system licked. It was great. Nikki helped us to organize the cards to hand out later and kept the kids away from DJ so he could breathe. Hahaha. Eventually he left, the whole group got together to talk about the week and so Nikki and I had to take a break from finishing the ID cards. I met my helper, Jasper, who is super cool and had no qualms about stepping aside so she could take pictures.

The latter there is a great blessing. Nothing against my help last year, but I really feel comfortable with Jasper that she can take charge and get what we need. So Nikki and I went to finish up the ID cards. We got them all completed but by the time we got to dinner that night they had finished serving so we took a detour and headed into the little town to get some food. That was a nice respite.

We got back in time for the campfire. That was fun. I hung out with Ryan, one of our on site medics, who is pretty cool. We were lamenting all the sugar the kids were eating (marshmallows, cookies, chocolate). Scary, really. I am really glad that I'm in the adult cabin and don't have to deal with the kids.

Luckily I was smart enough to sit down wind of the fire so I don't smell too bad tonight. I'm exhausted though and tomorrow will be another long day.

27 July 2008

Still learning after all these years

I learned a valuable lesson last night.

When you haven't had straight Coca-cola in years, don't drink it in the evening and expect to sleep soundly through the night.


Have a great week folks! I'll update upon my return with each days fabulous festivities!

26 July 2008


Okay, so I can breathe again.

Yesterday was a very intense day. I'm on a work trip next week and I have a new guy working in my office who hasn't been around very long. So yesterday was a lot of "set up" for him for next week. Boss1 has been gone for a couple weeks, too, so Tuesday will be a lot of follow-up and finishing things that he and I didn't get completed yesterday.

Anyway, we had a work function last night that I had to work. Since I used to be in PR and take photos at my job (before I got my kick-ass awesome job I have now) I was tapped to hang out.

So my day started at 7am and didn't finish until 10:30 last night. And that was with a workout and an hour lunch with RA (which was awesome). But after lunch I didn't eat again until I got home and it was my night to catch up with a friend (i.e. my phone tab, not theirs).

Let's just say it was a very long, intense day, so by the time I got home to talk with my friend I was dehydrated and tired and desperately needed a shower. So I ate watermelon and took a shower, which then woke me up and I didn't get to sleep until 1:30 this morning. Not a good way to go, though the conversation was quite pleasing.

Anyway, my work trip this week is going to be a blast but without internet. I know that my daily journals that I'll write and have to upload (and correctly date) later won't qualify for NaBloPoMo monthly, but I think this still falls in with the Blog365 rules. Hopefully, at least.

I need to pack. I suppose I should do that.

25 July 2008


...Mother of a long day. I have so much to write about but I can barely keep my eyes open. More tomorrow.

24 July 2008

Yo, yo, yo, Yo!

MG and I were talking today about our coworker AP who, according to MG, is a very up and down individual. I think I fly along those same lines most days. It's kind of interesting.

Because even Mungie Boy said that again today to me. As he puts it, there was this flash across my eyes where he could see how pissed off I was, and then moments (seconds) later it was gone and I was laughing again.

Well, that was true unless you read yesterday's post. I went to bed last night at 8, read for a half hour, and then crashed hard at 8:30 because I was so exhausted from 2-a-day workouts but also just emotionally from this stupid crap yesterday. I came up with a plan to talk to one of the head ladies in the section about how to formulate her invitations for these section lunches so that the section realizes that people in my section aren't invited and then no one has to feel awkward.

Well, I chickened out. Not really chickened out, but I got to the point where I realized they are never going to change and it's not worth my time to worry about. I have other crap going on that requires more thought and effort. Lunch is not one of them.

So today I skipped both workouts and took the day off. I could barely move today so it's probably a good thing. I'm going to run hard tomorrow and have lunch with RA which will be great as usual. I have a late night tomorrow which I know is going to kick my butt, but I'm excited for it in the same sense.

But I'm feeling better again. Probably because I rested today, I got rid of the evil of the lunch issue, and Boss1 is back which makes everything right in the world.

23 July 2008

"Happy people just don't shoot their husbands."

"Well, they don't!"

Maybe it's the rain. Maybe I'm tired. Maybe I'm not eating right.

Or maybe it's because I'm allowing my peers to influence me in ways I shouldn't - Just Say No!

Today things were going well. I kicked my own butt with the lower body 10-min-trainer this morning, had breakfast AGAIN! WOOHOO, and work was going well this morning. Our Wednesday meetings are awesome and the-man-I-look-up-to joked around with me a lot during it so that always makes things go better.

