05 July 2008

Just call me Ricky Nelson

I'm a traveling man, made a lot of stops, all over the world.

I won't finish the song since I don't have a guy or girl in every port where I owe my heart, but I will say I my heart is with Nika today.

I'm in Wisconsin, friends, with my urban family. I'm so excited to be here because today, Annika gets baptized! WOOHOO! Considering my urban family - K&E - are both pastors and that E's dad is also a pastor and that K's parents are very involved in the church - this is a big weekend.

Yesterday I drove non-stop for 7 hours to make it to K&E's. I got my Nika fix before the rest of the clan showed up which was good because I barely saw her the rest of the night. We had some very good eats, few of which I could eat and many that I shouldn't have eaten (but I did anyway), and were up very late drinking and laughing and telling stories.

Today I slept in - until 9! Holy crap! I never do that. I got my Nika fix again, which was needed as I know the rest of the clan will have her in hand the rest of the night. We had lunch at an awesome local cafe and have been planning for this evening's festivities.

Life is great, let me just say. Despite the fact that the Indians lost to the Twins last night, about which everyone has been quick to remind me, I am a very happy camper. I love being with my urban family. I've said it before, but these are people who love me for who I am, not because they have to. I love that.

So tonight Annika will be baptized and then the party will continue. Tomorrow will be church and a drive home again. It's a quick trip this round, but one that will be treasured forever.

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