03 July 2008

Blogger and bikes

So I updated to Firefox 3.0 a couple weeks ago and only now am I starting to have problems with blogger – specifically fonts and sizes. I don't like this. I like to keep my text smaller, yet readable. It's just a thing with me. Kind of like me reading book series only in one version – either paperback or hard cover – once I begin the series.

So I'm going to type my blog on OpenOffice Writer first and copy and paste it. Hopefully this will work. We'll see.

I totally screwed up today and didn't run. I did lift yesterday too so I am a little sore, so maybe the day off isn't such a bad thing. I did wear my workout gear to bed but when my alarm woke me up at 4:55 and I dragged my sorry ass out of bed to check the weather, I could barely keep my eyes open. The last few days that hasn't been a problem, but this morning I was so exhausted. So I went back to bed for an hour and decided to run at work since I had planned on doing that with a friend anyway. Well, my friend ditched me so I went to lunch with another friend. I was going to run with the latter later but I got caught up in a meeting so I ended up skipping it all today.

This isn't completely bad. I just feel fat and heavy today. I haven't the last few days. I think that working out right away helps in the AM even if my run sucks. Oh well.

Tonight I went to my niece's softball game. It's so much fun to see these young kids play. It's great. And I got to catch up with my sister and reminisce about the first time we learned to ride a bike. My sister had helped me learn though she seems to have blocked it from her memory.

See when I learned to ride a bike, the block I grew up on was horseshoe shaped. We lived on the left side of the horseshoe where all the houses were, the other side was mostly dirt and a gravel road. We started at the top of the backside and my sister started pushing me and helping me steady. Soon I was riding on my own, my brother playing in the backyard of his best friend's house yelling out, “There goes my little sister! WOOHOO!” and my sister running along side of me.

Suddenly I was still pedaling and realizing we were coming to the end of the road which left off into a ditch, a barbed-wire fence and eventually a cow pasture. I screamed to my sister to help and she told me to break.

So I did.

And swerved.

And fell.

Right into a gravel pile scraping the shit out of my knees. I screamed bloody murder. My sister finally caught up to me and was concerned and laughing all at the same time. Eventually my parents caught up with me and I think Dad carried me home where mom brushed out (re: scraped out) the gravel, washed it out, applied peroxide (as was done back then) and then bandages. My brother had come running home super excited to see that I was riding my bike finally and cheered me on.

Ah, memories.

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Baritonality said...

Like the corners of my mind....
Ah, first bikes.... We had a "big wheel gang" in my neighborhood. Oh, yea, I had a Batman big wheel and was so cool. Then I learned to ride a "grown-up" bike on a pint-sized bike with no brakes. Oh, and we were at the top of a hill. I fell. A lot. Good times, good times. I feel your, literal, pain.