But then around 11 JH texts me and asks if I'm going to lunch with everybody. Uh, What? So I found her in the hall and I said that I had no idea what she was talking about. She said, "Lunch." Um...yeah. You'll have to expand that statement a little.

Well, one of the ladies in our building (but works in a different section than I do) is leaving for a couple months and so her "section" had a lunch for her to say goodbye. Everyone, including the woman who hates me, was invited except for me and the money folks down the hall (in my section, officially, though we all share the same building).

So I felt bad, then felt like whatever, then kind of got mad...well, maybe annoyed.

I didn't care because I had lunch plans to run with NRB and leftovers from the night before. It's not the first time this section has done this - where "they" have had a lunch but left out those handful of us that aren't in their section though we share the building.

I had kind of gotten over it by the time I got back from my run. Thank God for NRB. We ran the first mile in 10:25, which was awesome and I actually felt really good afterward, but he had kept asking me questions and I can't talk and run so I walked to answer him and we ended up walking 3 miles and talking the whole time...in the rain. Nice.

But when I got back to my office TimDon came in and said, "We missed you at lunch." Okay, thanks TimDon. I appreciate that. "Well, why didn't you come?" I wasn't invited. "What?! That's not right." Well, I'm not in your section so whatever. "But everyone else was invited!" Really, were the money guys invited. "Well, no." Well there you go.

He was annoyed though and couldn't understand why I wasn't invited.

Here's the thing and it's been bothering me all afternoon. I don't care that I didn't get to go. But what I care about is that people like TimDon think I should have been there and so if they don't ask me, and they assume I was invited but didn't come, then I'm the bitch for not supporting my co-worker.

And that's what I hate. I try to fit in with this group, but from the beginning I was warned that the building was very cliquey. I knew this and was reminded a year ago when the other job came up and the girl who we were saying good-bye to had told me to get out of the building while I could because it was so cliquey. And here it happens that it's so very true.

So I've been a little annoyed this afternoon and I hate that because I've been really happy lately! I mean, I've been exercising and exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy, and happy people just don't shoot their husbands.*

So this should just be rolling off my back, but maybe I can get over it tonight. I'm going to my happy place. I have a picture of a hot man to look at, my favorite jeans and shirt on, my favorite Converse (at least until Mom shows up with my stuff so I can take them off), I'm going to make my favorite Kashi pizza, and watch Legally Blonde, or maybe My Blue Heaven.

Hopefully this will help.

*Disclaimer: I'm not going to shoot my husband because, hey, guess what?! I don't have one! I wouldn't anyway, 'cause that's just not nice.

22 July 2008

Refreshed and reenergized!

Today was great! I love days like today, not that I got much accomplished, but the day felt good.

First I have to say that I really am an introvert, despite some outside appearances. These three days home, away from people (except for church) was SO needed. This is how I regroup. I'm trying not to think about how I have several weeks coming up where I won't have this opportunity, because I have a feeling I'm going to need it.

Of course, that's what mental health days are for, right?

Anyway, I got up early, thanks to my motivator, and did one of my 10-minute trainer sessions by Tony Horton. Awesome. And if I had planned better I could have completed 2 sessions, instead of just one, but it was okay. Why, you ask? Because I was able to actually have breakfast.

Yep, I actually had a normal breakfast for once. I scrambled up some egg whites (and one small yolk) and had a couple pieces of my low fat, low calorie whole wheat bread. Yum yum. It was awesome because I wasn't hungry at all during the morning, which I usually am. Instead I had to force myself to have some protein an hour before my run so I could have some energy.

Which was also good... I went for a run at noon. While it wasn't the best, my first mile was in 10:38, which was pretty decent for me right now. The bad thing was I stopped to walk. I can't do that. My shins tighten and I lose my motivation. But I ended up finishing 3 in about 37, which was decent with the amount of walking I did. I can do so much better tomorrow. NRB was supposed to run with me today, but he got tied up with the guy we call the Sarge and wasn't able to break away. He said he'd run with me tomorrow, which is great, but he's going to have to do the talking because I need to focus on my breathing.

The afternoon was uneventful though I have RG working with me for a month and he's going to help me with my file plan. YAY! That's a project I have been putting off, but this actually works out how it should be set up in our office and, believe me, I have never been more happy.

