07 July 2008

So much 2 say

Oh, sad...yesterday's post was my 900th. You'd think I would have celebrated that, but I didn't. Oh well.

I have to try to recap the weekend somehow and I'm not sure where to begin. Friday was a quick but long day. I spent most of it on the road, then the rest having a BBQ and drinks with E&K's families. It was a great time. I was the only outsider, so to speak, that being non-family. But I was the solo Godparent who wasn't a blood relative, so it makes sense.

The BBQ was a lot of fun. We played a little ball, drank a lot, had custard (mmmm custard - my eating plan was officially shot to hell) and drank some more. The night went late - way late for me - but it was all a good time.

Saturday started late. I got to feed Nika her morning bottle which was nice. Again some Nika time before the rest of the family congregated. We all had lunch at a nice cafe that I love. Their food is so fabulous and I ate way too much. We had a reception before the service as well as photos, which K had put me in charge of to organize. That was fun. I got to tell people where to go and when. :) It made the photo session go smoothly even though we lost two of them during the mix.

The service was incredible. K&E picked out great hymns and songs. Amused preached beautifully. Gary was awesome during the baptism and especially during communion when he called God a "rascal" which was perfect. Those two work really well together and were able to tie aspect of the service together - from the Gospel to the Baptismal water to communion to the end. It was beautiful. So beautiful, I kept tearing up (of course I did - I'm a sap).

It was a powerful baptism for me, this being my first and only legitimate Godchild. I have 3 others but they are all my nephew's too so the impact isn't quite the same. Nika is just my Goddaughter and it's a wonderful feeling.

My gift to her and her parents was a print of the Lord's Prayer with Luther's explanation from the Small Catechism on the side. My awesome friend Edith does this artwork and it's beautiful. Edith matted it for me and then I framed it. It turned out really well, though maybe a little big. But E&K said they may put it in their dining room where it will be seen, just as Luther intended it. I had to do it because as the vows we take as Godparents state - I am to teach my Godgirl my Lord's Prayer, Creed and 10 Commandments. Guess which one is next?

After the service E's sister R and her fiance J and I headed back to the house to get the dinner ready. K's sister A showed up momentarily after and she and I ran the kitchen. We were a machine. It was awesome. I didn't get to talk with Gary as much as I wanted but we made up for that Sunday after church.

Saturday night's event was fun as well. We had brisket, chicken, beans, fruit, fruit, coleslaw, some more coleslaw and washed it all down with homemade ice cream. Yum! Again, my eating plan was gone. But it was OH so good. :)

Sunday after church we all met up for brunch at a local place that E&K rave about. The food was amazing and again I ate too much. Good thing since I didn't stop on my way home at all, as usual.

You know...it really was an amazing weekend getting to meet K&E's family and spend more time with them as well as getting my Nika fix for the month and spending a lot of great time with K&E (though not as much as I would have loved). I do call K&E my urban family and this weekend really solidified that.

They are my family. And I love them.

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