02 July 2008

Cookies and other weird things

So I'm typing this post, planning to change my font to something smaller, as I have since the dawn of this blog, and my Fonts are now missing as are the sizes. I'm hoping this is a fluke. We'll see though.

I made my famous chocolate cookies tonight. Famous in two states at least, maybe 3 or 4 if J-man still can remember them. Anyway...Brian came up to me after work and pulls out his wallet and says, "Maybe you should bake me some cookies tonight" and starts to pull out money.

I've made the joke in the past that people should be buying me the ingredients and I'd bake all the time. But I didn't really think someone would take me up on it. Of course I couldn't do it. Oh well.

I do love baking. It's my release, really. I haven't been baking in a long time (other than Pie Day) mostly because I end up eating most of it. I've packed up the cookies so they are ready to hand out - to Brian, the guys across the street, my niece and nephew, etc. If I leave any out - they're gone before morning and on this new eating plan I'm not supposed to have much, if any, sugar.

I did sample the dough though. It is my weakness (one of many). I'll just have to make sure I run in the AM. :) Speaking of...I've ran the last two days in the AM, wearing my workout gear to bed so I have no excuse in the morning. It really does work. This weekend will be the ultimate test. :)

Well, speaking of. I need to be asleep in 15 minutes if I'm going to get up at 5 to head out. I need my beauty sleep (I probably need more, though).


Kat said...

You are a rock star yourself... I shall title you, MOE, MASTER OF WILL POWER. I can't believe you didn't eat any cookies. Amazing. Can I have one?

Amy said...

I love the idea of wearing workout gear to bed...in the winter that is sometimes my excuse - that I don't want to get into cold clothing. I may have to borrow that idea :)