And the icing on the cake (ooo, cake) was having dinner tonight with Sarah. Another much needed item in my night - girls night with Sarah (Eric was busy). We had Mexican and talked for, literally, hours. I couldn't believe it when she said it was almost 9 and we had gotten there at 6. *sigh* What an awesome moment.

So now I'm on cloud 9 but super duper tired. I'm only hoping that tomorrow can go as well.

21 July 2008

Feeling better

Now, while I know I could have done a lot better this weekend (i.e. faster and more efficiently) with cleaning my apartment and moving things around, I'm pretty okay with how I did. I really needed this weekend to just downshift. I feel better, I'm rested (very well rested - nap every day!) and I think I'm ready to return to work.

Of course as I start to think about work I'm realizing this is going to be another busy busy week. I have my new worker tomorrow so I need to make sure I get there early but I also need to run in the AM since I can't after work.

Because tomorrow night I get to hang with Sarah! YAY! I'm so excited.

For now I need to iron my clothes for work and hit the sheets. I'm tired (haha) and I need some sleep.

20 July 2008

Catching up on the food network

Okay, so these posts this month are supposed to be about food for NaBloPoMo this month. I haven't been doing very well with that (so much so that I had to go back to my original post to remind myself what the topic is!).

My eating hasn't been the best lately. Walk/Running at night with NRB, or working late has brought me home at 7:30 or 8 those nights. It just seems way too late to eat anything substantial when I'm going to bed at 9:30. So I've had ice cream or watermelon to somewhat satisfy the hunger.

Of course then I wake up starving :) so I've had pop tarts or a bagel for breakfast. Not the best way to start. I should be eating protein. I miss the MocMuffins the boys across the street sometimes make.

And just because I'm a woman, I'll run down what I've eaten today so far. I had a bagel, toasted with lite Smart Balance butter for breakfast. I had about 4 of Tostitos Flour Tortilla chips. I had a small bowl of ice cream for lunch. Then I pretty much laid low while I was cleaning my closet and taking a nap. :)

So tonight I griddle grilled up some Tilapia (which stuck so that's a mess I get to fix later) and then spread some peach/mango salsa with cut up avocado on it. Yum! SOOooo good. Boss1 will never believe that I actually ate fish...on my own...by myself. He makes fun of me for that. He once said, "You'd never survive in my house" because his family pretty much eats only fish.

I will say the tilapia was delicious and I'll have to do that again sometime, with or without the salsa.

So that's my eats lately. Not much. I need to do a little better on the consistency of my eating patterns. They've been pretty much null and void lately. Hopefully tomorrow will be better as I begin my routine again.

19 July 2008

A much needed break


Can I just say that? Well, I suppose I could just post a sigh and be done with it, but I'll expand this a little just because I can, and well because I write for me, not you so it'll help me to cleanse the soul, if that's possible.

Last night the friend I recently reconnected with and I talked on the phone until after midnight. It was great! I'm so glad we're reconnecting and planning trips to see each other. It's been far too long. I can't wait to visit. We have a lot to catch up on.

But because of the very late night in the Moe world (I'm usually asleep no later than 9:30 on average), I slept in way late this morning. I think I finally dragged my butt out of bed at 10, which is so unusual for me.

I didn't care though. I needed the rest, and I had no plans for today other than to clean. And I'm in the process of that. I've rearranged, kind of, my living room. I wanted to open it up again. A friend had helped me last summer change it around in a way I never would have thought of, angling the couch in the middle of the room. It worked really well, separating my "dining room" with the living room, but lately it has just felt crowded. I'm such a mess these days and if I can alleviate some crowdedness in my life, then I'm going to do just that.

So I moved my couch to the wall, and moved my rocking chair into my bedroom, which made me have to move my file cabinet next to my dresser, but I think once I get all my clothes for Goodwill sorted and removed from my closet, I can move my file cabinet in there and open up my room again.

Any suggestions on shoes? I have a lot of shoes that I don't wear and I'd hate to just throw them...but I'm not sure on the 'rightness' (I can't think of a word) of donating used shoes.

I like doing this rearranging and cleaning. It's satisfying and is helping in that some of my stress and tension is releasing. It's not all gone though - I have a ways to go yet this weekend.

So anyway...that's my plan for tomorrow too - except the sleeping in. I want/need to go to church. I need a little God, as I like to say, and that's at 8. I need some peace and reassurance to help me through.

