10 July 2008

Another fun day

Work was great today...for the most part. I'm getting closer to finding my desk. I had asked Boss1 to help me find it yesterday but he said no and handed me more papers.

Slowly and surely things are coming together. On top of that, I was listening to The Cure again today. That's always fun. Yesterday a friend and I were arguing about a song that 311 sings called, "Love Song". I knew I had heard it before and he said that whoever had sang it had stolen it from 311. I knew that was wrong but wrongly thought Coldplay had sang it first. Eventually I figured out that it was The Cure, not Coldplay but at least it was a C band.

Anyway, this same friend has offered to run with me at work. This is great since I have no running buddy anymore. The bad thing is that my friend is at least half a foot taller than me and runs a 9 minute mile (the longer legs do help). So I guess I have to run faster or he has to slow down or maybe both to make this work. We'll see.

I made cookies tonight again for people at work. I miss baking. I miss eating my baking.

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