01 July 2008

Food for thought

A day of rambling:

First, I know it's NaBloPoMo and the topic is food, so I probably should have signed up my other blog instead. But I don't write there everyday and I do write here. Sooo if you really want food - check here. Otherwise...I'll occasionally mention it here as I go. I'm still doing the Blog365 thing too (just in case people are wondering).

"Pivot! Pivot! Pivot!!"
I'm channeling Ross Geller today. I was working on yet another CBT at work about Excel and the topic was PivotTables. So I just keep hearing Ross yell, "Pivot! Pivot! Pivot!!" in my head. As my friend Sarah and I swear, almost everything can be linked to a Friends moment. This was mine today. And as you'll see I tended to pivot a lot today - not just on the CBT but with my various adventures.

I ran into a friend today (former make-out buddy) and we caught up on life and such. It's weird because the last time we really talked was when we were hanging out and making out back during that ever-so-brief period in 2005. At the time I was a little weirded out because he's about 6 years younger than me and has a little boy. It's interesting how your perspectives can change. I'm now at a point where that doesn't really bother me - the age or the kid - whereas it really did then. How can 3 years make such a difference? Of course I'm not looking to really revisit the make-out sessions or think about a relationship there, though God knows I could use one and/or the other; it's been far too long - so that may be a big reason for my different perspective.

Later I ran into another friend who works with me. We hadn't talked in forever so it was fun to catch up. Of course as we're talking I noticed that his pants are unbuttoned. I wasn't staring but as he was gesturing in the middle of a story it just kind of happened. Whoops. But hey, nice undies, man! :)

Joy of joys
It was another day of CBTs. Joy. I did take a break though and went to my nephew's birthday party. Woohoo! Happy B-day, Jake! What a cutie.

Twice today I've had the hiccups. Once on the way up to Jake's party for at least 20 minutes, if not longer. And now again for the last 15. I hate them. Grrr. I think the latter was caused by all the hotdogs - well wieners, actually.

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Kat said...

For me 4 years made a huge difference. At 28, I was weirded out by any guy who was even a few years older than me, and kids? Forget it. At 32, I married a guy 9 years older than me and became an instant step-grandma, without blinking an eye.

I think its just growing and changing - the things that are really important to us change over time, as we mature & grow & learn.... hopefully.