13 July 2008

Sunday sunday

Another good day today. More people hovering at my door, which makes me really want to get a ticket thing and have a "now serving" number sign. Oh well.

I got a lot done today though I didn't finish as much as I wanted. Oh well.

My phone started jacking up on my over Independence Day weekend and I finally got into Sprint to get it looked at. They couldn't fix it without wiping the whole thing clean and completely reformatting it. Which means that I'd lose all my contacts and would be a mess.

So I opted for a new phone and ended up getting a blue one (this is a first) with a camera (another first). I'm not a big fan of all the extras. I just need a phone. But this should be nice to have for awhile. It's fairly similar to my other one, a little thinner and has a couple of nice features.

Overall I'm happy though I really did like my old phone. Oh well.

Yep, that's been my day. Tomorrow's a really busy day - a "quick" up and back trip to the cities to get my car fixed. Should be fun!

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Anonymous said...

I always love getting new phones. It's a new gadget to play with for a little while!!!

Have fun!!