18 July 2008

Wish me luck

Have you ever had so much to do that you just didn't want to do anything? That's kind of where I am right now.

I did get some of my filing done today so my piles are shrinking. But I keep getting other papers with orders I have to put in for supplies. I'm not normally the supply person but the one who is has a 2 month vacation coming up so it falls on me.

Today was also my day to clean the break room which I never use. Because I'm such a great procrastinator, I cleaned that break room from top to bottom - I scrubbed out the microwave cleaning out stuck on food from three weeks ago, I wiped down the cupboards where people drip their coffee and food, I swept and mopped the floor. It was amazing. :)

Then NRB and I went out for a supposed run tonight. We ended up walking 5 miles which was good. At 4:30 I was this / / close to shutting Boss1's door and taking a siesta on the couch. But I didn't and the walk was good.

The bad thing about running or walking after work is that I don't get home until 7:30 or 8 then and I'm not really hungry then so I don't eat except maybe some ice cream or toast. Not good for the eating plan.

Anyway... I'm totally rambling right now. I have a free weekend so I'm going to clean my apartment and move my furniture around. I need a change and I need to clean. So that's my plan. Wish me luck!

17 July 2008

I'm sinking

I love my job. We all know that, right? I really do. I really love my job.

But today, I feel like I'm sinking deeper and deeper in a hole and I'm scared I won't find my way out. I have so much filing and paperwork to do, CBTs to complete (DAMN CBTS!) and everything is just spiraling out of control.

I tried to stay late tonight and I did get through one set of filing I had to do, but as I was doing it I realized just how much I had to do for the other piles and I just felt like a weight was crushing down on my head and shoulders and I couldn't breathe.

So I left. Which wasn't what I should have done. I should have stayed and now I'm feeling guilty. I have to get things completed tomorrow. I have to work this weekend because I get my extra worker in next week and I have to get some things together for him so I don't look like an idiot when he shows up Tuesday.

Can I just say, Oy?


The one good thing - I had lunch today with my two mentors: Mungie Boy and Ronny. It was great. I love when we do this and we need to do it more often. That was a much needed break at noon.

16 July 2008


I am SO out of shape. Or I'm just really not used to working out during the warmer temps. Hmm...for the sake of my self-esteem, let's chalk it up to the latter.

First I need to lament for a bit. I really miss my former running buddy.

My FRB was fast but at least when he slowed down to stay with my pace I didn't feel like I was keeping him from a good workout. And he was just a wee bit taller than me so our legs were about the same length which helped with pacing. And he'd talk the whole way so I wouldn't have to until we walked which helped me keep going (because once I start talking I can't focus on my breathing and my running gets jacked up).

So today I'm sad and weeping that I don't get to run with my former running buddy any more.

FRB: I know you don't read this but I really miss you. I wish we could run together again.

OK...so I tested out my new running buddy today - he's way younger, 6'2" and has legs like a racehorse. I tried to forewarn him that I'm slow and walk. He thought I was over exaggerating my speed. Yeah, he caught on quick.

From my perspective the time was good. Granted we did walk a lot but we went 5.5 miles and in the heat so even if I was walking I was still working my lungs toward heat and humidity which I don't get in the morning. But sadly my NRB didn't get a very good workout. He said the company was good but when his shirt is dry again by the time we get back to the car it's probably not the best.

But while it was good that he dragged me out to run, I don't know if I can do it to him again. I hate holding people up in their workouts. I know how I am. And maybe running is just better for me if I do it alone. I learned that a bit with the marathon last year when I was holding up JB. I felt better when she went ahead of me because I knew she could do better without me holding her back.

So tomorrow I need to get out again. And I think Jenna and I are going to look at bikes tomorrow night so maybe I can bike to work instead of driving every day. What a plan.

15 July 2008

You'd think...

Yeah, I don't though.

Bethany has cool things for sale in her Etsy shop again. I bought another of her bowls. I love her bowls.

So much do I love her bowls and wish I was as cool as Bethany that I decided to see if this little town has any ceramics places where I could paint my own bowls. Luckily there seems to be a place that does this very thing! I'm so excited. So since this weekend I have NOTHING planned (which is a first since...uh...April) I'm going to search this business out and see if I can't paint a bowl and be as cool as Bethany. Of course I know that being as cool as Bethany is a feat that only Bethany can achieve (being Bethany and all) but maybe I can get close.

OH, Beege - yeah, I'm running another one. But my new running buddy ditched me today, rightly so since he had to pick up his son, so I didn't run today. Uffda. I can't let that happen again. Whoops.

14 July 2008

Tires and Road kill

Or Tired Road Kill?

Whatever. This was the theme of the day today. Tires and road kill. I took a day trip to the cities today after saying bye to a few friends going to the beach. My Mini has been giving me some fits lately so last week I set up an appointment for today to get things adjusted.

So I headed out this morning and got to the service place to find out that the whump-whump-whump (fast and slow) that I hear when I accelerate or decelerate is because my back tires were cupped. Basically they aren't wearing evenly and so I got the whump-whump-whump sound which was really annoying. So two new tires for Morty. I was planning on one, but two was a great add.

Then my break fluid needed to be flushed - it's supposed to be done every two years and mine hasn't been done since I bought the car 3 1/2 years ago, so it was time. And I got my oil changed which was good because last week my oil pressure light kept coming on when I turned the corner (only to go out when I straightened out the car).

So now my car runs smooth, breaks like a dream and is fully lubricated. Haha...I said lubricated. hahaha

OH and the fabulous folks at Mini totally scraped off all the dead bugs that had fried onto my windshield back in May. YAY! I can see again!

But during my 8 hour drive I saw more blown tires and dead animals than I have seen in a long time. It was kind of gross.

So much for a day off though. Tomorrow it's back to the grind. And my new running buddy wants to run at the end of the day. Sheesh. It's HOT then. Does he not get that? Oh well. It'll help me to train for another possible humid and hot marathon in October. If nothing else it will help me develop a better lung capacity. Wish me luck!

13 July 2008

Sunday sunday

Another good day today. More people hovering at my door, which makes me really want to get a ticket thing and have a "now serving" number sign. Oh well.

I got a lot done today though I didn't finish as much as I wanted. Oh well.

My phone started jacking up on my over Independence Day weekend and I finally got into Sprint to get it looked at. They couldn't fix it without wiping the whole thing clean and completely reformatting it. Which means that I'd lose all my contacts and would be a mess.

So I opted for a new phone and ended up getting a blue one (this is a first) with a camera (another first). I'm not a big fan of all the extras. I just need a phone. But this should be nice to have for awhile. It's fairly similar to my other one, a little thinner and has a couple of nice features.

Overall I'm happy though I really did like my old phone. Oh well.

Yep, that's been my day. Tomorrow's a really busy day - a "quick" up and back trip to the cities to get my car fixed. Should be fun!

12 July 2008

It figures

I started a blog at work this morning but I got interrupted about 20 times so I never finished the post. So tonight, you get NOTHING.

Just kidding. I had started to vent about work, mostly because I was interrupted about 20 times just this morning. I was trying to do different work things and people kept coming in and interrupting me. I could be talking with someone about work, in my office, having a conversation, and someone would walk in and interrupt or, worse, stand there even if I paused to say, "I'll be with you in a moment." They just hang there like dead skin on a scab until I finally rush through whatever I was working on or, typically, push off what I was doing and turn to them, thus pushing my things to the side and then forgetting about them and not getting them completed.


So after another long, stressful day (I even stayed an extra hour just to sort through my papers and create NLPs so I could find things tomorrow), I went to the grocery store and bought Totino's Party Pizza (yum!), popcorn, and ice cream.

Tonight was a total comfort food night. It really isn't on my diet but I really needed it. I also watched 27 Dresses, just to keep in the past practice of sappy movies while I weep alone on my couch.

Maybe I need to find a date. That might be good. Too bad J's in LA or I'd totally call him. Hmmm. I'll have to think about this.

11 July 2008

Tonight's Top Ten

The top ten reasons why Moe should not watch sappy, love story movies alone on Friday nights after an intense work week thinking it will be relaxing because she knows it won't be.

10. You're almost out of kleenex.
9. Having a big red nose is only cool by reindeer and in December.
8. Having blood-shot, red eyes are only cool during New Years'.
7. Watching sappy movies during PMS week is not a smart idea.
6. Did I mention you're almost out of kleenex?
5. You know this is just that you're extremely tired.
4. I can't think of number 4.
3. You're a sap.
2. You don't need movies to show you that you have a pathetic love-life. You see that every day.

And the number one reason why Moe should not watch sappy, love story movies alone on Friday nights after an intense work week thinking it will be relaxing because she knows it won't be...is:

1. Snot is not cool.

10 July 2008


Daily I read Overheard in Minneapolis.

This was on today's and is, by far, my favorite...mostly because of the name of the person who submitted it.

This Actually Happened

Another fun day

Work was great today...for the most part. I'm getting closer to finding my desk. I had asked Boss1 to help me find it yesterday but he said no and handed me more papers.

Slowly and surely things are coming together. On top of that, I was listening to The Cure again today. That's always fun. Yesterday a friend and I were arguing about a song that 311 sings called, "Love Song". I knew I had heard it before and he said that whoever had sang it had stolen it from 311. I knew that was wrong but wrongly thought Coldplay had sang it first. Eventually I figured out that it was The Cure, not Coldplay but at least it was a C band.

Anyway, this same friend has offered to run with me at work. This is great since I have no running buddy anymore. The bad thing is that my friend is at least half a foot taller than me and runs a 9 minute mile (the longer legs do help). So I guess I have to run faster or he has to slow down or maybe both to make this work. We'll see.

I made cookies tonight again for people at work. I miss baking. I miss eating my baking.

09 July 2008

Great day

Another awesome day at work. I'd go into it all but that's no fun.

Tonight I went to my nephew's probable last baseball game of the season. He pitched awesome, had a double and a home run. It was great. He had one awesome game. I'm really happy for him.

But now I'm tired and I need to run in the morning so I'm off to bed. Tomorrow will be better for posting, I promise. Not that you care, but just in case you're having a brain lapse or something.

08 July 2008

Just a reminder

I haven't had an "I love my job" post lately so I thought maybe I should throw one out.

I LOVE my job. :) Yes, I know I'm a weirdo but I really do love it. It's fabulous to be appreciated. "I'd give anything to not be appreciated in my own time." "Fine, Phoebe. You suck, too." Sorry, Friends channeling.

Today I did a very simple project. I made up some business cards for Boss1 for his upcoming trip. He'll get professional ones done sometime but these were kind of a rush job. So I put on our two logos, added his name and title and then contact info. This took maybe 30 minutes, but only because I had some trouble with the logos not going where I wanted them to go.

But my boss was totally enthralled. "These are fabulous!" I was so flabbergasted I had to ask, "Are you serious? This didn't take that long. It wasn't difficult." He insisted they were awesome and sung some more praises. Weird.

I will admit I'm getting a little better at accepting his compliments (and others). I'm usually horrible at this. Point - when I gave K&E&A the baptism gift and the next day I had to ask again if it was okay (mostly because it was a decorative item and I don't usually buy those for people since I'm not much of a decorator). But K told me again it was a perfect gift. I'm still working on believing that one, though I have no reason to doubt her. She's never steered me wrong in the past.

The rest of my day was great. I got some work done, was given a few more homework assignments (re: CBTs) and got to leave early to see my niece's last softball game.

I really love my job. It's great. Just wanted you all to know that. :)

07 July 2008

So much 2 say

Oh, sad...yesterday's post was my 900th. You'd think I would have celebrated that, but I didn't. Oh well.

I have to try to recap the weekend somehow and I'm not sure where to begin. Friday was a quick but long day. I spent most of it on the road, then the rest having a BBQ and drinks with E&K's families. It was a great time. I was the only outsider, so to speak, that being non-family. But I was the solo Godparent who wasn't a blood relative, so it makes sense.

The BBQ was a lot of fun. We played a little ball, drank a lot, had custard (mmmm custard - my eating plan was officially shot to hell) and drank some more. The night went late - way late for me - but it was all a good time.

Saturday started late. I got to feed Nika her morning bottle which was nice. Again some Nika time before the rest of the family congregated. We all had lunch at a nice cafe that I love. Their food is so fabulous and I ate way too much. We had a reception before the service as well as photos, which K had put me in charge of to organize. That was fun. I got to tell people where to go and when. :) It made the photo session go smoothly even though we lost two of them during the mix.

The service was incredible. K&E picked out great hymns and songs. Amused preached beautifully. Gary was awesome during the baptism and especially during communion when he called God a "rascal" which was perfect. Those two work really well together and were able to tie aspect of the service together - from the Gospel to the Baptismal water to communion to the end. It was beautiful. So beautiful, I kept tearing up (of course I did - I'm a sap).

It was a powerful baptism for me, this being my first and only legitimate Godchild. I have 3 others but they are all my nephew's too so the impact isn't quite the same. Nika is just my Goddaughter and it's a wonderful feeling.

My gift to her and her parents was a print of the Lord's Prayer with Luther's explanation from the Small Catechism on the side. My awesome friend Edith does this artwork and it's beautiful. Edith matted it for me and then I framed it. It turned out really well, though maybe a little big. But E&K said they may put it in their dining room where it will be seen, just as Luther intended it. I had to do it because as the vows we take as Godparents state - I am to teach my Godgirl my Lord's Prayer, Creed and 10 Commandments. Guess which one is next?

After the service E's sister R and her fiance J and I headed back to the house to get the dinner ready. K's sister A showed up momentarily after and she and I ran the kitchen. We were a machine. It was awesome. I didn't get to talk with Gary as much as I wanted but we made up for that Sunday after church.

Saturday night's event was fun as well. We had brisket, chicken, beans, fruit, fruit, coleslaw, some more coleslaw and washed it all down with homemade ice cream. Yum! Again, my eating plan was gone. But it was OH so good. :)

Sunday after church we all met up for brunch at a local place that E&K rave about. The food was amazing and again I ate too much. Good thing since I didn't stop on my way home at all, as usual.

You know...it really was an amazing weekend getting to meet K&E's family and spend more time with them as well as getting my Nika fix for the month and spending a lot of great time with K&E (though not as much as I would have loved). I do call K&E my urban family and this weekend really solidified that.

They are my family. And I love them.

06 July 2008


Annika made it through her baptism with flying colors. She is so amazing - getting handed around like a football and barely a peep.

I have a bunch to tell, but today was church, brunch, packing and loading many vehicles and another 7-hour road trip and I'm exhausted. more to come. For now, Moe is going to bed.

05 July 2008

Just call me Ricky Nelson

I'm a traveling man, made a lot of stops, all over the world.

I won't finish the song since I don't have a guy or girl in every port where I owe my heart, but I will say I my heart is with Nika today.

I'm in Wisconsin, friends, with my urban family. I'm so excited to be here because today, Annika gets baptized! WOOHOO! Considering my urban family - K&E - are both pastors and that E's dad is also a pastor and that K's parents are very involved in the church - this is a big weekend.

Yesterday I drove non-stop for 7 hours to make it to K&E's. I got my Nika fix before the rest of the clan showed up which was good because I barely saw her the rest of the night. We had some very good eats, few of which I could eat and many that I shouldn't have eaten (but I did anyway), and were up very late drinking and laughing and telling stories.

Today I slept in - until 9! Holy crap! I never do that. I got my Nika fix again, which was needed as I know the rest of the clan will have her in hand the rest of the night. We had lunch at an awesome local cafe and have been planning for this evening's festivities.

Life is great, let me just say. Despite the fact that the Indians lost to the Twins last night, about which everyone has been quick to remind me, I am a very happy camper. I love being with my urban family. I've said it before, but these are people who love me for who I am, not because they have to. I love that.

So tonight Annika will be baptized and then the party will continue. Tomorrow will be church and a drive home again. It's a quick trip this round, but one that will be treasured forever.

04 July 2008

So much to say

I have about 6 different posts in my head I'm going to try to sort out while I sleep. A LOT more to come tomorrow.

03 July 2008

Blogger and bikes

So I updated to Firefox 3.0 a couple weeks ago and only now am I starting to have problems with blogger – specifically fonts and sizes. I don't like this. I like to keep my text smaller, yet readable. It's just a thing with me. Kind of like me reading book series only in one version – either paperback or hard cover – once I begin the series.

So I'm going to type my blog on OpenOffice Writer first and copy and paste it. Hopefully this will work. We'll see.

I totally screwed up today and didn't run. I did lift yesterday too so I am a little sore, so maybe the day off isn't such a bad thing. I did wear my workout gear to bed but when my alarm woke me up at 4:55 and I dragged my sorry ass out of bed to check the weather, I could barely keep my eyes open. The last few days that hasn't been a problem, but this morning I was so exhausted. So I went back to bed for an hour and decided to run at work since I had planned on doing that with a friend anyway. Well, my friend ditched me so I went to lunch with another friend. I was going to run with the latter later but I got caught up in a meeting so I ended up skipping it all today.

This isn't completely bad. I just feel fat and heavy today. I haven't the last few days. I think that working out right away helps in the AM even if my run sucks. Oh well.

Tonight I went to my niece's softball game. It's so much fun to see these young kids play. It's great. And I got to catch up with my sister and reminisce about the first time we learned to ride a bike. My sister had helped me learn though she seems to have blocked it from her memory.

See when I learned to ride a bike, the block I grew up on was horseshoe shaped. We lived on the left side of the horseshoe where all the houses were, the other side was mostly dirt and a gravel road. We started at the top of the backside and my sister started pushing me and helping me steady. Soon I was riding on my own, my brother playing in the backyard of his best friend's house yelling out, “There goes my little sister! WOOHOO!” and my sister running along side of me.

Suddenly I was still pedaling and realizing we were coming to the end of the road which left off into a ditch, a barbed-wire fence and eventually a cow pasture. I screamed to my sister to help and she told me to break.

So I did.

And swerved.

And fell.

Right into a gravel pile scraping the shit out of my knees. I screamed bloody murder. My sister finally caught up to me and was concerned and laughing all at the same time. Eventually my parents caught up with me and I think Dad carried me home where mom brushed out (re: scraped out) the gravel, washed it out, applied peroxide (as was done back then) and then bandages. My brother had come running home super excited to see that I was riding my bike finally and cheered me on.

Ah, memories.

02 July 2008

Cookies and other weird things

So I'm typing this post, planning to change my font to something smaller, as I have since the dawn of this blog, and my Fonts are now missing as are the sizes. I'm hoping this is a fluke. We'll see though.

I made my famous chocolate cookies tonight. Famous in two states at least, maybe 3 or 4 if J-man still can remember them. Anyway...Brian came up to me after work and pulls out his wallet and says, "Maybe you should bake me some cookies tonight" and starts to pull out money.

I've made the joke in the past that people should be buying me the ingredients and I'd bake all the time. But I didn't really think someone would take me up on it. Of course I couldn't do it. Oh well.

I do love baking. It's my release, really. I haven't been baking in a long time (other than Pie Day) mostly because I end up eating most of it. I've packed up the cookies so they are ready to hand out - to Brian, the guys across the street, my niece and nephew, etc. If I leave any out - they're gone before morning and on this new eating plan I'm not supposed to have much, if any, sugar.

I did sample the dough though. It is my weakness (one of many). I'll just have to make sure I run in the AM. :) Speaking of...I've ran the last two days in the AM, wearing my workout gear to bed so I have no excuse in the morning. It really does work. This weekend will be the ultimate test. :)

Well, speaking of. I need to be asleep in 15 minutes if I'm going to get up at 5 to head out. I need my beauty sleep (I probably need more, though).

01 July 2008

Food for thought

A day of rambling:

First, I know it's NaBloPoMo and the topic is food, so I probably should have signed up my other blog instead. But I don't write there everyday and I do write here. Sooo if you really want food - check here. Otherwise...I'll occasionally mention it here as I go. I'm still doing the Blog365 thing too (just in case people are wondering).

"Pivot! Pivot! Pivot!!"
I'm channeling Ross Geller today. I was working on yet another CBT at work about Excel and the topic was PivotTables. So I just keep hearing Ross yell, "Pivot! Pivot! Pivot!!" in my head. As my friend Sarah and I swear, almost everything can be linked to a Friends moment. This was mine today. And as you'll see I tended to pivot a lot today - not just on the CBT but with my various adventures.

I ran into a friend today (former make-out buddy) and we caught up on life and such. It's weird because the last time we really talked was when we were hanging out and making out back during that ever-so-brief period in 2005. At the time I was a little weirded out because he's about 6 years younger than me and has a little boy. It's interesting how your perspectives can change. I'm now at a point where that doesn't really bother me - the age or the kid - whereas it really did then. How can 3 years make such a difference? Of course I'm not looking to really revisit the make-out sessions or think about a relationship there, though God knows I could use one and/or the other; it's been far too long - so that may be a big reason for my different perspective.

Later I ran into another friend who works with me. We hadn't talked in forever so it was fun to catch up. Of course as we're talking I noticed that his pants are unbuttoned. I wasn't staring but as he was gesturing in the middle of a story it just kind of happened. Whoops. But hey, nice undies, man! :)

Joy of joys
It was another day of CBTs. Joy. I did take a break though and went to my nephew's birthday party. Woohoo! Happy B-day, Jake! What a cutie.

Twice today I've had the hiccups. Once on the way up to Jake's party for at least 20 minutes, if not longer. And now again for the last 15. I hate them. Grrr. I think the latter was caused by all the hotdogs - well wieners, actually.